43 Spooky Halloween Gifts For Kids That They’ll Love

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Ready to excite the little ones in your life this Halloween? Whether you want to give a spooky toy, a monster plush, something sweet, or some of everything, we’ve got your little goblins covered. Get them 43 truly terrifying gifts that they’ll love this Halloween season.

Scooby Doo Mystery Mansion
Scooby-Doo and his friends are back just in time for Halloween. This Playmobil playset brings mystery and fun to your child this Halloween. The playset includes Scooby-Doo, Daphne, Fred, the haunted mansion, and ghosts and vampires to amp up the scares. It will make the perfect Halloween gift for kids ages five years and up.

Halloween Squishy Balls
Who knew the scariest time of the year could also be one of the cutest? These Halloween squishy toys are as adorable as they are fun. The dolls come in a set of 4, and include a pumpkin, vampire, ghost, and a zombie. They'll make a perfect Halloween children's gift this fall. The squishy toys can also be used as stress balls.

Treat Filled Pumpkin Bucket
What's Halloween without some treats? This bucket comes filled with a mix of 45 sweet and salty treats. You could send the bucket as a gift, or place it on the table during your child's Halloween party. There's something for everyone in this bucket! Once the snacks are gone, keep the bucket and use it as you please.

LED Light Gloves
These LED light gloves will make a great addition to any costume this year. Give the kid in your life the chance to light up the night with these gloves this Halloween. The gloves are equipped with 6 different flashing modes, light and breathable cotton fabric, and 4 extra batteries so the fun can last all night long.

Roaring Chewbacca Mask
Chewbacca, the big, hairy, and lovable friend of Star Wars star Han Solo, is known for his unmistakable roar. This gift will give children the chance to see what it feels and sounds like to roar like their favorite Wookie from the Star Wars movies. When they aren't using it, feel free to have some fun with it yourself.

Glow Necklaces and Bracelets
A staple at any party, these glow sticks make the perfect Halloween gift for kids of any age. This pack includes 100 glow in the dark sticks, and 100 plastic connectors to make bracelets and necklaces. The glow sticks are non-toxic and non leaking so you can your child can have loads of safe fun.

Inflatable Witch Hat Ring Toss
A little competition is always good. And it's even better when it's fun! This inflatable ring toss game makes for a perfect children's gift for Halloween. The game can be played indoors or outdoors, and comes with 4 different inflatable targets, and 8 throwing rings. Add this to your child's Halloween party for some friendly competition and good laughs.

Trick or Treat Song Book
This interactive Halloween songbook is a great gift for kids ages 2-5. It includes five songs, their lyrics, and fun Halloween artwork. The book is small and portable so that Halloween fun can be had at home or during car rides. Spooky buttons on the side of the book play the songs when they're pressed. Your child will have fun wherever they take this book.

This is the perfect Halloween gift for kids that love board games. Modeled after Monopoly, kids have the option to play as a cat, bat, pumpkin, candy apple, ghost, or a witch's hat as they travel around the board learning about Halloween history. They can even buy haunted property and full moons as they earn more money.

Hocus Pocus Game
Halloween isn't Halloween without mentioning Hocus Pocus. And now there is a board game so the Hocus Pocus obsessed child in your life can keep the Halloween feeling going year-round. The game comes with a step-by-step rulebook and is perfect for children ages 8 and up. The Sanderson sisters need to finish their evil potion by midnight, can your child help stop them?

Superhero Cape
Do you have a young superhero fan in your family? Well, this durable and 100% polyester satin cape will give them the chance to live out their dream of being a superhero this Halloween. The cape is fitted with a velcro collar at the neck. Help your child slip the cape on, and watch them go and save the world.

Halloween Temporary Tattoos
These fun and festive temporary tattoos make the perfect Halloween gifts for kids at parties, while trick r' treating, or even just at home. The 144-piece pack comes with tattoos of black cats, spiders, jack-o-lanterns, and so much more. The tattoo just require a little bit of water, and your child will be able to put them on.

