65 Adorable Hummingbird Gifts That Will Have Them Singing

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Who doesn’t love the serene beauty of a hummingbird? Not to mention the heartwarming symbolism behind their beauty. From garden gifts to special memorabilia, there are hummingbird related gifts for any bird lover you know. Whether it’s for a mother, grandmother, lover or friend, they are sure to love your kind gesture.

Women's Rain and Garden Shoe
The woman in your life who loves gardening and hummingbirds will appreciate the Women's Rain and Garden Shoe. They will keep her feet dry on soggy soil. Styled in a clog form, she can slip them on and off easily. The Women's Rain and Garden Shoe is a designed in a flower and hummingbird pattern on a dark background.

Solar Wind Chimes
Do you have someone on your gift list who loves hummingbirds? A great gift for them is the Solar Wind Chimes. These delightful wind chimes change colors with LED bulbs that light them up at night. These Solar Wind Chimes absorb energy from the sun and come on automatically at night when it's dark.

Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder
A beautiful gift for the hummingbird lover is the Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder. Designed in bright blue with red and yellow painting, it is made in bright colors to attract the birds. It can hold 38 ounces of hummingbird nectar. the Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder has bright red flowers at the bottom where the hummingbirds can feed.

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler with Lid
Anyone who loves hummingbirds will love the Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler with Lid. It's no ordinary Tumbler because it has beautiful hummingbirds all around it. BPA-free, it can hold 20 ounces of hot or cold liquid and keep it hot for 8 to 24 hours. A lid protects from spills. Surprise that special someone with this Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler with Lid!

Silver Plated Crystal Pendant Necklace
Someone special who loves hummingbirds will love the Silver Plated Crystal Pendant Necklace. It makes a special birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift. The sterling silver on this pendant necklace is very shiny, along with the hummingbird made with tiny yellow, green, and red crystals. A lovely gift!

Women's Cotton Backpack
If you're looking for a practical gift that's also full of flowers and hummingbirds, give her the Women's Cotton Backpack. Made from quilted cotton, it can be taken to school, college, or even to the gym. This backpack has plenty of room for everything she needs. The washable Women's Cotton Backpack will surely make her happy with its cheerful fabric and bright colors!

Crossbody Cell Phone Purse
The Crossbody Cell Phone Purse in faux leather makes a great gift for the hummingbird fan. This is because it has a multi-colored hummingbird attached to the front of the purse. Complete with two straps, she can customize the crossbody feature. There is plenty of room for her cell phone, credit card, and a few small items in this cool Crossbody Cell Phone Purse.

Stepping Stone
The gardener who loves hummingbirds will be delighted with a gift of the hummingbird Stepping Stone. It can be used to brighten-up her garden with its flower and hummingbird design. It is also able to be hung inside on a wall. Necessary hardware is included. This Stepping Stone will add a cheerful look anywhere!

Journal Writing Set for Girls
The Journal Writing Set for Girls is just right for your daughter, niece, or for gift giving to your daughter's friend. It contains blank index cards and a bookmark so she can record her information. This writing set is designed in hues of pink and green, so you know she will love it. Can be used for a diary or dream journal.

Hand Painted Trinket Box
A special person on your gift list will appreciate the Hand Painted Trinket Box. It is good for storing rings, necklaces, or other jewelry items. This trinket box has a metal hinge for opening and closing. The figurine of a hummingbird is formed from multi-colored crystals to look authentic..

Window Hummingbird Feeder
A clever gift for the nature lover is a Window Hummingbird Feeder. Adults and children will enjoy seeing the birds feast before your eyes. The Window Hummingbird Feeder is sturdy and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Watch the little birds drink their nectar from the flowers on the bottom of the feeder.

Colorful Crystal Earrings
The beautiful Colorful Crystal Earrings are just right for the woman who appreciates hummingbirds .They are a great conversation starter. Everyone will ask her what kind of birds they are, and she can share her love for hummingbirds. The Colorful Crystal Earrings have closures made of sterling silver hypoallergenic material. The authentic-looking hummingbirds are tiny purple, turquoise, and green crystals.

