67 Best Gifts for Sisters in 2022 | Friends by Choice

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Sisterly love is a special bond. You’re in it for the long haul. Not only are you connected by blood, but you are friends by choice. And whether you stand to benefit from gifting your sister a cool casserole dish or espresso machine, it’s nice to show your sister that she is appreciated. We’ve compiled 67 of the best gifts for sisters in 2022.

Smart Light & Sound Machine
If you really loved your sister, you'd care about her quality of sleep. At least, that's what she would say, right? Surprise her with your thoughtfulness-- gift her a Hatch Restore Sound Machine. It's not just any old alarm clock. Featuring a gentle sunrise wake-up, bedtime noises, reading lights, and the option to personalize a sleep routine, this thing is a game changer. You're welcome.
BFF Wine Tumbler
There are some things you can only say to your sister, and 'I'd shank a _____ for you' falls into that category. While sisters might not be the best at sharing, they certainly won't let anyone else get in the way of their bond. Sisters got a funny way of showing love, but hey, we can cheers to that.
Hanging Hammock Chair
You think you're living in luxury, but you haven't tried reclining in a hanging hammock chair. Made of rattan wicker for that cool summer vibe and reinforced with an aluminum frame for ultimate durability, the egg chair arrives ready to relax, complete with cushions and pillow. It livens up any outdoor space or bedroom nook. You might be mad you didn't get it for yourself.
Fluff Yeah Slippers
Millennials have a special relationship with UGG. The nostalgia of the tan UGG boot, it's almost too much to bear! Luckily, the brand has evolved to satisfy their loyal customers on the #WFH front. Made from sheepskin, the Fluff Yeah come in eleven fun colors. Your sister can look down during her Zoom meetings and smile without being transported back to 2006.
Travel Makeup Bag
If you can't buy your sister a ticket to see the world, gift her a svelte travel makeup bag. You know, for when you can finally buy her that plane ticket to Bali. Although the detachable strap gives it the appearance of a cute purse, the inside is designed to hold all your compacts, brushes, and palettes. Plus, the dividers make it easy to personalize!
Kendra Scott Pendant
Kendra Scott is known for her delicate and dainty quality jewelry. The epitome of style and class, Kendra Scott pieces are perfect for layering everyday. The Elisa pendant is gold-plated and offers a pop of color to complement that little black dress. It's quiet and understated, even if your sister isn't.
GoldieBlox Cloud Dream Lamp
Give little sis the cutest color-changing dream lamp. She'll flip when she hangs it from her room and all her friends get to change the lights. And the best part? It's a STEM toy that will teach her about clouds and circuits. This is the perfect gift from a big sister who lives her little bff.
Bougie Stemless Wine Glass
Drink the sweetest wine in this stemless glass. Give this unique wine glass to your sister. It doesn't even matter if she is a wine lover, this gift is great for any occasion. It's high quality and dishwasher safe, but does that really matter? Not if you're savage.
Inspirational Bracelet for Sister
Everyone needs some inspiration now and again. The last year was tough on everyone. Show your sister some love with a personalized Joycuff bracelet. Craft a special message to be inscribed on the inside of the bracelet, so only the two of you can see! She'll appreciate the gesture and the quiet support.
Super Soft Fleece Throw
Best friend bracelets are cool, but have you ever heard of best friend BLANKETS? Instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve (or wrist!), consider what would actually make you warm and fuzzy on the inside. Something to make you warm on the outside, like a premium fleece blanket! The lettering isn't just slapped on-- it's printed for a long-lasting, quality blanket.
Angel Wing Necklace
The best gift for the caring big sister is the Angel Wing necklace. It's a perfect reflection of her endless generosity! The dazzling angel wings surround the blue crystal angel heart, while the white heart-shaped crystals highlight the delicate attention to detail. Sterling silver with real Austrian crystal, this stunning piece of art will be a constant reminder of your sisterly love.
High Capacity Power Bank
Remember all those times little sis didn't get back to you because her phone was dead? Nip those excuses in the bud with a high capacity Power Bank for her phone. Since it's compatible with most devices, it's a one-stop shop after a long-day traveling. This portable battery back will even charge her iPhone to 50% in just 30 minutes...now who else can say that?
