31 Godmother Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Meaningful

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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all of those women that are just like a mom to you. Let your godmother know just how special she is with the perfect gift from her godchild. Celebrate her special day and a lifetime of memories. Enjoy our 31 best godmother gifts every “second mom” will love.

Mothers Day Picture Frame
This is a gift that is the perfect size and will never go out of style! A beautiful frame in a neutral color palette with a unique heart made of string art. Personalize the gift by including a picture of you and her that she can cherish forever.
Godmother Necklace
With this godmother necklace your hearts can be connected together forever. Embossed with beautiful cubic zirconia that really sparkle on the pendant charm made of sterling silver. Your godmother will love this sentimental gift from her godchild that she can show off with every outfit.
Godmother Morse Code Bracelet
Sometimes saying it in code is better than just saying it! This is the perfect unique gift for your godmother. With an adjustable wrist band made of eco-friendly material, this provides a casual and classy look. Something that can be worn everyday and have a secret message for you and her to share.
Godmother Ceramic Mug Set
Surprise the godparents to be with a gift they can share. Whether presenting it when asking them to join the family or a gift for the christening or dedication, this is the perfect gift for a godparenting couple. Mugs with a unique pattern in blue and pink, will make them think of their godchild with every morning's coffee.
Favorite Godmother Mug
Give her a reason to think of you with a big smile every morning. The perfect mug that states the obvious for her to enjoy her coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in. A great mug for the office to flaunt one of her most prized roles.
Godmother Bamboo Cutting Board
The perfect gift for a godmother's Mother's Day! A fun decoration for her kitchen with the recipe that makes her one-of-a-kind. This bamboo wood is pre-oiled for lasting durability. Functional on one side and a beautiful engraving to display on the other. It's like two gifts in one that she is sure to love!
Godmother Forever Bracelet
This is a piece of jewelry that she will treasure forever. With a sentimental saying that will stay with her forever and almost shines brighter than the jewels. This is delivered in a beautiful box, so it can be shipped directly to your godmother already wrapped and ready for her to open.
Godmother Gift Box
With a flick of your wand, your fairy godmother will have all she needs in one beautiful purple box! Treat her to a fun night in honoring her important role. Snuggly socks, a wine glass, a straw, and a candle all decorated with a fairy godmother's magical pixie dust!
Honey Dew Love Sign
Let your godmother display the love between you and her in a special way. Bringing the rustic charm to her home, office, or wherever she wants to display it. This sweet saying is featured on a wooden plank with a black painted background and rope to hang it by.
Godmother Makeup Bag
If your Godmother is just as special as finding a unicorn, then this is for her! Give her a giggle and a walk on the wildside with this fun makeup bag. The perfect size to hold all of her makeup needs and let her smile and think of you while applying it.
Godmother Necklace from Godchild
A whole gift ready to be delivered! Wrapped in a beautiful box is this lovely sterling silver necklace with a perfect pearl in the middle. Made complete with these sweet words that will leave a lasting impression on her and surely complete her Mother's Day.
Inspirational Throw Blanket
Help her cuddle up not only with a warm soft blanket, but with words of comfort. This blanket is covered in all of the words that make a godmother special. Perfect for the woman who has everything but still needs a pick me up every now and then.
Godmother Wine Tumbler
For a godmother on the go! She will need her wine glass with a lid in tow! Let her fill up her chalish high with that sweet, sweet wine. And of course in her favorite glittery color with a sweet picture of a dreamy fairy godmother! She deserves to sip in style!
Godmother Angel Figurine
Your godmother may be one of your biggest blessings. This precious angel is not only beautiful but is complete with a sweet blessing written on the bottom of it. With shiny gemstones dripping down the neutral colored dress of this figurine, it will give a subtle sparkle to the eye and heart.
Scented Candles Gift Set
This gift set provides a candle aromatherapy scent for whatever mood she may be in. Four beautifully wrapped candles that will look just as pretty as they smell. This comes already in a gift box that can be delivered straight to her for Mother's Day.
