117 Acceptable Gifts For Minimalists Who Don’t Want Anything

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Minimalism. It’s about being humble and appreciating what you have. Show your appreciation for that someone who can teach us all something about appreciation. From practical Christmas gifts to socks and batteries, this list has what you are looking for, for the hardest person to shop for.

Irregular Black Wall Mirror
Need minimalist flare? Change up the entryway or update the mirror in your room with this irregular wall mirror option. It is unique and beautiful, allowing you a way to check your reflection, and how amazing you look, while giving a new decoration throughout the room. It is the perfect accessory to any wall in the home.

Essential Oil Diffuser Lamp
Get ready to relax, add in some energy, or prepare for anything with this Buba essential oil diffuser. There are so many benefits to using essential oils, and this diffuser will help get the work done. Just add up to 10 drops of the oil into the water and get ready to change your day.

The Minimalist Kitchen Recipe Book
Wholesome and healthy is the name of the game and with this cookbook, you will be able to learn some of the best recipes for a minimalist kitchen. Take some of the guesswork out of supper and stop wasting valuable time that could be spent with the family, all while getting a delicious home cooked meal on the table.

Gold Filled Dainty Necklace
For that special minimalist in your life, this layered gold necklace is the perfect gift to show that you care. It has high quality 14K gold and looks beautiful no matter what she decides to wear it with. Handmade and minimalist, this is a great piece of jewelry to wear all the time.

Unique Moon Lamp
Using a traditional nightlight is boring and will get broken in no time. This moon lamp will make a difference while helping you to fall asleep and feel comfortable in no time. Made out of eco-materials and offered in a variety of sizes, you can choose the light that will provide the right amount of warmth and brightness for your home.

Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet
Carrying around a big and bulky wallet that is hard to hold onto? With this carbon fiber wallet, you can hold onto all of your cash and cards without taking up too much space. With a simple clip to keep it in place and a sturdy cover, this is the perfect gift for a minimalist.

Wooden Electronic Digital Clock
Get up in the morning and be prepared with this digital alarm clock! Not only will it share the time with you each day, but you can see the temperature, the humidity levels and more. The simple and sleek design will look nice in any room and will help you be ready to take on the day.

Kitchen Knife Block Matte Black
Sharpen those knives and get ready to make some magic in the kitchen. This 7 piece knife set has all of the features that you are looking for to chop, dice, and cook up a great meal in minutes. Whether you need to slice and dice some vegetables or cut into some hearty meat, this knife set will get it done.

Industrial Bookshelf
Add some more space to any room with this 6-tier corner shelf. It is a great little nook for your books, pictures, and everything else. Unlike some of the other shelves you can choose, this one is sturdy and durable, ready to take on any project you would like to get done.

Minimalist Spice Jars
Keep your spices safe and out of the way with this simple spice jar set. While many others are bulky and take up space, this spice set will fit in any area and makes it easy to see what is inside. With 20 pieces in the set, you can hold onto as many spices as you need.

Minimal Spice Jar Labels
Once you have your spice containers, it is time to label and organize them! With these 162 spice labels, you can write down what is in each container and keep it all organized. Stop guessing which spice is in each container. Just write it down and you are set to go!

Elegant Wooden Salad Bowls
These simple wooden bowls look great with any kitchen. Use them as a salad bowl or for another dish and be amazed at how well they fit in! Whether you are having a fancy night with all of your friends and those close to you or a simple meal at home, these bowls are sure to fit the bill.

Black Coffee Machine
Get that cup of coffee in the morning before rushing out the door. With the Nespresso Mini Espresso Machine, you will be able to get a single serve of coffee ready to go in no time, providing comfort and deliciousness when you first get up in the morning. Don't start your day without this great gift!

Dark Roast Espresso
You can't make a good cup of coffee in your Nespresso maker without some of the tasty Nespresso capsules to get it going. Get ready for a lot of strength with a coffee intensity of ten in every cup. Jolt yourself up in the morning and get ready for anything the day has in store.

Zero Waste Kitchen Dishcloths
Tired of filling up the landfill just to keep your home clean? Then these non-scratch reusable paper towels are the perfect gift to give everyone on your list. They are effective at cleaning up even the toughest messes, leaving your kitchen as clean and beautiful as ever before, without all the waste.

Handcrafted Wood Minimalist Vase
Add a bit of color and beauty to any room with this handcrafted and natural vase. Glass can be elegant, but nothing quite looks as good in any room of the home than this beautiful design. Created out of sustainable orchard wood, you can bring some of nature inside, without ruining the rainforest.

Black Tissue Holder
Keep the tissues at hand during the next romantic movie with this simple metal tissue box cover holder. You can choose from a few different colors to meet your décor and to get the beautiful design and look that you need. This works great on dressers, night stands, desks, and more!

Minimalist Wall Art
Minimalism and abstract go hand in hand when you utilize this great modern art print for any area of your home. The simple design can help keep you guessing and interested for hours, adding some class and a modern look to your bedroom, living room and more.

Simple Shower Sandals
Get comfy and cozy and ready for a night in the house with these simple slippers for men and women. These work great in the shower to help you from falling or can feel good on the feet when you are ready to relax.

