111 Gnarly Gifts For Surfers To Ride The Waves With in 2022

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Surfing is incredible. To stand up on a wave is like walking on water, literally. These 111 radical surfing gifts are guaranteed to amp up your favorite wave-rider. From board wax to wetsuits to new boards and everything in between, these gifts are absolutely swell. It’s a shore thing.

Balance Board Trainer
Help gather your balance by practicing on a balance board trainer. This trainer is easy to use and compact to take on the go. It is designed to build better balance, skill, coordination, and mobility. This is a great gift for anyone starting out or wants to better their skill!

4-Board Storage Rack
Find the perfect storage for your surfboards by installing this 4 board storage rack. This rack is equipped to hold up to 4 boards, and it screws directly into the wall. The racks offer and adjustable system to tailor to the variety of boards you have, and has easy installation.

Shark Repellent Bracelet
Keep your mind at ease while in the ocean by wearing this magnetic shark repellent band. It has technology based science that it is designed to repel sharks away. This band is waterproof and always on. It also offers a modern sleek look so anyone always wants to wear it.

Wave Generator for Boat
Find the perfect wave by adding this wave generator to the water whenever you want to surf. This is a perfect gift for any surfer girl wanting to enjoy some waves, even when they aren't out there. It's easy to use and install, making it a tool that you always take with you!

Surfer Kit
One of the best surfing gifts out there is this surfer kit. This kit has all the necessities needed while you are out enjoying some nice waves. Included in this kit is board wax, sunscreen, lip balm, and a wax holder! All included in the perfect travel bag for when you are on the go.

Surfer Coffee Mug
Surprise your favorite surfer with this funny white ceramic mug. This is a fun unique gift idea that features a sublimation print, allowing it to be dishwasher and microwave safe. It can hold up to 11 ounces and has a large easy grip handle on the side.

Wetsuit Changing Mat
Save the hassle of dealing with a wetsuit by gifting your favorite surfer a wetsuit changing mat. This waterproof mat allows you to change out of your wetsuit, and then acts as a dry bag to store in while you make your way back home. This mat will protect your car and your wetsuit, and is easy to use.

Surfboard Wall Mount Rack
Store your board off the ground by using a Hawaiian surfboard wall rack. These individual mounts are able to hang directly on the wall for your board to slide right in. It has an anti scratch layer to help keep protected, and fits any size. This is a great gift for the surfer who has everything.

Surfing Wave Bedside Lamp
Bring the ocean home and surprise your surfer girl with a bedside night light. This lamp offers a remote control access with a variety of 16 different interchangeable colors. It is designed with a 3D illusion and fits perfect next to any bedside or on any shelf.

Sand Remover
One of the hardest parts about going to the beach is the battle with sand. This sand remover is a dual brush sport pack that is designed to help get rid of the unwanted sand. Included is a microfiber cloth, 2 brushes that can be used on anything, and a carry tote. These are lightweight and easy to carry with you or pack away.

LEGO Toy Building Kit
Some of the best surfing gifts is this LEGO surfer van. There is 379 pieces set that can be put together and displayed, and two mini surfers included. This can be a great nostalgic gift bringing back the fun of LEGO's and the passion of surfing.

Polarized Square Sunglasses
Being out at the beach catching some waves can really be bright and damaging to your eyes. These O'Neill polarized square sunglasses are designed with UV protected coated lenses with a durable plastic frame. There are a few different colors available, and great to wear in between waves.

Tough Solar Sport Watch
Keep track of your time in between waves with a solar sport watch. This watch is solar powered so you never have to worry about replacing a battery. It is also shock resistant with several different time keeping options, alarms, and a silicone band for comfort.

GoPro Hero Action Camera
Memories fade, but videos last forever. Keep your favorite surfer going viral and catching the gnarliest waves with this GoPro action camera. This action camera will capture all of their favorite surfing moments. They'll picture you every time they use it.

Surfboard Wall Decor
Add to his surfer decor with a Malibu surfboard wall hanging. This wall hanging is 46 x 11 inches and is a perfect addition to any area inside. Whether you hang it vertical or horizontal you won't be disappointed. It has easy to hang pre-mounted on the back and weights 5 pounds.

