15 Boozy Jack Daniels Gift Sets Your Drinker Will Love

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Who doesn’t love Jack Daniels on a Friday night? Whether it’s on the rocks or in a Coke, Jack Daniels is adored by many. If you’re looking for a boozy and fun gift to treat your Jack Daniels lover with, look no further. From drinkware to collectible items, there are countless gift ideas out there to quench their thirst.

Whiskey Flight Board with Glasses
This whiskey flight board is a perfect gift for the whiskey lover who likes to try new spirits. The wooden tray has 4 wells for your fluted glasses and also has room for cheese and snacks. It presents nicely for guests and is a perfect set-up for taste-testing whiskey.

Crystal Whiskey Decanter
If you have an Old-Fashioned drinker in the house, he should love this classic-looking whiskey decanter set. This crystal whiskey decanter comes with 4 glasses that each have a diamond patterned base. When you use this set to drink your whiskey, you instantly add style and class to the experience.

Whiskey & Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee
You can chase your whiskey down with this whiskey and rum barrel-aged coffee. This set comes with 3 different coffee flavors including, Single Malt Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, and Rum Barrel-Aged coffee. Also, you get your own Cask Coffee mug with this set! This single-origin coffee is roasted in small batches for top-quality flavor.

Personalized Leather Flask Set
This whiskey gift set can be personalized on the outside of the leatherette container and flask. It comes with 2 stainless steel glasses and a funnel. This can be a great gift option for a wedding gift, groomsmen gifts, a birthday, or any other special occasion. The whiskey lover you know will be pleased to have a set engraved with a special initial or quote.

Gunmetal Plated Premium Bartender Kit
You can open up your own bar at home with this premium bartender kit. It comes with everything you need to make your own whiskey highball and a plethora of other mixed drinks. The gunmetal bartending tools also come with their own bamboo display stand. This set has all the tools you need to start mixing drinks at home!

Revolving Liquor Dispenser Bottle Holder
This revolving liquor dispenser lets you feel like you are ordering your whiskey from a proper bar. The stand holds up to 6 bottles so you can keep a variety of flavors on hand. With this stand you will be ready to invite your friends over for a party.

Crystal Whiskey Glasses Set
These lead-free crystal glasses lend an elegance to a whiskey-drinking experience. The set includes six 11 oz glasses and also stainless steel 'rocks' with a tray and tongs. It is packaged in a gift ready box. This gift will be a treasure to the whiskey-lover in your life!

Old Fashioned Syrup Cocktail Mixer
For the old-fashioned drinker, this Old -Fashioned Cocktail Syrup will make a perfect gift. This syrup is full of the flavors you need to add the sugar and spice to your whiskey. It includes a blend of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and bitter herbs along with tangy cherries and fresh orange peel. This syrup is so tasty, you could drink it as is!

DIY Whiskey Infusion Kit
If you've ever wished for a little more from your whiskey, this DIY whiskey-making kit gives you the chance to create the flavor you want! It comes complete with two prep bottles, three types of oak, six herbs & spices, and whiskey rocks made of stainless steel. The only thing you would need to add is a bottle of neutral alcohol as a base.

Chiller Insulated Whiskey Tumblers
These chilled whiskey tumblers can keep your drink cold without ice. Simply chill them in your freezer for 2 hours and the gel inside will work its magic to keep your whiskey at the proper temperature. These tumblers are BPA-free with a 360 degree silicone wrap to protect your hands from the cold. This glasses are easy to use and difficult to break!

Personalized Decanter and Glass Set
If you want to add a personal touch to your gift for your whiskey-lover, this decanter and glass set may be just what you are looking for. You can have the decanter and all 4 glasses engraved with a name and logo of your choosing. The result is a classy-looking whiskey set that your loved one will be proud to use.

Whiskey BBQ Sauce Set
This Jack Daniels BBQ sauce can make your meat snackably delicious! It has a hint of whiskey flavor to it that will seep into the meat for a tender and flavorful BBQ. Also, this order comes with 2 bottles which means you can keep one and give the other as a gift. Everyone wins!

Whiskey & Tennessee Honey Praline Pecans
I'm sure a whiskey lover won't mind a hint of whiskey in these Tennessee Honey Praline Pecans. These Praline pecans are made with Jack Daniel's best. They can be a nice treat to give you that whiskey flavor when you don't have time for a glass on the rocks. Or, you can set these out as a starter to a whiskey-drinking night.

Whiskey Business Board Game
For a night of fun with friends, you can pull out this Whiskey Business board game. Up to 6 players can test their skills in the competition to see who makes the most barrels and wins. Shake your dice in a whiskey glass and see if luck is on your side!

Whiskey Chilling Stones & Card Game
Find out how well you know your whiskey with whiskey quiz set. It comes complete with cards curated by a World Whiskies Awards Judge. These stones have rounded edges to protect your glass from scratches. They also cool down your glass quickly without watering down your whiskey.