Minimalist Office Desk
Have room for your writing, work from home, or all your important documents with this minimalist desk. This writing and computer desk is small and compact, allowing you to add it into any room that you want, adding some class and elegance to the room as well.

Desk Swivel Chair
Work in comfort with this modern swivel chair. Sturdy and strong with lots of comfort in mind, this chair will help you work late at night getting things done at the office or for school. Traditional office chairs are stiff and hard on the back. This office chair will get the work done and make you feel amazing at the same time.

Minimalist Bed Shelf
Keep all of your belongings near you and off the floor with this simple shelf for a bed. Rather than having a big shelf that is off to the side and hard to reach, this simple shelf will fit right at the level you want on the bed. It has a good deal of sturdiness and several colors to choose from too.

Modern Wooden Keepsake Jewelry Box
As your jewelry collection grows, you need a nice jewelry box to help keep it all in one place. Many boxes are ornate or big and take up a lot of space. When you want to stay as a minimalist and not worry about a gaudy piece of furniture, this simple box with hidden compartments and plenty of room will do the job.

Hand Blown Whiskey Glass Gift Set
Celebrate a job well done, unwind after a hard day, or just enjoy some good whiskey any day of the week. This duo glass whiskey glass set is the perfect size to enjoy your favorite whiskey, with just a hint of elegance while being sturdy enough to last for years to come.

Men's Watch Organizer
Who says men can't have their own jewelry storage? This simple display case is the perfect place to hold on and show off some of your prized watches while having a hidden drawer for anything else you need. This tray watch holder is just the right gift for that person you treasure.

Matte Black Electric Kettle
Pour away all your stress and bad days with a cup of tea. And with this Gooseneck Electric Kettle, you will be able to heat up a cup of your favorite tea in no time. This kettle is simple and easy to use, providing you with the perfect cup of tea on a broiler plate to not take up room on the stove.

Bird Feeder for Windows
Enjoy a bit of nature with this fun bird feeder. You can easily add this to your porch or a window and get an up-close view of the birds in your neighborhood. It comes with three extra suction cups to keep it in place and three drain holes for rain and other issues. Let the birds come to you for a relaxing morning!

Accent Piece Small Iron Sculpture
This rustic décor will work for any room in the home. It is an abstract theme that works in the home, office, or somewhere else. It is simple enough to match anywhere with something that shows that you care. Its simplicity helps make it the perfect gift for everyone.

Matte Black Silverware Set
Update your silverware with this beautiful matching set. It includes everything that you need including spoons, forks, and even chopsticks for the next time that you want to eat a bit of Asian. This set works well in the dishwasher and is meant to last for years to come.

Linen Storage Basket with Lids
Small and compact, these woven storage baskets can be a great addition to any décor. Hold onto towels, books, nick-knacks, and other things that you want to keep out of the way, while making the area look amazing. They can easily fit on any shelf and give a clean appearance to any room.

Minimal Address Number Display
Update your home and make it easier for friends and family to see where you live. When the numbers on the home have faded out and no one can find how to get to your home well, then these numbers, which can be either vertical or horizontal, will be a great option to choose to spruce up the outside of your home.

Set of 3 Brass Candle Stick Holders
Add elegance to any room with the help of these brass gold candlestick holders. You can choose any of the different candles that you want and set them into these elegant holders. Bring them out for supper, for a special occasion, or to save on electricity at night to set the mood!

Simple Wine Tumbler Gift Set
Hold onto your wine in a classy bottle that can be great for parties or just for a natural look around your home. This set includes your own wine bottle and two glass tumblers to enjoy something new with someone close to you. choose from several colors to get the exact look you want.

All Season Down Comforter
Get comfortable and warm with this full or queen size goose down comforter. You will feel like you are in the lap of luxury when it comes to this heavy and high-quality comforter that will fit on any bed. It can match any room and will be a great way to class up your bedroom.

Simple Sterling Silver Flat Top Ring
Unique, bright, and bold are all great words to use to describe this ring. It is easy to wear all the time and made out of 18K gold-plated sterling silver. The flat top is a bit different, which is what helps to set this ring apart from the others.

Minimalist Cement Succulent Planter
Succulents are the perfect plant for the minimalist. They take up minimal space and need minimal amount of work too. With this decorative grey cement bowl, you have the perfect new home for your succulents, no matter where you want to put them. Just add the dirt and the plant and you are set to go.

Laptop Hard Shell Cover
Keep your MacBook Pro safe, no matter where you go. This hardshell Woolenex is here to help take care of all your computer needs. Whether you are traveling or you are worried about dropping the laptop at home, this cover is going to keep everything safe and secure.

Reusable Glass Tumbler with Bamboo Lid
Drink in style with this two piece glass tumbler. These glass tumblers are easy to clean and hold onto all day long and the bamboo lid and silicone sleeve and straw make it good for the environment as well. Stay hydrated and get your daily dose of water without all the hassle.

