67 Double Diamond Gifts For Skiers To Shred With

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Ski season is always right around the corner. Get your mountain-shredding pals the best gifts for skiers from this list of snowy surprises. From hats and hand warmers to passes for some of the best slopes, don’t let your buddies snap on their boots without some of these wonderful gifts to take with them!

Men's Waterproof Ski Jacket
Enjoy this beautiful waterproof windbreaker jacket with the adjustable and detachable hood. This jacket is great not just for staying warm, but it’s great for preventing cold wind from entering. Lightweight and warm, this jacket will look great and keep you warm. Stay warm and look great with numerous color options available

Womens Essential Insulated Bib Overalls
Look stylish and stay warm with these insulated overalls for women. High tech insulation that helps you stay lightweight without feeling too bulky. Adjustable suspenders to fit exactly how you need. Give that stylish gift this season for your ski lover.

Lagopus Ski Goggles
Block out the sun and the fog with these gorgeous 100% UV protected ski goggles. Comfortable and warm, these goggles are also great for providing anti-wind protection. Enjoy a crystal view on the slopes, whether you’re skiing or snowboarding!

Ski Bag and Ski Boot Bag Combo
Enjoy this gorgeous travel bag for your skis! Made as a one size fits all, this case can be used for cross country and downhill skis. Bag is also great for your boot, helmets, poles, clothes and all your accessories. This polyester bag is rugged and strong and great for all conditions.

Ski Balaclava Face Mask UV Protection
This comfortable ski mask is a combination face mask and balaclava with a soft, breathable and moisture wicking material. This mask is designed for comfort and this neckline will protect you from all elements.

Ski Wall Storage Rack
Save your rocker, tips and tails with this convenient ski wall storage rack. Secure your gear and keep them hanging! With a quick swiveling arm that allows for easy access, this rack is meant for easy use!

Backcountry Access Tracker 3
Always know your surroundings with this backcountry access tracker. This has a 50-meter range and is certified to be in compliance for all North American and European norms. Super lightweight and easy to transport.

GoPro Waterproof Camera
Enjoy this beautiful 4k ultra HD waterproof action camera. With a built-in touch screen, this camera is great for 1080p photos! Take photos, webcam, live stream and more with this beautiful camera.

Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves
Stay super dry with these insulated snowboard and snowmobile cold weather gloves. Built not only for wet conditions, but extreme wind as well. Also, wear resistance to ensure mobile hand functionality is still available.

Ski Strap and Pole Carrier 2 Pack
Carrying your gear has never been easier with the ski strap and pole shoulder carrier from Volk. This carrier pack comes in a pack of 2 because those that ride together have the strongest bond of all. With an adjustable strap, this carrier is great for riders both young and old!

Waterproof Ski Snow Jacket
Enjoy this essential winter outdoor jacket! Great for all outdoor activities, whether it be skiing, snowboarding, skating, camping, hiking and much more. Durable and warm, this jacket is water resistant and made to keep you both snug and dry. With waterproof zippers, you’ll always stay dry.

Ski Wall Rack and Storage Shelf
Keep your skis stored in convenience and style with the adjustable at home storage rack. Whether you’re putting this on your wall or your garage, this will fit anywhere. Built with additional overhead space for extra storage! Keep your skis, boots, goggles, and gloves all together with this storage shelf.

Ski Straps Fastener Tape
Enjoy these ski straps and fastener wrap ties. The package includes 6 piece ski straps in 3 colors. Lightweight and small in size, these ski straps are great for storage. Made with highly durable quality, these ski straps help protect your poles from scratches.

Performance Ski Socks
Stay warm and dry with these outdoor sports performance socks. Midweight and designed for all day comfort, these stylish socks use advanced technology to provide the perfect fit. Never get cold feet with these cold weather performance socks.

Winter Face Mask for Men & Women
Winter has nothing on our strike balaclava face mask, made for even the coldest and windiest of conditions, this ski mask will be sure to keep your face warm. This comfortable ski mask is designed for ultimate protection.

Protective Padded Shorts
Be fearless with this rugged hidden armor! Made to protect vulnerable areas such as your hip, thighs and tailbone. It bends and moves with your body so you’re always protected. With premium protection, these are comfy and impact resistant.

