71 Useful Gifts For Quilters That Are Super Stitchin’

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Looking to say thank you for many handmade scarves, blankets and sweaters? There are countless practical and fun gifts for your favorite quilter to enjoy! From useful tools to exciting inspiration, the quilter in your life will be pleased. Whether it’s a family member or treasured friend, check out these themed gift baskets.

Quilting Tote Bag
Give them a simple way to hold onto all of their quilting supplies in one place. This custom tote is decorated with a cute saying and is sturdy enough to take on the road or keep in one place at home for them to enjoy. It is the perfect size for them to enjoy some quilting each day.

Magnetic Sewing Pincushion
Old pincushions can fade and get old, making them harder to use than some of the other options out there. This magnetic sewing pincushion has enough space to hold onto lots of the pins that you need, using magnetism to make them a great option for any home and quilt lover.

Rotating Wooden Thread Rack
When the spools of thread start to multiply, they need a simple place to hold onto all of them and keep the organization. This wooden thread rack is going to provide all of the organization you need. It is best for mini king spools, helping you to grab just what you need quickly.

Sewing and Quilting Machine
It is time to update their sewing and quilting machine to one of the best on the market. This Memory Craft machine is going to have all the features that you need to complete the project quickly. With lots of power and fingertip control for the stitching, it is going to be the perfect option for you.

Magnifier Task Lamp
Those tiny stitches can provide a high-quality product that will look amazing for any event. But seeing all the work that you need to do is hard. This magnifier can make life easier, and it is portable enough to bring with you, no matter where you go.

Mini Project Steam Iron
This project steam iron has been on their list a long time, and now you can make their dreams come true. This is the perfect size to give a lot of power to some of the projects they want to complete, while being safe enough to not burn through anything and cause damage.

Sewing Angel Ornament
Help them get ready for the Christmas season with the help of this cute creek sewing angel ornament. This is a great little angel to keep around, providing them with a great addition to any Christmas tree this holiday season. The hand-painted detail is sure to please too!

Personalized Quilting Room Chalkboard
Give them a sign to personalize any space into their very own quilting space. This is a easy sign to customize with the name that you want and is simple enough to change up when needed. The sign is 8 by 12 and will be made out of aluminum to last a long time.

I'm Quilting Hanging Wall Art
This hanging door sign is going to be a great option for the quilter in your life. With a simple saying of “Please go away. I’m quilting,” they will be ready to sit in silence and do their favorite craft, without having to worry about anyone bugging them, at least for a few minutes.

Full Size Quilt Frame
A quilt is a beautiful piece of art and it needs to be displayed where everyone is able to see it. This full-sized quilt frame is going to be the perfect way to display it at a show or at home. You will love the stability and durability that comes with this one, giving you the perfect place to showcase your skills.

Willow Tree The Quilt Sculpture
This Willow Tree sculpture known as The Quilt is a great addition for a present to the quilter in your life. This is a gift to celebrate some new beginning and has a beautiful blanket to showcase off as well. The handcrafted figurine is going to be perfect for that special someone in your life.

Quilters Coffee Mug
Quilting is hard work and they need a bit of coffee or tea to help them stay up and working late into the night. This coffee cup will be perfect to help them feel loved, enjoy their craft, and get something good to drink in the process.

Electric Fabric Scissors
Give them the gift of some power with these power electric fabric scissors and box cutter. This is an inclusive electric scissor set that will help provide all of the power that you need, without all of the hassle. Easy to turn on and a sharp blade to cut through everything, this will make their quilting life easier.

Hedgehog Pin Cushion for Sewing
Stop using some of the traditional pin cushions and get them something that is cute and adorable. This cute hedgehog pin cushion is able to hold up to 200 pins and will be the perfect addition to any kind of quilting project. The padding is soft and this little guy will become your best friend in no time.

Sewing Machine Necklace
This is a cute addition to any jewelry collection, especially for the quilt lover in your life. This simple necklace has a sewing machine on a silver chain. This is a strong necklace that is meant to last, and if it breaks within the first three years, a free replacement is available!

Heat Erase Pens for Fabric
Quilting requires a lot of marking and work to get things done. These ibotti heat erase pens are the perfect solution. There are four colors to help with any fabric and you can mark and write things down without worry since the ink will fade with washing.

Multipurpose Sewing Clips
Clip and hold things together with ease. And do it in style and color! These sewing clips are available in a tin box package in a variety of colors. With 100 of them to choose from, they will be able to get any project done in no time.

