97 Crafty Gifts For Woodworkers They Will Not Be Board With

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Many of us have someone in our life who has everything and therefore their hobby is woodworking. What do you get them for Christmas or their birthday? Luckily, this list has the perfect gifts for dad or any other beloved carpenter. From assorted gift baskets to tool kits, help your loved one build a tree house or bird house with this list of gift items.

Leather Tools Fastener Bag
Two pounds of top grain oil-tanned leather. Couple that with a tear resistant double layer reinforced belt tunnel. Add a pouch sized so perfectly well your tape measure might actually stick around a whole shift. And you've got one of the most versatile tools bags available, the OX Tools Fastener Bag.

Waterproof Steel Toe Industrial Boot
There's a reason why just about every crew has at least one person wearing one of these. The Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Steel Toe Industrial Boot has become a staple for the working man for more than a few different reasons. It's breathable leather upper and slip resistant outsole harmonize perfectly with the waterproof membrane and durable, yet comfortable, steel toe.

Digital Caliper Measuring Tool
Get acquainted with true precision and near perfect measurements. This Vernier Caliper Electronic measurement tool features a 150mm stainless steel caliper, pinpoint accuracy thanks to it's 0.01mm resolution, and a large high-contrast display. Thanks to the free replacement battery included with each order, that display lasts quite a while, giving you more time to do what you do best.

16-Piece Wood Carving Tool Set
There's nothing worse than getting ready for work, just to realize you forgot a tool or two. With the VonHaus Carving set, that might just be a thing of the past. Crafted for beginners, this 16pc carving tool set also comes with a black canvas carry case with individual elastic tool holders to help you keep things organized and ready to go.

Woodworking Coffee Mug
It's always appropriate to give a woodworker more coffee. Especially when it comes in a fun mug like this! Available with customizations, this glaze finished mug is ready for the shop. Give this mug to a loved one and let them sip while they sand.

Woodworking Shop Apron
This handcrafted, knee-length Waxed Canvas Work Apron comes with safety glasses, a metal tape holder, and strategically placed pockets. It sacrifices no comfort whatsoever, thanks to adjustable straps that fit all sizes, preventing stresses on the neck and back. A perfect blend of toughness and protection in one.

Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones
Focusing while working is difficult when you can't escape the torture of those heavy-duty tools and machines. But don't worry, the 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector's noise-reducing technology and integrated Bluetooth and microphone make that a thing of the past. Ear protection never felt so good.

Eco Drill Hinge Jig with Bit and Driver
Not many jigs out there will offer you the ability to make precise and accurate hinge or dowel hole drillings, but the Blum M31.1000 Ecodrill Hinge Jig does. Better yet, its electric, cordless design and automatically retracting drill bits help save time without sacrificing quality.

Magnetic Pickup Tool with LED
The RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool is as good as they come. It's got a 360 degree flexible telescoping flashlight and a powerful magnetic head to find even the smallest of parts in any workshop. If you've ever dropped the occasional stray bolt or screw and experienced the subsequent struggle to get it back out, you'll know It's a great gift idea for family and friends.

Belt Sander Dustless
The built-in 7.8 amp motor provides all the power a user needs, making it perfect for heavy-duty sanding jobs. It is incredibly maneuverable and ideal for sanding flush-to-wall surfaces thanks to its innovatively designed low profile and extended base. Combine all that with an all-ball bearing design, replaceable ceramic wear plate, and dust collecting bag, and you've got the perfect workshop gift idea.

Magnetic Screw Wristband
Every craftsman knows the struggle of needing a specific screw, but it's just out of arm's reach. Now you can save him the trouble of running around for parts by gifting him a solution to the problem. This durable, lightweight magnetic tool holder even has pockets for non-metallic items.

I Turn Wood Into Things T-Shirt
If they're more of the fashion inclined type, bring out their creative side by gifting them the 'I turn wood into things' Superpower T-shirt. Few things make a woodworker more proud every time he walks into the supermarket round the corner or the next woodworking trade show coming up like wearing what he does. Literally!

