81 Mesmerizing Gifts for Music Lovers That Don’t Fall Flat

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Don’t miss a beat with these 81 mesmerizing gifts for music lovers. Whether they’re rocking at home, in school or in the car, they’ll think of you every time they use their gift. Everything from music gear to gadgets to home décor. Give the music lover in your life the rhythm of life.

Love Customizable Song Plaque
Looking to make the 'clearly' best gift choice for your music loving friend or partner? Check out this personalized acrylic music plaque set for most scannable phones to play that special song or melody that's precious between the two of you. With a gift like this, you'll be sure to make somebody smile as you both listen to your favorite song.

Colorful Sound Music Bars
Trying to set the mood or put on a cool light show for your guests or family? Look no further than these amazing colorful music bars. Not only can they play 12 different songs and tunes, but the calming light show that fades in and out of the shadows can be very alluring and set the mood for any occasion.

Electronic Musical Dance Mats
Looking for that special musical gift that can get the entire family moving? Look no further than these musical dance mats. Not only do they make for great entertaining games for the long weekends or a rainy day, but these will also give you a great deal of exercise and family bonding time. Lots of fun for the family.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Need some tunes for those long showers or perhaps just a speaker you can carry in the rain? This portable bluetooth speaker is waterproof and lightweight, making it perfect for those long runs on a rainy morning, or to carry to the beach. Available in multiple fun colors, these are great gifts for teens and adults alike.

Music Themed Throw Blanket
Want something soft and warm to snuggle up against while you listen to the rain or jam out to your favorite songs? This music themed throw blanket is perfect for sleeping with or lounging around. The amazingly breathable material paired with the catchy and cool design makes it the perfect gift for anyone interested in the musical field.

Vintage Vinyl Record Clock
How about a cool throwback to the 80's while you tell the time? This record clock is a cool gift for any old fans and new fans alike of vinyl records. They make for interesting designs that are both functional and catching to the eye, and are a great addition to any collectors wall or stand.

Guitar Themed Black Tumbler
Does your favorite local musician or musical family member need a new tumbler to sip their coffee or tea out of before a concert? This stylish black tumbler has cool design and great detail to it's design. Not only will this steel tumbler be very hard to damage, but it'll surely last a long time- especially for those who are always on the go.

Music Lovers Tile Wall Decor
This beautiful piece of artwork would look amazing on any wall or stand. Not only does it explain that music is great for the mind and heart, but it'll also warm your heart every time you step into the room and gaze upon it. Get it for your favorite music teacher or artsy friend or family member.

Decorative Music Throw Pillow
This decorative throw pillow is not only comfortable to sleep with but very pleasing to the eye. It comes in an assortment of different phrases and colors, and can make a great addition to any music lovers home or office space. When matched with the throw blanket, this is a gift set that would be hard to beat.

Sterling Silver Necklace Music Note
Looking for a piece of jewelry that's both fashionable and not hard on ware? This beautiful piece of sterling silver looks great and would melt the heart of any girl it's gifted to. These pieces make for great gifts as well as tokens of appreciation to any musician. Perfect gifts for your special someone or close friend.

Fun Song Game for Game night
Want a game that will get everyone talking and shouting all night? Spontuneous is a great way for groups of all sizes to bond and enjoy themselves. Belt out the special tunes of the game or shout to the beat. No talent is required to enjoy this game! A great gift for the kids back home!

Decorative Outdoor Music Stake
Here's a great way to liven up your next campfire or outdoor activity. This outdoors music stake is a speaker with a built in light system that will bring the jams to your group. While everyone's roasting the marshmallows, feel free to jam out to your favorite singles underneath the calming glow of the lights.

Flat Bill Bluetooth Hat
Ever want to listen to music without having to keep putting your headphones in your ears? This bluetooth compatible baseball style cap is perfect for you then! With fully functional button controls on the side of the hat, you can jam out to your favorite songs with the speakers built into the bill. Not only is this functional but it's also very stylish.

Music Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone
This musical karaoke bluetooth microphone is perfect for that friend that loves to sing their favorite songs. It can play the songs through the bluetooth device, allowing the singer to belt to their heart's content as you listen. Depending on their talent, you'll either love or hate the experience, but at least you know your friend will have an amazing time.

Thumb Music Portable Piano
Guitars can be too big and piano's aren't very moveable. How about a Kalimba? These dandy little musical instruments are very easy to learn and fun for all ages. Not only are they great for travel but these beautiful devices create the most pleasing sounds to listen to. You'll get hours of enjoyment learning and mastering this artful instrument!