Vintage Surfboard Poster
A great surprise for anyone that loves to surf or is just learning is this variety pack of vintage surfboard posters. These prints include a set of 6 rustic style blue prints that you can choose to frame or not. They are a great conversation starter for any home, and are printed on high quality paper.

Surf Poncho
While you're in between waves or just relaxing on the beach, stay warm with a surf poncho. This hooded towel surf poncho is great to throw over a wetsuit, use as a changing robe, or a swim parka. This features an extra large hood and is lightweight and easy to use.

YETI Sidekick Dry
Stay at ease while you're out by the ocean knowing all your important items are dry. Perfect for any surfer is this YETI sidekick. This features a dry hide shell and hydro shield closures. All the seams are welded so there is no room for any wetness to break through. Allowing anyone to enjoy their time with ease.

Surfer Dude Toy
Have fun at the beach with this award winning surfer toy, This surfer dude is a classic waved powered mini surfer. No batteries are needed and he will ride the waves close to shore. This offers a fun nostalgic gift to anyone who loves to surf.

Surfer Santa Ornament
Surprise a surfer with a surfer Santa on their Christmas tree this year. This handcrafted ornament was designed in the old school tradition. It is glass blown and has finely carved features. It has a variety of colors with a fun blue glitter surfboard next to him. A fun addition to any tree!

Microfiber Towel
Hit the beach with this lightweight quick dry towel. This beach towel is oversized allowing extra space to use. They are double sided, made with microfiber, and offer a quick dry. They are easy to roll up and compact in size, allowing for a quick grab and go.

Surf World Map
Surprise your surfer guy with this world map surf accessory. This poster highlights all the great places to go and surf throughout the world. It has unique close ups and pictures showcasing the special areas. This is a great addition to any space, and follow anyone's love for the ocean.

Men's Olukai Ohana Sandals
The ultimate sandal for the beach is the men's Ohana shoe. These shoes offer all day comfort, a rubber non slip sole, are water resistant, and have a quick dry feature. There are a variety of colors available to choose from, and they are a great addition to enjoy your beach worry free.

Surfing Garden Gnome
Bring out this gnarly gnome for a gift for your favorite surfer. This garden gnome is a funny sculpture that's great for anyone who wants a good laugh. He can be an indoor or outdoor feature. This gnome is meant to symbolize good luck and protection, and is a great attribution to any home.

Freestanding Surfboard Display Rack
Get your surfboards lined up with this freestanding surfboard display rack. This rack is a great way to store your boards inside your home. It has a compact storage, allowing you to fit multiple boards with a variety of sizes. There also is thick padding surrounding the wood areas ensuring your boards are protected.

Waterproof Dry Bag
Keep all your gear dry with a roll top compression sack. This dry bag is perfect for a surfer at the beach that doesn't want to worry about their necessities getting wet. This offers reliable protection and a certified cell phone case guaranteed to keep your phone dry. With the shoulder strap, it is an easy bag to throw on your shoulder and go!

Wave Stretch Fit Cap
Stay cool and keep the sun out of your face with this wave Quicksilver hat. This is a stretch fit hat making it a one size fits most, the emblem on the front is an embroidered wave, and it is available in several different colors.

Grass Wetsuit Changing Mat
Slip out of your wetsuit without the hassle by utilizing a grass wetsuit changing mat. This portable mat has a soft synthetic grass base, it is heavy duty and water resistant. This is a great tool for the surfer in your life who is always on the go.

Surfer Baby Clothes Set
Surprise the next little surfer or their parents with this cute gone surfing baby set. This includes a onesie and a matching pair of shorts. The onesie has 'gone surfing' on the front. This is a a great gift for those soon to be surfer parents!

Women's Mohala Flip Flop
Gift your surfer girl the comfiest pair of sandals you can find. These Mohala women's flip flops are designed to keep your feet dry, they have reinforced straps, and non slip rubber soles. This is a great pair of shoes that keep your feel happy all day.

