75 Hardcore Harley Davidson Gifts To Hit The Biker Bar With

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Vrooom vrooom. What a beautiful sound those Harleys make. Get an equally beautiful gift for your favorite daredevil, from this list of Harley Davidson gifts. From Sons of Anarchy DVDs to watches, sunglasses, helmets, and leather jackets, give your friends something new to hit the biker bar with.

Harley Davidson Pullover Sweatshirt
Step out in style and maintain a trendy appearance with this Harley Davidson Pullover Shirt. The cloth is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester that is soft, comfortable to touch. The pullover shirt features a Wisconsin Harley-Davidson printed graphic at the front and back. The shirt has rib-knit cuffs that will keep the wearer warm during cold weather.

Personalized Motorcycle Gift Sign
Reveal the bike in you and spice up the appearance of your property with this Personalized Motorcycle Gift sign. The sign consists of a two-stone stain finish on a wooden surface. This gift sign has 3D lettering that makes it stand out. This sign is truly one-of-a-kind kind. Perfect personalized Harley Davidson gift for motorcycle lovers.

Harley Davidson Full-Zippered Hoodie
Let the whole world know that you love motorcycles when you wear this Harley Davidson Full-Zippered Hoodie. The full-zippered hooded sweatshirt is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This attractive hoodie is a great choice for motorcycle lovers because it features a skull graphic and wings at the back. There are also handwarmer pockets to keep your arms warm during cold seasons.

Harley Davidson Wrist Watch
Every classic man knows the importance of a wristwatch. A good wristwatch will spice up your appearance and complete your outfit. The Harley Davidson Wristwatch is a silver-tone bracelet band with a black face. The body of this watch is made from stainless steel to make it durable and long-lasting. This item is a great idea for a personalized Harley Davidson gift.

Men's Sneaker
Are you interested in the next fashion piece to transform your appearance? These men's sneakers are exactly what you need. Designed with a black/orange scheme, this sneaker will suit most of your outfits. The footwear is made of a vulcanized construction for a sturdy feel and durable body. The shoe also has a full-length cushioned lining that offers optimal comfort.

Women's Janice Motorcycle Boot
This Women's Janice Motorcycle Reboot will complete the outfit of any female motorcyclist. The boot is made with a rubber sole to protect your feet. The body is also constructed with 100% leather for optimal quality. The ankle-high motorcycle boot is a great personalized Harley Davidson gift. Perfect choice for motorcycle lovers.

Etched Bar & Shield Shaped Neon Clock
Are you on the market for Harley Davidson-inspired merchandise? The Etched Bar & Shield Shaped Neon Clock is a perfect choice. The clock is an excellent addition to your home and also doubles as a piece of interior decor. This is a perfect gift for motorcycle lovers or fans of Harley Davidson.

Biker Themed Garden Gnome
Here's something for bikers and motorcycle lovers who are interested in getting Harley Davidson merchandise. The garden gnome is made from painted polystone that can withstand harsh weather. It also features high-quality leather. This garden gnome will bring some good luck to your garden. Perfect gift idea for motorcycle lovers.

Vintage Tin Motorcycle Thermometer
Fans of Vintage Thermometers will love this one. It's been designed such that checking the temperature is fun. The thermometer has a durable metal design and fade-resistant finish for a long-lasting effect. This thermometer is a great choice to add to your living space. The thermometer doubles as an interior and exterior decor option.

Motorcycle Sign
This one-of-a-kind motorcycle sign is a great way to make a statement. Let the whole world know how much you love motorcycles. The sign also lets you express yourself as a Harley Davidson fan. The sign is made from rust-resistant aluminum and long-lasting lettering. This would make a perfect gift idea for your favorite biker.

Men's Eagle Piston Short Sleeve T-shirt
Wear the Harley Davidson brand on your chest. Step out in style and confidence with the Men's Eagle Piston Short Sleeve Shirt. The shirt is designed to be a classic fit and is made into solid black color. The short-sleeve shirt is made with 100% cotton for optimal comfort of the wearer. This multipurpose shirt can be worn to different events.

