17 Gifts for Podcast Lovers to Keep Them Listening in 2022

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Everybody has at least one podcast fan in their lives. You know the ones. They don’t miss an opportunity to listen to a podcast or to tell you about the one they’re listening to currently. Whether you know one or 21 podcast lovers, we’ve got gift ideas that will make them pause their podcast and jump for joy. Our podcast gift guide has unique ideas for podcast listeners and creators alike.

The Podcast Journal
You're a huge podcast fan. Your brain is bursting with ideas for your own podcast. Where do you start? The Podcast Journal is the perfect guide to take you from ideas to launch in 50 days. It makes every day count. Stop dreaming. Start podcasting. Podcast lovers are waiting to hear from you!
True Crime Podcast T-Shirt
You never miss a chance to grab a cup of java and listen to the latest true crime podcast. This is such a beautiful way to express your two true loves. Or maybe it's your one true love who's the podcast fan. In that case your one true crime would be not gifting him or her with this telling tee-shirt.
Podcast Mug
When you're thinking it, but can't say it, let our mugs do the talking. Say what?! I'd rather be podcasting. These mugs are sold as a set of four because wherever you are, there's a podcast on your mind. We put the design on both sides so your message comes across loud and clear.
AirPods for Podcast Lovers
Now hear this, podcast fans! Sorry, we don't mean to shout but you really should hear this. With the Apple AirPods soft silicone tips in your ear, you'll enjoy smooth sailing on all your podcast adventures. Sound quality is everything for podcast lovers. Whether you're cleaning around the house or walking down the street, your perfectly curated podcasts deserve to be heard perfectly.
Microphone for Podcasting
When you're podcasting you want to set the right mood and tone for your story. Shure MV7 Podcast microphone amplifies your voice and removes room noise. Its intuitive touch panel allows you to create soundbooth quality audio so that nothing gets in the way of your storytelling. Your podcast fans wouldn't have it any other way.
The Serial Killer Coloring Book
The Serial Killer Coloring Book for the true-crime fanatic in your life. You know who they are by their serial habits. The only serial killer movie or TV show they haven't seen are the ones that haven't been made yet. Their podcast library has every true-crime podcast ever created. Gift them with a killer new hobby.
Let's NPR & Chill Socks
What's your favorite thing about NPR? Do you listen obsessively all day long or only tune into the podcasts? No matter how you NPR, your NPR and Chill socks are here for you. The fine knit makes them stronger. The bold graphics and colors add the fun. All things considered, you should get these, here and now.
Bluetooth Portable Record Player
If you believe vinyl sounds better, just wait till you experience it on this Victrola Vintage. Whether you're feeling nostalgic for the sound or you're a new vinyl fan, it's an experience you won't forget. The cool retro case colors you get to choose from are the icing on the ole Victrola.
Premium Wireless Headset
You don't have to be at home to work from home. Work anywhere you want with your Jabra Evolve headset and mic. In a park near the highway or your favorite coffee shop and need to record a quick podcast segment? Have at it. They can bring on the noise, your podcast listeners will hear only you.
Podcast Production Studio
The Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio is the perfect place to start your own podcast OR just for your Zoom calls! It's a great alliteration which also happens to be true. Your podcasts may be a one-person show, but it doesn't have to sound that way. RODECaster will put polish on your podcasts and your fans will take a shine to you.
Podcast Mic & Kit
Try to ignore the noise in the background. Those are words you never want to say at the top of your podcast. Sudotack podcast mic and kit will make sure you won't have to. Your podcast listeners should hear only the sounds you want them to. Nothing more, nothing less.
KOHLER Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead
This is such a refreshing combination. You can create the ambience that's right for you in the shower with the Kohler Bluetooth Showerhead speaker. News and weather junkies, sports fans, music lovers and even podcast listeners can keep their appetites whet even while they're in the shower.
Bluetooth Sound Bar
It's a must for your next road trip. Pack up the cooler and don't forget to bring your Bose Bluetooth Sound Bar along for the ride. Start streaming your playlist. When your throat becomes dry from singing, turn the control over to your podcast loving co-pilot. Makes a thoughtful gift too!
Powerful Outdoor Speakers
The great outdoors need great outdoor speakers. Mount them high or set them low, either way you'll be pleasantly surprised by the powerful and balanced sounds coming from your Polk Audio Atrium outdoor speakers. Your pool parties will become legendary, especially if you sneak in a podcast here and there.
Bluetooth Headphone Beanie Hat
Warms your head and your heart. That's the promise of the Bluetooth headphone and beanie hat. Whether you're walking in the woods or jogging on the beach, your intricately knitted beanie will turn heads. Nature-loving podcast lovers will instantly appreciate the joy this beanie can bring. It doubles their fun with no strings attached.
Beginner's Podcasting Guide Book
The friendly and comprehensive roadmap you need for your podcast production journey. You'll never get lost with this Beginner's Podcasting Guidebook. The guide has step-by-step directions that will take you from podcast concept city to cashing in. All from a podcasting pro who wants you to succeed in the biggest way possible.
Lantern Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
A thing of beauty is also pleasing to the ear. Taking a little poetic license to share the Bluetooth lantern waterproof speakers. It seems like a lot to ask of something so small, but these lantern speakers deliver both light and sound beautifully. It's time to illuminate all your favorite sounds, from pop to podcasts.