Surf Sign T-Shirt
Retro shakra surf tee is a great addition to a anyone's closet. This shirt has a modern vintage vibe for anyone who loves being on the beach and catching some waves. It is lightweight and has a classic fit that tailors anyones size perfectly. It is 100% cotton and machine washer friendly.

Surf Van Art Print
Decorate your house with this fun hippie wall hanging. This print is surfing orientated. It has the a rear end of a retro van pictured and surfboards on the top. This picture is unframed, so you are able to set it up exactly how you like!

Fin Removal and Installation Tool
Gift your surfer their hands back by surprising them with a surfboard fin remover. This tool helps you remove the fin from your surfboard and help you install a new one. This is a great tool to save your hands from the hard work this project can be!

Surfer Van Beach Towel
Have the best beach towel on the shore with this towel! This beach towel is a colorful style that has pictured a surfer van on the front. It is 100% cotton terry and is fast drying. It is easy to care for and sun resistant. Guaranteeing the color is there to stay.

Beach Trucker Hat
Keep your face safe with a women's Roxy trucker hat. This hat is the trucker style with the adjustable clips in back, and a light color pastel picture on the front. This is great for any surfer girl that loves the beach. With palm trees picture, it has everyones favorite things.

Underwater Scooter
Have fun in the ocean and go for a swim with an underwater scooter. This underwater scooter features a dual motor with an easy set up. Let it pull you around while you take a dip, or attach a favorite camera and catch the beautiful view underwater as you swim!

Surfboard Growth Chart
Keep track of the little ones as they grow by hanging this fun surfboard growth chart on the wall. This growth chart reaches just over 6 ft tall making it perfect for all ages. There are 9 different variations to choose from, and all the items are USA made.

Women's UV Protection Swim Shirt
It's not just your face you have to worry about when you are out and about in the sun. Protect your skin with a UPF 50+ protected long sleeve quick dry top. This light weight shirt is great when you are finishing up at the beach and cooling off but wanting to stay protected!

Surfing Gift Box
Gift your surfer the perfect gift box that has a variety of items they will love. This surfing gift box features 4 different popular items. Included you will find a towel poncho, changing mat, wall racks, and an all in one board wax. All items that every surfer needs in their life.

Turkish Beach Towels
Enjoy a luxurious beach towel by gifting this Turkish pre washed towel. This towel is an oversized style, 100% cotton, and a quick dry style so it's never stuck staying wet. There is a large variety of colors to choose from to ensure there is one for everyone!

Straw Sun Hat
One of the best surfer gifts is a fun hat to keep them protected. Enjoy this Quiksilver pierside straw hat, it is stylish and keeps you cool.

Surfboard T-Shirt
Showcase your love for surfing by rocking this vintage surfboard tee. This vintage classic shirt is available in a variety of colors and sizes. It is machine washable and is a great lightweight fitting shirt for everyone. This is a perfect gift for your surfer.

Surfing Dolls
These Barbie surfing dolls are some of the best surfing themed gifts available. Whether you are a collector or have children that love the sport just as much, this is a gift for everyone. This features 2 dolls and have a variety of water toys, and a surfboard that are all included.

Waterproof Backpack
Keep all your items dry with this active FE dry bag. It is an eco friendly waterproof bag that is great for any outdoor activity or sport. This backpack is made up of heavy duty material but is still lightweight when you carry it. It is a great item to ensure all your stuff is safe and dry.

Surf Decor Pillow
Bring the surf life inside your home with some fun new home decor. This embroidered throw pillow case is a great way to bring your personality into the home, and your love for surfing while still staying simple. The pillow is not included so you are able to use one from home.

Mesh Vegan Active Shoe
Provide your surfer guy with some quick and easy sanuk shoes. These shoes are a great option to grab when on the go. They are a slip on style, making it easy to throw on and go. They also include rubber anti slip soles and are designed to last a long time.

Surfer Sunglasses with Strap
Surprise your surfer with a pair of surfing sunglasses. These sunglasses include a strap that connects on the back of your head, just to help ensure you won't lose them. There are a variety of colors available, and all pairs have a UV protective coating. If they do happen to fall in, they will float so you can still find them!