Motorcycle Saddle Bag Set
Every motorcycle lover understands the importance of a Saddlebag. This handy bag can be used to store small items and personal effects as you cruise around on your motorcycle. The saddlebag features a buckle lock and flaps at the side that will prevent light rain from damaging the contents of the bag.

Tin Signs Bundle
The Tin Signs Bundle consists of a collection of gas oil tins. There are 35 signs in the entire collection. Each of them represents the epitome of American pop art. The signs are finished with vibrant colors. They are a unique piece of decor that adds a sense of nostalgia to your kitchen, office bar, gas station, auto parts shop, den, and other places.

Metallic Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Keep yourself hydrated on the go with this metallic stainless steel water bottle. The water bottle is designed for hot and cold beverages. The water bottle can keep your drinks hot or cold for long periods. The water bottle has a bright orange color with a black metallic design. The Metallic Stainless Steel Water Bottle is a great choice for motorcycle lovers.

Women's Torland Sneaker
Everyone woman enjoys an impressive pair of sneakers to improve their appearance. No footwear strikes a better statement than Women's Torland Sneakers. Designed with a bright color scheme that matches any outfit, these sneakers will be the perfect addition for you. Perfect for motorcycle lovers and is a great personalized Harley Davidson gift.

Motorcycle Saddle Bag
Are you in need of a stylish, trendy bag to carry small items on your motorcycle? Look no further than this Motorcycle Saddle Bag. These bags are designed to fit most motorcycles and scooters. There are multiple pockets in the bag to fit all the load you need. This saddlebag is designed such that it's waterproof, durable, and dust-proof.

Shop Stool
Are you a fan of Harley Davidson and are looking for that next best item to add to your shop? You can opt for the Harley Davidson Shop Stool. The shop stool is a comfortable padded, adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted from 16 to 20 inches. This stool is designed in a black color scheme with a Willie G Skull on top of it.

Six Pocket Backpack
The Six Pocket Backpack is the ideal choice for those who are interested in an item that has more than enough space to hold all their valuables. The bag is made from a nylon and poly-nylon blend. The backpack has 6 pockets that make it easy for you to organize your items. There's even an Mp3 music portal to enjoy your favorite music.

Mens Leather Jacket
This stylish men's leather jacket is made from real leather. The body of the jacket is lined with soft viscose for optimal comfort. The leather jacket is an attractive fashion item that is designed for longevity and will add some style to your outfit. The jacket also has a classic design that suits most events and occasions. Perfect gift idea for motorcycle lovers.

Slip On Muffler Exhaust
Do you want to upgrade your Harley sound? Every rider knows that loud sounds alone are not enough. The sound has to be great too. The Slip-On Muffler Exhaust is designed for the Harley Davidson Touring. This exhaust pipe does not require any additional techniques or hardware for installation. This is an ideal option for anyone interested in personalized Harley Davidson.

AM/FM Radio
This AM/FM Radio is a 3 inch color LCD system that displays album artwork when connected with Bluetooth and Apple devices. This accessory is easy to install and is compatible with factor mounting and stereo connectors. The radio is designed to be waterproof and has UV protection. It also has many interesting features and presets to choose from when playing the stereo.

Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet
Protect your head and ride in style with the Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet. It has a bold black color with a contrasting brown interior. The insides of the helmet are padded in all directions for optimal comfort. The Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet is a unisex helmet for male and female riders. It's also a perfect gift for motorcycle lovers.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication
The Motorcycle Bicycle Communication is a useful accessory to maintain clear communication with your group of riders. It's compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. The bicycle communicator allows you to connect with as many as 15 people. Its sound has been tested by JBL for premium quality. Suitable for different types of helmets.

Bullitt Flat Shield
This retro-style shield is designed for the Bell Bullitt Helmet. This flat visor is designed for clear vision and can easily be removed/attached. The shield is made from a carbon composite shell that ensures its longevity. The shields are designed with black or brown tabs to fit the interior of the helmet. Perfect gift ideas for motorcycle lovers on their birthday.