Satin Chrome Stainless Steel Ruler
He really doesn't need to buy out the entire ruler set collection to make those perfect precision measurements. And just in case he doesn't believe that get him the 6 inch Shinwa 4R Stainless steel ruler. This Zero Glare Chrome ruler design has precision graduations all the way down to a 16th of an inch so he won't be needing any other ruler soon.

Compact Router Kit
If you've decided a router is a gift to go for, then the Makita Compact Router Kit is a worthy one that covers all the bases. Ergonomically and cosmetically appealing on the user end, it also sports a rack and pinion system running off of a variable speed brushless motor so the user gets soft starts and straight-line cuts no sweat.

Suede Leather Tool Belt
No, it's not a cowboy short, it's just a cool-looking waist strap tool belt for men. The suede R Dawg 11 - Pocket is true to its name with enough holds for all types of tools, hammers, and steel tapes included. Its adjustable waist strap and strong suede/leather design mean you won't need to worry about the size or work appropriateness of your gift.

Small Blue Carpenter Square
The DFM Carpenter Square is intentionally smaller when it comes to carpenter squares. A square that's actually square. Pinhole points line its sloping side so you can mark preset angles, and you can even stand it up on its base to take blade height measurements.

Bluetooth Noise Canceling Earbuds
Sometimes, a pair of 1MORE Wireless Earbuds can be just the thing to gift that special woodworker who seems to already have just about everything. This Dual Driver, IPX5 Waterproof headphone has two levels of active noise cancellation technology. Its Hybrid ANC technology and 4 active noise-canceling microphones make it the perfect fit for fun and work.

Men's Carpenter Jeans
What's better than carpenter jeans for long days at the workshop? Well, a Wrangler Riggs Workwear that's designed with 2 slash pockets, 2 back pockets, 2 utility pockets on the right, and a hammer loop on the left leg. You can always decide on gifting this one with confidence that it's going to find its place in his workwear wardrobe.

Jokes Carpenter Pencils
There's nothing wrong with a few job site humor for woodworkers too. Woodworkers will surely get a good chuckle or two out of the Hatchet Construction's Funny Carpenter Pencils each time it's used on the job. Because what's not to like about a new joke for every new carpenter pencil in a gift box for your favorite woodworker in the world?

Rotary Tool Kit
Ever looked at a project and thought, 'If only I had the perfect tool for the job, I'd have this completed a lot faster and easier'? Then you'll know at first glance why the GOXAWEE Rotary Tool Kit is a must-have. With its keyless quick-change drill chuck, flex shaft, and its 140 different attachment accessories, it's the perfect gift for DIY enthusiasts.

Construction Calculator
This device takes all the head-scratching out of roofing. No good project happens without some precision calculations on the job. The Advanced Construction Math Calculator has built-in functions for solving multi-dimensional math and unit conversions. A perfect gift to save on time and materials for anyone's routine carpentry, woodworking, and cabinet-making needs.

Laser Distance Measure
Add a bit of the future to your favorite woodworker's gift basket this holiday with the Bosch Blaze Pro Laser Distance Measure. Long gone are the days of popping a chalk line and getting a mess everywhere. With this, you can measure up the entire length of your project with no mess whatsoever.

LED Flashlight Gloves
No matter how brightly lit that workshop is, a woodworker can always use a little more light in those tighter spaces that are harder to illuminate or the occasional late-night job. You can make sure he always has the light at his fingertips whenever he needs it with these flexible LED Flashlight Gloves.

Multi-Pen Construction Tool
Get the big man in your life something practical with the Multitool 6 in 1. Built into this handy little tool, you've got a Phillips and flathead screwdriver, style, ruler, level, and a fully functional ballpoint pen that fits behind the ordinary human ear quite well.

23-Pack Drilling Tool Set
A gift that packs more than a punch is this Rocaris 23-piece drill set. It's got everything from countersink drill bits and wood plug cutters, to flutes and even L-wrenches. He'll be able to count on the wide array of tools in here for all the woodwork drillings in the whole wood world.

Multipurpose Laser Level
This 3-in-1 Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Level works great by combining at least three different tools into one little masterpiece. It's perfect for when he needs those wall decors hung in a perfectly straight line, and the ruler feature makes figuring out those precise measurements much easier and more precise before hitting the final nail on the head.