Surfer Sunset Framed Print
Give the gift of a beautiful seascape and surfer canvas for someone special to hang on their wall. This canvas is wrapped carefully with a wooden frame holding it in. It is lightweight and on the larger size so it will fit right in with any wall.

Inspirational Surfing Keychain
Remind your surfer girl why they started by surprising them with an inspirational keychain. This keychain has two different charms attached. It has a surfer girl, and an inspirational quote. This is a great gift to remind someone why they started and to keep them going.

Quick-Dry Aqua Socks
When it comes to the ocean you never know what could be lurking in the sand. Surprise your surfer with a pair of water shoes. They are an easy slip on shoe that is available in a variety of different colors. These quick dry socks won't let you slip around when trying to walk and they also won't stay wet for long.

Chamois Cream
Keep your skin protected from unwanted rubbing with Chamois cream. This anti-chafing cream is a great tool to condition the skin and add extra comfort. This will allow the best performance while catching some waves and take away any distractions and pain you may normally experience.

Surfer Bedding Set
Spunk up your bedroom with a fun new duvet. This duvet cover set features a retro surfing weekend picture that adds the perfect touch to your surfing lifestyle. This duvet is soft, made with microfiber material, providing the utmost comfort. Choose between the needed bed size and you are set!

Surfboard Wax Kit
Keep all the needed accessories together with a surfboard wax kit. This set includes wax, wax remover, a flex comb, and a scraper. The wax included is called Sticky Bumps wax and it will really make your board shine. Then all that's left is getting out and catching the next wave!

Surfboard Leash
Keep track of your board if you take a tumble with a surfboard leash. This leash connects to your ankle and your board. There is a variety of different colors and sizes depending on your board and your height. This cord is durable and tangle free, ensuring to last a long time.

Surfs Up Doormat
Surprise your favorite surfer with a fun new outdoor mat. This doormat is a beach theme, with a surfboard propped up in the sand. It's an all season mat, designed to scratch excess dirt off at the door, but look good while doing it.

Soft Beanie
Enjoy a comfortable beanie with this Koala Surf Co. hat. This beanie is a great goto had to grab when your headed out in the morning to check on the waves. The material is a soft cozy feel, and is a great gift for any surfer.

Surfboard Hook and Ring Game
Have fun and enjoy a yard game with this surfboard hook and ring game. The board used in the game is made with bamboo and the trick is to catch the ring on the hook. This is a great gift for all ages, the game has an easy set up, and you are able to learn how to play quickly!

Waterproof Fitness Watch
Keep track of your fitness and your mornings out on the water with this waterproof fitness tracker. There is no doubt surfing is a workout, so why not track it and see how much exercise you are getting! This is a one size band and is available in a couple different colors.

Surfer Ear Plugs
Surprise your surfer with a great pair of ear plugs. These surfer ear plugs are designed to help protect your ears and keep the water out. You are still able to hear sound needed even with them in. They are fast and easy to use, and great for on the go.

Men's Neoprene Sport Wetsuit
Stay warm while in the water with this high quality wetsuit. This suit features 2 layers for protection, and 3 layers of fabric to keep you all around warm. The material is comfortable and easy to move around in, making surfing so much more enjoyable!

Women's Neoprene Sport Wetsuit
Gift your surfer girl the perfect sport wetsuit. This wetsuit is made with a stretchy nylon fabric, designed to keep you warm as you are enjoying some waves. There are thumb holes and foot straps to keep it in place, and is accented with the perfect amount of color.

Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch
Never have to worry about losing a phone with a waterproof phone pouch! This pouch fits your iPhone max perfectly and securely. This way you are able to enjoy the waves and use your phone. This waterproof pouch is able to last up to 100 feet underwater.

Classic Polarized Sunglasses
Surprise your surfer guy with a brand new pair of sunglasses. These polarized sunglasses offer a water resistant surface, glass lenses, and a polarized protection. The hinges on the glasses feature a spring hinge allowing a snug fit to your face. All sunglasses are made in Italy and are designed to last for many seasons.