Sewing Quilting Kit
If you are not sure what supplies they need, then a multi-pack is a great way to get them started. This includes everything that they need from fabric markers, seam ripper, thread remover and more, getting them a good start on all their goals for quilting and sewing.

Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter
This rotary cutter is going to have the right rotary blade that you need to get all of the sharpness to cut through any material that you would like. The sliding button will extend the blade when you use it, locking it in position and giving precision for each quilting project.

Flexible Table Lamp
Brighten up any part of the project and make it easier to see with this dimmable clip on reading light. There are three colors and 15 brightness levels to make it look easier to get the project done, no matter how big or small. This works great for getting the perfect stitch done all the time.

Sewing Seam Ripper Tool
Cut, slice, and dice through all of the different quilting projects with the help of this great quilting kit. It has everything you will need from a stitch remover, seam ripper, and thread cutter to get the work done fast. The ergonomic grips make this a great option to use as well.

Scissor Mug
This is a cup unlike any other and will look amazing in no time. This novelties cup is going to have a pair of scissors for the handle, letting them walk around looking cool while keeping up the energy to get that new project done.

Quilters Necklace
Give them a gift that they are going to love and will want to wear all the time. This handmade quilters necklace is going to provide them with a cute saying and a necklace that they can wear out for any occasion. They will be delighted to show off their favorite hobby each time they go out.

Make a Quilt in a Day Book
Learn how to make a quilt quickly with the help of this handy guidebook. This is a great Log Cabin Book that is designed to share all of the information that anyone needs to help them create a quilt they will love and share, whether they are a beginner or an expert.

Cashmere Blanket
While they are up all night working on that great project, it is time to make sure that they are comfortable and warm as they work. This cashmere throw blanket is elegant, soft, and warm, making it one of the best options to use to help them stay warm and comfortable.

Nest Craft Organizer
It is easy for all of the scissors, cutters, and other items to get lost and mixed up when the quilter is busy. This craft organizer is the perfect gift for them to keep organized and make sure that they can find all of their tools when they need them the most.

Detail Scissors
Give them the scissors and thread snips that they really want with the SINGER Bundle. This is going to include the exact products they need to work through the quilt and make it look amazing, whether the project is big or small. The bright blue handles are ergonomic and designed to last a long time.

Premium Tailor Scissors
A good pair of scissors is going to be a lifesaver when it comes to the quilting you need to get done. These heavy duty shears are going to fit the bill. Made out of stainless steel, they are strong enough to go through any material, making a sewing project easier to handle overall.

Quilting Ruler
Help them whip through a quilt in no time and keep up with all of the work that they want with this mini-square quilting ruler. It allows for several sizes along the way, giving the perfect edges and lines, no matter how often you use it.

Free Motion Quilting Template
When they are ready to get started with sewing and quilting for the first time, a few quilting templates will make a world of difference in the success that they will see. This is a great product to give them 11 templates to try something new.

Cricut Maker
The Cricut Maker 3 is the hottest tool for crafters and quilters alike. It helps to provide some of the pro-level cutting that you need, without having to keep scissors and other items around all the time. And with 10 times the power of other models, this will become a staple in your quilting room in no time.

Even Feed/Walking Presser Foot
This is one of the best options to use for quilting. It has an even feed to it to help you get the work done and is great for matching together the fabrics that you need, whether it is a patter, plaid and stripes, or something else.

Quilters Hem Ruler
Help them to make a good line on any quilting project they want to use. This will be a great ruler to provide precise folds and seam allowances for quilts and other garments that you want to use. When they are looking for a good ruler with the best lines and non-slip surfaces, this is the one to choose.

Sew Presser Foot Set 32 Pieces
This is a great gift to give for someone who loves to sew. It includes 32 pieces that will help you get the work done in no time. It is also compatible with most of the major sewing machines out there, giving you the best results, without having to get a new machine!

Acrylic Quilters Ruler & Non Slip Rings
This is one of the best square rulers to be used for quilting. Each laser-cut quilting ruler is going to be strong enough to last a long time. With two-tones on it to keep things even and working well and lots of accuracy, the quilt will get done to perfection each time.

Bias Tape Maker Kit
With this kit, they will be able to make their bias tape, getting the best results in the least amount of time. This can be done in just a few easy steps thanks to this kit, and you can choose the size and width that you need along the way.

