29 Gifts for Moms of Twins That Can’t Be Matched in 2022

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Moms of multiples are no ordinary moms! With double the bundles of joy can come the need for double the gear and double the fun. The perfect gift for a twins mom is one that makes her life a little easier, and helps her to perfectly preserve those memories that will whisk by before she can blink.

Mom of Twins Pillow
Tandem nursing and feeding is easier with a pillow designed for use with twins. This handy essential provides back support for mom and her littles while nursing. It's also a great way to get your duo to sit up after feeding. The Twin Z pillow is a perfect for the twin mama. She can use it all the way into the toddler years.
Mom of Twins Shirt
It’s true. Moms who have twins are practically bulletproof. This fun and funny t-shirt is sure to be worn proudly when she steps out for a grocery run or a walk in the park. The V-neck design is flattering and comfortable, which is something every mom can appreciate. This is a thoughtful baby shower gift for the twin mama to be.
Baby Hand and Footprint Kit
What better way for a twin mom to remember just how little their hands and feet were, than with a hand footprint kit. This kit has been designed for twin use, and has room for two impressions and two photos. It’s easy to use, the clay does not need to be baked, and it will serve as a lovely keepsake for years to come.
Twins Nursery Center
If a twin mom needs anything, it’s an extra pair of hands. This nursery center for twins is the next best thing. With many great features, this takes the pack ‘n play to new levels, with a flip away changing table and locking wheels for portability. Whether they’re napping, getting a diaper change or on the go, this is a must-have for the twin parent.
Side by Side Stroller
Busy moms on the go know how important it is to keep things together. A double side-by-side stroller with plenty of organizational space is a must-have. Easy to open and close with one hand, this handy strolled can accommodate twins until they are each about 45lbs. The canopy keeps them shaded, while the cup holders prove perfect for mom’s coffee.
Welly Bandages & Bravery Badges
It's time to ditch those old boring bandages. With double the trouble, mom is going to need bandages for all the bumps and bruises over the years. Make sure she has some of her style and get her these Welly bravery badges. They're flexible, durable and super colorful!
Mom of Twins Bracelet
Let her show off her mama bear pride and strength, with a bracelet that features a mama bear and her two little cub. Clasp free, so she can easily slip it on and go, this bracelet is a good size that will fit most. When she’s at work or running errands without her babes, this bracelet will allow her to feel connected to them.
Because Twins Stemless Glass
Stressed and tired parents of twins can definitely appreciate a well-deserved glass of wine after bedtime. Gift a stemless wine glass with “Because Twins” emblazoned on it. A twin mama will get it. And will perhaps care a little less with every sip that she takes. A thoughtful gift for a baby shower or when you pop over with a bottle of wine.
Twins Romper Set
Adorable and sweet, this pair of baby rompers is sure to make new moms smile. Perfect for twins, the rompers are made from a soft cotton blend that is comfortable against baby’s skin and incredibly easy to run through the laundry. Gender neutral, a mom of multiples is certain to get plenty of use out of this romper set.
Coffee & Espresso Machine
New moms will tell you just how essential it is to keep the coffee flowing. For a mom of multiples, coffee is practically a food group. This coffee machine can make a full cup of coffee and also a quick shot of espresso. Compatible with popular pods on the market, this is an essential for any household with new family members.
Mom to Be Maternity Shirt
Help a mom of multiples show off her beautiful big bump, with a fun maternity shirt she’ll love to wear even after her duo make their arrival. The shirt is made from 100% soft cotton, and features a true maternity cut to ensure her comfort. With two sets of sweet feet on the front, she may just proudly wear this shirt daily.
Playyard for Twin Babies
A mom of multiples is sure to find her dynamic duo are into mischief as soon as they are able to crawl. New moms can keep their twins safely contained for playtime and naps, with an extra-large play yard that has been designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.
Twins Milestone Baby Blanket
The weeks and months really do fly by, as all new moms will tell you. Help a mom of multiples celebrate every monthly milestone, with a soft fleece monthly milestone blanket. Gender neutral, this blanket will serve as a wonderful way for a mom to create memories with her sweet little ones in that busy first year.
