19 Gifts for Psychologists That Won’t Shrink Your Wallet

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Two psychologists pass in the hall. The first says, ‘Hello.’ The other thinks, ‘I wonder what he meant by that.’ Need that perfect gift for your loved one or personal shrink? We’ve rounded up a list of 19 Gifts for Psychologists That Won’t Shrink Your Wallet. From the cheeky to the relevant, these gifts are chock-full of Freudian slips that are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Nature Themed Memo Books
Cater to your own mental health and make sure your psychologist is stocked with Field Notes. This 3-pack of graph paper memo books are perfectly pocket-sized for convenience. This pack features The National Park Series theme. Mount Rainier, anyone?
Freud Engraved Quote Pen
When Sigmund Freud said, 'Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength,' he wasn't just referring to mommy issues. This luxury writing tool is a welcome reminder to be kind to yourself, no matter what side of the couch you're on. The ballpoint tip with black ink glides smoothly over important documents and allows you to finish with a flourish.
Funny Psychology Gift Mug
You know the drill - you race to WebMD for a quick diagnosis instead of visiting an actual healthcare professional. Come on, we're all guilty of it. But next time you bring a self-diagnosis into a session, stick the delivery with a cheeky mug. Even the most serious psychologist be forced to crack a smile.
Abstract Brain Visual Art Decor
Imagine: It's 2022 - your year. You're vibing hard with your psychologist. You want to thank them for your recent personal growth. You notice that their walls are bare. You gift a 4-piece Abstract Artwork depicting the different sides of the brain. Left or right? Either way, they'll thank you.
Psychology Board Game
The dreaded words: 'You cannot pass GO. You cannot collect $200.' As adults, we hear this much too often. Ditch the monopoly of life and try Psychopoly, the psychology board game. Board properties are all famous psychologists and pioneers of the field, so instead of Boardwalk Place, you may want to invest in Carl Jung. It's a fun way to make psychology more accessible!
End The Stigma T-Shirt
One of the best ways to wear your heart on your sleeve is with an End the Stigma T-Shirt. This lightweight, vintage fit t-shirt is 100% cotton and is available in 7 colors. Bring awareness to mental health and end the stigma that is attached to seeking help so we can all get better together. And look good at the same time, too.
Freud and Couch Finger Puppet Set
From the Unemployed Philosophers Guild comes another gem: Sigmund Freud and his couch. But this time he's not your shrink, he's shrunken for your shrink. Freud stands at a plush 4-inches tall so that he can fit on your psychologist's finger before coming to rest on the fridge. Because who doesn't want to psychoanalyze in the comfort of their own home?
Bonnie Mohr Hanging Wall Art
If your favorite psychologist is torn between Freud and the Holy Father, they don't have to choose! Honor both with 'Living Life' Inspirational Wall Art. The handcrafted wood frame is made to last with a textured finish and comes ready to hang. Featuring an inspirational poem by Bonnie Mohr, this high-quality religious piece is beautiful in any entryway or office.
Redstone Inkblot Card Game
Your psychologist helps you, but who helps your psychologist? Encourage them to explore themselves through reflection and free association with the Redstone Inkblot Card Game: The Ultimate Game of Personality. This set of cards is not just any set of cards - they feature inkblot tests along with a set of instructions on how to interpret the human psyche.
Freudian Sips Coffee Mug
Speaking of oral fixations, does your psychologist prefer coffee or tea? Either way, they're sure to love the cheekiness of this Freudian Sips Coffee Mug. It presents Freud saying, 'When you say one thing but mean your mother.' And let's be honest, we always mean our mothers. Satisfy their fixation with a smile. Come on, you know it's funny.
Fields of Psychology Scarf
A perfect gift for any psychology student, professor, or psychologist is the richly colored Fields of Psychology Scarf. It's large enough to feature all the different fields of psychology, from behavioral to cognitive to developmental. It's a tad bohemian and a tad nerdy, and hey - it might even save them come exam season.
Tea Chest Variety Gift Box
Give your favorite mental health professional another reason to say 'Mmmm' with this Tea Chest Variety Gift Box. No, they're not peering over their glasses as they psychoanalyze you. This time, they themselves are sinking into the chaise lounge as they're enveloped by various green tea infusions. Think lemon sorbetti, cherry marzipan, and sencha green tea. Think quiet luxury.
Fields of Psychology Tote Bag
But where is all the emotional baggage stored? With this boho-chic tote bag, you can be assured that your favorite psychology lover has all the support they need. Featuring original artwork highlighting the various fields of psychology, this soft canvas bag is a beautiful reminder of the intricacies of the field of psychology.
Scented Candle Gift Set
For hours of aromatic bliss, try this Scented Candle Gift Set. These soy candles are naturally clean and long-lasting with up to 25 hours of burning time each, for a total of 150 hours per gift set. Now that's the gift that keeps on giving! And with scents like Strawberries & Cream and Mediterranean Fig, zen is inevitable.
Treatment Tissue Box Holder
This is a thoughtful and useful thank-you gift for any psychologist. This muted, classy tissue box holder offers professionalism and structure while allowing for a level of comfort. It adds to any office decor. Made of aluminum, it's sturdy and long-lasting - created to last the duration of your relationship.
Precise Pine Wooden Desk Clock
There could be many things driving you (or your psychologist) crazy, but don't let mornings be one of them. This Wooden Desk Clock is made of genuine pine and operates with a precise silent sweep mechanism so there's no ticking. It's modern simplicity makes it a great addition to any office desk or bedside table.
Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
Say 'Ohm' with a Tibetan Singing Bowl Set. This authentic meditation bowl is hand hammered in Nepal and includes a wooden striker and cushion for the ultimate healing experience. Considered a form of energy medicine and used worldwide, Tibetan singing bowls are renowned for their healing abilities and meditative uses. It even fits in the palm of your hand for 24/7 accessibility.
Psychologist Keychain
And if you're stumped by what to get for your psychologist friend, a pretty keychain is always a viable option. This one is eye-catching yet simple, a small silver ensemble bearing a three charms: a human brain, psychologist, and a heart. It's a nice neutral way to say 'I respect you! Thanks for doing what you do.'
90 Day Organizational Planner
Every mental health professional could use a more spacious Organizational Planner! This 90 Day Organizational Planner is endorsed by top psychologists and built for productivity based on leading research. It's undated so they can focus on what's important to them, while boosting productivity and focus at the same time. Who doesn't love a little mental clarity?