Winter Wetsuit Gloves
Keep your hands warm while riding the waves with a pair of winter wetsuit gloves. These gloves provide hand protection keeping you safe from cold temperatures and sea creatures. They are designed to keep your hands warm with a sealing enclosure around the wrist. These are great gifts for a die hard surfer who is out all year round.

Hawaii Wall Decor
Surprise your favorite surfer by bringing in some new home decor. This Hawaii wall hanging is a great poster print for anyone who love to surf. It features a vintage look of the ocean, with a surfer ready to take a tide, this is a great addition to any room in the house.

Short Sleeve Rashguard
Keep your surfer girls skin protected by gifting her a short sleeve rash-guard. This short sleeve top can be worn inside or outside the water, it has a UPF 50 for protection as well. There is a large variety of colors available making something for everyone.

Surfboard Rolling Cart
Avoid the hassle of dragging around your surfboard by using a rolling cart. This surfboard rolling cart connects directly to your surfboard and has a wheel on the end. This style will allow you to carry your surfboard at one end while the other rides on the wheel behind you, left unscuffed!

Canvas Surfboard Bag
Keep your surfboard protected with a canvas surfboard bag. This bag is designed to fit around your surfboard when you're not hanging ten on a wave. This cover will help keep your board safe, your car clean from sand, and is wide enough it can fit most boards. This a great surfer gift for someone who has it all.

Puka Shell Surfer Necklace
One of the top surfer gifts is a puka shell necklace. You wouldn't be a surfer if you didn't love shells! So why not wear them? This necklace is 5mm thick, and features a blend of white and black shells. Choose the length you like, and you are ready to go.

Men's Rashguard
Help keep your surfer guys skin safe by surprising him with a men's rash-guard swim top. This top is great for in the water or out, it has coverage up to SPF 50, and a quick dry material so you aren't wet too long.

Waterproof Neckband Earphones
Now you can enjoy music and the waves while using a pair of neckband earphones. These earbuds are designed to fit around the backside of your neck, they are waterproof, provide great sound and are easy to use. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite music or podcast while in the water too.

Gold Wave Ring
Surprise her with an elegant gold ring. This beautiful ring symbolizes an ocean wave. It is made out of sterling silver and is handcrafted. You are able to choose between gold or silver tone, and the needed size. This is a great gift for anyone who loves the ocean and the beach.

Intensive Skin Treatment Cream
Keep your skin moist and hydrated with an intensive skin care treatment. This treatment specializes in a dead sea moisturizer for the face. It is also anti-aging with retinol cream. When you are a surfer in and out of the water all day your face tends to dry up, this is a great gift for anyone who experiences that.

Beach Wall Clock
Add a beautiful wall clock to your house with this beach themed style. This wall clock is a great gift for anyone who loves the beach. This clock is oversized, the colors coordinate with the colors of the ocean, and it also has a farmhouse style to it too.

Surfer Keychain Multi Tool
Buy your surfer a tool that always will come in handy with this keychain multi tool. This tool has a multi use features including a screwdriver for a fin, scraper, and a bottle opener. It has an easy connect to your keys, and is made with a high quality stainless steel.

Beach Cup Holders
Never worry about spilling a drink with these fun beach cup holders. These holders fit right into the sand and are designed to hold your favorite drink. You can also throw keys and a wallet in another so you don't lose your items in the sand.

Ocean Wave Sound Machine and Light
Fall asleep to the soothing sounds and ambiance of an ocean wave sound machine. This machine has a night light projector so it features a relaxing light show with a choice of 7 options. Choose between 8 different sounds available, and then all you have to do is relax!

Quick Dry Men's Swim Shorts
Surprise your surfer guy with a new pair of swim trunks. These HUK men's shorts feature a quick dry, a string tie waist, and is lined with a mesh liner to provide the ultimate comfort. They protect up to 35 UPF and will block both UVA and UVB rays.

Surfboard Carrier Bag
Have help carrying your surfboard and keeping it clean with a surfboard travel bag. This bag has an easy to reach handle to help toss it over your back, it is designed with breathable material to keep your board dry as you carry it with you. This bag is made with high quality material and will not disappoint!