Halloween T-Shirt
This shirt is proof that the most famous mouse in the world is a fan of Halloween just like everyone else. This would be a great gift for that child in your life that loves Disney and Halloween. Let them show off their Halloween spirit at school or at home, with Mickey Mouse dressed as a mummy on their shirt

Plush Halloween Dog
Paired with a hat and a jack-o-lantern, this cute and soft puppy from Plushland is ready for Halloween. This would make a great Halloween gift for kids who may not be into the scarier side of the holiday. This allows them to still celebrate and get into the Halloween mood and have fun just like everyone else.

Vampire and Bat Building Kit
This LEGO Creator Vampire and Bat Building kit is a great fit for children who are fans of LEGO and Halloween. This 150-piece toy is four inches tall and includes fangs, claws, a black cape, and a small black bat to make the vampire spooky and Halloween ready. Though intended for children, parents are free to have some fun with the toy as well.

Bat and Pumpkin Building Kit
Halloween wouldn't be Halloween without a few scary things flying around. And what's scarier than a bat? This LEGO set is a good Halloween gift for kids who love both using their hands and everything to do with Halloween. The toy is small and can sit on their nightstand for them to marvel at once they've built it.

Pumpkin Poop Emoji Toy
This poop emoji toy will quickly become your child's favorite. Get ready for plenty of laughs as this toy comes with seven different fart sounds. All your child has to do is give the toy a squeeze. They can plan on having years of fun with this toy as it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Jack Skellington Plush Doll
This plush doll of Jack Skellington from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas is a cute and miniature version of the Pumpkin King himself. It could be the perfect gift to introduce your child to one of the most well-known Halloween movies, or it could be a gift for one already in love with the film.

Funny Droopy Eye Glasses
Do you have a little prankster in your life this Halloween? These fun and freaky eye-popping glasses are a great addition to an already planned costume this year. They glasses come in a set of two, so don't be afraid to put a pair on and join in the fun with your child while trick r' treating this year.

Easy Playhouse Haunted Castle
This easy playhouse is actually a few toys in one! Your child can play inside of it, as well as color and decorate the outside! The playhouse is over three feet tall and comes with a door and windows to give a more realistic feel. It can even be a fun hangout spot for them and their friends.

Halloween Collectors Box
What's in the box? Lots and lots of things. This Funko Pixar Halloween box is a great gift for any kid who is a collector of Funko dolls. It comes with a Pop! Scully from Pixar's Monster Inc., and a Pop! Mummy Woody from Pixar's Toy Story. Good things really do come in small packages with this gift.

Halloween Craft Kit
Do you have a creative or artistic little ghoul or goblin in your life? This Max Fun 278-piece craft kit may be the gift for them. This kit includes foam stickers, glitter, and plenty of string and markers so that your child has everything they need to create their Halloween masterpiece. It's a perfect gift that can help battle boredom on a rainy fall day.

LEGO Graveyard Mystery
This is the perfect gift for kids with an interest in technology. This set includes more than 300 pieces, and connects to an app by tablet or phone that allows you and your child to view it through augmented reality. You and your child will be in for hours of fun with this toy from LEGO.

Halloween Light Up Round Balloons
Looking for a way to light up your Halloween party this year? These balloons are a fun and creative way to do just that. Equipped with a LED light inside of them, these balloons will give you enough light to party the night away. The LED lights maintain their brightness for 12-24 hours. Just fill with air or helium and enjoy

Doctor Cart Kit
It's never too early to begin thinking about the future. Let the future doctor in your family get a jumpstart on their career with this toy set. It includes an X-ray and pulse machine, thermometer, stethoscope, a doctor's coat, and plenty more to help them on their way to becoming a doctor. They'll thank you for the early practice someday.

Halloween Stamps
This Halloween stamp set would be an exciting gift for any kid that loves arts and crafts. The kit comes with 24 stamps in total, with 6 different designs. Kids can choose from a pumpkin, bat, mummy, ghost, spider, and a vampire. This would be great for a child's party or just having fun at home.

Halloween Rubber Ducks
This is a fun and spooky twist on a classic toy. These rubber ducks will make a great Halloween gift for kids. With 18 different ducks to choose from, your child will never be bored come bath time. They may even look forward it! There are vampire ducks, ghosts, witches, mummies, and so many other notable costumes.

Play-Doh Set
With this 36-pack of Play-Doh, your child can build their own Halloween landscape, or mold their own ghost or vampire. With 36 colors to choose from, their imagination and creativity can run wild. It's a fun gift for kids 2 and up. With 6 pounds of Play-Doh in this gift, there's plenty to go around.