Mini Cosmetic Organizer Bag
Every woman on your list will love the Mini Cosmetic Organizer Bag. This white quilted cotton organizer bag has a white background with flowers and hummingbirds scattered across it. The hummingbird fan will especially enjoy it. This Mini Cosmetic Organizer is just the right size. It has plenty of room for travel-size bottles for traveling or to organize her cosmetics at home.

Wall Clock
Someone special on your list will enjoy the hummingbird Wall Clock. It is silent, battery operated, and will brighten up any room. This clock looks hand-painted in watercolor pastel shades that coordinate with almost all decors. Make someone happy by giving them this clock. Anyone who requests a clock for their gift will be surprised when they open this beautiful hummingbird Wall Clock.

Solar Lantern
Light up her patio or deck with this Solar Lantern. She will love the design of the lantern in blue. All four sides of the Solar Lantern feature a hummingbird and a flower, so it's just right for the person who loves these birds. The antique look of the Solar Lantern is lovely and unique!

Tabletop Touch Lamp
The Tabletop Touch Lamp is a unique gift for the person who loves nature and hummingbirds. Its antique style features a golden base and accessories with a delicate white lampshade featuring hummingbirds gathering nectar from lovely flowers. This is a touch lamp with 3 light settings. It will add style to your living room or bedroom.

Hummingbird Feeder Metal Stake
Every bird lover will appreciate receiving the gift of a Hummingbird Feeder Metal Stake. They simply hang the feeder onto the metal stake. It is 42 inches high so they can place it near a window and watch the birds feed. The Hummingbird Feeder is completed with decorative hummingbirds.

Baseball Cap
Mom, Grandma, or any lady on your gift list will appreciate the Baseball Cap with a colorful hummingbird embroidered on it. The cap is available in black, and it will keep the sun out of her eyes while she gardens or enjoys an outdoor sport. This Baseball Cap can be adjusted with the strap on the back. It is made of cotton.

Copper Hummingbird Feeder
The Copper Hummingbird Feeder makes a great gift. It will add style to the backyard, deck, or patio. Made of Copper, the feeder has a Hummingbird ornament and is handcrafted. The Copper Hummingbird Feeder has a hook on top, so it's ready to hang to feed the birds.

Cooking Apron
The elegant Cooking Apron with flowers and a hummingbird design would be the best gift for the woman who treasures these little birds. It has a white background, pink flowers and birds scattered across the fabric. Mom or your wife can wear this apron to protect her clothes and enjoy the hummingbird motif at the same time

Women's Sandals
Your wife or other family member will treasure these Women's Sandals. They are Teva original sandals that are very comfortable to wear. The fabric has a design of tiny hummingbirds on it. If she is concerned about the environment, these Women's Sandals keep 4 plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean or landfill. There's also an easy on/off closure that she'll love.

Paper Plates and Napkins
Looking for a gift to make life simpler for your wife, co-worker, or neighbor? Why not give her the Paper Plates and Napkins that she can use at her next party? They are no normal, bland Paper Plates and Napkins. These feature darling hummingbirds and flowers on a white background.

Edible Cupcake Topper Wafer
The baker on your list will make a dessert supreme when you give her the Edible Cupcake Topper Wafer set. Complete with 12 cupcake topper wafers, these colorful hummingbirds are just right for a wedding shower, baby shower, or birthday party. They are vegan and sugar free as well.

Kitchen Towels Set
A great gift for anyone is the set of Teacup Flour Sack Kitchen Towels. They are made of cotton, so they are soft and absorbent. Each towel features a delicate cup and saucer filled with flowers and a hummingbird. Add some color and a bit of nature to anyone's kitchen with these Teacup Flour Sack Kitchen Towels that you present as their gift.

Handheld Hummingbird Feeders
A special treat for adults and children are the Handheld Hummingbird Feeders. The package includes 5 feeders with perches. These Handheld Hummingbird Feeders can be used to feed the birds out of your hand, or set them on a windowsill and watch as they feast on their nectar.