Vibrating Foam Roller
Keep the soreness away with the Wave roller. This foam roller is designed to help the full body. There are several great features about this roller including 5 different vibration settings, its larger size designed for larger muscles groups, and will release the tension that gets stuck in your muscles.

Women's Sport Bathing Suit
Let your surfer girl surf in style with a cute women's sport bathing suit. This sport suit is long sleeve that zips up in the front. It is rash protectant and helps protect from any UV rays. There are several different patterns and colors available and all are made with a soft comfortable fabric.

G-Shock Surfer Watch
Track your time in between waves with a G-Shock watch. This watch features a larger face and a nylon band. Keep track of time, set alarms, timers, and you can set the date and time that are all digital. The G-Shock watch is a durable style and great for any sport.

3-Piece Surfboard Traction Pads
Gift a surfer something they always need, deck traction pads! These self adhesive traction pads are available in a variety of different styles. They are designed to attach to the top of the board so you don't have to worry about slipping when catching a wave. It is always great to have these on hand and handy!

Anti-Slip Neoprene Surf and Sand Shoe
Let a surfer enjoy a pair of surf and sand shoes next time at the beach. These shoes are made with neoprene, they are waterproof, and have anti slip soles. These shoes are lightweight and designed with reinforced toe caps. These are a great tool when the weather starts to get cooler but you still want to enjoy the ocean.

Surf Shack 1000 Piece Puzzle
Put together a surf shack at home with this 1000 piece puzzle. This puzzle comes with a bonus poster to help put together, and features vivid colors with a fun design. The picture of the puzzle is a retro surf shack with boards and flags all throughout. Once this is put together, it is a great item to turn into a picture and hang up!

Surfboard Wall Hooks
Every surfer loves bringing the beach into their home. Gift them this set of 3 surfboard wall hooks. These wall hooks have 3 different colors and styles of surfboards. They are hung up individually and can hold a jacket, keys, or , etc. It is a great addition to any home.

Neoprene Wetsuit Cement
A top surfer gift and necessity is neoprene wetsuit cement. This cement is designed to repair the wetsuit as it starts to go through wear and possible tear in areas. This cement patches over the rips and holes and will reseal it, allowing it to stay waterproof. This a great item to always have on hand.

Surfboard Bike Rack
Make life easier when trying to get to the beach with a surfboard bike rack. This rack is designed to hook to the side of any bike and help assist carrying the board. This is an easy solution that is scratch resistant, and you don't have to try to transport it another way!

Surfboard Repair Kit
As surfboards get used damages will happen, a great took to always have on hand is a surfboard repair kit. This kit comes with an epoxy and resin kit, fiberfill putty, and a deck-pad repair. These are all the items needed for any professional repair. This is a great tool to guarantee you will be back on the water in no time.

Polarized Sports Sunglasses
Next time your surfer is out to catch a wave, make sure his their eyes are protected with a pair of polarized sunglasses. These sport sunglasses have a reflective lens with UV protection coating, they are waterproof, and have a neck catch to prevent losing them. They are available in a variety of different colors, and a great fit for anyone.

Reef Safe Sunscreen
While out on the water be sure to lather on a good type of sunscreen. This Reef safe sunscreen is an all natural, water resistant sunscreen. It is non sticky with a coconut scent, all ingredients are 100% natural and great for day to day use.

Surfboard Rack Pads
Be sure to keep the surfboards scratch free when loading them on the car with a pair of rack pads. These pads are designed to connect onto the top of the car rack and provide the extra padding needed to minimize scratches for your surfboard. This is a great gift for a surfer lover who has it all.

3-Piece Surfboard Fins and Kit
Add some new surfboard fins by kicking it up a notch with these fiberglass fins. These fins feature 3 to a set, they are fiberglass reinforced fins that are compatible with just about any board. There are 2 different colors available to choose from, and everything that is needed is included to install.

Women's Bathing Suit Cover Up
Surprise her with a bathing suit cover up as she warms up and dries off after catching some waves. This cover up is a crochet style dress that is easy to throw on when you get out of the water. The crochet style allows air in so you are able to dry quicker but still be cute that you can wear around the beach.