Wood Wine Rack
For the sister who loves her beverages, gift her a cheeky wood wine rack. What's not to like? It's farmhouse chic, it's cute, and it's a perfect way to showcase her favorite mugs. On one side we have AM, the other side PM. At least we're pretending that we wait til five o'clock to pop that cork.
Avocado Tree Growing Kit
If your sister is infamous for killing plants, give her the gift of a green thumb! Plants are delicate creatures and well...sometimes you need training wheels. This avocado tree growing kit makes it easy for anyone to become an expert gardener. Not only will it produce fruit, but the AvoSeedo design guarantees a self-sustaining plant so you can just sit back and reap the rewards.
Coffee and Espresso Maker
For the girl who can never have enough coffee, help a girl out with a Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker. Regardless of how much she changes her Starbucks order, she'll love the countless flavor combos she can create for single brews, espressos, double espressos, gran lungo, even iced coffee! For those working at home, this machine is a must splurge.
Best Hair Ties
For the girls with the thick hair, finally, there's a brand of hair ties made with you in mind. The patented design at GIMME prevents hair pulling and offers maximum support. GIMME hair ties are made with microfiber elastics that spread the tension to eliminate dents. Now she can go from the gym to the bar without a blowout. That's a pretty big deal.
Bike Wheel Lights
We love implementing safety under the guise of gifting! Activ Life Bike Wheel Lights are a #1 seller, and we can see why. The lights are fun, durable, waterproof, and easy to install. The bright colors light up the night sky, making the rider more visible to passing cars. It gives night riding a whole other meaning!
Personalized Name Pendant
Personalized necklaces are a hot trend that isn't going anywhere. Keep your sister ahead of the curve with a flashy name pendant. You can customize this 18K gold plated necklace with your sister's initial on both sides. The chunky chain lends it a streetwear look, while the elegant lettering will have her saying 'Aw, you shouldn't have!'
Cookware & Bakeware Set
If your sister is the type to always put others' needs before her own, she probably hasn't updated her kitchenware in a while. Surprise her with a 15-piece Non-stick Pots and Pans set. It's got everything she needs-- frying pans, skillets, sauce pans, muffin tins, a cookie sheet and more! Maybe it's not the most 'fun' gift, but she'll be touched by your thoughtfulness.
AirPods Pro
If your sister wears her headphones so much that they've started to become a part of her body, take her listening experience to the next level. The Apple AirPods Pro have a transparency mode, so she can still be aware of the world around her on the walk home. The adaptive EQ actually tunes the music to the shape of her ear!
Case for Airpods Pro
Lights, camera, action! Bring out the starlet in your sister with a luxury AirPods Pro carrying case. The case is soft and protects against scratches, but the best part is the fluffy pom pom. It looks fancy and designer, plus it makes it easy for sis to dig her keys out of her purse.
POP Container Baking Set
This one's for the organizational freak in the house! This 8-pc. Container Set is perfect for securing all the baking essentials, from flour to brown sugar to sprinkles. The lids are equipped with convenient built-in measuring cups, with an easy airtight seal for a freshness guarantee. Not only will this streamline your sister's cabinet, but she'll be a happier queen of the castle.
Digital Food Scale
Sisters that meal prep together succeed together. Your sister doesn't have to be your competition! If she's ever mentioned meal prepping, you'll make her life a lot easier with a Nicewell digital food scale. This one has a larger surface panel for ultimate efficiency, and the tempered glass and stainless steel add to the sleek, clean look. No fingerprints on this bad boy!
Leopard Print Tumbler
Sure, your sis loves hot beverages, cold drinks, drinks on the go...but does she have a leopard print tumbler? That fits most cup holders? I bet she doesn't. It's 30oz, so it holds even the most serious of ice coffees. With a splash proof lid and a no sweat design, this tumbler will have her wondering how she managed to live without it.
Kendra Scott Drop Earrings
You may think it's hard to pick out jewelry for your earthy, nature-lovin' sis, but Kendra Scott has got your back with these gold-plated turquoise drop earrings. Elegant but not gaudy, these statement earrings are a loving way for you to show your sister how beautiful she really is.