Hummingbirds Guide for Children
If you are looking for an educational and interesting book for young children, you will be interested in the Hummingbirds Guide for Children. It is 48 pages full of information on hummingbirds and was written for kids ages 3-7. This Hummingbirds Guide for Children makes a wonderful gift for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion

Stained Glass Hummingbird
A gift that will wow the hummingbird lover is the Stained Glass Hummingbird. This suncatcher can be hung in the window to display the hand-painted bird as the sun shines through. The bright colors of the Stained Glass Hummingbird make it a very special gift for Mom, wife, or another.

Table Lamp Tiffany Style
A special gift for Mom, Grandma, or another special person is the Table Lamp Tiffany Style. It has colorful hummingbirds on the lampshade with beautiful multi-colored flowers surrounding it. The Table Lamp Tiffany Style looks like an antique lamp that can be used in any room.

Comfort Hummingbird Blanket
Give Mom or Grandma the gift of a Hummingbird Blanket. It is a beautiful work of art that young girls would also love to have on their beds. The blanket is washable and is 60 x 80 inches in size. Each Hummingbird Blanket has lots of purple flowers and a Hummingbird on it. It is warm and cozy too

Hummingbird Swings
Give the amazing gift of Hummingbird Swings to the bird fan on your list. They are a special gift for any season or any occasion. The rust resistant swings are made to be used indoors or outdoors. You can place the swings next to the feeder to attract the hummingbirds. Why not give them a place to rest after eating?

Dish Drying Mat for Countertop
Looking for a gift that is practical as well? The Dish Drying Mat for Countertop has a darling hummingbird motif. It is absorbent and a great place to dry glasses and dinnerware. The mats are available in 16 x 18 or 18 x 24 inch sizes. There are many other uses for this mat, including using it to absorb water on the countertop.

Christmas Ornaments
The hummingbird fan will love this set of 3 realistic hummingbird Christmas Ornaments. She may want to fill the whole Christmas tree with these delightful Christmas ornaments! After the holidays, the Christmas Ornaments can be hung in the kitchen window to enjoy throughout the year. They make lovely suncatchers. This set includes a blue, purple, and clear hummingbird. Perfect gift for many on your list!

Steel Hummingbird Decoration
A beautiful piece of metal art that the hummingbird fan on your gift list will treasure is the Steel Hummingbird Decoration. It can be attached to a tree branch or anywhere in their yard. The decoration develops a natural patina and will then change colors. The Steel Hummingbird Decoration looks very real!

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass
Looking for a special gift for your boss, neighbor, or friend? The Personalized Stemless Wine Glass holds 17 ounces of wine. It is laser engraved with a beautiful hummingbird on the front. Below the bird, your gift receiver's name will be engraved. The Personalized Stemless Wine Glass would also make a great wedding gift for the bride and groom.

Absorbent Coasters
Protect their coffee table and end tables by gifting your friend with Absorbent Coasters. The set includes 4 different natural hummingbird designs. They make a perfect gift for almost anyone, and the Absorbent Coasters actually accumulate moisture from drinks set on them. Each one has a cork bottom.

Cup & Saucer
The bone China Cup & Saucer will make Mom or Grandma feel like a queen. Complete with 10K gold design around the rims of the Cup & Saucer this beautiful set features delicate hummingbirds and flowers on both pieces of the set. The delicate Cup & Saucer must be washed by hand, and it holds 6.4 ounces of liquid.

Hummingbird Teapot
A bone China Hummingbird Teapot will make a unique gift for the person who appreciates a work of art. The teapot coordinates with cups and saucers with the same design. This lovely piece has gold rims on the handle and on the Hummingbird Teapot lid, bottom, and pouring spout.

Embroidered Table Runner
An exquisite Embroidered Table Runner is a deluxe gift for Mom or the special lady on your list. It features hummingbirds feeding from Calla Lilies in a gorgeous design. Made from polyester, the table runners can be used on top of other furniture, such as bookshelves, coffee tables, and more. Each Embroidered Table Runner has cut out edges for a beautiful finish.

Personalized Mug
The Personalized Mug will be a great answer to what to give that special woman on your gift list. It is a lovely hummingbird mug available in 11-ounce or 15-ounce size. It has two hummingbirds and flowers on the front. The person's name is boldly written at the bottom of the Personalized Mug.

