73 Soaring Pilot Gifts That Will Have A Smooth Landing

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Pilots navigate the skies and soar through the air, taking us to places we’ve only previously dreamt of. Let’s all thank these brave captains with some wonderful gifts from this list of the best pilot gifts. From watches to aviator sunglasses and personalized items, these gifts are perfect for helicopter pilots, airplane pilots, or pilots who are retiring.

Vintage Airplane Propeller Wall Decor
Any pilot or aviation fan is going to love having this oversized handcrafted iron propeller clock hanging on their wall. It would look great in a man cave or study. Maybe you or a friend has an office in a private airplane hangar? Either way, this will definitely turn heads and spark conversation.

Novelty Pilot Coffee Mug
Want a great way to announce to the world that you are a pilot who loves what they do? Than you need this mug. Whether you are an aspiring pilot or a seasoned aviator, you can drink your pilot pride, loud and proud with this mug.

Pilot Kneeboard
Kneeboards are an essential accessory for pilots. They have hooks and boards to allow for easy inflight writing and chart reading. This gift is the perfect way to show your pilot friend that you care about their needs. They'll appreciate you getting them something that makes their life easier for sure.

Cross Country Flight Bag
Pilots haul around a lot of stuff while they jet across the world. This flight bag will help them keep their important things safe and secure. It has multiple compartments for storing valuables and important documents right where they need to go. You couldn't ask for a better bag to globetrot with.

Garmin Instinct Watch
The Garmin Instinct is a rugged beast that can handle the toughest environments. It's absolutely loaded with with a boatload of sensors and features, such as GPS, health monitoring, barometric sensors, and more. This bad boy is popular with pilots, military personnel, and tech-oriented adventurers and travelers.

Traditional Wooden Airplane Propeller
This wooden airplane propeller evokes a sense of the past. Imagine sepia-toned photographs of old-timey explorers past leaning against their classic prop planes before gallivanting across the Sahara into an ancient ruin. Or maybe it will just look great on the den wall. This is a the perfect aviation gift for him!

Flight: The Complete History of Aviation
This is an essential read if you are an aviation enthusiast. The story of flight has been a wild and fascinating ride throughout the years. If you have even a passing interest in airplanes, make this your top pick for your fall reading list.

Scout Flight Jacket
This jacket imbues the wearer with a sense of power and authority. These jackets are made by a company with deep roots in serving the military aviation community, so you can bet that this fit is of the highest quality. Inside the jacket is a reversible orange inner shell that features an American flag 'blood chit', echoing the original L-2B flight jacket from the 1950s.

Promaster Navihawk Watch
Citizen produces high caliber watches for high caliber people. This watch is engineered to handle the exacting requirements of the pilot life. Frankly, the amount of features this watch has is mind boggling. But that's to be expected when you have to handle all the things a pilot handles.

Airplane Night Light 3D Illusion Lamp
Don't bother with boring old-school nightlights when you could have a 3D illusion lamp. The LED light is mesmerizing to behold and won't hurt your eyes. It features a translucent 747 wireframe design that looks as if it could fly right out of its display. This makes a great aviation gift for holidays or any occasion.

Muscle Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Many jobs these days require you to sit in cramped, hunched over positions that can leave you feeling stiff and sore. This deep tissue massage gun makes for a perfect portable solution. Perfect for pilots, frequent travelers, truck drivers, athletes and anyone in need of total body relaxation. No masseuse needed!

Trintec Instrument Coaster Set
If you fly or have a pilot friend, this is the perfect gift for protecting your surfaces. Chances are, with a jet setting lifestyle, you may have frequent cocktail meetups. You don't want to leave a ring and embarrass yourself in front of the guests! Get a set of cockpit instrument-themed coasters.

Airplane Stoneware Bookends Set
Aviation buffs who are also bookworms will find these airplane stoneware bookends quite nifty. These bookends form the shape of a biplane that comes in a pewter-colored finish. If you have a collection of aviation themed books, these would work especially well to highlight those volumes.

Wright Brothers Flying Machine Posters
These posters feature the illustrated plans for the Wright Brothers' 'flying machine' and add a touch of the classic 'old-timey' aviation aesthetic to your space. Pilots, aviation fans, or maybe college students with a love of flight and engineering could find these quite nice hanging on the wall of the dorm, study, or man-cave.