SodaStream Bundle
Reducing single-use plastics is a great way to show your love for the environment. For the eco-friendly sis, show her that you care by gifting her a SodaStream Bundle, complete with a watermaker, carbonating bottles, and fizzy flavors. Not only can she craft concoctions at home, but the SodaStream bottle takes the place of 3,700 plastics. All creativity and flavor, no waste.
Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Working from home in an apartment can take a toll, so brighten up your sibling's life with a indoor hydroponic garden. They may be ten floors up, but being able to pick fresh basil, mint, and parsley will bring them back down to earth. The control panel makes it easy to use by telling you when to add water. There's no soil and no mess.
Lululemon Yoga Pants
There's a reason Lululemon yoga pants are on the top of every wish list. The quality reveals that they were created with yoga in mind-- the stretchy fabric can support a girl through even the most revealing of poses. The flattering high-waist design was made for movement, whether that be yoga or studying for finals. Downward dog, anyone?
Wearable Wrist & Ankle Weights
Is your sister a fashionista? A fitness lover? A multi-tasker? These 'As Seen on Shark Tank' Bala bangles were created for the woman on the move. At 1-lb. each, these bangles easily amp up any workout. Or hey, if sis doesn't have time for a workout, she can just throw on these wearable weights while she's cleaning the house. She'll feel like the star of the red carpet...that's she's vacuuming.
Stand Mixer
This 6-speed stand mixer does everything so your sister doesn't have to. With a wire whip, dough hook, and splash guard, she can make cakes, breads, cookies, and mashed potatoes mess-free! And with the tilt-head, it's easy to switch between attachments. The stainless steel is easy to clean. Hint: If you really want to make a statement, try fire engine red. You're welcome.
Bakeware Set with Grips
To really succeed at all this pandemic baking, you've really got to be armed with the right tools. Your sister's been watching too much of the Great British Baking Show-- make her back it up with a cute Rachael Ray nonstick bakeware set. Including two cake tins, a cookie sheet, and a muffin pan, this set will be the breakout star of her kitchen.
Reusable Silicone Baking Cups
Food can get *pretty aesthetic* these days, and some may find it hard to keep up. But I mean, who doesn't like cute food? Even better, who doesn't like cute food with waste-free presentation? Take your sister's baking creations to the next level with reusable silicone baking cups. They come in fun colors and with effortless food release, they're perfect for the little ones.
Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet
Don't underestimate the power of essential oils! In addition to their calming properties, essential oils help to relieve tension built up in the body. This essential oil diffuser bracelet makes it possible to take your aromatherapy anywhere. Just add a couple drops of your favorite oil to the pad and enjoy hours of calming scents.
Sephora Favorites Set
You'll be her favorite when you gift her this Sephora Favorites Set! This 8-pc. set may be mini, but they don't skimp when it comes to the basics. Including a full-size mascara, blush, lipstick, and eyeliner in the set, you can be sure the whole glam squad is here. She'll be feeling like a beauty queen!
Herschel Weekender
Minimal, efficient, and structured. That's the style of the Herschel Weekender bag. The streamlined shape can make even the most hectic travel look like a breeze. The brilliant design allows for separate shoe storage for the most clean and efficient pack possible. The minimalist color scheme just adds to the 'escape to the cape' vibe.
Heated Neck & Back Massager
There's nothing better than a birthday present that reminds you of how old you are. This Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager is what every adult didn't know they needed. With electric deep tissue settings and soothing heat functions, this massager is perfect for muscle relief and blood circulation. Even better, it's great for home, car, or office!
Sisters Keepsake Box
For those occasions that call for a more sentimental gift, a hand-crafted keepsake box says it all. It can mean 'I'm here for you' or 'Many more good memories to come!' Either way, it's a good way to show your sister that you care. The inside says, 'Forever True, Forever Friends' and never is that more true than with sisters.
Band of Hearts Ring
Gifting your favorite sister jewelry doesn't have to break the bank. A Band of Hearts Sterling Silver ring is simple and understated, yet the connected hearts are cute and playful. It's dainty, it's classy...it's Audrey Hepburn in jewelry form! It's a beautiful ring for stacking, but it's also eye-catching enough to be worn alone. It'll be cute when you catch her looking at her hand!
