63 Traditionally Inspired Japanese Gifts That They Will Love

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With Japan being a country with a rich and amazing culture, there are countless things to find fascinating. If you have a Japan-lover in your life, here are 63 Japanese inspired gifts that they will love. From cute trinkets to culturally inspired gifts, these are sure to win over anyone.

Miniature Japanese Dollhouse Kit
This CUTEBEE Dollhouse miniature is cute and collectible. Each kit is individually inspected to ensure every part is included. These parts include LED lights, plants ornaments and furniture. Price is as is due to the product’s high quality. Silicone liquid glue and AAA batteries are not included.

Japanese Snack Assortment
Tantalize your taste buds with these Japanese Snacks. In all this assortment has 40 different Japanese snacks including 32 types of ‘DAGASHI.’ This gives multiple types of sweets and snacks for any snack lover to try. These Japanese treats would be great for any snacked you know.

Zen Garden Kit
Create your own Zen Garden with this Zen Garden Kit. This Zen kit is one way to relieve your stress and relax your mind. The kit comes in an 11X7 inch wooden frame to fit anywhere from a coffee table to a desk or shelf. This product is offered with a lifetime warranty.

Japanese Matcha Tea Set
Perform a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony with this matcha tea set. The set comes with a matcha whisk, traditional scoop, matcha bowl, matcha powder, matcha powder strainer, ceramic whisk holder, tea cloth holder and matcha caddy. These are authentic tea ceremony tools for a professional matcha tea ceremony.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
This is (3.53 Ounces) of jade leaf organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder. This powder is ceremonial quality for any traditional Japanese matcha tea ceremonies. This is all-natural green tea powder authentically made from Japan. Matcha powder is good for energy, mental health and is antioxidant rich.

Bonsai Tree Building Kit
This is the official LEGO Bonsai tree 10281 Building kit. This bonsai tree is made of 878 LEGO pieces including interchangeable pieces. These pieces allow the bonsai tree to be a pink blossom or a healthy green. This LEGO bonsai tree is over 7 inches tall all on a sleek wooden looking LEGO stand.

Cherry Blossoms Tea Infuser Cup
The cherry blossom styled ceramic teacup is one to satisfy any tea drinker. It comes with an infuser, a ceramic tumbler with double wall, a steel loose leaf tea infuser, lid and basket. Just by adding the lid you can keep hot tea hot or colder tea cold longer.

Great Wave Tapestry
This Japanese wave tapestry is a black and white rendering of The Great Wave off Kanagawa, created by the artist Hokusai. The tapestry is made of polyester making it comfortable, nontoxic, and it should not fade. The tapestry is machine washable with cold water. Let hang dry or iron on low temperatures.

Shiba Inu Plush Toy
The Shiba Inu plush is soft and unyielding. This plush is made of Feather PP cotton filler for a soft plush pillow. This would be perfect in the bedroom, living room, family room or even the office for a sense of relaxation. This Shiba Inu plush is the perfect gift for anyone who likes plushies or soft pillow.

Gold Japanese Waving Lucky Cat
Bring yourself some good fortune with this FIOTOK Maneki Neko, a Lucky Fortune Cat. The cat has a mechanical waving arm that’s powered by AA batteries beckoning wealth, good fortune and possibly customers. Batteries are not included. If the cat’s hand doesn't move shake the cat’s hand then reinstall batteries.

Ramen Bowls Set
Upgrade your noodle experience with these four Ramen Bowls. It comes with spoons chopsticks, and the four bowls that hold 32 oz, max 37 oz. Bowls are made of restaurant grade unbreakable Melamine to last and be dishwasher safe. Enjoy Ramen, Pho, Miso or whatever your pleasure is in style with these Ramen Bowls.

Japanese Shawl Kimono
Stay warm and stylish in these ¾ Sleeve Japanese shawl Kimono Cardigan Top. Made out of 100% polyester they are machine washable. With an open front style they could be worn during summer, to the beach, at the bool or even casually around the house. Sizes range from small to XL.

Anime Meals Cookbook
Learn how to cook your favorite anime foods with the book Cook Anime: Eat Like Your Favorite Character – From Bento to Yakisoba. This includes curry, onigiri, ramen, rice, Tempura and more from on this anime inspired culinary journey. This book was written by Diana Ault and published September 1, 2020.

Home Decluttering and Organization Book
Declutter using The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. This book started a cleaning revolution and inspired the Netflix Series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Room by room this book will talk you through decluttering excess that is causing stress to create a calmer life.