Corkology Aviation Coasters
If you travel or are a pilot, these coasters are great. This could be your set of lucky coasters that you take with you everywhere. Hotels will love how you don't leave rings on their furniture and you can feel great knowing you have a set of lucky aviation coasters! Or they can just be regular coasters. It's your life.

Under Armour 1/2 Zip-Up Long Sleeve
Under Armour's long sleeve zip-up will keep you comfortable and dry for long periods. The material is lightweight, wicks moisture away, and comes in a variety of colors. Under Armour is the quintessential athletic wear company and their quality is well known and reliable.

Dad, Man, Pilot, Legend T-Shirt
If you know a champ who loves to fly (*like an eagle!*), get them this t-shirt. Really, this shirt says it all. If you are a dad, a man, a pilot, and a legend, there is no conversation to be had. It's destiny. You have to own this shirt. Sorry, I don't make the rules.

Fighter Jets American Flag Blanket Throw
This beautiful throw blanket is a fantastic way to display your patriotism in the comfort of your home. These gorgeous blankets are woven from 8 miles of pure American cotton - never printed. If you, a family, or a friend know a fighter pilot or are just super into fighter jets, this blanket definitely makes a fine addition to your collection.

Airplane Mode T-Shirt
This t-shirt features a super cool graphic design of a prop plane and a clever play on the words 'airplane mode' phone feature we all know and love. This shirt is for true aviation fans, pilots, students, and instructors. Don't bottle up your love for the skies. Wear it for the world to see.

The Women with Silver Wings
True fans of aviation history will find this volume essential to their collection. This book is about the powerful story of the trailblazing women of the WASP program who proved that they were just as valuable to the war effort as their male counterparts. Learn about these incredible sky warriors and what they did to earn their place in history.

My Heart is in The Sky Bracelet
It can be difficult being separated from your partner or family member if they are active in the military or the aviation industry. This adorable bracelet is a great to keep your loved one in your thoughts while they are off doing their duty. It's also a great way to show off your pride in all of their hard work.

Homesick Scented Candle - Washington
Candles always make a great gift idea for your friends and family! When you are missing home and need a little reminder of what it's like back there, just light a 'homesick' scented candle to experience the scents of your home state. Don't forget to turn on some music and pour a delicious, relaxing beverage to go along with the atmosphere.

Trintec Altimeter Wall Clock
If you have ever loved the feeling of being in the cockpit and appreciate the look and feel of being surrounded by hundreds of knobs and readout displays, this altimeter wall clock will look amazing on your wall. Makes a great gift for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History
This book makes a fantastic gift for aviation history enthusiasts who appreciate books with bold visuals. 'Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History' is jam-packed with hundreds of entries detailing the exciting history of all sort of flying machines; planes, helicopters, airships, early prototypes, and cutting edge aviation technology.

Leather Flight Bomber Jacket
If you want to look like a legend, this leather WWII-style bomber jacket is an essential addition to your wardrobe. This jacket is a reproduction of the original US Air Force A-2 bomber jacket and features true 100% goat hide. Not all flight jackets on the market have that, and that's a guarantee.

Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope
Celestron's portable refractor telescope allows you to explore the stars away from home. The entire setup fits in a backpack that comes with this telescope, which comes with everything a beginning or mobile astronomer needs to view the skies. 10mm and 20mm lenses that can be swapped out for low and high-powered viewing for stargazing at night and long-distance terrestrial viewing during the day.

Vintage Marine Sundial Compass
Old-school sailors of yore journeyed across the high seas with these instruments from antiquity. If you are looking for a gift that will impress avid collectors of historical navigational instruments, you should definitely pick this sundial compass up. It's made of solid brass and comes in a satisfyingly aesthetic leather carrying case.

Antique Compass in Rosewood Box
Centuries before the arrival of GPS, humanity explored the world with the help of compasses. This lovingly handcrafted rosewood compass would not only look phenomenal as a part of your home decor, but is also fully functional. It's super portable so it makes a great gift for lovers of finely crafted bespoke decor or travelers with a fondness for vintage tech.