Camo Carpenter Pant
Looking cool isn't quite a requirement for being a great woodworker, but it sure is for considering what to gift one. These army-patterned Camo Carpenter pants that really aren't cargos have extra pockets that make them functional and aesthetically appealing. It makes our list of great value and true-to-size gifts for Christmas.

Tool Belt with Suspenders
If he'd really rather have his tools around his waist than anywhere else, then buy him this Comfort-Rig tool belt that'll hold almost any tool in the world. It's got pockets for days and even extra ring attachments so he can place those pockets wherever he prefers, thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap design.

Folding Ruler Measuring Stick
He'll love the foldable measuring stick that's got both metric and imperial readings on either side if he's the old-fashioned, hands-on type. The 6.5-foot measuring yardstick definitely oozes that heirloom quality that the woodworker with a collector's mindset will love. And because it locks when fully extended, making those overhead measurements becomes so much easier.

Magnetic Mini Level and Bevel Gauge
Unless he rarely builds anything more complicated than square boxes, he's certainly going to need to measure one or two perfect angles sometime soon. Even the most professional of woodworkers will find the TickTock Tools Digital Angle Finders 360 degree rotation range, accurate LCD display, and it's easy mount for tables and blades features make it perfect for any modern workshop.

Contour Gauge Profile Tool
A contour Gauge profile duplicator is definitely a woodworker's best friend when the present design throws him a curve job. The 10-inch profile gauge perfectly replicates any profile or curve in exact detail and eliminates all the extra work without one. It's perfect for everything from the big construction tiling job to the small DIY project on the weekend.

Fine Point Black Markers 12-Pack
Point markers rarely seem like a special tool, except on those odd times when you really need them to work. The Milwaukee Inkzall Point Marker works well on most surfaces and works all the time. Make sure he never misses marking those points with this one in his gift basket for Christmas.

The Anarchist's Tool Chest Book
You'll find the author quite funny, but he conveys tons of messages that are written in a tone about woodworking that any woodworker will fully understand. It holds all the information from how to build the perfect tool chest and what tools to put in it, to the real reasons why woodworking is more than just an art.

Marking and Measuring Tool
This Kreg Multi-Purpose marking and measuring tool is a woodworker's key to producing the perfect measurements and markings every single time. The scales configurations are three-way so he won't be needing too many conversions using this. You'll find it tough to beat for a cool woodworker's gift when it also doubles as a gauge and a square.

Personalized Engraved Hammer
Every dad has a hammer, and all woodworkers have even more. But he probably doesn't have one engraved with why he's such a special dad and woodworker rolled into one. He won't be using those other ones so much now if he's got one with his family's message to him on it now, would he?

Push Block for Table Saws
Gloves are good protection for his hands in the workshop, but if you still cringe every time you watch him use that electric saw, then he better has this GRR-Ripper Push Block for Christmas. No more dodging kickbacks and he won't always have to handle the wood with his hands anymore.

Jigsaw 5.0 Amp
Depending on the job at hand, woodworkers sometimes need a saw they can move over the workpiece and not the other way around. The Black + Decker Jig Saw is a great fit. It's got 3000 SPM of cutting power and curve control technology that delivers increased precision and maximum control over rounded and bevel cuts.

Angle Clamps
This 90 Degree Wood Clamp is made out of Carbon steel threaded rod. It's perfect for DIY and professional woodworking. It takes the clumsiness out of squaring up those boards and small enough that you won't be needing anything extra big to get the job done.

Universal Socket Tool
Gift your favorite woodworker a Socket tool that can securely grasp 1/4 inch and 3/4 inch bolts and nuts without needing a change. The Universal Socket Toolset is truly universal and self-adjusting so it's one size fits most when it actually matters. It's got a power drill adapter for when the job requires some more power too.

Chrome Chisel Tool Set
All good projects require fine details that are best achieved with one chisel or four. This professional wood chisel toolset is made of beech handles and long-lasting vanadium steel of different sizes so they'll always work for any kind of wood you set them on.

Folding Saw Wood Cutter
This steel blade has a gear lock to make sure there are no surprises at the hinge when in use. Woodworkers will find it perfectly ergonomic and efficient thanks to its triple-cut carbon steel and no-slip handle design. It's so dependable you get a lifetime warranty on each one purchased.

