21 Gifts for Physical Therapists That Will Lift Them Up

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Physical therapists often become central figures in their patients’ lives. They invest time and energy into their patient’s success. Yet after the first baby steps are taken, they’re often forgotten. Physical therapists need some lovin’ too! Show your gratitude with a unique gift created with them in mind. They’ll be surprised… see that face muscle that’s twitching? Yeah, that’s a smile!

Handmade Metal Figurine
For the quirky physical therapist, this handmade collectible serves up all the 'industrial chic' vibes. Crafted from nuts, washers, and brazing rods, the metal figurine is the perfect size to liven up a desk space. It's a great conversation starter, and if you run out of things to talk about, there's a matching cardholder available for purchase as well.
Personalized Physical Therapist Mug
What's a health professional without their personalized mug? If you've noticed that the physical therapist in your life is lacking, do them a favor! Their co-workers can finally stop snickering behind their back. And we've saved the best for last - this lovely ceramic mug is the ultimate mix of feminine and professional. Now we can wonder freely: What are they drinking?
Physical Therapist Hoodie
Even occupational therapists have bad days. And what do humans want to do on bad days? Throw on a comfortable hoodie and sink into the couch. This cotton blend guarantees they'll stay happy and warm while the twill-taped neck offers that additional stability that we love. Even better, it's personalized-- so their significant other can't steal this one.
Funny Bone Shaped Pens
Your physical therapist likely knows more about your body than you'd like-- no more surprises there. Really catch them off guard with a bone-shaped ballpoint pen. These funny pens guarantee light chuckles through the day. They're tried and tested, and not just with therapists! Patients love them too. Everyone knows the funny bone is the key to the heart!
White Noise Machine
Let's hope that you're not the reason your physical therapist lies awake in bed at night. Regardless, a white noise machine will cancel all transgressions. With 24 soothing sounds spanning from oscillating fans to thunderstorms, the Douni Sleep Sound machine will lull even the rowdiest baby into a deep sleep. It could be the best gift they've ever gotten, just saying.
Anatomy Medical Skeleton
You don't want to be the first guinea pig, do you? I didn't think so! Prepare your favorite physical therapist for all the twists and turns of your body with a life-size medical anatomy skeleton. The parts are detachable to encourage thorough study and the stand makes it easy to move around. That way, there's nothing new under the sun!
Portable Treatment Table
In recent years, most professions have veered towards self-sufficiency. This portable massage table makes it easy for your physical therapist to bring the party to you! It's an all-inclusive resort -- I mean, it's an all-in-one treatment table-- with a face cradle, pillow, and compact carrying case. It'll come in handy when you're less mobile. Which might already be the case.
Gray's Anatomy Classic Book
This leatherbound classic by Henry Gray F.R.S. discusses science while cloaking it in art. More than just a list of body parts, Gray's Anatomy acknowledges the beauty of the physical form while connecting the reader to the larger picture. Gray explores a body of knowledge grown and proven over hundreds of years.
Electric Deep Tissue Body Massager
Here's some work that your physical therapist won't mind taking home with them! This deep tissue electric massager is powerful enough for professional use while being just compact enough to fit into their bag at the end of a long work day. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use alone or in conjunction with a physical therapy regimen.
Pearlescent White Ballpoint Pen
Pens, pens, pens! To any health professional, one can never have enough. And this one is akin to the golden egg -- a pearlescent white lacquer ballpoint pen. With its polished rose-gold appointments, this pen says that it's all about the small luxuries. The specially formulated black ink flows smoothly to ensure the 'flourish' of your therapist's signature.
Physical Therapist Keychain
If you're not quite sure if the physical therapist in your life is a pediatric physical therapist or an orthopedic physical therapist, it's too late to ask now. This antique silver-plated charm features the medical caduceus with the letters PT representing physical therapy. So hey, you never have to be wrong! It's a nice memento of your acknowledgment and respect.
Physical Therapist Water Bottle
Show your love for your PT while saving the planet! As the world moves away from single-use plastics, personal water bottles have become a go-to gift. This 16 ounce tumbler is the optimum size for that large iced coffee while the vibrant purple ensures that it won't be 'repossessed' by Janet over in Vestibular Rehabilitation.
The Shoulder and Neck by Leonardo da Vinci
Looking around at the detailed anatomy charts, you could say that some physical therapy offices are dull. Where is the warmth, the art? Spice up any rehabilitation space with a canvas reproduction of a Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece! Superficial Anatomy of the Shoulder and Neck is an incredible blend of science and art and comes ready to hang. Ah, now that's better.
Women's Cloudfoam Shoe
True to its name, the Adidas Women's Cloudfoam shoe lends gentle support with an insulated and cushioned fit. The Cloudfoam is ultra lightweight and is designed with ease and accessibility in mind. They're perfect for a physical therapist on their feet all day. I mean, who doesn't like walking on clouds?
Men's Ultraboost 20 Sneaker
Much like occupational therapists, the Adidas Men's Ultraboost 20 Sneaker does it all. The Ultraboost offers the responsive boost midsole preferred by athletes. The knitted textile upper allows the shoe a sock-like fit that is comfortable enough for all-day wear. The result? An extra little pep in your step.
Hopscotch Grid for Pediatric PT
Pediatric physical therapists are a whole 'nother kinda saint. While we can't gift them endless energy, we can help them out with a hopscotch grid. The set comes with 10 squares and 15 connectors for endless possibilities, and the beanbags are extra large for extra fun! It's easy to transport and store, so whip it out anytime kids' attention starts to wander.
Digital Goniometer
If you're looking to gift your physical therapist something practical, they could always use another digital goniometer. Generally for orthopedics or sports medicine, the digital goniometer provides incredibly accurate joint measurements. The see-through blades allow the user to quickly identify the joint axis and freely monitor the movement. It's easy to operate, just don't have too much fun with it.
Human Body Model
There are many kinds of therapists, but they have one thing in common. They are all teachers as well. This 15 piece human body model makes learning fun for kids and adults, with removable organs that are easy to assemble and clean. It's a great way to make a waiting room an engaging and interactive experience.
Physical Therapy Coffee Cup
The flamboyant physical therapist needs an equally flashy mug. Maybe she believed in you when you were discouraged. Maybe she's just a little kooky. But whatever her techniques, she's working it. Make sure she knows how great she is with a cute PT coffee cup. Come on, it's hard being the 'fun' physical therapist.
Women's Full Length Yoga Pants
Ooh, baby. Leggings just hit different when you wear them to work! Lululemon leggings are designed for movement with moisture-wicking fabrics and comfortable support. They're structured and polished enough for a physical therapist to wear from work to the gym. Wait a second, aren't those the same thing?
Men's Athletic Pants
I think most health professionals would agree they entered the field for the comfy clothes, right? White coats, scrubs...but what about those classic Adidas training pants? Is it possible to be brilliant and fashionable at the same time? We say yes! The slim fit makes for flattering leisurewear while the climacool and mesh allows for plenty of ventilation. The hot doc is in.