Aviation Earplugs for Ear Pain Relief
The changes in altitude while flying frequently cause inner-ear discomfort as the pressure mounts. These aviation ear plugs can help provide relief over those long journeys while also reducing noise exposure up to 20 decibels. Keep these handy for your next flight and your ears will thank you.

German Automatic Pilot Watch
This gorgeous watch is a piece of history that you can wear. This piece was based on the same original watch design originally from WWII. These were designed and produced in Germany, a country well known for its superb engineering. You can count on this timepiece being of the highest quality.

Brass Nautical Sextant
Nautical sextants were used in the days of old to help sailors navigate the high seas. This a great gift idea for collectors of historical navigation instruments or for nautical enthusiasts and veterans of the naval service. This specimen is cast from pure brass and would be add a touch of classiness to your home or workspace.

3 Panels Vintage Plane Picture
There is just a certain intrepid quality that early aviation had to it. Maybe it was the sense of discovery and new possibilities opening up? Perhaps it was the excitement of novel technologies that hadn't been encountered before. Either way, this exquisite 3-panel vintage plane will bring a touch of adventure to any space.

World Map Canvas Wall Art
This world map canvas wall decoration is undeniably gorgeous. Dare I say, maybe even practical. Not only will this add a touch of bespoke luxury to your space, but if you ever need to look up a location on the globe, voila! Instant reference material. Two birds, one stone. Makes a great gift for dad.

Bullet Dotted Journal and Organizer
Few items can claim to be the 'end all, be all' in their category but If I had to pick one, I'd say that dot journals are the most versatile notebooks on the market. They are super customizable and useful for tracking your ideas and daily to-do lists. These make a fantastic gift idea for writers, athletes, pilots, and frequent travelers.

Scratch Off World Map Poster
If you or someone you know is a frequent flyer or a pilot, this scratch-off world poster is a unique way to keep track of your various journeys in a fun, engaging way. Not only would this look great hanging in an office or a pilot's cabin, but you could show off to your friends and family how well-traveled you are. Instant cool points!

Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll
Anyone who has traveled frequently will tell you how easy it is to misplace small items when you are focused on getting from point A to point B. This travel jewelry organizer will keep your valuables organized and secured where you need them to be. Travelers and pilots, take note.

Luggage Travel Cup Holder
Space is a premium when you're traveling. You don't have the time or the luxury to haul around a bunch of stuff in your arms when you are trying to catch your next flight. This super nifty cup holder attachment for your luggage can keep your drink from being knocked over by an errant passenger who isn't watching where they are going.

Digital Handheld Luggage Scale
Trying to figure out if you are under the airport's checked luggage weight limit when you are about to travel can be a massive hassle. Even worse, you could potentially find yourself having to throw away items you value but can't take with you. Never worry about guessing your luggage weight again with this digital luggage scale.

Universal Travel Outlet Adapter
If you are a pilot, aircrew member, or frequent global traveler, having a universal power adapter is a must-have item. This adapter block comes with outlets for the UK, the EU, the US, Australia, and Asia. It also includes a USB port so you can keep your phone and electronics powered no matter where you go.

Water-resistant Toiletry Bag
This toiletries kit can handle the rigors of road and air travel and will keep all of your vital grooming supplies dry and ready to go wherever you go. It's super space efficient, has spacious compartments, and is made with easy to clean, water-resistant material.

Body Restore Shower Steamers
Shower steamer tablets are the perfect choice for relaxing after a long stressful day. Just toss one in and enjoy. Once activated by the hot water, they release a soothing vapor that you can feel in your sinuses. You'll feel your stress melting away before the steamer tablet does!

Windproof Travel Umbrella
Nobody wants to get caught in the middle of bad weather without an umbrella. Your hairdo gets messed up, your clothes get soaked, your electronics potentially get ruined, and so on. That's why a travel umbrella is an essential item to include in your backpack, purse, or carry-on luggage.

Collapsible Water Bottle Pair
Ditch the massive canteen from your luggage or carry-on with this collapsible water bottle. When space is a premium, it's essential that every item earn its place. If you or a friend are a frequent flyer or just want a more more space-efficient hydration system, this is a must have.