Denim & Leather Motorcycle Gloves
The Denim & Leather Motorcycle Gloves are designed to make your riding more comfortable and safer. The gloves will augment the safety of the rider while still helping them to remain stylish. The motorcycle gloves are perfect for urban riding, cross-country riding, and other riding conditions. They are designed to shield your hands from dirt, debris, and cold weather.

Motorcycle Face Mask
Brand yourself as a true motorcyclist with this cool face mask. The face mask is designed to be breathable and is made from microfiber fabric. The face mask is perfect for motorcycling, snowboarding, and skiing too. The Motorcycle Face mask is made into a one-size-fit-all design that guarantees optimal comfort.

Heavy Duty Armored Pants
These heavy-duty pants are made from tough 600 Denier Polyester Fabric that is rugged and abrasion resistant. The entire length of the pants is waterproof and there’s a thigh-length zipper on either side. These are over paints that have two hip foam pads that are designed for optimal comfort. There are also front intake vents on your thighs for breathability.

Motorcycle Leather Chaps
These leather chaps are made from genuine leather and can be used for a lifetime. These chaps offer protection to bikers against road conditions. The chaos features original YKK Zippers and Rust-free buttons to allow the wearer to take them on and off easily. There’s also an adjustable weight & inseam length for increased comfortability.

Motorcycle Phone Mount
The motorcycle phone mount is designed to allow riders access to their phone’s features while on the motion. The mount had a touch lock that will remain in position, even during high speeds. The mount is made from a sturdy, highly dense material that will prevent your phone from shaking. The mount is also waterproof to protect your phone in rainy conditions.

Waterproof Motorcycle Cover
Every rider aims to protect their motorcycle to the best of their ability. They aim to protect the bike against environmental conditions. The Waterproof Motorcycle Cover is the ideal choice to protect your bike from harsh weather. The cover will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating. It will also prevent direct contact with sunlight and rain.

Motorcycle Ride Bell
Every Harley Davidson lover out there would instantly fall in love with this motorcycle ride bell. This bell is made from durable zinc and features a solid black color. The bell is attractive with a bar and shield logo on it. There’s also a black velvet protective pouch in which to store it. Legends say that this bell keeps the evil spirits away.

Portable Cordless Tire Inflator
The Portable Cordless Tire Inflator could be your only way out when you develop a flat tire on a lonely highway. It’s designed to pump your tire or deflate it quickly. This air compressor is portable and is easy to move around with. There’s a large digital display that makes it easy to operate and read your measurements accurately.

Motorcycle Goggles
Protect your eyes from the rushing breeze as you ride around the city block with this motorcycle goggles. They are made from anti-crash impact-resistant polycarbonate. They also feature a sun sensor photochromic anti fog lens that will ensure that you have a clear field of view, regardless of the weather conditions.

Motorcycle Biker Vest
This motorcycle biker vest is the last piece of fashion item you need to look like a true biker. This vest is the 10 pockets model that offers a lot of room to store small items. The vest is made from genuine leather and designed for longevity. There’s also a polyester lining for optimal comfort. Perfect gift for motorcycle lovers.

Iron Motorcycle Ornament
The Iron Motorcycle ornament is a small lifelike motorcycle model. The wheels and handlebar of this small model are movable. This item would make a great gift for motorcycle lovers on their birthdays, anniversaries, and other important events. This little accessory can also be used as a piece of interior décor for your home or office.

Office Desktop Accessory
Office Desktop accessories are the best item to breathe some new life into your office desk. Designed with metal, this small figurine is durable and long-lasting. It's front and tires are flexible and can be moved. This special handmade item is a great way to reduce tension and can transform your workspace completely.

Folding Tool Set
Keep your tools handy with the Folding Tool Set. The set is designed to contain 12 important tools for every biker. The set also comes with a pouch that can be easily attached to your belt. Designed for all the Harley Davidson lovers out there to help them repair their bikes on the go. The toolset is made from carbon steel and ABS high-quality materials.