3D Mitre Angle Measuring Tool
We especially love the fact that this 3D Mitre Angle Measuring Tool angle markings are printed on both sides and the markings are engraved deep enough to ensure a no-fade lifetime usage experience. A woodworker can use this for up to 12 different functions so it'll always find its place in an everyday workshop.

Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag
You'll be surprised how much power a 3.4-Amp electric hand saw can pack behind the blade. Surprise his workshop tools and equipment collection with the 4600 strokes per minute Black + Decker Electric Hand Saw. Tool-free blade changes and its very own storage bag are two more nifty features it sports. Just the sort of thing a woodworker would like about his handheld saw.

Cordless Reciprocating Saw
Call it the millennial thing, some woodworkers just don't like those winding cables behind their equipment. If that's your guy, then you can gift him this Cordless Reciprocating saw without compromising on performance. It goes from zero to a full charge in just an hour and comes with its own set of varied length blades.

Corner Plane Chamfer Set
Add some more flair to his corners with this Woodworking Edge and Corner Plane Chamfer tool set. With 7 cutter heads in this chamfering planer, he can explore different designs for all corners and edges on future woodwork jobs. It's even got a horizontal and vertical bubble level for that occasional level check.

Japanese Hand Saw
Time and effort are premia for woodworking and this tool as a gift sits on the better side of that fence. Unlike the usual European saw designs that cut materials on push strokes, this Suizan Dozuki Dovetail design is Japanese and cuts on the pull stroke. This design difference makes it lighter, requiring less exertion, and gives a much cleaner edge on cuts.

Low Angle Sweetheart Jack Plane
They've been around for centuries, but quite a lot's changed design-wise. Now mostly produced in one piece and no longer all wooden, they're still very much useful in a woodworker's itinerary. The Stanley Jack plane also has a patented lateral adjustment locking feature and ductile iron castings that makes it a Stanley that stands out from other Jack Planes.

Cordless Compact Circular Saw
Even if he's the proverbial woodworker who already has everything, the POPOMAN Circular Saw should still be an exciting prospect for dad. A compact, multi-blade, circular saw with a laser that helps him see where he's going means the convenience of not having to always take out the big table saw for those quick little jobs anymore.

6-Sided Ruler with Drill Hole Locators
Woodworkers know too well that it's not always straight lines and minor angles on a busy day at the workshop. The GT 2-Pack set of measuring rulers is a luxury when those times come around. With its combinable pair of rulers, complex contours, ridges, and lengths longer than the average ruler come easy.

Premium Stainless Steel Multi Tool
Ready for anything is how we'd describe this 18-in-1 mini transformer super tool. It can be anything he could want it to be - plier, knife, screwdriver, ruler, even a can or bottle opener for the sweet breaks in between. Get the idea? You'll have all his bases covered with the Leatherman, Wave Plus Multi Tool.

Mini Cordless Chainsaw
When it's all about brute cutting force in a workshop, mini chainsaws aren't easy to dismiss, especially when a woodworker's got a lot of wood to go through. This cordless Mini Chainsaw sports a high-quality guide chain and pure copper motor which delivers enough cutting power and efficiency.

Air Quality Monitor
Just like all workplaces that matter, woodworking spaces need monitoring too. The Airthings 2930 Wave Plus Radon and Air quality Monitor makes sure there's always no compromise on health when a job is on at the workshop. Monitors Radon, CO2, Temperature, and Humidity levels so he'll know whenever it's time to let that smoke and dust clear out first.

Digital External Caliper
The iGaging Digital External Caliper works perfectly for interior dimensional measurements. There's an in-built pull spring feature on this caliper that makes sure it stays a tight fit for accurate measurements by the time he takes a look at the large LCD display's readings in his preferred imperial or metric unit.

Walnut Handheld Wood Burning Tool
Woodworkers are fine artists by nature and will find this woodburning tool useful for achieving intricate designs and lettering on finished wood surfaces. There are 11 different tips to choose from for perfect dexterity while in use. Pro tip: Switching tooltips work much better when they're allowed to cool off first.