Chopsticks and Cat Chopstick Holders Set
Improve your luck with these chopsticks and Lucky Cat chopstick holders. These reusable chopsticks are made with Bamboo. Each pack comes with 10 Japanese Cat Chopsticks and Chopstick rests per set. The cat holders are made of porcelain so they're easy to clean with one swipe.

Otamatone Musical Toy
Enjoy music your way with the Otamatone Unicorn Electronic Musical Instrument by Cube/Maywa Denki. This portable synthesizer toy is one of the best selling musical instruments of it’s kind in Japan. Slide your finger up and down to create different pitches. Press the rubber cheeks on it’s face and its mouth will open.

Samurai Sword Umbrella
Live out your Japanese fantasy and fend off rain with this Kikkerland Samurai Umbrella. The handle is a Samurai Sword handle and it is easy to open with the press of a button. A nylon 'scabbard' is included as well as an adjustable shoulder strap.

Origami Book and Paper Kit
Advance your skill in the Japanese art of Origami with the JoyCat Origami Paper Kit and Origami Book. This kit comes with 90 sheets of double-sided origami folding papers including 20 different patterns. Included are detailed stickers and storage bags. The storage bag is the perfect size for the Origami book and any unused papers.

Cherry Blossoms 3D Puzzle Music Box Kit
Train your brain with this ROBOTIME 3D Puzzle DIY Music Box Puzzle Wood Model Kit. This kit creates a rotating Japanese cherry blossom tree. This can be used as a gift or decoration to brighten up a room. The pieces fit snugly together with easy to read instructions. This 3D puzzle is recommended for ages 14 and up.

Red Hanging Paper Lantern Lamps
Have a festive party with these Traditional Japanese Style Red Decorative 14-Inch Hanging Lantern Lamps. This set comes with two decorative hanging lamps with words that translate to 'Sushi.' This is an official 'MyGift' product for fun Japanese party decor. Lanterns are made of plastic.

Japan Tourist Guide Book
Lonely Planet Japan' is the perfect travel guide to visit Japan. Inside you'll find insider tips, colored maps, honest review and cultural insights for your travels. Honest reviews include that for what budgets can allow whether that’s for eating, sleeping, sightseeing or shopping. Enrich your experience and knowledge of Japan with 'Lonely Planet Japan.'

Cat Paw Cooking Tongs
To protect your own paws, use these Miya Catch Cat Tongs that are 7-inches long. These tongs are made in Japan, dishwasher safe and can add a lively purr of personality to any kitchen. This is perfect as a gifts or a paw-some party favor.

Small Ceramic Plates Set with Cats
Add a smile to your desert with this Japanese Small Plate Set of four. These plates are the perfect way to serve sushi sauce or small portions of appetizers. These are authentic Mino Ware items made in Japan. Plates are 3.94 by eight inches featuring friendly felines faces for diners to enjoy.

Sushi Making Kit
Learn to make sushi like a Japanese chef with this Sushi Making Kit. This kit comes with a beginner guide e-book for instructions. Physical utensils include two rolling mats, one rice spreader, one rice paddle and five pairs of fish print chopsticks. Every order is hand packaged and sealed for purchase.

Book of Japanese Mythology
Learn about Japanese Mythology with 'Tales of Japan: Traditional Stories of Monsters and Magic,' by Chronicle Books. This collection includes 15 traditional Japanese folktales from the terrifying to exhilarating and even poetic. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves fairytales, folklore, ghost stories or Japanese history/heritage.

Anime Vinyl Toy Figure
Show your support for the Japanese anime 'Naruto' with this Naruto POP Vinyl from Funko! This plastic figure stands at just over 3 inches tall. This is one of multiple Naruto Shippuden Funko Pops holding a Rasengan. This is perfect for any Naruto fans or Japanese anime enthusiasts.

Anime Cosplay Hat
Do you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? A good step is having the right hat. The Pop Crew Embroidered Team Trainer hat for Japanese anime cosplay might be just what you're looking for. It’s a trucker styled embroidered cap with a mesh snapback closure. One size fits all.

Japanese Bento Box Set
Keep your lunch safe with this Japanese Traditional Rabbit Blossom Bento Box Set. This is stackable double lunch box with a band and lunch bag. The containers are hand wash only and made of food safe plastic. Inside the Bento box ensures your food looks nice and stays nice for lunch in their separated areas.

Handmade Full Tang Katana
Protect your home with this Siwode Katana. It’s a Japanese Samurai Sword hand-forged out of high carbon steel until it’s 1060. The blade is sharp so it’s recommended to point it away from people or animals. It is also recommended to keep out of the reach of children.