Tool Rule Tin Metal Wall Decoration
The Tool Rule Tin Metal Wall Decoration is one of the most unique pieces of interior décor on the market. The décor is finished with electroplating and spraying that keeps its contents from fading. This classic retro-style wall décor can transform the wall in your home, garage, barn, café, or man cave. A great gift idea for motorcycle lovers.

3/4 Shell Open Face Motorcycle Helmet
If you are in the market for a motorcycle helmet, you should settle for nothing less than the best. The 3/4 Shell Open Face Motorcycle Helmet is the helmet that’s designed to offer optimal comfort and prioritizes safety too. The sleek, contoured shell will form a snug fit around the rider’s head. The inner fabric also soaks up any excess moisture.

Womens Black Classic Purse
The women's black classic purse is a one-of-a-kind fashion item. The bag features signature hand charms including nickel medallion and hexagon studs. There’s also a polyblend lining. This black classic purse is a perfect fit for different types of outfits; corporate or casual. It’s a must-have fashion item for every classic lady out there.

Harley Davidson Rug
Are you a Harley Davidson fan who wants to own some special merchandise? The Harley Davidson Rug is a great choice. It can be used as a piece of interior décor in your home and it can also serve as a welcome mat.

Motorcycle Alarm Clock
The Motorcycle alarm clock is a one-of-a-kind item that is designed for home furnishing. This attractive motorbike can transform the décor of your home. This well-crafted alarm clock helps to create a thrilling atmosphere. The alarm clock will be the best way to start your day. The clock movement is also based on a quartz clock core.

Motorcycle Coat Rack
Motorcycle lovers can express their hidden passion with this unique coat rack. The motorcycle coat rack is made from cast iron and has 2 hooks to hang your coats. This multipurpose accessory can also be used to hold your hats, keys, or leases. The coat rack is finished in a dark brown color for a better aesthetic effect.

Motorcycle Cap Catcher
The motorcycle cap catcher is made from 100% wood for longevity and durability. This cap catcher is just any plain piece of wood that you would add to the wall of your home. This item has 2 finishing coats with a professional-grade poly acrylic seal. The cap catcher is a great addition to your kitchen, bar, mancave, RV, garage, and so on.

Motorcycle Blanket
This one-of-a-kind motorcycle blanket is designed to offer you warmth and comfort with its fluffy feel. This blanket has a unique, interesting design that contains a camping tent, car, and bonfire. This motorcycle blanket transform can also serve as a piece of décor to transform your room or bedroom. Perfect gift for motorcycle lovers.

Motorcycle Wall Decor
Are you a motorcycle lover interested in an interesting piece of décor to liven your living space? This motorcycle wall décor is a great choice. This multipurpose décor can be added to your office, living room, family room, bedroom, classroom, bathroom, and so on. The décor also has a lot of information that will thrill your guests.

Windproof Mask for Cold Weather
Protect yourself from the harsh cold breeze around you with this Windproof Mask for Cold Weather. The mask is designed to have a great fit and is incredibly flexible when wearing. It’s also made from a high-quality mesh fabric that is comfortable and breathable. During cold weather, the windproof mask will offer you much-needed extra warmth.

Motorcycle Throw Blanket
The motorcycle throw blanket is designed for all the Harley Davidson enthusiasts out there. It is made from soft anti-pilling fleece that is soft and lightweight. The blanket is also designed from high-quality materials that are wrinkle- and fade-resistance. This blanket is perfect for your couch, bedroom, car and can be used anywhere.

Men's Riding Socks
The men’s riding socks are every rider’s first choice. It’s made from a polyester blend that is soft and breathable. The sock also features moisture-wicking fabric that eliminates any excess sweat on your feet. These riding socks are designed with arch support that prevents aches when riding. Designed to fit men with shoe sizes from 9 – 13.

