121 Amped-Up Gifts for Mountain Bikers To Use On Every Ride

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For every rider between casual adventurist and daily mountain masterer, here are 121 gear-shifting gifts that are sure to take anyone’s biking game to the summit. From riding apparel and accessories, to gadgets and helmets that put safety first, grab something special that the pedaling enthusiast in your life won’t go another ride without.

Complete Mountain Bike Tool Kit
Let's fix that problem of yours! Still looking for a great gift for that special friend who loves to mountain bike, but always manages to damage their equipment? This 23 piece maintenance kit is perfect for them! No longer will they need to fear a broken chain or a flat tire. And you won't have to worry about what to give them for Christmas!

Adult Bike Helmet
Keep your friend's cranium safe and sound while biking. This customizable adult biking helmet comes in several fun colors and has a changeable visor that will keep the sun out of their eyes so they can focus on that next trail. Always better to be safe than sorry, and they'll adore this gift!

Child Seat Bike Set
Do you know a small child that wants to tag along on the next trail? With the Shotgun child seat bike set, not only do they have a special spot to ride on, but this set also comes with customizable handle bars for them to hold onto. Now you can babysit while mountain biking that next trail!

Padded Cycling Bib Shorts
Let's make sure you're dry, comfortable, AND fashionable on your next bike adventure. With these spandex shorts, chafing, rain, and discomfort are all things of the past for your next 20 mile bike spree. Go up mountains and trails with ease in these comfortable spandex attire that everyone will envy.

Polarized Cycling Sunglasses
Protect your youth's eyes with these special polarized cycling sunglasses. Not only do they come with three interchangeable lenses, but they also look stylish and can protect from rocks, dirt, and other larger debris. Always be safe with your kids when taking them on the big trail.

Bike Phone Holder
Now you can order a pizza, send a text, or use GPS when biking out in the mountains with this special bike phone holder. Adjustable for most phone sizes, this holder is great for those delivery bikers, avid trail blazers, or people who are just always on the go with their hands occupied.

Women's Cycling Pleated Skort
These pleated bike skorts are great for any woman in your life that likes to get down and physical. Not only are they very comfortable with breathable fabric, but these have dry pockets and come in various colors. Not only will you be fashionable on the trail, but you won't have to worry about discomfort or lack of storage ever again!

Mens Cycling Jersey Short Sleeve
These cycling shirts are gifts to die for- or bike for! Not only are they made of a very durable and specialized colored style, but they're also easy to dry and comfortable to wear. With high visibility and three rear pockets to boot, these shirts make for great biking essentials.

Mountain Bike Gloves
These fingerless gloves are a great accessory for anyone out on the trail. They come in many fun colors, and are shock and slip resistant- being both fashionable and functional. Made of very durable material and easy to dry and clean, these gloves make for a great biking ally.

Beef Jerky Gift Box
Don't be a jerky and get your avid fitness buff this neat snack box gift set! Complete with all of the essential proteins for them to start and end their day, this beef jerky gift box makes for a wonderful gift for anyone looking to hit the trails.

Women’s Cycling Underwear Shorts
These special underwear skorts are great for women on the go. With breathable fabric and tighteners around the thighs that hold onto your legs and prevent ride ups, these underwear shorts also come in various colors and are super comfortable to wear on the trail or in the field!

Noise Cancelling Earbuds
Have you been hitting the trails but keep getting stuck in wires while listening to music? These noise cancelling wireless earbuds from Samsung will make a great friend for you! Not only are they very durable, but these very loud speakers make for great audio devices out on the trail.

Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
Ever run out of fix a flat while out biking on the trail with a flat tire? No worries anymore! With this tubeless tire repair kit, you'll always have what you need to quickly fix a flat before getting back up the mountain. Complete with a small storage capsule, tuck this away in your bag or pack and bike with comfort and lack of worry.

GPS Cycling Computer
You must get lost a lot while biking out in the mountains, but luckily with this GPS cycling computer, that won't be an issue anymore. Not only does it have fitness tracker, and GPS systems installed, but with radar and navigation on a touch screen display, your biking experience has never been better.