Portable Bobbin Winder
Help save them some time and give them a way to wind things up with ease. This bobbin winder will do all the work when the string comes loose and they want to get it fixed in no time. This is a simple and easy way to transfer the thread from its spool over to a bobbin in no time at all.

144pcs Prewound Bobbin Thread
This set of bobbin threads is going to meet all of your requirements when it comes to sewing, quilting, and any other fun project that you would like to do. This is a soft polyester that you are sure to enjoy and comes in size A class to get the best results.

Quilting Room Metal Sign
This large sign is going to make the perfect addition to any quilting room that you have. It is designed out of 24-gauge steel and is not flimsy, so you know it is going to last for a long time along the way. With a simple saying of “quilting room” this can work for any quilter on your list.

Inner Keeper Organizers
Organizing a quilting room can be hard. With this simple organizer, You can help them to store their pictures, stickers, small accessories, and craft supplies in one place. Clean up their quilt room with this simple gift and let them have a room that is easy to move around in.

Canvas Machine Tote
This canvas tote makes transporting all their sewing stuff a breeze. It is a stylish bag that is meant to last and can fit a sewing machine, thread, and all of the additional features and accessories that you need! It is also safe to use and the sipper handles make closing it a breeze.

Sewing Machine Accessory Kit
This sewing machine accessory kit has everything that you need in case the machine stops working. From the twin needle, pressure feet, and everything in between, you can switch things out and make them work, no matter the project. Save them time and hassle with all the accessories in one place!

Electrical Bobbin Winder
This is a highly compatible bobbin that will adjust to fit most of the bobbins that you would like to use. With an easy to operate mechanism that helps even a beginner to get started, and a complete set, they will be ready to go with that next project in no time.

Sewing Machine with 110 Stitch
Don’t just buy them any sewing machine, buy them one that is going to last for a long time. This sewing machine is built to take a beating and will last longer than they can imagine when it is time to get some of the work done.

Sewing Kit & Craft Organizer
Give them the scissors and threat snips that they really want with the SINGER Bundle. This is going to include the exact products they need to work through the quilt and make it look amazing, whether the project is big or small. The bright blue handles are ergonomic and designed to last a long time.

Color Polyester Embroidery Thread Kit
Give them the gift of the rainbow and all the spools of thread that they need this holiday season. This set includes 40 colors so they will have the exact shade and color they need, no matter what project they want to work with. And with high-quality thread, you know this is a gift they will love.

Natural Cotton Batting for Quilts
A quilt is nothing without some softness underneath to keep you warm. And this natural cotton batting will be exactly what they need to complete that soft and gentle quilt. This is luxurious quilting cotton that is made to last and will feel so good!

Handheld Sewing Machine
While a big sewing machine is great for so many projects, this handheld sewing machine is perfect for the beginner or someone who needs to take their quilting on the go. This is suitable for many types of fabric and is easy to carry around, no matter where you go.

Spray N Bond Quilt Adhesive Spray
Give them something simple that will make their lives so much easier. This is one of the best quilt basting adhesive sprays on the market, providing a temporary hold while they get the product done. It is even sewable so it will not gum up your needles as they finish the project.

Multi-Purpose Craft Sewing Scissors
This scissor is a step above the rest. The spring-action design is going to help the scissors open after each cut, making it easier to use over and over again. The sharpness is above the rest and it is tested to cut through the tip, saving time and energy as they go through different fabrics.

Retro Sewing Machine Wall Clock
It is easy for time to slip by when working on some of the fun quilting projects. But with this sewing machine pendulum wall clock, they will always be on time. This looks just like the antique sewing machines and can look great in a spare room or the quilting room of a home.

Traditional Quilt Pattern
Traditional quilts have a bit of nostalgia and love in them. They took forever to make in the past, but you can still recreate them with modern convenient. This laundry basket quilt pattern will take you back to the days of old and is a perfect option for someone who is ready to create something amazing.

Multi-Frame Quilting System
This is a great quilters frame that is able to hold onto fabric that is 38 inches wide. This is the perfect size for wall hangings and more. It is easy to modify to take on any quilt with just a few adjustments and since the frame is the part doing the moving, you can use it with any sewing machine that you have.

Quilt Pounce Pad
This is the one tool that they need for transferring any stencil to any type of fabric to finish off the embroidery. It will save a lot of time while being safe on all fabrics and can make a unique piece unlike anything else. Move over any momento or pattern that you would like in just a few seconds.