Ski Goggles Magnetic Lens
High performance and anti-fog protected, these snowboarding goggles are stylish and protective. With additional UV protection, these lens use magnetic technology to stay tight and snug. With spherical and smooth venting, the panoramic view design for super clean vision and less interference.

Ski Snowboard Goggles Box
Sleek and convenient, this ski goggles box provides solid impact resistant wand water resistant features. Universally compatible, so ready and able to store your googles regardless of the model. Made with a smooth zip system for easy storage.

Heated Gloves
Water resistant leather with an electric rechargeable battery gloves, these heated gloves are great in any conditions. With a pair of lithium-ion batteries included, these gloves can last up to 6.5 hours. Battery live will change on higher settings. With 3 different settings and LED color coded, these gloves will keep you warm and comfy.

White Boot Bag - Ski Boots
This bag is designed with non-slip waterproof bottom compartments for your shoes or boots. This carry-all spacious boot bag fits any size of boots, helmet, googles, gloves and any gear you’re going to need. Great for traveling with a convenient and easy to use carrying handle.

Women's Ski Helmet
Jetlaze ski and snow sports helmet is great for all ages. Whether young or old, man or woman, you’ll be protected and comfy! This helmet has been certified for safety and superior protection. Built with two reinforced layers providing superior protection from the inside out. Adjustable ventilation lets you control the airflow.

Short Ski Skates for Snow
A unique combination of nothing skiing and skating, this ski-shoe is all the rage! It attached right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. Adjustable bindings are made to fit any shoes.

Women's Insulated Waterproof Ski Bib
Look stylish and stay warm with these insulated overalls for women. High tech insulation that helps you stay lightweight without feeling too bulky. Adjustable suspenders to fit exactly how you need.

Waterproof Windproof Fleece Pants
Stay dry, comfortable and fashionable with these waterproof fleece ski pants for women. These hiking pants are waterproof, windproof and extra comfy. With an adjustable waistband equipped with extra cargo pants. Stylish snow pants perfect for any outdoor activity.

Heated Socks
Enjoy these super comfortable heated socks great for winter outdoor work or sports. Built with rechargeable lithium batteries, these warm socks can last up to 7 hours. Battery upgraded to ensure your feet are never cold!

Ski Tuning and Waxing Kit
Enjoy this incredible wax tuning kit from XCMAN. Perfect for families or groups! Great for any angle, side, or edge, this will tune to polish any part of your board. Temperature adjusted wax with a thick soleplate for temperature stability.

Ski Pole Flask Holds 16 oz.
Who wouldn't want to drink while on the mountain? Introducing high-performance ski poles that hold 16 ounces of liquid! These all mount poles were engineered in the USA to be strong, light and comfortable. They're also engineered to be your drinking buddy on the mountain. Lets keep it non-alcoholics, shall we?

Ski Wax Spray
Ensure excellence with this high-performance ski wax. This gliding wax is meant to enhance performance and prevent dryness. Have speedier and healthier gear, with one of the top ski waxes around.

Womens Ski Boots
Any female skier is sure to ensure these comfortable high-performing ski boots from Rossignol.. These women’s specific boots are built with a relaxed fit and made for easy entry and exit. With reduced weight and full power she’ll feel great the next time she hits the slopes

Mens Ski Boots
Introducing these relaxed fit ski boots for men, made by Rossignol. With a wide forefoot, toe and ankle, these provide great comfort and support. These boots are tailored made for extreme comfort. Be comfortable on the slopes all day no matter how long you’re out.

Foldable Hiking & Trekking Poles
Turn walking into an adventure with these trekking poles. Not only are they collapsible, but they're well made enough for the US Army! These hiking poles are essentials for skiers and those outdoorsman in your life. Give a gift that will support them for years.

Blue Ski Poles
Enjoy these Salomon arctic lightweight and aluminum ski poles. These shafts are both lightweight and strong and extremely durable. Specially made with aluminum, these ski poles provide great strength and stiffness. With a full selection of colors, ski in style with these gorgeous poles.

Ski Roof Racks
Travel with your skis or yours snowboard with this super convenient roof rack. Made to hold up to 3 pairs of skis or 1 snowboard, it’s equipped with a lockable mount so you can travel without concerns. These racks are lightweight and durable and made to withstand any and all conditions.

Mirage Women's Snow Helmet
Stay safe and comfortable with this adjustable lightweight helmet. Built with a cozy liner, this will ensure comfort and warmth. Equipped with an Air Evac ventilation and a audio compatible ear pad. Protect your head with this sleek new snow helmet.

