57 Funky Gifts for Musicians That Will Strike a Chord

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Strike a chord or a pose with these funky, soul-lifting gifts for musicians. If you’re thinking about treating yourself this year for that special day, what are you waiting for? No more strumming with the wrong equipment or banging the pots and pans together. Make their Rockstar dreams come true this year.

Music Note Dominoes
Challenge your kids as you send them on a musical fantasy. This game adopts the use of a renowned phenomenon – musical dominoes. Test your skills with this intriguing domino set and get ready for a thrilling experience. It's a perfect piece for your next get-together or music class. What's better? This game can efficiently serve as a gift item for special events.
Music Pillowcase
There's no better feeling than going to sleep with a soothing tune in your ears. Now, you can go to sleep on some music with this music pillowcase. It can help to set the tone in a room while adding a unique designer's touch. This trendy product is also durable, moisture resistant, and can be used to transform any room of your choice.
Bach Silk Tie
A tie is the symbol of a gentleman. With the Batch Silk Tie, you say goodbye to boring ties and get to enjoy a beautifully handcrafted neckpiece that has the magical works of J.S. Bach inscribed on it. This beautiful piece is suitable for anyone who wants to show their exquisite taste in music and is available in a ready-to-gift can.
Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones
Music is the key to the soul, but how you choose to listen to it makes a lot of difference. Enjoy unbeatable clarity, even in noisy environments. These headphones are designed with Dual Noise sensor technology for ultimate noise-canceling capabilities. The device's 30-hour battery life and quick charging feature also appeal to different types of users.
Saxophone Tie Clip
Add some style to your outfits with this beautiful tie clip shaped like your favorite musical instrument. The clip suits perfectly for regular and narrow ties. Did you know this unique clip is an ideal gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions? Also, there's no need for any extra packaging as this clip set comes in an attractive gift box.
Grammy Quartz Mens Watch
This one-of-a-kind watch comes from the stables of Japan and is made into a Special Grammy Edition among the Precisionist collection. The Grammy Quartz Men's Watch is designed with a matte black IP finish, dark dial with golden accents, and calendar feature. This innovative piece is also water-resistant and is suitable for different types of men's outfits. Every gentleman would want it in his collection.
Music Pencil Holder
The Music Pencil Holder is a perfect gift for any event or occasion and is a great way to transform your desk. The monochromatic musical details inscribed on the pen holder are unique and set the tone of the entire room. This long-lasting piece keeps things organized without the fear of losing any of its attractive qualities.
Music Lover Magnetic Poetry
Get the music lover in your life the perfect gift with this product. This product comprises a symphony of musical word magnets that is filled with different types of poetry. This word magnet kit is made up of about 200 magnetic word tiles. The kit is excellent for having fun and can be an intriguing way to learn something new.
Musical Novelty Socks
Add a musical & funky touch to your outfit with these premium cotton socks. These musical novelty socks are designed to offer high-level comfort along with colorful designs and patterns. This product is a perfect gift for men and thrills them with its multi-color pattern. These socks are designed with musical inscriptions and come in an attractive gift box, making them easy to ship anywhere.
Harp Earring Rack
This exquisite earring rack can help you organize your jewelries, and this furniture piece stands out due to its unique shape and design – a metal, skeletal harp. The rack has a rugged frame that keeps it attached to the wall and prevents your earrings from falling off. Gifting this rack to your spouse would mean that they can store 78 pairs of earrings.
Where the Wild Cooks Go book
It's difficult to find many books with unique content. This book, written by Cerys Matthews, is a folk cookbook of trips and thrilling experiences. You can't get over the long list of cooking and cocktail recipes included here. What's more? The cookbook is also made up of a playlist for different countries, poems, sayings, and other exciting aspects of world history.
Guitar Barbecue Tools
This kit is made up of customized barbecue tools that are shaped like rockstar guitars. These tools are an ideal gift for music lovers and BBQ enthusiasts. Each tool is designed with durable, rust-resistant, stainless-steel material that ensures that food wipes off it. The handles of these tools will keep you safe from the scorching heat and give a perfect grilling experience.
Brazilian Capoeira Instrument Apron
Turn up in the kitchen with some style with this one-of-a-kind apron. The adjustable apron is made from the highest quality material and 100% polyester material. This beautiful apron can be used for a variety of purposes. They were also built to last. The most notable thing about them is the quality of the design inscribed on the apron, along with its durable fabric.