Women's Mountain Bike Shoes
How about some fashionable non slip- pedal grippers for your lucky lady or best friend! These shoes come in various styles and colors, and are very durable for the harsh environments of the mountain trails. Check out a pair today for your special lady and give them a great time.

I'd Bike That Sweatshirt
These comfortable 'I'd Bike That' sweatshirts are both durable and stylish. Coming in various colors, these fun shirts will keep you warm and dry out in the harsh environments while biking or hiking the trails. Get your friend one of these this Christmas to give them a warm smile as well as a warm bike ride.

Bike Repair Kit with Mini Pump
If you have a friend that's always needing maintenance on their bike done, or usually gets flat tires, then this kit will be perfect for them. Not only does it come with a small air pump for the tires, but this kit covers many other possible dilemmas that may occur while out on the trail.

Bicycle Spoke Lights
These Active Life bike spoke lights will really shine through the trees as you head down the trail late in the evenings or at night. These multi-colored or single color light systems are easy on the eyes and 100 percent brighter than most LEDs. You can ride in style and safety.

Bike Headlights Safety Set
Keep your eye on the prize. These special bike headlights go up to 300 lumens and will keep your trails bright and safe to ride. Keep calm with this spectacular gift and light up your friends life by wrapping up a pair for underneath their Christmas tree today.

Men's Bike Shorts Loose Fit
Check out these super fashionable and highly functionable biking shorts. Lightweight, cool design, and with loads of storage space for all of your snacks, medical supplies, and other needs while out on the trail- these shorts are a great package deal for any male biker who lives on the trail.

Evolution Bike Mountain T-Shirt
Ride the bike in style as you zoom down the trail. This special 'evolution bike mountain t-shirt' looks great on any biker and can be an excellent gift. These come in various sizes and colors and are also very comfortable to wear. Try on your passion today!

Biking Pop Grip
Stopping for a snack break or just to check the weather while you're out on the road? Pull out this special Pop Socket to hold your phone while you're finishing up your tasks. That way, you don't end up dropping it into the dirt or mud, or even down a steep trail hill.

Elbow and Knee pads
G Form Elbow pads are great gifts for your friends and family who love to bike and trail. Not only are these elbow pads very comfortable, but they're shock absorbant and will protect you from fall damage if you crash or fly over those handlebars. Made of flexible material, they won't keep you from doing any of your favorite tricks, either.

Child Carrier Set
This Burley Dash child carrier car seat is both easy to use and great for children. It's a simple clip to the front handlebars and you can pop your kiddo in for a front row seat to whatever trail you're blazing. Coming in two different colors, these seats are great gifts.

Hydration Backpack Pack
G4 Free insulated hydration backpacks are wonderful tools for long trips, hikes, or biking adventures. Not only does the special cooling system keep your liquids fresh inside the pack, but special straws and pores allow you to sip your beverage while biking. Great for up to 4 hours of cool temps.

Mountain Wall Decal
Wall decal stickers expressing your favorite passions and hobbies are always fun little gifts to get your friends and family. Not only can you stick this decal sticker along most walls and surfaces, but your loved ones can display it wherever they please to show off their talent. Always look at the mountains with this gift!

Waterproof First Aid Kit
This 100 piece survival medical kit is a great accessory for any avid biker or traveler. With a waterproof casing and very organized contents, these packs can be tied to the handlebars or strapped to your thigh, giving you a sense of comfort as you hit the trails. Coming with various medical supplies, safety whistles, and much more- these packs are the perfect item.

Bike Duffel Bag
This round trip bike duffel bag is great for storing all of your things while you're on the go. Not only does it come with lots of storage space, but it comes in various colors. These bags are lightweight but also very durable so they don't rip and tear as easily as you're unloading your items.

Mongoose Legion for Kids
The Mongoose Legion bike for kids is a great way to create some interest or to introduce your young children to the wonderful word of mountain bikes. Great for beginners, these bikes also come in various colors and styles that your kids will love as they tag along on the next adventure!