Smart Water Bottle with Bluetooth
Not only does this Smart Water Bottle glow to remind you to stay hydrated and to drink plenty of water, but it also has a bluetooth speaker built in so that you can enjoy yourself whether you're out on a run or in the local gym. This handy device is perfect for the musical gym rat or fitness buff of any and all ages.

Song Lyrics T-Shirt
This shirt is a perfect choice for your local choir nerd or instrumental musician. With the fun and playful phrase and cool design, this shirt comes in multiple colors and can be tailored to size to fit whoever you're trying to please. Makes for a very fun and simple gift that can make anyone happy to receive!

Guitar BBQ Spatula & Tongs
Have a friend who loves guitars, or maybe somebody you know in a rock band having a local barbecue soon? Look no further than these guitar shaped spatula and tongs set. Not only does this come with a very cool and sleek design, but your favorite musician will absolutely love using these at their next cookout or family reunion.

Wireless Earbuds
Wires can always get in the way and are a thing of the past. It's time to get yourself or your music loving friend a pair of wireless earbuds. That way, they can jam out to the classics and new hits of today at the stress-free ease and mobility of wireless comfort. No tangle. No mess. Just music.

Music Speaker Clip
Not only is this speaker waterproof and dustproof, but this clipping musical speaker is bluetooth as well! With a sleek design that looks great on any purse, belt loop, or gym bag- this speaker is perfect for those listening to music on the go. Much lighter than taping a radio to your back. Perfect for kids of all ages.

Musical Note Cards With Decorative Box
Try using these bad boys to send a note or special letter to your local musician or choir teacher. They'll love this musical print stationary for sure! Not only do these notes come with a special decorative box, but each one also includes exclusive envelopes to make sending these off both professional and stylish for all senders.

Vintage Vinyl Turntable
Ever get the urge to play some of those old vinyls in your grandpa's bedroom? Now you can- and mobile! This suitcase styled electric speaker turntable is perfect for playing those old records and living in the glory days. With a sleek and updated look as well as a technology boost, those songs will sound just as great as they did before.

Vinyl Coaster Drink Set
Any music lovers nearby would love to have this six piece vinyl coaster set. These coasters share some of the best album hits from back in the day. Most music fans will recognize these special images and cherish this set as they set their morning beverages on them before starting the day. Perfect for any music lover.

Women's Music Clutch Wallet
These beautiful piano printed clutch wallets come in many different designs for most women to love and enjoy. Not only are they very dependable with plenty of storage space, but they also look amazing and feel great to hold. Not only will they hold your moms credit cards, but they'll also steal her heart. She'll love this gift for sure.

Melting Vinyl Record Decal Sticker
Want some retro art for your office wall or studio? This melting vinyl record looks great and can be stuck to most surfaces. This sticker is very stylish and can come in multiple sizes, and makes for a great gift for your local music buff or instructor. The perfect gift for any vinyl holder and lover.

Guitar Music Pick Holder Case
This guitar pick holder case is a great gift for any guitarist always on the go. Does your friend always lose their picks, or just needs more room to store them? Look no further than this nifty little storage bag. Not only will it make their lives much easier, but they'll look cooler than ever with this clasped to their guitar bag.

Music Wall Key Hanger Guitar Amp
Need a place to hang your keys? Huge music fan? Love old fashioned radios or amps? Look no further than this key rack made to look like a stylish instrument amp. Not only does it look great, but once this bad boy is nailed to your wall, you'll never be bored hanging up or picking up your keys ever again.

Amp Guitar Wall Hanging Clock
Available in two colors, this special wall clock is made and designed to look just like a guitar amp. Not only does it look great, but telling the time will always be fun when you have this beautiful design to look at. It comes in a light silver or a dusty brown, and makes for a great gift for any rockstar in the making.

Personalized Wood Guitar Pick Holder
Want to customize a message for a loved one or special partner? Do they need a cool new place to start storing their guitar picks? How about something with a special message from the heart that is sure to make them smile whenever they go to grab their instrument? Look no further than this beautiful personalized guitar pick holder.

Treble Clef Resin Cross
Do you have a music instructor that needs a beautiful new paperweight, or just an empty spot on the shelf they don't know what to fill with? How about using this amazing treble clef designed figurine? Not only does it come with a very cool and smooth design, but this resign lightweight piece is perfect for any musician.

Echo Dot Bundle
This Echo Dot bundle package is great for music lovers. Including the device as well as the wall mount, this amazing electronic is not only a great speaker, but amazing for playing music anywhere in the home. These devices earned lots of praise for their many uses, and your friend or family member will most certainly love theirs, too.