Surf Video Game
Have fun in a virtual surf game with 'Transworld Surf' the video game. This video game is designed for the XBOX console, and is designed around the ocean and catching ten in the water. This is a fun game for when he's at home and not at the beach himself.

Anti-Chafe Balm Stick
Enjoy time at the beach without the pain by using anti-chafe balm stick. This stick is a great tool to grab on the go when out in the hot water at the beach. It glides on easy and puts a protective coating on the skin to prevent any rubbing and rash. There is nothing harder than enjoying a day of surfing if you are chafing!

Funny Wax Remover Tool
Remove the wax off a surfboard with a sense of humor by using this pickle shaped wax remover. This kit includes a come and the remover to get the wax off of a surfboard. The remover is the same color, design and shape as a pickle so you can have a good laugh at the same time.

Fin Case
Keep track of your fins and keep them all in the same place by using a fin case. This fin wallet can hold up to 2 different sets of fins, keys, wax, and spare screws. This is a great addition to have to keep all the necessity items together when hitting the beach.

Fast Dry Vented Wetsuit Hanger
Get your wetsuit to dry off fast by hanging it up with a wetsuit hanger. This hanger is designed to dry off wetsuits quicker with having vents built in, it will also allow the wetsuits to last longer, and is heavy duty so there is no worry for breakage.

Surfboard Outdoor Area Rug
Add some color to the outside of the house by adding an outdoor rug. This outdoor rug is a fun colorful style with several different surfboards throughout the middle. This rug is designed to be an outside area rug, but can also go inside as well. It is easy to clean and adds a great addition to any space!

Reef Cushion Sandals
Gift your surfer guy the best pair of sandals out their with these reef cushion sandals. These sandals have a rubber sole, extra cushion, and non slip bottom. They will hold their shape and the padding, and are designed to last for many years to come. They are waterproof and great for the beach.

Surf Throw Pillow Cover
Dress up your home decor with a cute modern pillow cover. This pillow cover fits over any standard throw pillow, it is machine washable, and a simple design. The front of the pillow says 'surf' across the middle, making it a great gift for any surfer.

Waterproof Car Key Lockbox
Keep your keys protected and your items safe with this portable key lockbox. This lockbox features a four digit code that you set to be able to open it. This can hold keys or valuable items, it can also hang from door handles or other areas needed to store a key.

Thermal Wetsuit Hood
Stay warm when the water is extra cold with a thermal wetsuit hood. This surf hood has a snug fit throughout the neck and around the face with a vent hole allowing some air, it has a multi function design and will keep you warm and ready to surf.

Surf Shack Book
Sit back and enjoy a great read of the book Laid back and living by the water. This book is available for your kindle or in a paperback format. This book is a great read that features being by the ocean in a beach shack and enjoying the days catching waves.

Women's Water Resistant Watch
Surprise your surfer girl with a stylish women's watch. This Nixon watch is water resistant with a black face and a tortoise band. It showcases time in analog, and is lightweight keeping it comfortable to wear all day at work or while at the beach getting ready to catch some waves.

Sport Recovery Slide Sandal
Keep your feet happy by wearing a sport recovery sandal when needed. This sandal is designed to support the arch and take the weight and pressure off of certain areas causing pain. They are waterproof and have an easy slide to get them on and off.

Surf Fin Ratchet Tool
You never know when you are going to need a ratchet tool with your surfboard at the beach. This tool is a great portable easy grab training tool. It has 3 different head rotation options, several different bits, and is able to get even the hardest screws. Gift this to the surfer who would need an easy fix.

Wave Heartbeat T-Shirt
Surprise a surfer lover with a stylish shirt. This tee is a modern yet simple shirt that has a design of a wave but also designed into the waves of a heart beat. It is available in several different sizes, and is a great shirt for anyone.

Beach Scented Candle
Bring the beach into your home with a beach scented candle. This is a sandalwood scented candle that brings the calmness and your love for the ocean into your home. This is a soy based candle that will have a steady and even burn.

The History of Surfing Book
Learn all about the details and history behind surfing with this history surfing book. This book is available in a kindle or hard copy format. It was written by Matt Warshaw and dates back with several photos and details with all the information about how surfing came about.