Clif Energy Bars
This variety pack of nutritional vegetarian snack bars is the perfect treat for you while you're out doing your favorite physical activity. Not only are they good for you, but these bars come in many different flavors that all taste great. These flavors are the best sellers and are sure to make you feel satisfied.

Bicycle Under Seat Saddle Bag
This under seat saddle bag is perfect for long voyages and adventures. Not only is it stylish and waterproof, but feel free to store anything you like for long bike rides and trail blazes. Anything from snacks to med kits- this kit can lug it all!

Locking Grips
These Raceface Half Nelson locking grips are perfect for most bikes. Not only do they come in multiple colors, but they're very stylish and will make your ride look great in the process! The soft material is great for gripping and can help you have the ride of your life.

Ultra Lightweight Backpack
These ultra lightweight Zomake bags are perfect for the avid hiker, biker, or traveler. Not only do they come in a variety of colors, but each one has lots of storage space and is made of very durable material that doesn't rip or tear easily. Store all your special belongings in them before hitting the trail.

Tailgate Bike Pads for Pickup
These tailgate bike pads are perfect for towing around your bikes in a comfortable and stylish manner. Not only do these come with multiple other pockets for extra storage, but they will also protect your truck from any dings or damage during delivery. These accessories are a great tool for any avid biker.

Gel Bike Seat Cover
This extremely comfortable gel bike seat cover is great for a comfortable long bike ride through your favorite trail. Send one of these to your friend group or work friends who get chronic pains from their own biking experiences. The physical redemption they'll go through will surely put a smile on your face.

Wall Mounted Bike Storage
This bike rack will keep your friends bicycle from clogging up their apartment floor or living space. Not only does it have a swivel feature for easy access and storage, but this rack is perfect for holding your bike and keeping up and away. It's a huge convenience to have when you don't necessarily have the room.

3 Bike Stand Rack with Storage
This 3 bike standing rack is perfect for keeping extra storage for all of your helmets, pads, and medical supplies. Complete with specialized hooks, a spare basket, and lots of room to park your bicycles- this stand is the perfect piece to complete the biking collection.

Bike Carrier Rack
These bicycle carrier racks make for great accessories and gifts for any avid biker or mountain hiking fan. Not only can they support up to 310 pounds, but they also come with an easy to use instruction guide as well as the tools to attach it to your beloved bike. Now you can carry what you need with a supportive item to assist you.

Back Shelf Seat Cushion
This back seat shelf cushion is a great addition for any long rides. Not only does it support larger passengers, but this cushion is very shock absorbant and comfortable. It will give your bike a whole new look as well that may leave people in shock. Make sure they're sitting down when you tell them the news- and hopefully somewhere as comfortable as this seat.

Rear Seat Footrest Pedals
Rear seat footrest pedals make for amazing add ons for your bicycle. The non slip technology of these plastic and rubber tools are great to use during rainy days or biking in harder weather. It gives you great peace of mind for those rough rides, and is a great addition to throw underneath any of your friends Christmas trees this year.

Women's Long Sleeve & Padded Pants Set
Let's look at some super comfortable attire for your favorite biker woman. These long sleeve pant suits are not only stylish but very comfortable. The durable and breathable fabric comes in fun designs and is also padded to provide fall protection and support. These make for great gifts for any female bikers.

Ride the Bike Decal
These vinyl wall art decals are fun gift ideas for any of your close friends or family. Not only are they very easy to stick and replace to most surfaces, but they come in multiple fun colors and designs. Brighten up your office or den, or take these out to the garage and hang them up around your bike equipment.

Waterproof Bike Cover
These bike covers are made of durable material that will keep your bikes dry for many years to come. Keep the rust away and grab yourself one of these waterproof bike covers. Not only are they great for indoor or outdoor use to keep things like animals, dust, and dirt off your equipment, but they also look great!

Bike Cup Holder
Need a drink while you're out biking down the trail? These bicycle cup holders are exactly what you're looking for. Keep a cold can of soda or a bottle of water in this holder for those super long bike rides. They're very easy to attach to your equipment, and make for a great addition for any avid biker fan who loves getting out.