Samurai Sword Letter Opener
Keep your mail and letter opener sharp with this Japanese inspired 1811 Samurai Sword Letter Opener. This sword styled letter opener is a stainless steel blade. This black and red letter opener includes a display stand and black scabbard for a sharp looking effect.

Himeji Castle Block Building Kit
Create your own replica of the Himeji Castle out of Kawada Nanoblock with the deluxe edition. This is the maximum nanoblocks size. This set comes with 6000 pieces in the size 220 X 240 X 240. This is recommended for those age 12 and over.

Japanese Porcelain Plates Set
Dine with culture with one these five Traditional Japanese Indigo Patterns Porcelain Plates. These plates were made in Japan and are good for scooping foods like rice, sauces or other delicacies. Perfect for any food connoisseur or to add Japanese Tradition to any meal.

Japanese Vocabulary Quick Study Guide
Learn Japanese Vocab in a flash with this Quick Study Academic Pamphlet. You'll learn common words like colors, foods, numbers and more you could use day to day. This is a great way to start for anyone learning Japanese or wanting a reminder for the basics.

Japanese Tea Cups Set
Relax with a nice cup of tea in these Japanese Tea Cups. This two pack of cups is green, made of ceramic and holds up to 5 fluid ounces. Perfect for sitting back and enjoying a nice cup of warm tea. A fine way to enjoy Japanese culture.

Matcha Tea Ceremony Set
Drink tea traditionally with this matcha kit. The ceremony set comes with 6 amazing pieces. Inside your loved one will discover amazing tea powders, beautifully crafted whisks and more. The original matcha bowl was made in Japan and it would make them so happy to receive.

Great Wave 3 Panel Hanging Art
Bring the stylings of Japan home with this 3 panel hanging poster with wooden frames. The poster features The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. The panels would look graceful in any room. The quality PVC canvas is durable and stretched to fit in the magnetic wooden frames.

Japanese Soda Variety Pack
Drink and try unique Japanese flavors with this Ramune Japanese Soda Variety Pack. This pack has five different flavors including melon soda, blueberry, strawberry, original and orange. These drinks are smooth bubbly, and completely refreshing. Grab yourself a bottle and try the thirst quenching flavors from Shirakiku.

3D Wooden Lucky Cat Puzzle
Bless yourself with fortune with this 3D Wooden Puzzle Lucky Cat-72 piece Japanese Maneki Neko. This 3D puzzle is perfect to work your mind and put together a image of a cat smiling back at you. On the front of the puzzle is a fan that says 'thousands of dollars' - wishing wealth for the future.

Sushi Socks Set
Show your taste for Japanese Sushi with these Rainbow socks. These Sushi styled socks come in a sushi box style for salmon and cucumber maki rolls. These colorful socks are folded specifically to look like the sushi they were inspired by. Perfect as a gift for any foodie in your life.

Japan Board Game Expansion
Travel to Japan with this Ticket to Ride Board Game Expansion – Ticket to Ride Japan Board Game Expansion. This fun strategy/adventure game could take you to Mount Fuji or the Tokyo Subway. This game is recommended for two to five players. Ticket to Ride Italy is also included.

Bento Box Lunch Container
Make your lunch easy to pack and fun to eat with this Original Japanese Bento Box set. It’s a leakproof lunch container that comes with two dividers, larger utensils and a holder. The materials are BPA-free with nontoxic food grade materials. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.

Lucky Cat Keychains
Bring yourself a little fortune with these 15 piece random Maneki Neko Fortune Lucky Japanese Beckoning Cat Keyrings. The package includes 15 separate key rings ornately decorated and made out of porcelain. These powerful lucky charms are one way to beckon wealth and fortune your way.

Japanese Omelette Pan
Create the perfectly sized omelet every time with this Japanese Omelette Nonstick Pan. This rectangular frying pan is the perfect size for your loved one. Just add a few drops of butter or oil then you're ready to start cooking. It’s recommended to use nylon, silicone or wood utensils to protect the nonstick coating.

Lucky Cat Bracelets
Bring luck wherever you go with this Japanese inspired Omky Lucky Cat Maneki Neko Bracelet. It’s a perfect gift for cat lovers or anyone welcoming good luck or fortune. The bell will jingle telling you your on your way. Bracelets are adjustable for the owner’s convenience.

Bonsai Tree Starter Kit
Their journey begins with a single step. Start them off right with their own Japanese gardening kit. Have them make their first Bonsai Tree! This kit includes the seeds and everything you would need to grow and maintain your very own bonsai tree. Give them their karate kid moment!

Great Wave Framed Art
Let Japanese art cover your wall with the Wieco Art framed Art Great Wave of Kanagawa Katsushika Hokusai canvas wall print. This print is perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, bar, dining room, living room or even kitchen. Strong hooks are fixed on the frame for easy hanging capabilities.

