27 Unique Gifts for Puzzle Lovers They Will Love to Pieces

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Got a present problem you can’t work out? We’ve got the last piece to solving your gift-giving puzzle. Stop wondering what to buy for the jigsaw juggernaut in your life. We’ve found 27 unique gifts to foster their love for puzzles. They will love you – and the gift – to pieces!

Living Room Puzzle Set
Put away the tattered cardboard pieces. This puzzle set has nine different ways to keep your brain active! Each challenging game is made of 100% hardwood. They make a beautiful set for the coffee table. These puzzles are great brain teasers for adults and children.
Marble Run Starter Set
Winner of the Parents' Choice Gold Award and many other nationally acclaimed toy awards. The GraviTrax marble run is the perfect puzzle & STEM toy for kids. Most parents will remember the marble run toys they grew up with. This toy is not like anything in the past. Your kids will be able to build the coolest and most challenging marble runs that will test their creativity. Every parent should buy this for their kids!
Jigsaw Puzzle Table
This is a must-have accessory for a puzzle addict. Keep their pieces all in one place and easy to see. Little drawers keep the pieces out of reach of children and pets when they're not working on it. The table comes with nine glue sheets to preserve your puzzle masterpieces!
The Mandalorian Puzzle
This is the best puzzle to buy for a fan of The Mandalorian. We have spoken. They can put together the pieces to reveal The Child, Mando, and the Razor Crest. As a bonus, it comes with a poster to help solve the jigsaw to show them that 'This is the way.'
Secret Brainteaser Puzzle
This beautiful jigsaw box is great for literary fans. Disguised as carved tomes, it'll hide on their bookshelf without anyone suspecting a thing. Meanwhile, it's actually a secret puzzle box hiding their precious trinkets! Great for storing money, jewels, or more. It makes for a fun gift box brain teaser with the real present inside.
Wine Bottle Puzzle
This is an especially fun and naughty present. Trick them with this wine bottle puzzle. If they want their evening quaff they'll have to earn it. This puzzle retains one bottle of wine that can't be opened unless they solve the puzzle. It makes for a fun way to gift some vino to a puzzle lover.
Lego Minifigure Puzzle
A fun and challenging jigsaw for puzzle-loving brick heads. Lego lovers will enjoy putting together this 1,000 piece puzzle. It features some classic and beloved Lego minifigures. It could be great inspiration for them to collect all of the minifigures. Like a visual checklist!
Interlocking STEM Mini Puzzle
This puzzle set is only as limited as their imagination. Let your child's mind explore with this 1,200 piece set of interlocking bricks. A variety of colors let them build anything they can dream up in 2D or 3D. Open play with this STEM kit lets them explore counting, shapes, and patterns - even engineering!
The Great White Way Puzzle
The ideal gift for any admirer of the Great White Way. This puzzle features a colorful scene of Michael Storrings beloved Broadway. This impressive jigsaw of New York City has a whopping 2,000 pieces. We think that the best way to put it together is while listening to their favorite showtunes.
Interactive Dog Puzzle
Make playtime a treat with this interactive dog puzzle! Hide your pooch's beloved treats and add some fun to snack time. Rather than a simple shake of the treat bag, this puzzle awakens your dog's mind. They can play hide and seek with up to a full cup of chow.
Dog Puzzle Toy
This puzzle is for dogs who've mastered all the rest. Your super smart pup can avoid boredom by sniffing out treats. Let them swivel, scoot, and spin their way to a snack. With no removable parts, you can feel safe knowing your dog will only be munching on what they're meant to be. We'd keep an eye on them, just in case.
Puzzle Stocking Stuffer
If you're looking for a little something to give, this gift will go great anywhere. Literally. This travel-sized 3D puzzle game is as fun as it is stimulating. For kids or adults, it has 200 different challenges! Train the brain at home or on the go. It makes for a great holiday present, to avoid gifting too many chocolates.