Spa Bathroom Pillow
With a luxury bath pillow, your sister will be transported to the expensive spa resort of her dreams. The waterproof padding is super soft. Let the worries slip away as the tension drains. Just don't be surprised when she summons you for champagne-- it's part of the experience, alright?
Italian Leather Weekender
Let's talk splurge-- real handcrafted Italian leather. Imported. Need I say more? This Cenzo Weekender bag is so opulent, your sister might feel guilty. And it's fine if your sister doesn't get around to that vacation for a couple years, because this bag looks better with age. But trust us, it'll be hard to stay home with this in her closet.
Cheese Cutting Board Set
The hostess with the most-est is nothing without a good cheese board, and this cheese board set comes with the works. Made of acacia wood, it comes with 4 bowls and 4 knives for the complete experience. The spacious design allows for maximum food presentation, and the knives are crafted for every kind of cheese. If you're feeling really fancy, you can put your pinkies up.
Ceramic Baking Dish Set
If we were honest with ourselves, we'd probably be eating casseroles year-round. Why just the holidays? Let's break out the green bean casseroles, the hash brown casseroles, the...cheese casseroles? The 3-pc. ceramic bakeware set from KOOV gives us all the more reason to showcase mama's best recipes. Plus, the deep blue color and hard glaze protect it from scratches and make for an easy clean up.
Souffle Dish Ramekins
Nothing will discourage a budding chef faster than lack of ramekins. All the potential-- Creme brulee, lava cake, pudding, sous vide cheesecake! Not to mention the daily uses for salsas, dips, fruit cups, and sides. Souffle dish ramekins are great for chefs of any caliber. Since they're made of quality ceramic, they're dishwasher and microwave safe for even the laziest of chefs.
2 Bottle Wine Tote Bag
For a real wine lover, you can never be too prepared. This 2 Bottle Wine Tote ensures that she's prepared for even the most dire of circumstances. She could be stranded, but at least she'll have 2 perfectly chilled bottles of wine and clean glassware! The cute design makes for Instagram-worthy picnics. Cute and useful? We'll take it.
Yoga Mat Set
Standard yoga mats can be frustrating. They're too thin, or too narrow, or don't stay in place. But a quality yoga mat can make all the difference! Instead of being a chore, yoga can be a peaceful space for your sis to grow. But what's missing? A comfortable and roomy mat that will support any sensitive knees, joints, or pressure points. Ahhhh.
Lululemon Define Jacket
When you find a good-fitting piece of clothing, you gotta share it with the world. The Lululemon Define Jacket lives up to its name with a flattering body-skimming fit that hits at the hip. The pockets store your items at the gym and on your commute, and the thumbholes help keep you warm. Your sis will thank you for this game changer.
Herb Garden Starter Kit
Grow, harvest, and brew your own fresh tea with an Herb Garden Starter Kit. Reuse the gift box as a planter box for the perfect addition to your balcony or window sill. Your sister will be pumped to be able to sustainably grow her own chamomile, mint, lemon, and lavender tea. This starter kit comes with everything needed for a successful harvest. And she cute.
Sephora Wild Wishes Set
If your sister is a fan of the Kylie Lip Kits, impress her with a Sephora Wild Wishes Lip Stain Set. The cream lip stains are best sellers, so you don't have to worry about bleeding and flaking. And the colors are enough to keep her the center of attention all year long! Pucker up!
Echo Glow Lamp
If your sister relies on Alexa to get through the day, add to her collection with an Echo Glow Lamp. It's a subtle way to add a pop of color to a room, and it's simple enough to integrate into your existing system. It's kid-friendly, too, so it'll help with bedtime routines. Mama needs her quiet time sooner rather than later.
Positive Wall Plaque
A good housewarming gift makes a new house seem more like home. A home is filled with personal pictures, intimate belongings, heartfelt messages. What better way to warm up a house than with a positive wall plaque? The motivational quote is laser-cut for the most precise script. If it brings your sister a smile on her worst days, it's the gift she needed.
Sister Morse Code Bracelet
Sisters will take their secrets to the grave. But don't worry, this personalized morse code bracelet is too cute to believe. Sterling silver beads and bars spell out 'sister' for a fun and creative piece of jewelry. It's adjustable, dainty, and not too girly. Get yourself a matching one for extra kicks.