Kazoo That Tune Guessing Game
Get your child to fall in love with music from a very early stage of their life with this Tune guessing game. Attractive and easy to play, children are taught to hum 200 well-known pop songs on four colorful kazoos. There are exciting tunes to enjoy in this family game, and it'll create a unique atmosphere in your home.
The Old Guitarist Picasso Print
Enjoy the view of one of the most famous paintings globally, made by Pablo Picasso himself. This piece is spectacular and a great add for artistic touch to any wall in your home. The Old Guitarist can also be displayed on walls of offices, lobbies, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms etc. This product is a simple replication of Picasso's impressive work.
Clip-on Mustache for Trombone/Baritone
A small trombone is meant for beginners and novice music students. With this clip-on mustache, you get to fully transform your instrument into a fun gift for a musician of any age. This product has an improved, stronger inject molded material that is durable enough to resist snapping.
Vintage Poster Decal Posters
These Vintage Decal Posters are suitable for different wall surfaces and are an interesting way to improve the personality and style of your living space. These posters are filled with rich, contrasting colors that are attractive and eye-catching. It can also be set up in 3 simple steps and immediately offers a happy time to people around.
Portable Synthesizer
The Synthesizer is an innovative toy that has gained a lot of popularity in different parts of the world. It's fun to play with and would thrill lovers of cute, silly, or weird items. This product is also an ideal gift for children and musicians. Play with the Otamatone and have the time of your life while generating fun electric sounds.
Trombone T-Shirt
For lovers of T-shirts, this item would keep you looking trendy and intelligent. It's a perfect choice for Trombone players and features a simple Pulse line design. Wear this for your next Trombone performance or rehearsal and watch all eyes turn to you as you get into the room.
Alto C Ocarina with Songbook
The Ohuhu Ocarina is a high-quality instrument tuned by a professional that can be purchased for everyday use. This material is easy to learn and an ideal instrument that can be used to practice tone articulations, rhythms, techniques, and speed. This kit also consists of a well-crafted ocarina with a Zelda songbook. It's a unique gift idea that would make any festival brighten up.
3 Piece Wooden Percussion Animals
It's unlikely that you've come across any items this beautiful. This product item is made up of 3 different percussion animals; frog, owl, and cricket. The wooden animals are beautiful and designed to make realistic animal-like sounds. They are 100% natural and are available in a variety of forms. Get this thrilling gift for your loved ones and put a smile on their faces.
Folding Music Stand and Bag
This music stand is made into a portable design that makes it easy to store and move around. It features a spring-loaded trigger release, a two-section vertical shaft with cam, a tilting bookplate, fold-out extensions, and other parts. The kit features a bag designed to carry the music stand from one place to another. This bag is made from durable material with comfortable straps.
Canvas Music Tote Bag
Have fun and turn up your style with this heavy-duty canvas Tote bag with a unique musical theme. The Tote bag is ideal for taking your books to Piano, Violin, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, or Band Practice. This bag can also be used as a reusable shopping bag and is an ideal gift item for any musician or music lover.
Gold Piano Ornament
Just like its name suggests, the golf piano ornament is an eye-catching fabric made from quality materials, including 24K Gold and precision-cut Matashi crystals. These ornaments are an ideal choice for any event and would make a perfect gift for any occasion. It's also a unique gift item that is elegantly packaged and can be sent along with a simple gift card for authenticity.
Music Decorative Throw
This blanket is all about music and can transform the atmosphere in any room. Its cozy throw blanket is designed with a fortissimo, quarter rest, bass clef, treble clef, and piano keys. This piece also makes excellent décor and is made from the best materials that you can snuggle. Get this gift for your loved ones or music lovers on their birthdays, housewarming and other events.
Leather Bookmark with Music Notes
Add some style to your favorite books, journals, and magazines with these beautifully crafted bookmarks. The leather bookmark is made with a rustic leather tassel and makes a gorgeous reading marker. Start from the exact place where you stopped with this high-quality bookmark. They would help to enhance your reading time while avoiding any unnecessary fold or creases.
Audio Fidelio Headphones
Listen to the high-resolution sound in your comfort zone with these Fidelio X2HR headphones. These high-quality headphones will make sure that you can pick out intricate musical details and are compatible with different musical formats – from MP3 to high-resolution music files. What's even more? The device is a custom-fit model with adjustable parts for optimal comfort.