Music Quote Wall Decor
How cool would it be to use a repurposed vinyl record and recycle it into wall art? Not only that, but you can have catchy lyrics or a deep and memorable quote written across the front for your musical friend to acknowledge every time they sit in their den or office. You can choose to make them think or make them laugh!

Bamboo Kitchen Utensils
These bamboo kitchen utensils are made to look like musical instruments, giving your kitchen some stylish new vibes. This utensil set is great for any foodie/musician you know, and will certainly make their day anytime they choose to cook in the kitchen. If you're lucky, they'll even share their food with you out of gratitude.

Guitar Kitchen Cutting Board
Most gifts for musicians hardly cut it- luckily this cutting board is a sharp gift for any musician or music lover alike. Help them have a better time in the kitchen with this unique and special gift. Not only does it look great, but this wooden board will protect their counters from harm. Great for cooks who love to jam out in the kitchen!

Guess that Tune Board Game
Want a musically fun game for the whole family during your next rainy day or group activity? How about 'Guess that Tune?' Filled with special songs from the 70's, this is the perfect game for an older generation looking to rewind time and enjoy the glory days, or even for younger audiences to learn some catchy new songs.

Drum Sticks Silver Pendant
This piece of jewelry will go great with any musical ensemble or band t-shirt! Perfect for any musician born with two wooden drum sticks in their hand, they'll certainly adore and love this pendant. This stainless steel creation is very durable and makes for an excellent gift for all. Give them to a close friend or special partner.

Electric Musical Drum Set
Looking to start up the drums? Or maybe you're an avid drummer with little room for an entire real lift kit? This electronic and bluetooth drums would be perfect for you. Complete with all of the drum sounds you'd get in real life, this electronic makes for a perfect gift for college students or any musician with not enough space to perform.

Personalized Drum Sticks
Nothing says you care more than a set of personalized drumsticks for your favorite musician. Put your name on these beautiful wooden sticks or give them a special message. Make your drummer feel proud and special of their craft as they unwrap these and begin their daily percussion. Nothing 'beats' this gift and they're sure to give a smile this holiday.

Groovy Music Kitchen Apron
Want a tasteful gift that will look great in the kitchen on any music lover or musician? This beautiful apron is designed for any lover of the arts with its splendid design and musical print. Great for any gender of music lover, this gift may even win you a plate of freshly baked cookies if you play their favorite tune while they cook!

Music Themed Coffee Mug
This musical coffee mug not only comes in a great design but is also microwave safe. Perfect for any musician always on the go or special instructor or teacher of the arts who needs their constant morning fix- this makes for a very sweet gift that your friends and family alike will cherish. Drinking coffee will never be better.

Novelty Music Note Socks
This pack of paired socks are not only fun and comfortable to wear, but come with many unique designs and musical phrases that your special girl will love and adore. Not only are they easy to wash, but these socks come in many different colors with fun sayings and a plush feel. Comfortable and fun guaranteed!

Personalized Music Briefcase
Do you know a musician or music lover who needs some help carrying some of their notes or small instruments around? Maybe they just need some extra room for their books or staff sheets? Look no further than this beautiful music printed briefcase. Coming in many colors with a comfortable feel, this is a great gift for any musician on the move.

Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones
Know somebody about to go on a long trip on a plane or train? Maybe you have a friend who just needs some quiet time every day to gather their thoughts and relax? These noise cancelling headphones with a built in microphone are a great gift for your friends and family who need that extra time for themselves.

Dual Headphone Transmitter
This set of dual headphone transmitter device is a great gift that can pair nicely with a couple pairs of apple wireless headphones. With shared listening, music has never been more fun or convenient for your friends and family that want to listen to their favorite tunes in absolute silence. Pick up one today and start sharing your favorite songs!

Greatest Music Stories Hardcover Book
Need some new stories to stun some of your local musicians or friends who adore music of all kinds? Maybe you just know somebody who likes random facts and funny tales? This collection of 100 unique musical tales will surely put your friends on the edges of their seat, or get their minds rolling as they learn these amazing facts and hear these legendary tales.

Colorful Music Jigsaw Puzzle
This 500 piece jigsaw set is a colorful masterpiece that is very pleasing to the eye. Useful as a possible wall decoration or even just to build and put together on repeat over and over again- this makes for a great gift for any lover of musical instruments or puzzle. The design helps bewilder the builder as they work on this piece all night long.

Music Themed Doormat
Want to wow your company before they even step foot in your home? Maybe you know a musician who wants to make sure people know what they're passionate about? Get this musical themed doormat to really set foot on the right path, and wow the neighbors with some of these really cool musical designs and patterns.