Thermal Underwear Long Johns Set
Stay warm in any condition with these ultra soft thermal underwear. These long johns come with lined with fleece to ensure you stay warm and comfortable out on the slopes. Their lightweight build with help keep away moisture so you can wear them all day.

Stainless Steel Ice Traction Cleats
Introducing stainless steel ice traction cleats, built for any snowy conditions or even for hiking. With robust spikes, they provide excellent traction on a variety of icy surfaces These cleats have been tested to ensure they always remain durable and flexible. Stay warm and safe with these cleats that easily fit over your own shoes or boots.

Wool Base Layer Shirt
Stay warm and dry with these wool long sleeve thermal shirts. They fit securely and comfortable under any gear you might be wearing. Lightweight and durable, these shirts are built to last. Absorb moisture better than ever before with these easy to wash thermal shirts.

Hand Warmers
Keep your hands dry and warm regardless of the conditions with these long lasting and odorless hand warmers. These hand warmers provide up to 10 hours of heat, no matter the conditions! Safe, natural, odorless and long lasting, these are disposable and built single use. 40 warmers available with every purchase.

Fifty Places to Ski Book
Explore the best mountains in the world with this original 50 places to ski book! Start checking each of these iconic mountains off your own bucket list. Use this book and plan a vacation built around the greatest slopes in the world!

Thermal Phone Cases Insulated
Never worry about your phone again with this ultra-slim waterproof and heat resistant phone case pouch. This pouch extends your phone’s battery life and helps prevent any damage from the heat or the cold. Enjoy this great item has seen on shark tank!

Water Bottle with Straw Lid
Enjoy this new hydro flask water bottle designed to keep your cold drinks extra cold and hot drinks steaming for hours. This reusable bottle is dishwasher safe and easy for cleaning.

Wireless Earbuds with Case
Enjoy some of the top wireless earbuds on the market today! With a built in charging case, these are easy to keep charge all day! Super comfortable and easy to use, these are great under any snow helmet. With high-level performance specs, these are earbuds you’ll want to hear!

Rugged Protection Phone Case
No need to worry about your phone when you’re hitting the slopes with this protective phone case from otterbox. This screenless edition is built as the ideal protective phone case for any iPhone 12 variant. Should your phone fall out, it’ll be plenty protected with this durable phone case!

Warm Comfort Blanket
When they come in from a long day on the mountain, let them cozy up next to the fire in this blanket. A chunky knit blanket is soft, warm and comfortable for anyone. Get the whole family wrapped up in this or just the two of you. Give the gift of warmth this time.

Skiing Tapestry
This tapestry is great hanging décor for your house or ski lodge! These hanging tapestries can stretch up to 80 inches as a lovely hanging décor. These are made of environmentally friend fiber and extremely durable. Gentle and delicate, you’ll want to hand wash these decorative items.

Beard Ski Mask
Stay warm and look cool with this fun bearded ski mask. Stay dry and keep your face warm with this awesome mask. Available in a number of different colors or styles, there’s always a version for you. Made with adjustable flaps, these ski masks are one size fits all.

Men's Ski Waterproof Fleece Pants
Stay warm and comfortable with these waterproof fleece lined outdoor pants. Great for skiing, snowboarding or any other outdoor activities. Made from waterproof polyester, these comfy snow pants are thick and designed to always keep you warm.

Adventure Awaits License Plate Frame
Adventure awaits with this custom car tag frame and license plate holder. This rust-free frame is made from high quality aluminum and not cheap plastic. The aluminum measures 6 inches by 12 inches. Made with high quality, this will hold up in any weather conditions.

Stainless Steel Hip Flask
Always be prepared with this classic 12 oz standard hip flask. With each purchase comes a free funnel and bag for packing. Made from the finest stainless steel, this flask is durable and ready for any conditions. Secure and snug, this flask will be there whenever you need it

Skiing Woven Mid-Calf Socks
Get the skier in your life some fun and durable socks they’ll actually be excited to get! These casual mid-calf socks come in a variety of styles and winter themed designs. They’re not just for fashion though as these socks are high-quality and built for performance! Look cool, stay dry and comfortable when on the mountains.