Mini Digital Height Gauge
Sometimes, working on a project requires making some detailed cuts that have to be just the right height or depth to get it right. With Wixey Digital Height Gauge, woodworkers can not only have a saw blade height set accurately to a thousandth of an inch, but also measure those bore and slot depths with the attached plunger design.

Circular Saw with Laser Guide
The SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw has a few good things going for it, but our most liked feature is the incorporated dust blower design which gets materials out of the way of your line-of-cut just as quickly as they form. It's more on the heavy-duty side with its 15-amp, 5,300 -RPM motor so you'll know exactly what to expect when you gift this one.

Hemp Cream for Hands
A nagging back pain here or joint ache there can quickly take the fun out of an otherwise enjoyable woodworking hobby. It's even worse if it's on a woodworker's hands that actually does the job. This Instant Pain Relief Cream works its magic in minutes on all skin types. Just like insurance, it's better to have it before you need it.

V4.0 Portaband Table
Looking for the perfect table for dad's Milwaukee band saws? Then give the SWAG Offroad Portaband Table a look. This unique table is laser cut out of thick steel plates, meaning it's more than durable enough to keep up. It's super sturdy and fits well with most Milwaukee band saws.

Bow Saw for Dry Wood
This saw is perfect for woodworkers who like getting things done the old fashioned way, with a little bit of effort and muscle. It's ergonomic handle and high blade tensioning mechanism design mean it'll hold it's own on those demanding applications, whether it's in the workshop or construction site.

Therapeutic Foot Spa Kit
There's nothing quite like a nice foot spa experience after a long day at work, both feet sore and soaked from an exhausting shift. With Oil and an Epsom Salt mixture, this portable soaker can relax and rejuvenate even the toughest feet, making the return to work that next day just a little bit easier.

Planer Type Saw Rasp
With it's 10 1/4 inch removable blade and durable steel design, the Shinto Planer Style Saw is capable of making its way through even the toughest 2x4's with easy. Having both coarse and fine teeth ready and available for use, this saw can tear through even larger surfaces with no issues.

Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw
Freedom might be the best gift yet this Christmas for that special woodworker of yours with this mobile Skilsaw Worm Drive Table. Just so he can move work to wherever works best, indoors or outdoors during the kids' playtime out in the yard. It's even got a dust port elbow to contain debris along with a smart guard system for additional protection.

Gray Mortiser
For the price, this does a pretty good job of producing repeatable quality mortises. It's solidly built and heavy enough that there's no wobble experience when in use. With a design that allows for accurate adjustments and easy bit changes on the go, woodworkers will always come out the other end of this one with clean and precise mortise cuts.

Exotic Hardwood Assortment
If you'd like another lovely shelf piece made out of breathtaking wood in that corner of the reading room, then this Exotic Hardwood Assortment is the kind of wood you'd want on the workbench. This beautiful colored set of wood comes kiln-dried, smooth-sided, and ready to be used right out of the box when gifted.

Universal Joint Socket Adapter
Joint socket adapters have a subtle but functional design feature - the joints. They're perfect for securely latching on to tools and reaching fasteners that are tougher to manage without one. A little extra leeway that doesn't require twisting and turning to achieve on the job is something you can gift with this lovely swiveling set.

Miter Saw 15-Amp
Cut through 2x12's and 4x4's like a hot knife through butter with this Amazon's choice Dewalt 12-Inch Miter Saw. For its size and power, it's a pretty quiet saw that's really perfect for woodworking where depth and length of cuts come at a premium. Comes with single or double bevel saw options at purchase.

Stainless Steel Spacing Tool
He'll be able to use this device for times when it's just about laying out positions for screws and nails to come later, or the quick precise way of measuring the distance between points. This tool reduces the need for geometry calculations to the minimum keeping the woodwork more on the practical side of things.

Leg Massager
Keep him in top shape every weekend when he's not working with this Reathlete Leg Massager with Air compression and knee heat function. Woodworking takes more than a little bit of effort to practice successfully and he'll appreciate the thought behind the gift for every minute longer his legs take him on that side of the workbench.

Knife Making Kit
If he's a newbie that never gets enough of the Forged in Fire TV series... Or has quite the history with DIY stints, feed his passion this Christmas with this Knife Making Kit. It's an awesome knife lover's gift. It includes everything from the stainless-steel blade and brass bolsters inside to the leather sheath on the outside.