Ticket Stub Frame Holder
This shadow box ticket stub frame holder makes for a very modern take on a retro idea as you hang all your most priceless photos or fun nights remembered inside. Put some crazy pictures or ticket stubs inside and add a personal touch as you decorate it to your heart's content! This makes for a great gift for all ages.

3D Music Night Light
Know somebody who loves light shows at night? Maybe one of your friends who might be a little scared of the dark? Musician or not, this nightlight display is a great gift for men and women of all ages. The multi color design can help set plenty of great moments in the home or office before a big recital or musical practice.

Music Style Laptop Case
Do you know somebody who would love to personalize their computer? Maybe somebody who wants to show off their love for music while they're on the go? Grab one of these beautiful laptop cases. The musical print and many different colors will help show off their love and talents, all while they're grabbing a cup of coffee or heading to their next gig.

Portable Cassette Player
Want a trip before technology took over? How about a retro way to listen to music with a modern finish? These cassette players are a perfect gift for any nostalgic music lovers who just want to listen to music like the old days. With the resurface of many famous movies such as 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' we believe these are coming back into style fast!

Blank Audio Cassette Tapes to Record
Let's go back in time and make the most perfect mix tape the world has ever seen. When they're paired with the portable cassette player, these blank mixtapes make for amazing gifts for men and women of all ages, where you can record your own content to listen to as many times as you want.

Smart Audio Bluetooth Frames
These smart audio frames are an amazing gift for technology lovers of all ages. Not only do they have special in lense display, but also come with bluetooth listening capabilities. These are certainly a step to the future that music lovers everywhere will adore! The future has never LOOKED cooler, especially with lenses like these.

Funny Music Themed Wine Glass
Have some adults in your life that need a little pun or two with their wine? These old school wine glasses come with multiple funny musical phrases and catchy slogans that will make your weekends even more enjoyable. Whether it's your music professor or a music loving neighbor, they'll love this glass during special parties or events.

Vintage Guitar Picks
Check out this 12 pack of old vintage guitar picks inside the guitar pick case! These colorful little picks are covered in cool designs that make each one unique. Any guitarist would be lucky to own this complete set as they strum away their nights a tad bit happier than before with these special tools.

Wooden Maple Guitar Flash Drive
Need a flash drive for your computer to put all of your music files? Look no further than this cool wooden maple guitar flash drive. This unique drive is made out of maple wood and made to look like an old school guitar. Not only that, but it has tons of space and storage for all of your music sheets, reference papers, and music files!

1000 Records Hardcover
Know any musical history buffs out there that need a new gift for Christmas? Look no further than this 1,000 Records Holder hardcover book. Not only does this elaborate and go into depth of the history of these records, but they also give facts and info about the bands who held them and created them.

Cassette Tape Swim Float
The music isn't the only thing that's hot this summer, and you need a pool floatie for the occasion. Lay about on this giant cassette tape shaped pool floatie as you lay back underneath the hot sun and relax. Hang out by the pool and relax as you enjoy this uniquely designed toy for both children and adults alike.

Pen and Tape Holder
Do you have a music loving friend who needs a little help organizing their desk in the office? Or maybe a music major who would like some help with their extra pens and pencils? This nifty pen and tape holder made to look like a cassette tape is a very cool gift idea for this holiday!

Music Themed Black Tie
Want to make a very bold fashion statement at the next holiday concert? Try on one of these music theme printed black ties! Not only are they comfortable and look great, but they're a great way to show off your favorite passion and hobby with one simple piece of clothing. Stylish and musical all in one, these make for perfect gifts.

Apple Watch
These small devices can do so much in one! GPS, internet, texting, fitness tracking- you name it! Play your favorite songs while you go for a run, or jam out to the local radio while you catch up on the morning paper. The Apple Watch is an all around amazing gift idea for anyone looking for a great electronic.

Retro Music Record Area Rug
This area rug is not only comfortable but very cool to look at. Shaped to give the nostalgic feelings of the old school vinyl records, this rug would make a great accent piece to any living room or bedroom. Complete it with some other musical furniture for the complete ensemble to be brought together for a comfortable design that any music lover will adore.

Music Themed Bed Set
Want to fall asleep surrounded by one of your favorite hobbies? This musical bedspread is great to look at and very comfortable to sleep in. Complete with a fitted sheet, pillow cases, a throw blanket, and a flat sheet- this spread is ready to be laid out and enjoyed all night long. Also comes in very cool musical print.