Wooden Trick Jewelry Box
Puzzle lovers' eyes will sparkle when they unwrap this bejeweled treasure chest. What makes this artful trinket box extra special is that they get to build it themselves! It comes with five different plates of wood they punch out and assemble. A gift that's fun and useful!
Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle Set
Two beautiful, full-sized jigsaws come in this set. The mod puzzle is based on the famous architect's design. It features 1,000 pieces of Frank Lloyd Wright's work in a beautiful mid-century color palette. The other is a map of blooming spring flowers of the world. One features solid geometric shapes while the other has flowing fine lines. Both are fun challenges to solve.
Portable Puzzle Board
Have they got the pieces of their life together in a small space? This puzzle board helps them keep their hobby mobile. If the table isn't big enough for work and play, this'll help. A smooth black background makes puzzle pieces pop. Handy drawers keep extra pieces safe while out of the way.
Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat
For people even more tight on space, this puzzle roll mat is perfect. No need to shift a work-in-progress. Just roll and go! Instead of a chunky puzzle table, this roll mat stows away in a fraction of the space. Felt holds the pieces in place. Two elastic bands keep it all together. No pieces - or space - lost!
Sort and Go Puzzle Trays
Is there a method to their madness? These sorting trays are a must have. Any puzzle lover who works in quadrants needs these. Match like-for-like pieces, then put the tray aside until ready for it. These puzzle-shaped trays stack for neat storage. They can start the puzzle at home, then finish it at a friend's house.
Magic Puzzles
Beautiful art meats a cunning challenge. This set of magic puzzles comes with three 1,000 piece jigsaws. They're trickier than usual, as the pieces come in a variety of sizes. Plus, not all the flat edges go out the outside of the puzzle! Give them a real challenge with this set.
Rainbow Gradient Puzzle
Make life colorful. This rainbow gradient puzzle is great for lively jigsaw enthusiasts. A challenging 1,000 pieces of pure color will have them relying on shape. They'll want to hang up the final product. The gradient is perfect for inspiration in an artist's workspace or
to celebrate gay pride .
Disney Maleficent Jigsaw Puzzle
For the Disney fan. These puzzles are not for kids, though they can help. 1,000 pieces come in an intricate design of some of Disney's best-loved villains. The images give a 3D effect. Ravensburger anti-glare surface makes working from any angle a breeze. They also promise every piece is cut unique.
Adjustable Puzzle Board
The perfect puzzle board to help keep comfortable. Anyone with limited movement or back problems will thank you for this adjustable puzzle board. It lifts from laying flat to two different angles. Prevent neck pain while still having fun. Soft flannelette holds the pieces in place so they don't slip down.
Kid's Puzzle Exercise Play Mat
We've all seen children's play mats, but have you realized how much fun they are for kids? It's a jigsaw they can crawl all over! This mat does more than protect them during play time. The shapes in each square make a puzzle for kids. They can work on shapes, colors, and fine motors kills before they can walk!
Kid's Carrot Harvest Puzzle
Kids puzzles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. This artisanal carrot harvest puzzle is a nice alternative to unrecyclable plastic toys. A pine wood 'garden plot' block and matching carrots are made with non-toxic paint. The little one will love this matching game.
Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp
Don't let poor daylight or fading eyesight prevent them from their favorite hobby. Puzzle lovers can work day-round, with their contacts out and glasses off. This flexible tool is both magnifying glass and work light all in one. It's got an easy vice to clamp onto any table and keep the jigsaw joy going.
Puzzle Gag Gift
Give them a laugh with their gift. This puzzle is a great gag gift for serious jigsaw devotees. A tame 500 pieces reveal a humorous image of a kitty on its throne. It's made in the U.S.A. from high-quality blue board pieces so the image will look its best.
Puzzle Gift Basket Boxes
Want to give them a generous gift? Make them work for it. This puzzle gift box goes beyond the cash-holding cards. Slip any amount of bills or coins inside the box. Seal it up and gift them the gift of working for it! They won't admit how much fun they had solving it.