Glossy Stoneware Snack Plates
If you're stumped about what to gift the picky woman on your list, consider the Glossy Stoneware Snack Plate. A gorgeous watercolor of a blue, gold, and green hummingbird is painted across the plate. This stoneware dish can be used for eating or for display to share its beauty. The Glossy Stoneware Snack Plate is a deluxe gift!

Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers
Mom, a friend or another relative will appreciate the Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers from you. These will refresh their patio or deck and bring a smile to their face, especially if they love hummingbirds. The set of watercolor Outdoor Pillow Covers consists of 4 pillow covers with hidden zippers and polyester fabric.

Cotton Tablecloth
This bright and colorful Cotton Tablecloth is made for anyone who appreciates nature. Its beautiful design features multiple watercolor paintings of ferns and flowers. It would adorn the table for a wedding shower, tea party, or any spring or summer occasion.

Shower Curtain Rings
If you're looking for a gift for a coworker, friend, or family member who likes hummingbirds, these Shower Curtain Rings are just right. Made of stainless steel, the set of 12 each feature a carved hummingbird. They are unique and styled to accompany a hummingbird or plain shower curtain.

Unframed Canvas Wall Art
Anyone on your gift list who loves nature will appreciate this Unframed Canvas Wall Art. It is pattern of hummingbirds, sunflowers, and positive affirmations that they will enjoy. This Unframed Wall Art will remind them of how very special they are. It's 12 x 8 inches. Perfect for dining room or kitchen.

Hummingbird Journal
This Hummingbird Journal will be appreciated by the women or teens on your gift list. It features a gorgeous watercolor painting of a hummingbird on the cover. It is spiral bound and has a hard cover. The inside of the Hummingbird Journal is also full of color. There is plenty of room to write anything with 240 ruled pages.

Glass Perfume Bottle
A special gift for a special lady is the Glass Perfume Bottle. It has a retro frosted look with a darling hummingbird on the top. Beautiful hummingbirds and flowers also surround the top and bottom of this refillable perfume bottle. It can hold lotion, toner, and her other necessary beauty items and is BPA-free.

Flying Hummingbird Pendant
Any woman who appreciates traditional jewelry will like the Flying Hummingbird Pendant. Flying Hummingbird Pendant features a beautiful green flying hummingbird. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry that will distinguish whoever wears it. Made with real sterling silver.

Figurine Fan
Wondering what to get someone who deserves a very special gift? The hummingbird Figurine Fan is a lovely gift that is only 4 inch high. It is fuchsia and green and features a fan to circulate the air in her office or bedroom. The hummingbird Figurine Fam is portable and can be moved to other rooms as well.

Copper Hummingbird Garden Ornament
You can add beauty to anyone's garden with a Copper Hummingbird Garden Ornament. Made in copper, it is 6 inches in size. This ornament is handcrafted and looks very realistic. The brown tint stands out against the greenery in your garden. The Copper Hummingbird Garden Ornament is a great gift.

Porcelain Mug Set
A wonderful gift for your wife, sister, Mom, or any woman on your list is the Porcelain Mug Set. The set of 4 mugs feature colorful hummingbirds and flowers. They hold 14 ounces each. The artwork on the mugs is very realistic and well-done. This Porcelain Mug Set will add a touch of spring to anyone's home.

Women's Scarf
The woman who really likes hummingbirds will be delighted with your gift of a Women's Scarf. This blue scarf is a stylish accessory to many different outfits, she he can wrap the voile scarf around her neck once or twice for a professional, sophisticated fashion. This lightweight Women's Scarf is just right form spring, summer, or for wearing in warm climates.

Hummingbird Keychain
A great gift for the person who loves nature and hummingbirds is the Hummingbird Keychain. It's made from high quality stainless steel and is black in color. Attached is a small black hummingbird and a message that says that hummingbirds are from heaven. The 'love' verse makes it just right to give to someone you really care about.

