25 Practical Gifts for Grad & PhD Students in 2022

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You’re proud of your graduate and PhD students. Show them just how much you care, with gifts that are a bit fun and a bit practical. Whether they’re working on their dissertation or your doctoral students are simply elbows deep in research, you are sure to find just the right gift on a list that’s almost as smart as they are.

Funny PhD Coffee Mug
Keep the first year PhD student distracted from the heavy academia load they’ve just taken on. As they work those long hours on their thesis, they'll appreciate a mug that keeps their coffee hot. Taking the BS to a new level takes on a whole new hilarious meaning for doctoral students.
Robot Vacuum with Automatic Disposal
Skip the stereotypical cluttered and dusty home of the first year PhD student. This robotic vacuum cleaner will take care of their floors so that they can focus on their thesis, or perhaps on a night of relaxation. The vacuum will bustle around, picking up the messy floor, and then empty itself when done. What more could busy doctoral students need from a household gadget.
Digital Lecture Recorder
Keep them from fumbling for their phones when inspiration strikes, with a versatile and multi-functional digital voice recorder. Ideal for graduate & PhD students who have busy brains, this handy voice activated device will record their ideas, play back with crystal clarity, and can even play a selection of their favorite loaded songs.
Genuine Leather Briefcase
Keep trendsetting graduate & PhD students looking their studious best, with a genuine leather briefcase that will keep all of their essentials nearby when they’re on the go. This is not your grandad’s briefcase. The messenger bag design features ample pocket space and the durability that will see it lasting long past graduation. It’s even ideal for taking on trips.
Personalized PhD Student Nameplate
Personalize a nameplate for the desk of doctoral students who are so close to completing their dissertation. With several trendy and chic designs to choose from, this nameplate will serve as a reminder of just why your first year PhD or third year PhD student is skipping the parties and buckling down on their thesis. Their goal is in sight. Literally.
Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker
There’s almost no better gift for graduate & PhD students than a way to get and stay caffeinated. Offering several functionalities, this coffee machine will keep them chugging away for hours on end while working on their dissertation. This sturdy little coffee maker is sure to be a favorite.
Pamper Gift Set for Women
It can’t all be about working on their dissertation. Remind graduate & PhD students that a bit of self-care can come in the form of a luxuriously long shower or soak in the tub. After a rough day on their thesis, your doctoral students will love popping a bath bomb in or enjoying a body scrub. The fresh vanilla coconut scent is sure to delight.
Samsung Smart Watch
Keep busy first year PhD students, or second and third year PhD students informed and in good health. This Samsung Smart Watch offers them all of the practical functionality that they need, with the trendy design style that they want. Whether tracking steps or checking on the temperature and time, this is an essential for today’s busy doctoral students.
Insulated Lunch Bag
Ensure your doctoral students are happy and fed, with a chic insulated lunch bag that is perfect for keeping cucumbers chilled or soup sensational and hot. The bag boasts plenty of room for their favorite cans of caffeinated soda, and of course a sandwich and fruit. While researching their dissertation, they’ll love reaching for their lunch from this durable and sturdy bag.
Funny Grad Student Sweatshirt
Truth in advertising is the case with this funny sweatshirt perfect for doctoral students who spend most of their time plugging away at their dissertation. They most certainly do write their dissertation, and know things. Keep them comfortable as they accumulate knowledge and spend more time working on their thesis than partying like the wild animals their friends are.
World Coffee Tour Pack
Imagine, a world of coffee right at their fingertips. Graduate & PhD students know the value of a good cup of coffee. Show them the world, with a selection of whole bean coffees from all corners of the globe. They can enjoy a cup from Peru or perhaps form Kenya, right in the comfort of their home while working on their thesis.
Women Oil Wax Leather Briefcase
Every lady needs the perfect briefcase. This leather messenger bag styled little number is sure to charm and delight. It has two handle options for ease of carrying, along with all of the pocket and interior space that busy doctoral students need when on the go.
Frameless Portable Monitor
Talk about a productivity boost! This frameless portable monitor can expand their ability to focus by pairing with their monitor. What a great way to ensure that they can get the perfect view of their thesis and research materials.
Premium Rose Gold Fountain Pen
This rose gold fountain pen is elegance defined. Your busy doctoral students are sure to appreciate the style and charm offered by an easy to use fountain pen. Whether penning poetry or enjoying an artistic adventure, there’s nothing quite like having the perfect pen on hand.
Full HD Laptop with Touchscreen
With the power they need to keep working hard on their dissertation, your student will love all of the features offered by this laptop. The touchscreen is a terrific way for them to interact with their data, while the lightweight form of the laptop makes it easy for doctoral students to stay connected on the go.
Finish Your Dissertation Mug
Getting close to the deadline for their dissertation? Remind today’s frazzled graduate & PhD students to keep calm, and finish their dissertation. This coffee mug is more than just a friendly reminder to plug away at their thesis. It’s a great way for them to ensure they have the perfect way to drink their coffee, tea or something else entirely.
Dry Erase Whiteboard Calendar
Don’t let schedules and deadlines overwhelm busy doctoral students. A dry erase whiteboard with a calendar design is just what today’s busy graduate & PhD students need. Whether in their first year or second year PhD students can all appreciate tools to keep them organized while they work on their thesis.
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Protect their eyes from strain, with a pair of blue light blocking glasses. The trendy design will ensure even the coolest of graduate & PhD students wear the glasses. After hours of staring at screens or plugging away at their thesis, their eyes will be thankful for these light blocking specs.
40oz Teal Blue Tumbler
Insulated to keep coffee hot or iced tea chilly, these tumblers are an essential for the thirsty graduate & PhD students. They’ll be able to stay hydrated while staying focused on their thesis. Choose the perfect teal tumbler and know your doctoral student is hydrated, happy and getting their research in without interruption. No more running to nuke cold drinks after hours in the library.
Apple Watch 6
All doctoral students will tell you that they love having access to data, facts and more. Even when not working on their thesis, your graduate & PhD students will love the functionality offered by their Apple Watch. Whether quickly checking emails or tracking their workouts, this is a must-have for today’s busy grad student.
Vintage Bluetooth Record Player
Portable, inspired by a cooler and hip and happening time, this Victrola Bluetooth turntable is bursting with features your graduate & PhD students can appreciate. They can put on something a little bit nostalgic as they work on their thesis or listen to lectures and podcasts while writing their dissertation.
Popular Strategy Board Game
Get your graduate and PhD student's minds a break from their thesis with a board game that will get their strategic cogs turning. This board game will get them pondering life on Mars instead of stressing over their dissertation. It’s the perfect excuse to take a break and refocus.
Modern Sturdy Office Desk
Made from teak wood, this sturdy and compact writing desk will keep your doctoral students working hard for hours on end. The right desk can make a world of difference for graduate & PhD students who are living in small apartments or on campus housing.
Bloom for Women 3 Piece Set
Who says that graduate & PhD students can’t still look, feel and smell their absolute best? This 3-piece set of Gucci’s popular Bloom will be just what your favorite doctoral students need for a burst of fresh confidence. Whether a first year PhD or a third year PhD, every lady will love the vibrant fragrance.
Book Darts Line Markers
If there’s anything that graduate & PhD students can agree on, it’s that there is almost no end to the books they acquire. These handy book darks will help them to keep track of reference points and other important facts when they’re hard at work on their dissertation. The book darks are metal, durable and must-haves.