Bicycle Touring Pannier
These biking panniers are amazing storage spaces for any avid biker. Not only can you keep drinks and snacks inside, but electronics, wallets, phones, and other important items are also safe within the very durable material of these bags. Made for an exceptional amount of extra pedal space, these panniers are great gifts.

Copper Bike Bell
How about getting yourself something nifty to alert the nearby passerby of your presence as your biking through the trail or down your street? These cool little bike bells are made and colored of copper, and sound very charming to the ear as you zoom along. Kids and adults can have lots of fun with these bells as they cruise through town.

2-Bike Hitch Racks
Need to go somewhere but don't have the room to tow two bikes behind you at the same time? That won't be a problem for you or your friends anymore with these amazing 2-bike hitch racks. Throw this on the back of your vehicle and you and your friend, spouse, or family member will be able to hit the trails.

Handlebar Bike Mirror
Lots of people get tired of turning their head to keep eyes out for traffic and other bikers while out on their wheels. Why not fix that problem and grab yourself a handlebar bike mirror? Not only do they look great, but these additions to your bike will save you lots of time in the long run as well as help you practice safer habits.

Front Mounted Bicycle Seat for Children
Children love adventure, fun, and the outdoors as much as you do. Don't keep them waiting- grab one of these front mounted bicycle seats for them to use. Clip one to your handlebars and sit your kiddo inside. Don't forget to buckle them up before hitting the trail. You both will be in for hours of enjoyment and fun.

Bike Trailer for Toddlers
Toddlers love to explore just as much as adults do, and with this bicycle trailer meant for them- that's a dream they can let come true. Attach one of these trailers- available in different colors and styles- to your bike before setting the kiddos inside for a comfortable riding experience.

Kids Bike Helmet
Kids need to be safe when using bikes outdoors or indoors alike, and what's better for them to have than a new helmet. These cool helmets are good for ages 1-8 and come in a large variety of fun shapes and colors. Your child will love theirs and you'll be satisfied that they can ride in both style and safety from this point on.

Adjustable Bike Stem
Bike stems- like most parts and tools of bicycles- can break rather easily. Do yourself, your family member, or your close friend a favor and purchase them a brand new one. Not only is this bike stem adjustable, but the cool black finish and lightweight build make it a great addition for any bike.

Handlebar Pouch with Cell Phone Holder
It's always important to keep storage on your bicycle for your wallet, keys, and any other important items. These handlebar pouches are great storage bags. Not only are they durable and come in multiple colors, but it also comes with a cell phone holder for further convenience.

Men's Rain Suit
Stay dry with this special rain suit for your favorite man out on the bike today. Make sure he gets through the next rain storm safely and tuck one of these suits underneath his tree. Made of very durable material, and coming in various colors, he's sure to love this suit and use it for his next adventure or storm chase!

The Mountain Biker's Training Bible
Know somebody who is a beginner out on the hiking trails or doesn't know enough about that new bike they just bought? Check out this Mountain Bike Training Bible. This book is loaded with all kinds of cool tips and tricks that will help you or your loved ones get on the right path to their new goal or hobby.

Mountain Bike Maintenance
Do you have a friend who spends way too much money at the bike repair shop? Get them this maintenance book- full of tips and tricks on how they can start repairing damage to their bike by themselves. This handy manual is also great for beginners or experts alike.

Cycling Shoes Covers
With all of the rainstorms and splashy roads, it can be impossible not to get your feet wet while you're out riding your bike. Luckily, these cycling shoe covers are perfect for you! Throw a pair underneath your Christmas tree or in your buddy's stocking. Not only are they highly water resistant but they look great, too, and will keep you dry all day!

Women's Waterproof Cycling Trousers
These waterproof, breathable hiking trousers are great for women who love to get down and dirty with their free time. Whether you want to hit the trail or pitch a tent, these lightweight pants are a great gift for anyone who wants to have a great accessory for their outdoor hobbies.

Bicycle Chain Lock
Bike chains can be very unstable, and sometimes they may fall apart or off when you tie down your bike somewhere that you want to keep it safe. Get a new bike lock and lock that bike down so that it won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Not only are they durable, but these locks will last your bike a long time.