Logo Sport Duffel Bag
The logo sport duffel bag is another item for Harley Davidson fans. This duffel bag features water-resistant construction. It’s made from polyester material and has a touch nylon coil zipper. The handles and straps of the bag feature strength webbing for additional support. There’s a lot of space to store your items including an interior organization pocket.

Keychain Ring Clip
Avoid losing your keys with this Harley Davidson Ring Clip. The keychain ring is designed with an attractive bar and shield logo. The clip has long-lasting qualities due to a carbon fiber vinyl inlay. This metal clip is multipurpose and can be attached to any item of your choice. It’s one of Harley Davidson's personalized gifts.

Personalized Motorcycle Name Art
Are you interested in a vintage style of art that will brighten up your living space? The personalized motorcycle name art is the best way to go. You can personalize this piece of art with your name. It would make the perfect Harley Davidson personalized gift for friends and family. The motorcycle name art can be added to any room in the house.

Men's Stainless Steel Ring
Show your passion as a true biker with this Men’s Stainless-Steel Ring. The ring is made from high-quality stainless steel. It also features the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield Logo. This impressive steel ring is handcrafted from premium materials. The ring is handcrafted with clear features. The ring makes a great conversation starter among friends and family.

Men's Rugged Full Zip Jacket
The men’s rugged full zip jacket is one of the most stylish options for male bikers. The jacket is made from a blend of materials and features a polyester sleeve lining for more comfort. The machine is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a full-front zipper that makes it easy to wear and pull off.

Premium Leather Gloves
Protect your hand and ride in style with these Premium Leather Gloves. Each pair of gloves is made from high-quality aniline goat leather which is durable and flexible. The gloves are fitted with a comfortable liner that does not bruise your palm. There is an adjustable hook and loop strap on the wrist to wear the gloves tightly.

Motorcycle Care Kit
If you are like every other biker out there, you will be concerned about offering your motorcycle the best possible car. With the motorcycle care kit, you can look out for your bike. There are 5 items in the set. They include different types of liquid to clean different parts of your bike. There’s also a microfiber towel to keep things sparkling clean.

Electronic Dartboard
The electronic dartboard is different from the traditional ones that you are used to. The Harley Davidson dartboard is a great way to spice up your recreational area. The dart board can be used by up to 8 different players. The dartboard has an LCD color scoring screen to display the score of players electronically and make the game more enjoyable.

Men's Ballard Motorcycle Boot
The men’s Ballard motorcycle boot is a complete western classic. The boot features a durable construction and mesh lining. The outsole also has impressive traction that is oil and slip resistant. The boot is built to survive harsh conditions. It is the top choice for bikers to enjoy comfortable riding.

Motorcycle Beanie Cap
The Harley Davidson Beanie cap is made from premium, high-quality cotton. It features well-designed graphics and knit-in stripes. You don’t have to worry about size when using this cap. It’s designed to be a one-size-fits-most cap. The motorcycle beanie cap is small enough to fit into your pocket, saddle bag, and backpack.

Vintage X-Body Sling Bag
The vintage X-body sling is an attractive, unique bag like never before. The sling bag is made from tough, water-resistant polyester. The straps of the bag are designed to rest comfortably on your shoulders and offer maximum support. There are two front zipper pockets and the main compartment to keep all your items.

Women's Footwear Sandal
Step out in style with this women’s footwear sandal. The sandal features cement construction for longevity and durability. Despite the thick sole of the sandal, it’s quite comfortable to wear. There’s also a lightweight outsole that does not add any additional weight to the body. This item will make a great personalized Harley Davidson gift.

Motorcycle Double Sided Garden Flag
Are you looking for that unique item to add to your item? Add some identity to your garden with this Motorcycle Double Sided Garden Flag. Add this item to your garden to transform its outlook. Every part of this garden flag is made from high-quality materials that do not fade or wear out. It’s a perfect gift for motorcycle lovers.

Metallic Solar Power Garden Lantern
The metallic solar power garden lantern is an official Harley Davidson merchandise. It’s made from eco-friendly high-quality plastic. The lantern has an attractive distressed metallic finish. The lamp is solar-powered and can be recharged with sunlight. There’s also an on/off switch under the lid of the lantern.