Wine Tumbler Gift Set
Some things just go together, like say, wine and bubble baths. This gift set makes sure you cut no corners! Equipped with a wine tumbler, wine opener, wine stopper, bath bomb, and loofah, this set is perfect for the sister that works too hard. Sit back, sip some wine, and scrub between those toes. She'll feel like a new woman!
Big Sis & Lil Sis Necklace
For a small gift that means a lot, get your sister a 'big sis' or 'little sis' necklace. It's like a traditional best friend necklace, with two pieces that fit together to make a whole. But we know that blood is thicker than water, so this necklace fits together to make a family. Your sister will appreciate the sentiment.
Espresso Machine & Cappuccino Maker
This 7-pc. All-In-One Espresso Machine and Cappuccino Maker does everything. Not only does it come with a built-in milk steamer and frother, but features its own bean grinder and portafilter as well, so that your coffee is your creation every step of the way. Can you say 'spoiled'?
Rolling Cosmetic Case
There's no better way to show your support than gifting the tools she needs to succeed. For the aspiring beauty guru, this rose gold rolling makeup train case is a must-have. The top section comes off easily for a light makeup travel case, while the edges are reinforced for that extra durability. Who said being beautiful had to be hard work?
Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
Everyone needs a reliable water bottle, no matter how much your sister insists she doesn't need anything. This insulated stainless steel bottle features a leak-proof slider lid and a built-in cork coaster. It's cute and unassuming, and it'll soon become her favorite accessory. The vacuum insulation ensures that your beverage will stay hot for 12 hours. We'll cheers to that!
Airtight Mixing Bowls
For the everyday chef, you can never have enough mixing bowls. But with these colorful nesting bowls with airtight lids, you can make the most of your storage space too! They're great for prepping salads or baked goods, and the non slip silicone bottom ensures no messy accidents.
Loose Fit Tunic
Comfy casual is always in style, and this loose fit tunic checks all the boxes. Cute color blocking? Yep. Versatile enough for all the seasons? Check. You can't really go wrong with this one, and your sister will be impressed with your newfound sense of style.
Hanging Rope Swing
For those that work at home, it's important to make your personal space a safe haven. A hammock chair brings a cozy feel to your living space. The quality cotton weave makes it easy to lie down or sit, and the custom side pockets are the perfect size for books and electronics. It's time your sister updated her book nook!
Personalized Initials Ring
If your sister is into the latest trends, she'll know that personalized glam is all the rage. Keep her ahead of the curve with an adjustable Gold Chic initial ring. It's chunky and open-ended for a bold and modern look. Since it's adjustable, it's a lovely gift for any fashionista.
Watch & Jewelry Box
What do you get the sister that has everything? A display case to show it all off! This watch and jewelry organizer is made of quality leather with a glass top and lock and key for added security. She'll be grateful that you appreciate her taste for nice things!
Big Hair Scrunchies
If you're looking for an effortless way to amp up your look, search no further. An oversized scrunchie is the perfect accessory to take your outfit from #WFH to LBD. Even if you wouldn't let your sister borrow your outfit, a trendy scrunchie can act as an olive branch. Sharing is caring, and your sister will be thankful for your good taste.
Luxury Scented Candles Gift Set
One thing about getting older is realizing how much you love a good candle. So what better birthday present for your sister than a soy candle gift set? Comprised of four luxury scents outfitted in the most adorable tins, this set is sure to become a family favorite. Let the lemongrass, lavender, vanilla, and jasmine transport the birthday girl to a different place!
Insulated Water Bottles
These fun insulated water bottles have taken over social media. It has all the regular amenities, like leafproof stainless steel and cold and hot protection. But it's a crowd favorite because of the wide mouth straw lid and cute lanyard handle. Your sister will never get her water bottle mixed up at the gym again!
Happy Birthday Sister Box
When you're not sure exactly what your sister wants, spoil her with a Happy Birthday Sister Box! With all the essentials like fuzzy socks, wine tumbler, jewelry dish, and delicious 'cake' scented candle, your sis will feel super loved. It's all the little extras that she wouldn't buy for herself.