Mountain Bike Mudguard Fender
When you're going down the mountain trail, your bike is bound to get filthy. Grab yourself a mudguard fender to keep your tires, wheel, and spokes all a little cleaner. Not only will it save you some trouble in the long run, but you'll end up with a much cleaner and simpler ride! Great additions for people of all ages.

Front Tube Triangle Bag
Equip one of these cool triangle bags for some extra carry capacity for your bicycle. Going down the mountain trail, you'll have lots of room for your electronics, snacks, and medical supplies as you zoom toward your destination. Not only are these made of durable material, but the breathable material helps avoid damp areas and mold. A great tool for any bikers of all ages.

Bike Chain Coffee Mug
Want a cool new coffee mug to help get your days started? This decorative and functional bike chain designed coffee mug is great for those who need a cup of joe in the morning to get them started on their next big adventure or task. Not only does it look great, but it'll get you ready for your day, too!

Bike Repair Stand
The best way to do maintenance on your bicycle would be to make sure you have a good place to stand it up for work. Grab yourself a bicycle repair stand, that way anytime you need to fix a flat or repair a chain, you have a convenient spot to set up camp and get to work.

Bike Frame Protection Tape
Let's add some super cool designs or custom decals to your ride this holiday season. Grab a few rolls of this protection tape and cut out some amazing designs for your bike that is weather resistant and durable. The cool, black design looks great and will put your bike on a whole new level compared to all of your friends.

Mountain Bike Rear Derailleur
This bicycle mount is very durable and works for most types of BMX, foldable, and standard bicycles. The aluminum design with the black paint leads to a very sturdy and sleek design that most bikers are sure to enjoy. Grab one for yourself and a friend and wrap them up in a big bow for the holiday season!

Off Road Bike Wall Decal
This 3D offroad biking wall decal is a great artistic accessory for your wall, office, or bedroom. Throw one of these underneath your buddy's Christmas tree to brighten their day and make their house show off their passions in a fun and exciting way. Easy to peel, and very adhesive for most surfaces, these decals won't fail.

Bicycle Shot Glasses
Brought to us by Greenline Goods, these special dual shot glasses with bicycle designs are fun for parties and great gifts for friends who love to get out on the road or down the trail. Wrap a couple of these up and send them off in the mail to spice up anyone's night as they relax with one of their favorite passions in hand.

Electric Bike Horn
A lot of wildlife and pedestrians may have a hard time noticing you while you're zooming through town or the country on your new bike, and you may need a louder way of alerting others to your presence. These electric bike horns are not only loud, but very stylish. Put one on the front of your bike for a great experience!

Anti-Chafe Cream
Chafing can be a real big issue when you're an avid biker. Not only can it be painful, but it will hinder your experience and ruin your hobby. Buy some of this great anti- chafe cream so that you can heal your body and get back on the road as good as new. Your body and bike will both thank you.

Bicycle Cleaning Tools Set
Your bike is bound to get a bit filthy from all of the trails and streams you may be passing through. Grab one of these cleaning tool sets that way you can start upkeeping the look of your favorite ride to a higher stander. Not only will it keep your bike from long term damage from rust and dirt, but you'll look better than ever.

Biking Square Pillow Case
These decorative pillow cases make for great gifts for bike lovers and adventurers of all ages. Everyone will love these for their comfort and fun designs. Fitting over most medium sized square pillows, these cases can be used as simple display or for sleeping. Regardless, they make for great presents that anyone would love to find on their bed with a bow on Christmas.

Folding Mountain Bike
Foldable mountain bikes are the future of BMX biking and mountain rides. Not only are they super easy to transport and carry around, but they're super durable and come in many different colors and styles. Great for all ages, these foldable bikes make for great gifts for any of your friends and family. They're all sure to love finding these on Christmas.

Bicycle Carry Bag
This carry bag is super thick and amazing for easy access and transport. Put your foldable mountain bike inside and carry it with you wherever you need go. Not only are they good for airport travel and train moving, but you can throw them over your shoulder and bring them wherever you need to go.