RFID Protection Wallet
The RFID Protection Wallet is a gift that any woman will appreciate. It is beautiful on the outside, designed with flowers and two multi-colored hummingbirds. Inside, the RFID Protection Wallet has a pocket to hold credit cards and room for some paper money as well. This secure RFID wallet prohibits any bad guys from scanning her credit cards.

Jim Shore figurine
The figurine collector you know will love the Jim Shore Figurine. It features a realistic hummingbird settled on a branch and 2 calla lilies. This figurine is approximately 5 inches tall, and it will look lovely arranged with her other figurines. Give the gift of a Jim Shore figurine to someone special.

Hummingbird Candle Set
The Hummingbird Candle Set includes 3 flickering flame candles that will never burn down. The candles are made from paraffin for authenticity, and they operate by battery. Each candle design features hummingbirds flying towards multi-colored flowers. The Hummingbird Candle Set has candles of many heights to add beauty to any room.

Hummingbird Metal Wall Art
Why not give the hummingbird fan on your list the Hummingbird Metal Wall Art? It’s made of polished steel and is just right for a bathroom, bedroom, or any room in the house. It features a lovely brown and red hummingbird and a light gray background. The Hummingbird Wall Art is made in the USA and will bring a smile to your friend’s face.

Shower Curtain
Any hummingbird lover will love this Shower Curtain for a gift. It features a gigantic green hummingbird and flowers scattered over the Turkish fabric that never needs a liner. This is not the typical Shower Curtain with small hummingbirds and flowers. It is really unique and a very thoughtful gift.

Fatigue Comfort Kitchen Rug
Give Mom a Fatigue Comfort Kitchen Rug so she can stay comfortable while working. Besides cushioning her feet, it also has a delightful hummingbird design that will add color to the kitchen. This Fatigue Comfort Kitchen Rug is non-slip, so it's safe for the kitchen. It can also be used in the bathroom where it will add style and color! Machine washable.

Metal House Number Customized
Going to a housewarming party and need a gift? The Metal House Number Customized is a great gift for your friend or family member. The sign is made of laser-cut steel plates. It is well-made and comes with a lifetime warranty. On either side of the house numbers on this Metal House Number Customized sign are two friendly-looking hummingbirds.

Solar Hummingbird Wind Spinner
The person who has almost everything will enjoy the Solar Hummingbird Wind Spinner for a gift. Its solar operated light spins turns on when it gets dark, and a hummingbird spins when the wind blows. The Solar Hummingbird Wind Spinner can be used on a pathway, a patio, lawn, or almost anywhere. It is waterproof and anti-rust, so it will last for a long time.

Hummingbird Doormat
Give a gift that allows your friend or co-worker to welcome guests with the Marjolein Bastin Hummingbird Doormat. It is a very well-made doormat that's made to last, and this doormat can be used indoors or outdoors. The Marjolein Bastin Hummingbird Doormat is made from recycled rubber and is sure to please anyone who loves flowers and hummingbirds.

Hanging Hummingbird Nest House
A darling gift for anyone who loves nature is the Hanging Hummingbird Nest House. There are two nest houses included in a set, and they are hummingbird-friendly because the hibiscus grass that they're made of is natural and untreated with chemicals. They can be hung on patios, decks, or balconies. A sturdy rope for hanging is included with the Hanging Hummingbird Nest House.

Hummingbird Art Prints
The Hummingbird Art Prints make a unique gift for the hummingbird fan. Sold in a set of 6 small prints, they form an 8 x 10 size wall hanging when hung together. It is optional whether to frame them or hang them as they are. The Hummingbird Art Prints are packaged by hand to ensure that they arrive in prime condition.

Hummingbird Cuff Bracelet
If you are looking for a gift for the antique lover who also loves hummingbirds, the Hummingbird Cuff Bracelet is the answer. It has a large cameo in the middle of the cuff bracelet that features a hummingbird feeding from the flowers. The blue cameo is held by an intricate Hummingbird Cuff Bracelet made with scrolls, flowers, and more.

Salt & Pepper Shakers
The hummingbird lover on your gift list will enjoy receiving Salt & Pepper Shakers made in the form of hummingbirds. They are green and pink and will brighten any dinner table. Put a little shake in their gift this year.