Wood Scribe Tool Wheel
Whether you want it parallel to the edge of that square board or the entire circumference of a circular one, this Scribe makes the lines happen. The dual-purpose marking gauge toolset sports a stainless steel roller, universal pen holder, and an anti-roll design that keeps the gauge from rolling around any wooden surface.

The Handy Shop Reference Book
Featuring dozens of charts and lists containing all the key woodworking facts, figures, and formulas for reference, it'll come in handy and save you plenty of time on Google searches. Illustrations of angles and joints, as well as woodworking math laid out in layman's terms, aim to help answer just about any questions on woodworking you may have.

Pain Relief Roll-On
With a unique cooling menthol formula backed by not only science and proven research, this pain relief roll-on has earned the #1 clinically recommended spot for good reason. Trusted by pharmacists, therapists, chiropractors, trainers, and woodworkers alike. With its colorless roll on, it applies easily and penetrates quickly for maximum performance.

Bird Carving Kit
Meet the 'comfort bird.' These adorable wood-carved birds help bring peace to those going through hard times, and with this carving kit, you can carve your own for yourself or for a loved one who might benefit from a little relief. Included with the kit is a razor-sharp whittling as well as polishing and finishing supplies to help your bird look its best.

Heat Sensitive Wood Burning Pen
With its bullet tip and foam brush, this non-toxic and heat-activated wood-burning pen is considered one of the safest and most efficient ways to get any wood-burning project done. A unique design helps make even the most intricate and precise designs possible, unlike traditional wood-burning tools.

Sawdust is Man Glitter T-Shirt
Tell the man in your life just how much you appreciate him with this crystal clear statement made by our boys in Michigan, USA. Breathable soft fabric and a unisex comfort fit are complemented perfectly by the premium ink used in each and every design.

Premium Wood Marking Knife
Made to last, this carving knife brought to you by the Clarke brothers is made of 100% high-quality carbon steel, making it incredibly strong and durable. Not only that, but the incredible edge retention also reduces the time spent sharpening your blade, leaving more time to carve.

Stainless Steel Band Clamp
Just about anyone with some woodworking experience can tell you that a tool collection can never have too many band clamps. These versatile yet durable clamps are used to hold wood or just about anything you can think of securely in place. These particular ones just so happen to made of high strength steel, meaning they last a very, very long time.

Woodworking Apron
Keep him looking as sharp as possible every time he's leaving the workshop with this Brightree Woodworking Apron. The design is of heavy-duty wax canvas for protection, 9 tool pockets, and a magnetic patch for holding all those nails and screws. It also comes with a gift box and user instruction manual, making it a perfect gift idea for your special someone.

Workbench Grippers with Risers
Even if the handyman in your life doesn't like cookies, you can still get him something just as satisfying as any with the Bench Cookie Plus Work Grippers for his workshop. These ones come with risers that are great for secure holds when wood planing or sanding. Bare in mind, these are not edible.

Commercial Grade Nitro Roll Floor Mat
Unrolling these 2.5mm thick vinyl floor mats might require some muscle to pull off, but once that's out of the way, there's nothing else to do but enjoy the newly touched up and much stronger workshop flooring. Flooring used to be a two person job, but not anymore.

Multi-Function Work Table
Crafted with safety and durability in mind, the WORX Pegasus Multi Function Work Table/Sawhorse combo has the strength of a heavyweight packed inside a mere 25 pound table. Holding 300 lb in work table mode, and an impressive 1,000 lb in sawhorse mode, this light yet durable work table can support just about any project you can think of.

Coffee Builder Shirt
Since you already know what comes next after that cup of coffee, put his schedule on his shirt in this funny but comfy woodworking T-Shirt. Made of high quality and breathable fabric with a cutting edge ink for the design, meaning his favorite new funny shirt will last a very long time.

Wireless Hand Massager with Heat
There's always the threat of really dry hands around the corner for hardcore woodworkers, but anyone worth his salt knows greasy hands and wood just don't quite get along. Meet the Comfier Wireless Hand Massager, an efficient yet practical gift to the rescue. Its heat therapy function eases muscle soreness and numbness, letting him work even harder.