Bicycle Spoke Skins Wraps
Making your bike look cool has never been easier with these super amazing spoke skin wraps. Throw some of these over the spokes of your favorite bike for some added flare and color, and if you get the flare style ones, you'll be easier to see in the dark, as well. Definitely a fun gift for any of your loved ones.

Bike Frame Carrier Strap
If you have a bunch of cool tools laying around that you can't seem to find any space for? Make sure you have a few of these frame carrier straps handy so that you can strap everything down to your bike. You can put everything down on the front of your frame from tools to other items for easy access.

Energizing Jelly Beans
Let's get you some extra energy for the big race or your stunts! These jelly beans will give you some extra and a big boost for your day, while also tasting great and being super convenient. Throw a few packs in your backpack before your big adventure to make sure you're settled for the entire day.

High Impact Frame Guard
If you plan on doing some rough traveling or stunts anytime soon, you'll probably want to wrap up some of these impact frame guards for yourself and your posse. Not only do they help resist against damage and scratches, but even dents and dings are no match against this highly resistant material. Great for all bikers.

Changes Patterns Bicycle Rim Tire Lights
Let's get some cool new designs going for your bicycle this holiday. These amazing rim tire lights change patterns and colors, and will look amazing on your ride. Make all of your friends jealous with your cool new look as you ride through the dark in style and flare! Wrap some up for their stockings, too.

Indoor Bike Riding
Is the weather ruing all of your favorite trails? That's not a problem at all for this Indoor bike rider. Not only is it great for endorphins, but, it's curve technology is great for your back and legs alike. You'll break a sweat as if you never even left the real trail, and get the full thrill of the ride.

Mountain Bike Parking Only
Let's get some fun decor for the home office and bedroom! These novelty aluminum signs are funny and great to have around the apartment to show off your passions and hobbies. Grab some for your friends, as well, so that everyone could have a great laugh and enjoy these funny gifts this next holiday season.

Bike Multi-Tool
Most people love multi-tools. They're handy, affordable, and best of all, they have everything you need in a small convenient location. Why not buy one directly for your bike? Now maintenance and repair has never been easier, all at the convenience of your front pocket. Add that to the Christmas list today!

Biking 3D Night Lamp
Go to sleep tonight in your bicycle sheets and a cool biking 3D night lamp! These cool lights are shaped as a biker, and come in multiple colors. The 3D design is cool and fun and makes for a great gift for people of all ages and genders. Put some of these underneath all of your friends Christmas trees for a bunch of excited expressions.

Men's Mountain Bike Shoes
Most guys blow through their shoes incredibly fast, so you might as well buy some that are both durable and comfortable. These mountain bike shoes for men are both of those things. These withstand the elements!

Mini Bike Ornament
Want a cool collectible for your office or home, or maybe something to stick on a shelf with all of your other mountain bike items and trophies? This cool little diecast mountain bike mini ornament is a great item for you. This little display is colorful and cute, and can complete any collection!

Happy Birthday Cake Topper Decor Set
Is your favorite mountain biker having a birthday coming up soon? You got the cake. You got the gifts. All you're missing is this little topper for your special dessert. This Happy Birthday Cake topper is a great way to show off your friends hobby with it's mountain bike theme and design, that will surely make them smile.

Metal Wall Hooks
Extra storage space for your apartment, garage, or even your office is always a plus! Grab some of these metal wall hooks to hang things like your helmets, bikes, and other accessories. Not only are they great for easy access but they can help clear up a lot of your extra clutter. Use these as amazing stocking stuffers for the new holiday!

Metal Bike Wall Art
Something that will really lighten up your apartment beside all of your mountain bikes and helmets would be some really cool modern metal bike wall art. This stuff sticks to most surfaces and peels easily for simple removal and no markings. This art can make your apartment scream with style.

Mountain Biker Smart Watch
This rugged outdoor smartwatch is a great item for any mountain biker, hiker, or outdoorsman alike. Not only will it tell the time and weather, but it can also check your steps as well as many other cool features that any man under the sunshine will enjoy. Waterproof and comfortable with a manly style, order yours today!