Leather Tri-Fold Wallet
The Harley Davidson-inspired wallet is a one-of-a-kind item for every man out there. The leather tri-fold wallet features a bar and shield logo on it. It’s made from black pebbled leather for longevity and durability. There’s enough space here to keep small items including your ATM cards, ID cards, and cash. Perfect item for motorcycle lovers.

Motorcycle Trivia Book
The motorcycle trivia book will reveal lots of useful information to you about the history of motorcycles. The book discusses motorcycles, racers, inventors, and notable names associated with the Harley Davidson brand. The book is designed to help anyone; including bikers and non-bikers, learn the intricacies of the Harley Davidson company.

Men's Motorcycle Belt Buckle
Fans of Harley Davidson would enjoy a chance to get their hands on this belt buckle. The bucket is designed with an antique silver color on a black background. The buckle has the skull logo with flames in the background. The Men’s Motorcycle Belt Buckle comes in a gift box that makes it a perfect ready-to-give gift for motorcycle lovers.

Motorcycle Coin Purse
The motorcycle coin purse is a Harley Davidson zippered coin pouch. For quality assurance, the purse is made from black pebbled leather. The purse has an embroidered Harley Davidson design on it. The purse is not designed to carry many items but only a few essentials. It would make a great birthday or anniversary gift for motorcycle lovers.

Men's Embroidered House Slippers
Are you a man who is looking to maintain optimal comfort in your home? The Men’s Embroidered House Slippers are made from polyester fleece that is soft and comfortable to wear. The cement construction of the slippers makes them incredibly durable. The rubber outsole is included to ensure that the wearer’s feet remain comfortable.

Wheel Bearing Puller Tool Kit
Remove your wheel bearing with ease using this tool lit. It has everything you need to easily remove a wheel and take out its bearing. The components of the 18-piece replacement tools are made from structural steel. The items in the kit are stored in a blow-molded case that is easy to carry around. This is the kit is also easy to maintain.

Bar & Shield Trailer Hitch Cover
The Bar & Shield Trailer Hitch Cover is made from solid brass and finished with chrome plating. Due to the cover’s finishing, it has a mirror shine. There is a 3D bar and shield logo on this hitch cover. The logo is well-engraved onto the surface of the cover. The cover is designed to be attached to a 2” hitch post.

Flaming Bar & Shield Mason Jar
This flaming bar and shield mason jar is designed to be used with cold drinks. The jar has a double-walled construction with a handle. The jar is designed to keep your cool drinks cold for a longer period. The mason jar features a screw-on lid and a reusable straw too. What’s even better? The jar is easy to maintain and is dishwasher safe.

Bar & Shield Latte Mug
There’s a high chance that you have never come across a mug like this. The bar & shield latter mug is designed to keep drinks hot or cold for extended periods. The mug has a spill-proof plastic that prevents the drink from spilling. It’s a perfect gift for motorcycle lovers or those who enjoy Harley Davidson-inspired products.

Men's Retro Pre-Luxe Headwrap
The men’s retro pre-luxe head wrap is made from 100% polyester that is comfortable and soft to touch. This headwrap features Retro Pre-Luxe design prints on its dead panels. You’ll also find the bar & shield logo on the headwrap. This headwrap is a great companion whether you are on or off your bike. Perfect gift for motorcycle lovers too.

Motorcycle Bottle Opener
The motorcycle bottle opener features a retro-style design that keeps things nostalgic. The bottle opener is made from zinc alloy which is durable and rust-resistant too. The opener is compact and easy to carry around. Its small size would easily fit into your pocket. This multipurpose bottle opener is a great gift for your dad, spouse, or brother.

Polarized Sunglasses
The motorcycle polarized sunglasses are designed to make you look like a real biker. The lens of the glass is polarized to block harmful UV rays from penetrating your eyes. It also prevents light reflection and glares. Great for stopping heavy winds into your riders face.