Snowflake Knit Mittens
Stay warm with these insulated fleece lining mittens. Made with acrylic, these are lined with warm fleece meant for insulation. Multiple covers available. She’ll certainly love keeping her hands warm with these mittens.

Tin Sign Keep Ski Tips Up
Show everyone you love of the slopes with this metal décor wall art. With a vintage rustic look, these are fun and durable. Made from tin and metal and built with a retro style. Suitable for all ages!

Woodside Acrylic Beanie
Stay warm with this acrylic hat and beanie! Knitted and made for comfort! With insulated lining, your head will feel like it’s sitting next to the fireplace. Hand wash only for this delicate and classic winter hat.

The Man Behind The Maps
Learn about some of the great mountains and trails on the planet with this hand-painted legendary book on snow trails. A 292-page hardcover book will attract attention from any guest, while pleasing the snow enthusiastic your life. With eight geographically themed chapters, learn about mountains all over the world!

Metal Gondola Ornament
Give the snow lover in your family an ornament they’re sure to love! Sitting over 3 inches long, this is a great gift for any snowboarder or skier. Its memorable and it’s decorative and it’s extremely highly rated.

3-Hole Full Face Cover
Avoid the wind while staying warm and dry with this 3 pack of full face covers. This packet comes in a variety of colors so you can match your mask with whatever your gear looks like. This mask is knitted and it’s ideal for any cold weather and low temperatures.

Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer
For the avid skier who has it all, get them this slick odor stopping boot and shoe dryer. When you’re on the mountains all day and you need to prepare for tomorrow, this is what you want. This dryer permanently removes odors and only needs 3 hours to complete. Easy set up and easy to use, this is an essential item for anyone whose always hitting the slopes.

Acrylic & Wool Beanie
Introducing the essential men’s beanie for winter. This stylish knit mean is suitable for men or women. Fashionable and stylish, this comfortable beanie will keep your head warm no matter the conditions. With stretchable materials, this beanie hat is one size fits all.

Hanging Wood Wall Decoration
Who needs this large hanging rustic wall sign? Great décor and it’s great for any room or home. Bring the lodge to you with this lovely wall decoration. Made from vintage style wood, this elegant design will display lovely in your home or office

Ski 3 Piece Canvas Wall Art
Enjoy this lovely 3 piece canvas wall art of a gorgeous looking ski lift. It’s stretched and framed and ready to hang. With dimensions spanning 16x24x3. This is a high-quality printed artwork and a great gift for any friend or family around the holidays

Power Bank Solar Charger
Charge no matter where you’re at. On the mountain or on the lift, this charger is portable and easy to carry. With outdoor solar charging capabilities, it’s convenient to carry and safely charge when outdoors. Built with high speed USB ports, this is a must for any outdoor adventurer.

Energy Bars Variety Pack
Give them the energy to ski harder. Gift some of the tastiest energy bars on the market. These best selling Clif bars are both organic and kosher and sold in a tasty variety pack. Each purchase comes with a total of 16 different energy bars.

Electrolyte Capsules for Rehydration
Enjoy these top performing sports recovery and supplement capsules. These gluten free pills are great for rehydration and recovery so you’re never out of the game too long. Help replenish what your body loses with these electrolyte capsules.

Gullyice Ice Axe
Presenting the gullyice ice axe, perfect for technical mountaineering or steep skiing! The steel head and banana shaped pick allows for efficient penetration and easy unhooking. Lightweight and compact, this high-quality axe allows for easy storage. Easy to use and easy to assemble.

Backcountry Ski & Snowboard Routes
Explore some of the greatest mountains on the planet with this unique snow routes travel book. Learn about Washington’s cascade, Olympics, Mount Rainier and many more. Learn why Washington is considered the backcountry ski and snowboarding adventure destination. Plan your next snow trip with this exploratory book.

Collapsible and Telescopic Walking Sticks
Enjoy these collapsible and telescopic walking sticks with a natural cork handle and extended EVA grips. These premier ski poles are great for hiking, backpacking, or camping. These poles are built for rhythm whether you’re going uphill, downhill, or staying flat. Increase your speed with these high-end ski poles.

Ski Backpack
Enjoy this sleek unigear ski boot bag. Great for ski helmets, goggles, gloves, skis, snowboards and the rest of your gear! This bag is big enough for all your gear, but compact enough to fit anywhere. Waterproof and durable, this ski bag is one of the top on the market today.