Big Crazy Quilt Die
This is a great die to consider for the quilt lover. It can cut up to 5 layers of fabric without slowing down and has room for the dog-eared corners, the seam allowances, and any letters that you would like to add to the quilt. This tool makes quilting easier than ever before.

12 Inch Finished Die
There are many great quilting patterns out there, but the Ohio Star is a classic look that will be amazing for any quilt. With this pattern, you can help the aspiring quilter to have exactly what they need in order to make this without trouble. The cuts will be accurate each time, with no slipping or mistakes to make things difficult.

Swiveling Quilting Hoop with Stand
Don’t give them an old hoop that Is hard to hold onto and use. Give them this Amish Swiveling quilting hoop with a stand. This makes it easy to flip the quilt all around and keeps the hands free to focus on the pattern, rather than holding onto everything.

Quilters Pressing & Seam Flattening Tool
This is an essential tool that all quilters will need. Use it to help with ironing and sewing, giving the professional looks that you want, including crisp seams and creases without the scorching. The pin cushion on the end will help keep the pins close and will provide you with an easy place to put them when you are done too.

Funny Metal Quilting Sign
This cute metal sign is going to help decorate any room where the quilter likes to spend their time. It is made out of metal and at 9 by 12, will fit well anywhere. With a fun play on word that everyone enjoys, this is a great option for a great gift.

Quilting Superpower Mug
When they can never have enough coffee cups and can never get enough of quilting, then this cool coffee mug for them! With a cute saying of “I turn fabric and thread into quilts, what’s your superpower” saying on it, it can make any quilter feel like the superhero they really are.

Quilter Fabric Glide
This is the only fabric glide that your loved one will need. This package will come in two sizes to make it easier to use and it is light and a lot of fun to work with. Use this at home or bring it along on the road to continue all the quilting that you would like to do.

Cotton Fabric Quilting Strips
Jelly Roll fabric can be used in so many different ways for the professional quilter. And these 40 pieces will provide them with lots of the high-quality material that they need to get the quilting done. All of the fabric is treated when it is printed so the colors will remain bright and fresh, even when washed! 20 colors make this a fun one!

Free Motion Quilting Slider Mat
A slippery surface can be a great way to help provide motion to get the quilt done. And this steady free motion quilting slider mat will make this a lot easier. The tacky back will adhere to the surface that you are sewing, but the rest can move around. And it is easy to clean and take care of for the best results.

Cricut EasyPress 2
If you are looking at all of the Cricut products and you want to get them one that can work each day, even when traveling, the Cricut 2 is a great option. The safety base and auto-shutoff feature will provide more peace of mind while using it, while still giving you all the features that you need for this device.

Double Suction Cup Ruler Grip
Rule and measure with confidence thanks to this double suction cup ruler grip. It comes with two suction cups that are going to lock and release right where you need them. It is easy to move around and use the way that you want while protecting the fingers and hands from any potential cuts while quilting.

Fabric Strip Bundle
There is so much to enjoy about these pre-cut fabric strips. You will love the smells of the ocean and the precision cuts that come with them. And these have been designed with the highest quality cotton around. And with 40 strips, you will have exactly what you need while quilting.

Serger Pad and Trim Catcher
Keep the mess to a minimum while slicing and cutting into your quilting patterns. This one comes with a trim catcher bag to make it easy to remove the contents, without making a mess on the surface of the table. Catch that trim and make clean up a breeze with this simple tool.

Quilt Clips
When the quilt is not in use, it is important to keep it cleaned up and protected. These quilt clips will ensure that the quilt is rolled and out of the way all the time. And since they are plastic, they will not snag on the quilt or ruin them at all.

Quilting Ironing Pad
Protect your table and work surface when you need to iron out the quilt thanks to this wool pressing pad. It is easy to pull out and put back away again with just a few seconds of work, providing protection when you need it most.

Rotary Self-Healing Cutting Mat
The Worklion rotary cutting mat has an expertly designed rotating mechanism that will help you to get the smoothest rotation possible. Add in a non-detachable base and any surface that you want to work with can spin around with ease. The grid lines are extremely accurate and the base is non-slip to give the best results.

Quilters Tape Measure
If rulers and other items are in the way all the time, then it is time to use a retractable option to get it all done. This measuring tape will work great on any type of cloth that you have and it can extend longer and ultra-wide compared to any other option on the market.