Guitar Shaped Picture Frame
The perfect way to capture the latest memories from your recent concert or recital would be to photograph them and put them in this guitar shaped photo frame. Not only does this wooden frame hang easily and look great on any wall, but it's a great connection to the photos for your music loving friends and family.

Instrument Tuner
Tuning instruments has never been easier with this electronic tuner. Perfect for guitars, violins, and most other stringed instruments- this tuner would be a perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite musician. The easy to read display and large, lit icons make this a great gift for those older or younger as well, being nice and easy on the eyes.

Pocket Trumpet for a Music Lover
This small pocket trumpet is an adorable and amazing gift for a new or older musician. Not only does it come with a neat carry bag, a small booklet, and a tuner- but this pocket trumpet is fully functional and sounds amazing. With an instrument of this size, you can take the music with you anywhere you go.

Baby Musical Instrument Set
Do you have a child in your life that deserves a little bit more music to enjoy the day? This musical instrument set for babies is perfect for them. Coming with a keyboard, microphone, and a few other special features, this musical toy will keep them occupied and happy for hours, as well as teach them the importance of music.

Retro Jukebox Wax Warmer
Want to enjoy a calming scent on a rainy day at home? How about doing it in one of these very cool retro jukebox wax warmers! These bad boys look amazing and are filled with great detail to give them a very realistic appearance, and are fully functional melters for your favorite scent of wax!

LED Neon Music Shaped Light
Got a musician who needs a little more light in their life? How about one that just needs a night light? This special neon light is shaped musically for their visual adoration. Coming in multiple colors, these bright lights are perfect for long, dark nights or calming days inside. Not only do they make for great decor, but your favorite musician will sleep soundly.

Music Themed Floating Shelves
Want to display some really cool items but have no shelves to do so? How about all of your medals and awards for band concerts or singing? These musical floating stands sound like they're perfect for you. Not only are they easy to mount, but each one looks amazing and is a great gift for any music lover.

3 Piece Music Note Sculptures Decor
After you find some cool musical shelving, maybe you should match some decor items with them and get some of these cool sculptures. This 3 piece sculpture decor set is great for any music lover and makes for an excellent gift. Each one is made from very durable metal and looks very sharp. Definitely a great gift to find!

Guitar Shaped String Lights
Want to decorate your room with a little extra musical flare? How about livening up the Christmas tree this year with some out of the box idea for lighting? These special guitar shaped string lights make for the perfect break in monotonous activity and will give your items a lot more pizazz and special look to the family tree.

Leather Songwriting Journal
Need a new place to start writing all of your newest poems or songs? How about a cool vintage style journal to start recording all of your thoughts? This journal not only looks amazing, but it is filled with special lined pages perfect for writing out your next hit song or perfect one track single.

Metal Music Book Clips
This 3 piece metal music book clip set is a great gift for any busy music professor or experienced instrumentalist or choir nerd. These clips make reading your sheet music a breeze and can come in handy in all kinds of situations. Going through your work or learning a new piece has never been easier without these clips in your possession.

Handmade Leather Book Marks
Keep losing your place in your favorite musical book? Try one of these duo leather musical book markers. Not only will you never lose your space again, but these markers are very cool to look at and can take quite a beating. Don't be afraid of tearing them, as they are very durable and built to go through most situations flawlessly.

Guitar Themed Bottle Openers
Time to share the special occasion. Maybe you just booked your first ever band gig? Maybe your music concert went perfectly and without a hitch. Bust out these special guitar themed bottle openers for the party to start. Share some love and get your favorite drinks going while you and your friends admire the stylish design.

Bluetooth Music Beanie Hat
You'll need to stay warm this year, but nobody ever said you couldn't have music while you did so. This bluetooth musical beanie hat is perfect for those tough winter days where all you want to do is jam to your favorite song. With the cool bluetooth settings, you'll have all the power you need to stay warm through the storm.

Gold Microphone Musical Ornament
Let's put a cool new ornament on the tree this year and buy this special gold microphone. This four inch item is perfect for that special spot on the tree where everyone can see and admire it, especially those in the room who have a knack for music and singing. They'll get a huge kick out of this cool new ornament for sure.

Guitar String Bracelet Stacks
These cool guitar string bracelets make for a great fashion accessory that many people will enjoy. Not only do they look great but they're very comfortable and come in small bundles that will help you keep track of them easier. Great stocking stuffers for your favorite musician or guitarist, these bracelets are made to enjoy.

4 in 1 Portable Music Stand
This four in one music stand is the complete package. Not only is it a book holder, a display stand, and can fit snug into a carry case- but this musical gift is very reliable and functional for any musician on the go. A great idea for music professors or rock band nerds alike who love to travel.