Video Baby Monitor
New moms will know just how scary it can be when their little ones sleep, without mom in the room. For a mom of multiples, nap time is sacred. A video baby monitor is just what she needs to soothe her mind, while she unwinds during nap time. Rechargeable, portable and easy to use, this is a new parent essential.
Mom of Twins Keychain
Adorable and funny, a mom of multiples definitely needs a keychain made just for her. Jewelry for her keys, this keychain declares that she is indeed a mom of twins, and offers a reminder of her little sweet peas. A cute gift idea for new moms as they get ready to spend a lot of time shuttling their kiddos around.
Twin Drinking Buddy Bibs
Matching bibs are practical and simply adorable. This set toasts to their drinking buddy, and is sure to make a mom of multiples giggle each time she slips the bib on. Soft, breathable and easy to throw into the washing machine, new moms will always appreciate the gift of bibs.
Deep Tissue Massager
Aching backs, sore legs and shoulders that are stiff. These are ailments many new moms are very familiar with. After a rough day keeping up with the destructive duo, moms of multiples will appreciate being able to get the deep tissue massaging treatments they need. All in the comfort of their very own home.
Customizable Twin Necklace
What a simply lovely way to celebrate her new darling duo. This personalized jewelry for a mom of multiples can be engraved with the names of her children on it. You can also customize the birthstone used. The heart-shaped pendants are perfectly pretty, while the birthstones shimmer as they catch the light. A sweet gift for new moms who love to show off their twins.
Funny Mom Shirt
Moms of multiples will tell you that they swear their darling duo drain the energy right on out of them. This mom of twins shirt is funny, and doesn’t tell a lie. What a fun way for new moms to show that they are just plain tired out. Soft and stretchy, she will love wearing her shirt. Even on those draining days.
Baby & Mommy Gift Set
Soothing and nourishing for even the most sensitive skin, this Aveeno gift set is sure to be appreciated by all new moms. A soothing shampoo and creamy wash will help get mom and babies clean, while protecting soft skin. The included lotions will moisturize and keep everyone smelling sweet. What a perfect choice in gift for moms of multiples.
Twin Mom Insulated Tumbler
Whether new moms stick just to water, or sneak a little something extra in, an insulated tumbler is just what moms of multiples need. The spill proof design is perfect for moms with busy twins, while the double-wall vacuum insulation is just what she needs to keep her cool when on the go with her double trouble cuties.
Peas in a Pod Sterling Necklace
Jewelry for moms of multiples can be a wonderful way to celebrate her double blessings. This sterling silver charm necklace features a darling little pod with two precious peas inside of it. New moms love jewelry that reminds them of their little ones. This is a necklace that she will appreciate even long past the terrible twos.
Padded Bath Kneeler Set
There’s nothing like clean babies! Make bath time an absolute splash for new moms, with a padded pair of mats that will keep her comfy as she scrubs her twins. Moms of multiples know just how hands on they need to be. Protecting knees and elbows while crouching down next to the tub will ease some of her discomfort each night.
Breast Pump Set
Perfect for new moms & baby showers. Includes everything she needs to keep things flowing. This direct to bag system makes it much easier for a busy mom of multiples to keep things hygienic and stored perfectly.
New Mom Gift Basket
After long days keeping up with active twins, moms of multiples deserve to put their feet up and have a bottle of wine. Or, they could start with just a glass. The perfect gift set to give to new moms, a coping kit to give them something to look forward to after bedtime. A bottle of wine, glasses, funny socks. What more could she need.
Deluxe Home Spa Gift Basket
All new moms deserve a bit of pampering at home. Moms of multiples deserve a luxurious home spa gift set that includes all her favorites. When she gets a break from her delightful duo, she’ll love to enjoy the lotions, bubble baths, bath bombs, cozy socks and more. Perfect for reminding her that she deserves a bit of mom time.
Nursing Pillow
All new moms know just how helpful a nursing pillow can be for positioning those babes. For a mom of multiples, positioning is so important for tandem nursing. This nursing pillow has been designed to meet the needs of the mom nursing two. There is even a handy side pocket for those nursing essentials.
Double Stroller for Infants
Make outings just that much easier for the busy mom of multiples, with a double stroller that is more than a smooth ride. Plenty of storage for those twin essentials, safety harnesses and a cup holder to boot. The curb assist is a must for those solo adventures with her favorite duo. This is a twin mama must-have.