Biker Dad Shirt
How about getting your dad a cool shirt for Christmas that will really show off his passions as well as your love. Get him this 'Bike Dad' T-shirt to really give him the impression that you care about both him and his hobby. Wrap one up and put a bow on it for Christmas, because this gift is sure to make him smile.

Vintage Bike Wall Art Set
These vintage bike wall arts are a great way to make any nostalgic bike lover smile. Not only will it add a special flare to the office setting, but it can give your bedroom some much needed hobby enhanced artwork. These prints look great, and the set is clean and crisp, giving a clear image.

Personalized Cyclist Cake Topper
These personalized bicycle cake toppers make for great gifts that friends and family can use at many holidays and occasions. Give the party some special thematic pizazz as you pull this bad boy out and put it on a big slice of chocolate cake. Not only will it show off your passion, but it'll spice up the cake to a new level.

Ankle Bike Socks
Some new socks would really make your friends and family happy this year, especially some ankle socks made specifically for biking. Not only will it protect their skin against flying dirt and debris, but it'll keep them warm while they go through those fall days on the biking trail. You gotta think ahead when shopping for Christmas.

Bike Helmet Headlight
The Cateye rechargeable bike headlamp is perfect for young adults, children, and other bikers of all ages. This gift is sure to brighten your friend or family members night as they ride down their favorite trail in the dark with the luminescent glow. Put one of these in their stocking and wish them luck on their nightly travels.

Men's Mountain Bike Dress Socks
Looks like some amazing new gifts are afoot! These mountain bike dress socks for men make for great gifts for all the special male bikers in your life. Grab them a few bags of these for both comfort and style, as they put them on to head for their next big adventure.

Fanny Pack Set
Have a lot to carry but not a lot of extra room to keep it all? Grab some of these amazing fanny pack sets! Not only is this durable and breathable nylon fabric strong and great for carrying things, but it also has dual water bottle carriers that will help with those extra long trips! Strap one on before your next bike ride.

Massage Gun
This massage gun is perfect for rubbing, deep tissue relaxing, and muscle enjoyment. The nine different heads are great to use after a long bike ride or hike, when the muscles are tired and sore after a heavy workout. Give this massage gun a try and feel all of your troubles melt away.

LED Reflective Belt
Ever have any fears that you won't be super visible in the dark if you're going out for a hike or bike ride? That won't be a problem anymore with this LED reflective belt! Available in multiple lengths and colors, this tool is great for being seen late at night when there's nothing more than shadows.

Hip Pouch
Fanny packs are still in style, and this Hip Pouch is just the tool you'll need for all of your carrying and storage needs at a convenient location. Available in multiple colors, these Hip Pouches are perfect for bringing snacks, medical supplies, your cell phone- and so many other items you'll need out on the trail.

Winter Cycling Gloves
Your hands are bound to get cold if you try to go biking during this next winter season. A good way to prepare for that is to buy yourself some very thick and durable winter cycling gloves. Not only will your fingers be able to breathe, but they'll be nice and toasty for your next long haul down the mountain trail.

Snow and Rain Goggles
You have to keep the elements out of your face while you're out on the bike, or you may suffer from a wreck or crash. Grab a pair of these extremely durable and comfortable snow and rain goggles. Not only will they help keep your face dry, but you'll be able to see the trails clearly despite the weather.

Winter Face Mask
Your face is bound to get a bit cold if you try to bike out in the colder temperatures or on those brisk mornings. Don't hinder your adventure. Instead, grab a few pairs of these winter face masks for winter and toss them underneath the Christmas tree for all your friends and family. Their warm faces will thank you.

Winter Skull Cap Helmet Liner
Helmet liners are great ways to keep your head warm during the winter while you're out on the bike, especially if your helmet is made of metal or plastic lining. These skull cap liners are both stylish and comfortable, and bound to help you stay safe during your colder travel. Slap these in a bag and call it Christmas!