Eternal Rose Gift Box
A gift that will keep on giving. This gorgeous necklace will dazzle around the neck of your godmother with its beautiful gemstone wrapped in angel wings. All symbolizing protection and a guardian for her heart. This comes displayed in a boutique styled box with rose petals, a preserved rose and gift card.
Bonsai Tree Growing Kit
For the godmother with a green thumb! This bonsai growing kit is easy to use and can be enjoyed all year round. Perfect to be grown inside or outside. Giving her the gift of calming nature that will allow her to watch this seed grow into a beautiful bonsai tree.
Promoted to Godmother Mug
Let her know she has been promoted this Mother's Day! A mug that you can surprise her with when asking her to take on the most honored role. She then can enjoy her morning coffee or afternoon tea in style and thinking of her godchild.
Godmother Picture Frame
This is a gorgeous gift she can display for all to see! Personalize this silver frame with a fun picture of you and her in it to make it extra special. Godmothers are definitely a blessing and remind her of that everyday but especially this Mother's Day!
Mother's Day Pop Up Card
A bouquet of flowers that don't need any watering or extra care! This unique greeting card has a bouquet of flowers bursting out of the center with butterflies dancing around it as a precious surprise! Write your godmother a sweet message along side it so she can enjoy these for as long as she would like.
Personalized 3D Holographic Photo
This fun and futuristic gift is such a unique find! Have a holographic photo of you both etched into a heart shaped crystal, personalized with sweet words directly from you! This lights up with an LED light to spotlight the love between godmother and godchild.
Crystal Sloth Necklace
A sweet reminder to slow down and enjoy life, just like this comfy and cute little sloth. This necklace is both adorable and meaningful. The rainbow crystal perfectly cradles that precious slow and steady moving sloth. You can even get two so you both match!
Hello Beautiful Gift Box
This is a gift basket with all that your godmother needs to make her feel special this Mother's Day. She can place her jewelry in the convenient ring holder, slip into a relaxing bath with those soothing bath bombs, then get comfy on the couch with her new socks and journal! When she is ready to head out-that stylish scarf is the perfect accessory.
Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is both functional and fashionable! The gorgeous band is home to the etched tree charm that serves as an aromatherapy diffuser. She can place 2-3 drops of her favorite scent on the felt pad to have it last all day. The pads are washable and reusable, too! This will help relieve tension and stress while being the perfect accessory.
Personalized Godmother Blanket
Can't pick just one picture for your godmother? No worries! Create a personalized collage and then put them on this comfy flannel blanket! Functional and fun! She will have all of your memories comforting her as she bundles up on the couch with this sweet gift.
Mother's Day Roses
If you have a Disney loving godmother then we have the gift for you! This Beauty and the Beast inspired rose kit makes you feel like you are at the castle with Belle and the Beast! It will light up the night with comfort with its embedded LED lights. A fun keepsake and symbol of everlasting love from her godchild.
Best Godmother Ever Pillow Case
This is for the snuggle on the couch godmother. A pillow case that she can use to make sure she never forgets she holds a very important title. An easily removable case that can be washed, so it can easily be used anywhere throughout her house at anytime!
Interlocking Circle Necklace
A perfect symbolic piece she can wear with her everywhere. Made of sterling silver with a dainty but strong chain. A perfect way to ask someone to be your godmother or to create a stronger bond between the two of you! This would be a great gift to have as matching pieces, too!
Best Godmother Ever Cup
This is a great gift for your coffee or tea loving godmother. Fill it with chocolates or sweets and make it into a bigger gift! With a sweet script and beautiful florals that style the mug on the outside, this will give her a great refreshing way to start her day.
Handmade Cross Gift Set
A beautiful gift with an even more beautiful sentiment. This glass cross has a unique look set in a green tone with a white satin ribbon to hang it by. Perfect for a car, bedroom, ornament, or anywhere she wants to be reminded of this blessing.
Godmother Bangle Keychain
Wherever she will go, she will go with you in mind! This personalized keychain made just for a godmother is a beautiful piece of jewelry for her keys. Embellished with a four leaf clover in stainless steel, it is a perfect gift when wanting to let her know how much she means to you for Mother's Day.