Japanese Flash Cards
Make learning Japanese fun and easy with these Japanese flash cards. These flash cards will help you learn basic Japanese language and vocabulary. Words include often used words and phrases like hello or thank you very much. Basics include that to Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji writing. Cards also include phonetic pronunciation and English translations.

Long Floral Kimono Robe
Drape yourself in elegance with this Japanese inspired Babeyond women’s kimono robe. The robe is made in Polyester as a one size fits most. This robe has a luxury printed peacock and floral pattern across the kimono dress to add an elegant look to any night or morning.

Shiba Inu Stand Up Pen Case
Keep your pens standing securely in the cute Japanese inspired Lihit Lab PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Case. The case is made of silicone so it’s soft, smooth, sturdy and easy to clean. The stand stays up on its own making it easy to grab pens, pencils or whatever your case is storing.

Miniature Sushi Cart
Create your own Japanese inspired Sushi adventure with this exclusive mini city sushi cart. This item comes with 165 design brick pieces made of high-quality plastic. The cart is 6.7 X 5.9 X 1.9. It’s recommended for aged six to ninety-nine years old. Time to take your sushi on the go.

Wooden Sushi Food Set
Who doesn't want to enjoy sushi all the time? Let them with this Wooden Sushi Food Set from Melissa and Doug. It comes with 24 meticulous wooden pieces. Perfect for sushi rolls and everything else their sushi heart desires. They'll be a professional in no time with your help.

Sushi Cat Toys
Let your cat live lavishly with these Japanese inspired 6 Pack Sushi Cat toy. Each pack comes with six teeth cleaning sushi toys for your feline friend. Every roll cleaning toy is stuffed with certified organic catnip so it recommended to limit playtime. These toys are recommended for kittens 6 months or older.

Sushi Refrigerator Magnets
Who says you can't play with food? With these Hey Foly Cute Refrigerator Magnets you could play with the Japanese Sushi anytime. Stick them on the fridge, on a whiteboard, in the office or anywhere you want them to stick. These sushi pieces were made using a mix of 3D technology and use a strong magnet for your convenience.

Ramen Refrigerator Magnets
Enjoy your Japanese ramen like never before with this Hey Foly Cute Refrigerator Magnets. Each pack comes with four magnets showing different types of Ramen using 3D design. These magnets could be used on any metal surface; whether that be in the kitchen, bedroom, study room or even a whiteboard.

Japanese Sakura Flower Table Lamp
Bring a relaxing calm style to your home or office with this Tai Vintage Handmade Asian Oriental Japanese Sakura Flower Bedside Table Light. This wooden lamp brings a warm light to any room. Some assembly is required. The frame is made from soft wood which is drilled for easy application of screws. Instructions are included.

Handheld Folding Fan
Keep yourself cool with this Vintage Japanese/Chinese OMyTea hand held Folding Fan. This fan is styled with the popular grass flower and is 100% handmade using Bamboo and Linen. These fans make perfect gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or almost any special occasion.

Japanese Fish Pancake Double Pan
Make your own Taiyaki at home with this CookKing Taiyaki Japanese Fish-shaped Pancake Double Pan. Taiyaki is the Japanese/Korean fish shaped waffle filled with ingredients like red bean paste, custard, chocolate or cheese. Enjoy gifting a pan made in Korea!

Japan Guide Book
Plan your trip to Japan with the book Cool Japan Guide: Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen. This was the first travel guide of its kind – exploring Japan through the eyes of a cartoonist. The book will touch on fun tours to Zen gardens, Shinto Shrines, shopping, food, anime and more.

Japanese Geisha Candles Set
Relax with these Japanese inspired 4 pack of candles. These candles come in gardenia, lavender, jasmine and French vanilla. These are 100% made from natural soy wax. They create a great atmosphere for relaxing, baths, yoga or even just adding a great smell to any room. Light, relax and enjoy.

Japanese-Style Fish Print Apron
Keep your clothes clean while cooking with this Phantomon Apron in Cartoon Japanese Style Lovely Fish Print Chef Apron. The apron is made of a cotton blend for easy cleaning. One size fits most at 22 X 30 inches. This apron can be used wherever cooking takes you whether that’s to the kitchen, at a barbeque, at a bar, serving food or more.

Cherry Blossom Bath and Body Set
Smell like the delicate cherry blossom with the Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Set. This set comes with an 8 oz body lotion, an 8 oz fragrance mist and a 10 oz shower gel. Shea butter is used in these products to soothe and moisturize the skin.