35 Golfer Gag Gifts That Will Have Them Laughing & Swearing

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Hilarious laughter-inducing gag golf gifts for your golf buddies, spouse, co-workers or friends. Perfect prank gifts if you’re just hitting the links this weekend or hosting a White Elephant or Dirty Santa exchange. Everyone will enjoy these golf gimmicks (and some rude gifts!). 35 hole-in-one gift ideas that will crack them up. Much better than yelling ‘FORE’ during their backswing!

Shanker Golf Exploding Balls
Make his bachelor's party go out with a bang. After drinks are well underway, give him the gift that he will never forget. While playing golf, have him try out his new Shanker Golf Balls for an explosive surprise. When he goes in for the ball, there will be explosive smoke and a lot of laughter.
Golf Ball Storage Bag
Prank gifts just got even better with this hilarious gag gift. Give your best friend a MySack Golf Ball bag storage sack as a hilarious gift. This sac will connect to any golf bag and is a quality suede. Bring a lot of joy and laughter to the golf course with this fun gift.
Bathroom Golf Game Potty
Golfers everywhere will enjoy this hilarious gag gift. Give him a Toilet Golf Potty Putter, and he will enjoy his favorite game is his favorite place. This joke gift turns the sanctuary into a man's dream. It also comes with a funny do not disturb sign to hang on the bathroom door.
6pcs Blonde Bombshells Novelty Golf Tees
Some gag gifts are meant to be funny and sexy. Your golfing buddy (and perhaps a groom!) will get a kick out of this hilarious gift set of 6 Blonde Bombshell Golf Tees. Everyone will enjoy the hilarity throughout the whole day while playing golf. Hit the links with these tees!
Portable Golf Urinal
Every golf lover will enjoy this gag gift. Surprise him on his birthday with a Portable Urinal. Save time while on the golf course with this funny but useful gift. No one will know what you are doing with the clever disguise of a golf club.
BattleChip Backyard Golf
Bring the golf & hilarity to home. Now family gatherings and backyard barbeques will be even more entertaining with this exciting game set. Grab this BattleChip Backyard Golf Cornhole Game for hours and hours of excitement. Your husband and all of his golf buddies will get a kick out of this game. They will feel as if they are on the course.
Crappy Golf Balls for a Crappy Golfer
Show your coworker how funny his inexperience at golf is with this hilarious gag gift. He will laugh his butt off when he opens up this goofy gift of Crappy Golf Balls. Now he won't feel guilty every time he knocks a pristine ball off into la-la land.
Hide Your Beverage Sleeve
Now no one will know just how drunk you and your friends will get while out on the course. Just slip these, Silicone Sleeve Beer Hide covers. Now you can drink with ease because no one will know, it will look like a Coke can.
Don't Let Friends 3 Putt Golf Ball Marker
Mark his ball with this hilarious ball marker. Adorned with rhinestones and pink text, your golf buddy will get a kick out of placing this. And it is true... you should never let a friend 3 putt. Go ahead and kick his ball off the green!
Nice Shot The Bird Men's Glove
Now he can play in style and have fun every time he is on the golf course. With luxurious Cabretta leather, these white golf gloves display Nice Shot on the bird finger. They will be a hoot this year. Show your spouse how hilarious you are with this great gift.
Golf Quiet Sign
Perfect for those important tee shots with your golf buddies on Saturday. Or does your significant other spend more time playing golf than with you? When he is home, does he practice in the den? Give him an epic gag gift this year, with a Quiet Please golf sign. He will get a kick out of the funny sign, and display it proudly when he plays.
Circle Game Meme Golf Hat Clip
Boys will be boys, and it doesn't matter what age, this hat clip will keep the game going. No matter when in your life, they are always playing the circle game. Now they can play it throughout the golf course every weekend. This magnet Golf hat clip is the perfect gift for that special man in your life.
Heads Down Golf Tees
Bring the dirty novelties to the bachelor party this time. The best man can be a tough job, but with these Loftus Heads Down golf tees, everyone will get a laugh or two. Bring the groom to the course and get down and dirty with some golf tees.
Dad Toilet Timer
Do you want to find a way to tell your special man that he spends too much time in the bathroom? With this hilarious gag gift, Toilet Timer, he will now know. Bring him joy this season while ensuring he stops spending hours in the toilet zone.
Poopy Golf Head Cover
Let all the golf pros just how good your friend is with this perfect golf head cover. Give him the best gag gift of the year. The Poopy Golf Headcover will cover any of your clubs. Now your dad or grandpa will always turn heads when they are out on the course.
Rude Trick Balls with Funny Sayings
Rude Trick golf balls will have everyone on the course laughing for hours. Each ball has a different inappropriate saying on the ball. Let out your frustrations as you hit the ball. Keep the box to share the hilarious stories on the back every time someone asks you the meaning.