Fun Family Night Card Game
Looking for a bit of fun for the whole family this Halloween? This award-winning game may be what you're after. Kids Create Absurdity: Laughing Until You Cry! is an age-appropriate game similar to Cards for Humanity or Apples to Apples. The game comes packed with nearly 500 cards, and is perfect for kids 6-12 years old.

Easy Setup Haunted Playhouse
This easy to assemble castle will give your child the chance to imagine what it would be like to live in a haunted mansion this Halloween. Decorated with ghosts, witches, mummies, and other Halloween favorites, it's the perfect place to hang out this spooky season. When your child is done playing on the inside, they can decorate and color the outside.

Nightmare Before Christmas Socks
Spruce up your child's Halloween outfit, or gift these to them to wear whenever they are feeling in the spooky spirit. This multi-pack of no-show socks feature Jack and Sally from Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. They are a fun and comfortable way to show some Halloween spirit. Buy a set for yourself and match with your kid this Halloween.

Paw Pals Halloween Plushies
This adorable quartet will make the perfect Halloween gift for kids a little too young for the scarier toys this Halloween. Each dog comes with its own Halloween hat and jack-o-lantern. These soft and cute puppies are perfect for cuddling at home or in the car. Your child will become friends with these cute Plushland puppies in not time.

Halloween Coloring Books
Coloring books are always fun. These mini Halloween coloring books will bring hours of fun for the young artists in your life. They come in a pack of 36, so if you have more than what you need, you can hand them out at parties, or slip them into trick r' treat bags on Halloween night.

Glow In The Dark Rock Painting Kit
These glow in the dark rocks are a fun gift that your child will love. There are 10 rocks included in the box, as well as an assortment of different paints. Once they've been colored and designed, sit them out and wait for the night. The rocks will light up and so will your child. A perfect gift for kids 6 and up.

Bluetooth Tesla Coil
This bluetooth loudspeaker is a replica of Nikola Tesla's famous coil. Just like the original, this replica generates its own electric arc. You and your child can play and listen to spooky tunes while you watch the arc light up. This would be a great gift for the future scientist or creator in your family.

Levitating 3D Skull
This floating skull decoration is perfect for a child looking for something to add to their room. It's cool, a little creepy, and could be fun to show to their friends. The skull levitates by magnets, and is a fun and spooky Halloween gift. The skull also uses colorful LED lights on its base which your child could use as a nightlight.

Pumpkin Night Light
With all those ghosts and goblins roaming about this time of year, it comes as no surprise that your little one may be afraid of the dark. This pumpkin Halloween night light is just the thing they'll need to help them out. The light comes with a simple on and off switch, and can fit any 120 volt outlet.

Skull Himalayan Salt Lamp
Skulls are as important to Halloween as snow is to Christmas. So, why not buy this Himalayan salt lamp for your kid this Halloween? The LED light lamp is a perfect mix of spooky and interesting. The light can be used for night lights, meditation, and so much more. When it's not in use, it's make a great decorative piece for any room.

Pumpkin Headband
Top off your child's costume this year with a Halloween Pumpkin Headband. This cute accessory can be worn for trick r' treating, going to Halloween parties, or just when they want to show off their Halloween spirit. The headband will fit most children, and even some adults. It is made from soft and durable non-woven fabric that won't harm or bother your child.

Ghost Boo Stuffed Plush
Have a Super Mario fan in your family? Then they'll be sure to recognize this nemesis of one of the most popular video game characters ever. This cute and soft plush toy will make a great Halloween gift for kids that love video games, or just like to collect stuffed toys. This soft little ghost is perfect for cuddling with.

Wearable Real Walkie Talkies
Give the gift of communication this Halloween. This 5-pack of long range walkie-talkies would be the perfect gift for kids to keep in contact with one another on Halloween night. The walkie- talkies could even be used as part of a costume! It has a flashlight, and comes with a lanyard to keep track of it.

Charlie Brown Halloween Movie
It isn't Halloween without 'It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'. This remastered deluxe edition DVD is the perfect Halloween children's gift this year. If your child hasn't already seen the film, buy it and introduce them to it to really get them in the season with this classic. The movie perfectly captures the spirit and fun of Halloween.