Knife Sharpening Stone Set
Sharper blades of tools and chisels are the little beginnings that beget greater ends of beautiful woodwork pieces. These set of 4 Whetstones from Nazano are all the sharpening tools he'll need to keep them on top of their game for another Christmas or two. Plus you'll be able to borrow these ones for the occasional quick trips to the kitchen and back.

Honing Guide
For a little bit of Japanese flair in his arsenal, you can get him this KAKURI Honing Guide made out of carbon steel material that's incredibly durable and made to resist wear and tear. Thanks to its roller guide and smooth handle design, it's a big improvement over working your tools over a whetstone the old fashioned way.

Woodworking Kit for Kids
Leave the right kind of impression on your kids by teaching them a wholesome hobby early on: woodworking. This Lakeshore Build-it-Yourself Woodworking Kit introduces kids to woodworking in much easier and safer ways than a traditional toolbag. Comes with over 80 smooth pine pieces, a lightweight hammer, and nails that'll bring out your child's creative side.

Shiatsu Foot Massager
Though they sometimes may stink or become too rough and cracked, those callous covered insoles we call our feet serve a very major role in our lives, regardless of what trade you work in. Maybe it's time to give them some of the pain relief and rehabilitation they deserve and to say thank you for walking us around all day every day.

Wooden Bow Tie and Handkerchief Set
He can polish even the most basic table or even a handle into something beautiful, but he may have finally met his match with the Mahoosive Wood Bow Tie and Handkerchief combo. A perfect way to say 'I love you' and still get the added benefit of laughing at his expense.

Utility Work Gloves
It doesn't matter if you're built like Andre the Giant, or if you're built like Flava Flav, when you get a splinter on the job, it hurts. Get your favorite woodworker these breathable Ironclad Work Gloves to ensure he's safe in between all the shingles, tools, and logs that he's always handling.

Dust Protection Mask
Fresh sawdust or paint might smell nice off of freshly cut or painted wood, but they really don't help our lungs should they get inhaled, so serious woodworkers definitely need our one of a kind dust protection masks to keep them safe! The reusable design means they can get the job faster without frequent change-outs.

Callus Remover for Feet
Give those malformed bunions you call feet the treatment they deserve with this innovative new tool. Its electric motor powers a nano-abrasion head that blasts through dead skin and tough calluses. A heel scraper isn't a bad addition to his gift basket, but this Pedi Vac from Ped Egg is definitely much better.

Wooden Phone Case
Sometimes technology might scare the ever cautious woodworking man. Shiny metallics and the sporadic vibrations of a cell phone do anything but calm this savage beast. This L & L wooden case reminds the man-cub of a simpler time, or at the very least, a more stylish one.

Custom Molded Earplugs
What does 'Decibullz 166 dB ANSI IPIL certification' mean in plain English?... that it's good enough to protect the ears at a shooting range. Let these do just that with their innovative percussion resistant design. Meticulously crafted with the consumers hearing and safety in mind.

Personalized Woodshop Sign
It isn't just a woodworker's woodshop, it's where beautiful wooden pieces are forged out of metal. Put a badge of respect outside his woodshop with this customizable vintage-Esque-looking metallic sign. Comes in three different sizes and glass or matte finish so you can gift him the perfect aesthetics along with the message.

Vintage Woodworking Tools Prints
Woodworkers know the parts that make up most tools by heart, but it doesn't hurt to have them on their walls too. Add a little bit of history and rustic decor to his workshop with these vintage poster prints. They come in sets of 4 so there's more than one tool to stick around.

Portable Work Light
More light?... no problem. He'll love a 120 Watt, 15,600 lumens, 12.3 inches tall kind of light. This one's going to make sure there are no dark surprises in his workshop, ever. It's dimmable and comes with a 13ft power cable that'll reach anywhere that best fits the project in progress.

Woodworker's Shop Journal
You never know when the next woodworking idea for that next piece might come around. Having a journal handy is great to get down rapid-fire sketches of designs he'll see or think of as quickly as they come. It also comes with quick-reference tables that are nice additions to have right behind your sketch pages.