Music Sculptures
Spice up your workspace with these Schubert's Serenade music notes. They are a perfect item to decorate your living room, piano room as a result of their white, attractive appearance. Furthermore, it's a perfect gift for music lovers and comes packaged in a printed box - ready to ship! These sculptures are made from a lead-free, environmental friendly material that is also safe for children.
Music Wall Decor
Express your artistic side with this music wall décor. This beautiful item can be used to support any existing décor with its natural metal color. It is an affordable décor upgrade option that offers optimal satisfaction for homeowners. Take a look and instantly fall in love with this art piece that contains blended music notes and rich colors.
Egg Shaker Pack
Made from high-quality wooden materials – beech wood, the eggs in this kit are also designed with a smooth finish. The Egg Shaker Pack is just as big as a real and will produce a soft, mellow sound when shaken. More so, the item is a great gift item for kids and can help them pick up some essential tips on the foundation of rhythms.
Cat Music Shirt
This music shirt is made of durable fabrics and features a lovely and cuddly cat playing music notes and clefs with her paw. Guitarists, music lovers, musicians, and even music students will appreciate this thoughtful present. It is suitable for anyone who loves animals and plays musical instruments. Wear this to your next event or concert to prove that you're a seasoned music fan.
3D Wooden Puzzle Music Box
Inspired by Victorian Cityscape Pavilions and Vintage Lanterns, every line and pattern of this puzzle box has been carefully designed. It is durable owing to its construction and provides players with a thrilling experience. Perfect as a romantic gift for your spouse or an educational item for your kids. It's an ideal way to show someone that they are special to you.
Vocal Aid for Singers
Are you the type of person who has a husky voice? Don't worry, Voice37 by CLYOR is here to save the day. The voice aid helps you sing better, longer, and with more confidence. The solution would soothe your vocal cords and make sure that you can sing at your best. Gift this to any musician today to show you care about their performance.
A Musician's Way Book
Become the perfect musician with this interesting guidebook. Written by veteran performer and educator Gerald Klickstein, the book contains the latest research and proven tips from his 30-year career. Each of the detailed parts of this book carefully highlights what it takes to become a professional musician and performer. Get this book and transform your act today.
Music Scarf
This music scarf is a fashionable fit that can be coupled with most outfits and is made of polyester material for everyday usage. It comes in a range of colors, including red, white, and blue. As you prepare to travel on vacation, get it for yourself and your pals. It can be given to anyone and worn in any weather.
Musician's Transposition Ring
Improve your performance with this transposition ring. It is useful in transposing musical notes from one key to another. Simply pick the number of steps that would help you change any music sequence. It works for any type of transposition and is made from a long-lasting material. Musicians can also wear this ring to maintain a classy and relaxed appearance.
Musical Spoons Instrument
All you have to do is use these two spoons to strike one another to produce a smooth rhythm. This beautiful tool is simple to use and serves as a fun gift for musicians. Designed to accompany and mark the rhythm of songs and music, these ancient instruments have a deep rooting in Irish music.
Fluffy Microphone Windscreen
The Movo WS-G9 is a microscope windscreen that is made out of artificial fur that offers optimal protection against wind or breeze. Works best for outdoor recordings; you'll record exactly what you want with minimal noise and sound from the environment. It's a fun gift for musicians that are made to fit portable digital recorders and offer a satisfactory experience.
Reed Storage Case
Looking for the perfect place to store your air instruments? The D'Addario Reed Storage is capable of holding eight clarinet or saxophone reeds – ranging from E-clarinet to baritone sax. The beautiful reed storage case will protect your instruments for longer. Designed by the best hands in France, this reed case is one of the best storage cases in the industry.
Improvise For Real book
Enjoy this book that teaches how to improvise. Learn more about music and become a creator by following the personalized tips in this book. It will help instill a deeper understanding of music that allows you truly create your sound. There's no better way to learn how to make use of the ideas in your head than you would find in this book.
Music Speaks Keychain
A symbolic music note Jewelry is perfect for any music enthusiasts or lovers of the soothing sound of music. The Keychain is silver plated and contains an inspirational inscription. This music keychain is an ideal fun gift for instrumentalists, music lovers, and musicians. It's a fashionable way to make sure that your keys are always kept safely in your possession.
Blank Sheet Music Notebook
There's nothing better than a music-themed notebook that can be used for a variety of options. The notebook features an attractive cover design with a 100-page wire-bound book. 100% brand new and made from the highest quality, this notebook is a great idea for music composition and would help record all your composed lines.