Bike Handlebar Mittens
Your hands may freeze and stick to your handlebars in the worst situations if you aren't careful, but if you manage to snag a pair of these handlebar mittens for Christmas, you'll be much better off.

Bike Trainer Stand
Let's get you ready to start biking! All you need to start is this bike trainer stand and all of the equipment to help get you going. This comes with all of the resistance bands and pedals to get started. Wrap this up and put a big bow on it for your neighbor or coworker and get them ready for the biking season.

Bikepacking Seat Bag
This bike pack seat bag is a great tool to use for those long journeys or if you have a lot to haul on the bike. Not only does this durable material come with lots of carry space, but it goes right over the bike, giving you plenty of room still to move and pedal.

Handlebar Rain Cover
The rain an be a huge literal damper on your adventures, and can cause a lot of unwanted harm to your bike. Do yourself a favor and grab one of these handlebar rain covers to keep your bike dry and safe from the elements. It'll save prep time so you can go hit the trails!

Insulated Lunch Tote Bag
Make sure to never forget your lunch again with these nifty insulated lunch tote bags. Not only will they keep your warm things warm and your cold things cold, but they're great for tying down to the bike before you head out. Hit those trails with a full belly for maximum effort.

Adjustable Bike Rack Strap
These adjustable bike rack straps are super handy to keep on you in a pinch. Not only do they help hold everything together, but the synthetic leather is extremely durable and waterproof. These multilayer straps are great for banding and bundling, and can be an amazing asset for any biker. Grab a pair today!

Mountain Bike Fitted Sheet Set
Going to sleep will be just as fun as going for a bike ride with these cool fitted sheets. Put these on your bed at home and drift off into a sleep wonderland knowing you have an amazing bike adventure ahead of you in the future. With these sheets to remind you of one of your favorite hobbies, you'll always get a good night's rest.

Men's Cycling Shoes
These cycling shoes for men are great for long adventures on the bike going down the trail or up the mountains. These bad boys come in many different colors and styles, and are perfect for men of all ages who want to go outside and get physical.

Pro Bike Tools
This pro bike tool maintenance set is perfect for those who break their bikes often or undergo a lot of damage while out on the trail. Complete with multiple screw heads and a travel kit, this tool bag is great to take on the go. Just place in your bag and ride worry free.

Cheeseburger Bicycle Fun Bell
It's time to have a little fun on the road while you go down the trails this Christmas season. Grab one of these cheeseburger shaped bicycle bells for a fun experience and a tasteful ride. Not only do they look stylish, but with these bells, everyone will know when you're rolling around the block. Great for a stock stuffer, as well!

Electrolyte Powder Variety Pack
You'll need all the energy you can get before you hit the trail on your next big adventure. Make sure to help you and your friends stock up on these electrolyte powders. This variety pack comes in many different flavors that will help you and your taste buds get ready for the day in a healthier method than an energy drink!

Women's Biking Sunglasses
Try to help keep the sun out of one of your favorite women's eyes and toss a pair of these at her on Christmas day. Not only do they look great and come in a variety of styles.

Beef Jerky Gift Box
Wanna help your dad or best friend load up on protein before a big bike event? Grab this beef jerky variety gift box set for them to try out before they jump on the seat. Not only does it come in many different flavors, but this food item tastes great and will leave them full and satisfied so they can spend the day focused.

Chia Energy Gel Variety Pack
Chia energy gel is a great way of getting the vitamins and minerals, as well as the energy that you'll benefit from them in a healthy method. Not only are these gels a great variety pack that come in multiple flavors, but they'll leave your body in a charged and relaxed state of mind for when you get to the mountains on your BMX.

I'd Bike That Funny Mug
Your friend or family member who loves to get out on the trail or out on the mountains would love this 'I'd Bike That' mug. Great for starting off their morning routine or serving them a fresh cup of coffee, this novelty mug makes for a great gift for men and women alike.

Funny Biker Shirt
Wrap this shirt and throw it under the tree cause it's the perfect gift for any of your biker friends who can't get enough of the great outdoors. This novelty shirt is fun and comes in many different colors, tailored for most tastes and preferences.