Fossil Leather Bifold Wallet
The 100% leather wallet is brought to you by Fossil, a company that places a premium on watches and leather goods that are ultra-functional but elegantly fashionable. This bifold wallet is an absolute dream to carry. It has lots of room for all of your cards and cash, is easy to access, and is highly organizable. A slam-dunk gift idea.

Travel Luggage Organizers
When traveling, it can feel like your belongings grow feet and walk off unless you nail them down. This luggage organizer tool will help you conquer the chaos by keeping loose articles of clothing and other items separated and easy to look through. Never lose your favorite pair of socks on your trip again!

Arrivals & Departures Doormat
If you need a gift for someone who flies frequently or is an airline pilot, you really can't go wrong this funny 'arrivals and departures' doormat. Guests will be delighted to 'land' at your place for a great time with this doormat. This mat has a durable non-slip rubber back that you can trust to do its job.

Infusion Water Bottle
If you love fruit infusions, but wish you could take one on the go, wish no more. This fruit infusion water bottle is the answer to your lightly-fruit-flavored-water dreams. This is a fantastic gift for friends and family who need a way to drink their fruit infusions on the go. Phenomenal for traveling!

Seiko Kazu Mantel Clock
If you've ever wished for a touch of classiness in your home, definitely check Seiko Kazu's mantel clock. The elegant oak casing is regal in appearance, and when the hourly chimes go off, it sounds dignified and stately. You can just imagine someone penning their memoirs in the study while wearing a smoking jacket when this clock strikes. A great welcome home gift!

Pilot Black Watch
This elegant watch is inspired by the timepieces worn by pilots. The black watch face and white quartz numerals have a luxurious look, while the brown calfskin leather band feels like a million bucks on your wrist. However, it isn't all for looks, with water resistance in up to 200 meters of water. This is a watch that will serve you well anywhere you go.

Massagers for Neck and Back Pain Relief
Long journeys can make your neck tighter than Fort Knox. This personal massager for your neck and back will bring you relief for those days when you just can't work the knots out. The combination hot compress and bi-directional deep tissue kneading massage functionality will leave you feeling renewed.

Premium Woven Plane Necktie
This premium necktie is both classy, stylish, and fun to wear. The airliner designs on this tie makes for a perfect gift for a pilot or aviation buff. This item will look great on your no matter if you wear it in the cockpit or to an official dinner function.

Fire TV Cube
Hey Alexa...play my favorite movie'. The Fire TV cube is a phenomenal entertainment device that can bring you tens of thousands of channels in 4k and also includes a built in Alexa. If you are someone who travels frequently, this a essential item to bring with you wherever you go.

Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle readers have been the biggest name in the e-reader industry for years and with good reason. The Paperwhite provides a comfortable and portable reading experience without the eye strain that comes with staring at a glowing screen for hours on end. This device is sleek and slim, so you can take it practically anywhere.

Flexible Phone Tripod and Remote
If you don't have a lot space to work with, or are traveling and have your luggage packed tightly, you need to find ways to save space wherever possible. This flexible phone tripod is the perfect replacement for a bulky full-sized tripod so that you have more space for your other valuables and belongings.

Teeth Whitening Device Kit
Do you dream of a radiant smile that shines from across the room? This LED light & heat accelerator will help you achieve that smile with a quick and painless 8-minute process. The inventor, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, is a dentist responsible for hundreds of red carpet smiles. If it's good enough for the stars, it's good enough for you. Super portable too!

Quick-Dry Soft Lightweight Towel
Microfiber towels are fantastic for absorbing liquids like a vacuum. These towels are super lightweight and can fit discreetly in a beach bag or luggage for long-distance travel. They also dry twice as fast as normal towels and come in a variety of different designs and colors.

Chiropractic Pillow
Too often that we find ourselves waking up in a state of discomfort because we don't have quality pillows to support our head and neck. Restful sleep is vital for maintaining your energy at optimal levels. You deserve better sleep, so don't suffer through another restless night. Get a chiropractic pillow so you can drift to sleep in total comfort.

Portable White Noise Machine
There are nights when it seems like the only thing you can do is toss and turn. A white noise machine could help you relax while you drift off peacefully to sleep. This device is super portable so it's great for people who frequently travel or fly. This device contains over 30+ different background sounds and a sleep timer.