Battleputt Golf Putting
Cover the cup everytime your spouse goes to putt! Or just enjoy game nights with friends (everyone will be looking forward to playing this game!). Now you can set up this fun mini-golf set up anytime you have company. Surprise him with this gift, and your house will never be dull.
Golf Get in The Hole Towel
Get the boys talking with this hilarious golf gimmick. With the Get in The Hole waffle towel, can cooler, and a poker chip. This will always be a funny conversation starter at any golf get together. You will always stand out in the crowd with this amazing gift set.
Golf Ball Marker Poker Chips
After a long hot day in the sun on the golf course, invite the guys back for poker and drinks. They will get a kick out of the setup and love the perfect poker chips. Each of these Golf Ball marker poker chips has a different hilarious saying. Everyone will get a good laugh tonight.
Golf Ball Bandages
Give your man a gift that will keep you laughing for days and days. Every time he gets a cut or scrape, he will have the bandage of all bandages. Give him Golf Ball Bandages in a collector tin. They are shaped to look like there are real golf balls on your skin. He will be a lot more careful from now on.
World's Okayest Golfer Funny T-Shirt
He will laugh for hours when he opens up this golf gimmick t-shirt. World's Okayest Golfer is displayed on this shirt and comes in several colors. This hilarious t-shirt is a gift any golfer would love. With 100% cotton, this shirt will breathe easily while on the golf course.
50pcs Tactical Golf Tee
His birthday is around the corner, and this is the perfect choice for golf lovers everywhere. Give him Tactical Golf Tees and he will tee off in style. Each one of the tees is shaped like a bullet for precision at its finest. Golfers everywhere will be jealous of this high caliber set.
Golf Dad Waist Bag Fanny Pack
Fanny packs are back in and are a great compliment to the golf course. Give your dad a gift that will keep him laughing as he is on the golf course, with a Man's Beer Belly fanny pack. This gimmick will have all of his golf buddies in tears. Heck, he may actually win this weekend.
I Like Big Putts Towel for Golf Bags
The 'I Like Big Putts, and I Can Not Lie' golf towel is a hilarious gag gift for any golf guy. The golf towel comes equipped with a clip, so you can easily attach it to any golf bag. This is a great gift and conversation starter.
Mini Golf Club Pen Set
Give your golfer a gift that he will truly get a kick out of this season. Golfers everywhere will take pleasure in a mini-golf pen set. This desk game and pen set will keep him entertained for hours while at work or if he is at home. This funny gift comes with three putter pens and a ball.
Taco Bandages for the Course
Taco Bandages are a fun way to cover all those injuries while on the golf course. If your dad skins his knee, now he can cover it up with a Taco. These adorable bandages come in a durable tin so they can be transported in your golf bag easily.
2-Ply Professional Practice Emoji Golf Balls
There is no better gag gift than these Emoji Golf Balls. Slip them in his bag before he heads to the golf course. He will be surprised when he goes to pull out his balls. This adorable set of 12 practice balls are bright yellow with different emojis. His friends will roast him for hours about his emoji balls.
Eject-a-Putt Golf Prank
Have your husband and his friends filled their adult lives with pranks and jokes? Give your husband a gift he will be remembered by with the Eject a Putt device that knocks the ball out of the hole. Everyone will be laughing for hours after he pulls off this epic prank.
3D Broken Glass Car Window Sticker
This is one of the best prank gifts ever! Snag yourself a 3D glass break window sticker with a golf ball sticking in it. He will freak out when he comes outside to see this on his car window. Do not forget the camera for his hilarious reaction.
Funny Golf Shirts For Men
Snag this hilarious novelty golf shirt for men and women. With its 'I snagged a hole in one' saying, everyone will be laughing upon closer inspection. This shirt comes in different color choices and is available in all sizes. Golfers everywhere will enjoy this shirt.
Stinky Hand Sanitizer Prank
With hand sanitizer used so frequently, it will be easier to pull this awesome prank. When someone asks to use yours because they forgot or ran out, simply pull out your 2oz bottle of Stinky hand sanitizer. No one will ask to use your stuff ever again, and you will get plenty of enjoyment with every use.
Farting Golf Ball Novelty Gag Gift
The Farting Golf Ball will bring joy and laughter to any day on the golf course. Put the ball in place, and every time it is hit, loud farting noises will come from the golf ball. Clear the golf course every time you use the gag gift.
3pcs Emergency Underpants in a Can
Give your best friend the best gag gift ever with Underwear in a Can. This three-pack of emergency commando underwear is the best gift for the guy scared of getting older. This gift will keep everyone laughing for years to come. This is great for an over the hill party or a funny office party prank.
Exploding Trick Golf Balls
Give that golf-loving couple the best gender reveal party ever with this amazing reveal. They will each hit a golf ball that will explode. and reveal pink or blue powder. You can customize these balls to your preference. Or just give a few to your golfing buddy and wait for the hilarity.