Stencil for Music Notes and Symbols
A well-designed, eye-catching template with all of the necessary notations and symbols for creating cleanly composed music. It's as simple as it gets when it comes to making sound with the template. For effective music composition, the kit includes a 50-sheet tablet with 10 staff paper. It's a simple device that would make a great Christmas present for any music fan.
Piano Chord Poster
Perfect practice material for beginners and professional players. This personalized poster would simplify learning chord progression because it contains 24 major and minor users. Learning piano chords has never been this simple, and you don't have to be a music guru to understand the material. It's a 2-in-1 package that teaches how to play and write the major chord progressions that we have.
Grip Strength Trainer
Build a grip for yourself and work your fingers with a strength trainer. It's an ideal choice to help athletes in tennis, boxing etc., toughen their grip for the sport, but it is also suitable for medical rehabilitation purposes. Owing to its lightweight construction and the materials used, the grip strength trainer is durable and safe to use for everyone.
Music Scrapbooking Paper
There's nothing better than a simple scrapbook to help you immortalize your favorite memories. This book is printed in a book style to support your crafting ideas but also features a beautiful cover page. An interesting thing to note is that each page is double-sided, offering some extra space. Get a scrapbook as a fun gift for your loved ones today, especially the music lovers.
Wall Mount Violin Hanger
Made from high-quality wood, this wall hanger can support your violins or violas and hold them in position for you. There’s even a bow holder to make things more convenient. The mount hanger can be installed in a few quick steps and would serve as an extra décor to add some life to your home. It’s a fun, personalized accessory for studio and home use.
Bamboo Book Stand
Store all your books in an easily accessible location with this book stand. Made from high-quality bamboo, this item is made into a stable and sturdy stand that can hold as many books as you want including your favorite music books, style books, painting books, and so on. This personalized item can be adjusted to 5 different angles to help your spouse maintain healthy postures.
Music Magnetic Dry Erase Board
A music-themed magnetic board that can be used to teach a variety of music concepts is an attractive addition for any music lover. Designed to teach the intricacies of playing the piano, your spouse would learn about scales, chords, intervals, key signatures, measures, and so on. There are 35 magnetic parts for increased convenience and can easily be set up for recreation or learning.
Hexagon Lights that Sync with Music
A DIY solution to add a minimalist design to your home and fire up any event. These are decorative LED lights that break the boundaries of normal decorative lights. These Hexagon lights transform any room in your home and take your décor to lofty levels. Interestingly, the beautiful light patterns have also been designed to sync with any music or sound coming from the environment.
Musical Book Clip and Page Holder
Show off your taste as a music lover with the quality of the accessories you use. The Music Book Clip and Velvet Bag would help you be on top of all your activities by keeping any specific page open. Can be used for music and non-music purposes and its attractive appearance makes it an interesting item to gift.
Wireless Earbuds
Are you ready to listen to some melodious music and tunes on the go? These wireless earbuds are designed precisely for that purpose. Impressive aesthetics, excellent quality sound, state-of-the-art features, and so on are some of the properties of these earbuds. It's even more interesting that you can connect the buds to virtually any phone with Bluetooth connectivity.
Earplugs for Musicians
Shut out all of the surrounding noise as you focus on your musical performance when using these earplugs. Made into two shell sizes that can fit virtually anyone, these high-quality earplugs can help your loved ones eliminate noise at a concert or any noisy environment. What's even better? These plugs are indistinguishable and can be discreetly used.
Ceramic Amp Mug
This unique styled plug is an interesting item to add to any kitchen or home. Made from a durable ceramic material, this cup can hold a reasonable amount of any substance - about 24 ounces. Designed to have the appearance of an amplifier, this mug would make a great Christmas gift to the musicians in your life.
Guitar Ice Cube Tray
A guitar ice cube tray would thrill anyone because of its unique shape, size, and features. One tray would produce 3 ice guitars and two small musical notes. It's also fun to use for adults and children and would make a great gift for the musicians in your life.
Instruments of the Orchestra Puzzle
Show that you are a music lover who knows his instruments with this interesting and challenging puzzle. There are vital, high-quality puzzle pieces that offer a complete guide to modern orchestra instruments. This personalized quality puzzle can be enjoyed by kids and adults, even become a family game.
Guitar Hardshell Case
Designed to fit acoustic guitars, you get a durable case that is made from PVC and chrome hardware. The bag consists of an additional small compartment that will house your tuners, picks, capos, and anything else you may need. Get ultimate protection and comfort all in one place with this beautiful and tough hardshell case.