Aviator Polarized Sunglasses
This set of polarized aviator sunglasses will have you looking like a total maverick while you soar along the clouds. These bad boys are iconic and built to last.

General Aviation Pilot Headset
Rugged Air brings you this heavy-duty pilot headset that is built to handle the demands of the aviator life. It is adjustable, has inputs to listen to music, as well as noise reduction capability. Rugged Air is the number one choice on the market of headsets for student pilots and flight schools, so you can feel confident with this choice for sure.

Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit
This bespoke beard grooming kit is a must have for the traveler who values an immaculately groomed beard. Hotel toiletries are frequently just serviceable. Nothing special. But your royal whiskers need the highest quality. Don't settle for subpar grooming products. Soften, condition, and nourish your skin, hair and beard with this upgraded kit.

Premium Bamboo Cheese Board
This premium bamboo cheese board makes for the perfect charcuterie board. Whenever you have a hangout or meeting, be sure to bust this out and serve up an array of fine cheeses and fruits. It even comes out with a knife set and board that slides out for easy storage. Your guests will love it!

Fly Safe I Love You Keychain
This keychain makes for a perfect gift for a loved one who flies. No matter whether they are an airline pilot or a military aviator, they will appreciate having a little reminder of their family waiting for them back home. These keychains come ready to be wrapped and gifted, making this an easy choice for the aviator in your life.

Black Hawk Helicopter Replica 1:60 Scale
Model collectors will be proud to add this highly detailed 1:60 scale Black Hawk Helicopter replica to their display. Other than the wings, weapons, and rotors, this model is constructed mostly of metal, giving it an extra bit of authenticity. This gorgeous model is good to go - no need to assemble!

Pilot Parking Metal Sign
Everybody knows that being a pilot is cool. Let the whole world know with this pilot parking sign. It's the perfect gift for the aviation buff who enjoys funny decor. The sign would look great in your parking spot as well as your man cave, study, bar, or work space.

Fossil Men's Coachman Quartz Watch
Fossil is renowned for their fine watch craftsmanship. If you want a watch that looks good in a suit or something more casual, this is the piece for that. This timepiece evokes a timeless classic American style that is fiercely independent while remaining understated and tasteful.

Aviator Hat with Pilot Goggles
This faux-leather aviator hat is guaranteed to turn heads. The look of this hat evokes a sense of classical style and adventurous ruggedness. Just as your fearless spirit can't be limited, neither should your choice in style-you choose the color and even the style of goggles that come with this hat!

Landing Leathers Flight Bomber Jacket
There really is nothing that can compare to the look of the classic A-2 Air Force Flight Bomber Jacket. It's an iconic, cinematic look. This jacket is made to the same standards as the classic A-2 and even features an American flag imprinted on the inside, just like the blood-chits traditionally found inside the original.

Phonetic Alphabet Plane T-Shirt
This t-shirt has a graphic made up of the phonetic alphabet arranged to look like an airplane and makes a great gift. This shirt is lightweight, machine washable, and is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of a pilot, a veteran, or an aviation buff.

Trust Me, I'm a Pilot Socks
You know probably has a sense of humor about their socks? Pilots. They have to travel in them constantly, so you can bet that they will probably appreciate looking down at their socks and having a chuckle mid flight when they need a break from piloting for a few minutes.

Quick Flip Reversible Backpack Hoodie
This hoodie is the next level of form and function. It literally turns into a backpack. How cool is that!? This is actually a product that was funded on the hit TV show, Shark Tank, so you know it has to be good. This is a great item for frequent travelers. Anything that saves time and space is worth its weight in gold when traveling.

Life is Better Flying Plate Frame
If you are ever at a loss about what to get a friend or family member who is a pilot or into aviation, I present to you: the 'Life is Better Flying' plate frame. T recipient of this fantastic gift won't see this coming! Great for those times when you can't think of what to get your person.

Born to Fly Sweatshirt
The profile of bush planes are regal and nimble at the same time. The design of this stylish-but-comfortable hoodie reflects the dual nature of that legendary aircraft. Everything from the threading of this hoodie to it's aesthetic font type and graphic design just screams quality.