Concrete L Shaped Bookends
Bookends can bring a bit of elegance and class to any shelf or collection of books, but finding one that is not ornate and ugly can be a challenge. These simple and modern L-Shaped concrete grey bookends may just do the trick for you. Sturdy and simple, they will get the job done and look nice with any décor.

Luxury Sheet Set 1800 Count
Slip into luxury and feel like you are on vacation all the time with the Mellanni Queen Sheet Set. These sheets are unlike anything you have slept in before and come in four pieces for the ultimate in comfort. Wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant so you know with a quick wash, they will be ready to use again.

Black and White Frosted Glass Chess Set
A game of chess is good for the mind and the heart. You can pick up a cheap set anywhere, but this avant-garde black frosted chess set is going to set itself apart and may be the last one that you need to purchase. The glass reflects all the moves and can make you feel like you are playing in style.

Natural Bamboo Cheese Board Set
Invite those friends over and have a party you will not soon forget. This Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife set will make it easy. Add any snack or delicious appetizer you would like and have it all in one place with all the accessories, sliding drawers, and room that you need to host the best party.

AirPods Pro
Simple and compact are a great way to describe these Apple AirPods for your home. They have all of the sound protection that you need and come in a convenient carrying case. When you are ready to update to an Apple product or need a new earpiece for your favorite music, these are the minimalistic option you should choose.

Coffee Mug with Warmer
Nothing is more disappointing than getting a hot cup of coffee at work and having it go cold before you can enjoy one delicious drop. Say goodbye to those days with the Misby Coffee Warmer for your desk. It is designed to keep your coffee warm and has an automatic shut off to keep you safe!

Cheese Knife Wood Set
What is missing from your charcuterie board? The heavenly cheese knife set to help you slice and dice to perfection for each entertaining event. The Slice of Goodness company has some of the best cheese knives to make your dreams a reality and comes with a magnetic acacia wood holder to keep them up and out of the way.

Glass LED Beautiful Aquarium Set
Having a pet is a great option for many homes, and many choose to go with a fish. Many fish aquariums are large and bulky and do not fit well in a minimalistic home. With the Marineland aquarium, you can get the perfect 5 gallon tank that is long instead of wide, giving you plenty of options to have it in your home.

Black Minimal Coffee Cups 6 Oz.
Keep that coffee hot all morning long with the double walled coffee cups added to your list. These are a beautiful ceramic outside that you are sure to love and can be perfect for that tea, latte, cappuccino, and any other drink that makes you cozy and warm.

Indoor Herb Garden w/ Grow Light
Grow your own plants and enjoy tasty vegetables or some greenery in any corner of your home with the iDOO hydroponics growing system. It comes with 12 pods to make growing herbs inside in any weather a little bit easier as well. Anyone can grow herbs and plants with this great growing kit!

Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
How many times have you truly noticed your salt and pepper shaker? You likely picked one from a thrift store and called it good. Time to make a change and fall in love with your spices thanks to these wooden salt and pepper grinder set. Unique and elegant, while also being simple, these shakers will match any décor.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener
Stop fighting with that bottle of wine when you need a night of relaxing. While traditional wine openers can be hard to work with, this electric wine bottle opener will get that cork out and let you enjoy a sip of your favorite wine in just a few minutes.

Speckled 10 Piece Stone Cookware
Update the kitchen and get to cooking with this MICHELANGELO 10-piece cookware set. These granite pots and pans are ultra-nonstick and provide you with all of the style and comfort that you need. They will heat up quickly and evenly to cook each meal to perfection, no matter how bad your cooking skills are.

Modern Copper and Black Silicone Utensils
If you are going to update your kitchen set, then it is time to update all the utensils as well. Get all the serving spoons, whisks, and spatulas you need with this unique set. With stainless steel as the main ingredient, you know that these are going to last, no matter how often you decide to use them.

Portable Laptop 13 inch Display
Get a laptop that has a lot of power and will last a long time with the Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro. This computer has all the memory and SSD space that you need for any project. Stop wasting space having different computers for different projects. Let this laptop handle it all in a slim design.

Cold Brew Fridge Coffee Maker
Coffee can taste amazing hot in the morning. But what about a tasty cold brew coffee too? This cold brew coffee maker puts you in control of your coffee, creating a delicious cup, no matter what time of day. Just brew it and then enjoy out of the thick glass that will keep it safe until you need a little jolt during the day.

Touchless Soap Dispenser
Keep healthy and sanitized, even during cold and flu season, with this automatic soap dispenser. Add in some of your favorite scents and let the dispenser do the rest. This one comes with an infrared motion sensor that will make it easy to use again and again in your home.

Glass Bottles for Shampoo/Conditioner
So many bathrooms and sinks and so little time. With this four-pack soap dispenser set, you will be able to fill up and have some bubbly soap available in all the rooms in. your home. Made out of a glass bottle and a stainless steel pump, you will love that these are ready to use in every room in the home.

Live Dwarf Bonsai Tree
Start your own garden and add some feng shui to any room. This live dwarf bonsai tree can be grown inside to begin your very own Zen garden. The tree comes in its own container and can turn into living art that fills up any room.

Travel Flat Lay Water Bottle
Tired of water bottles taking up too much space in your backpack and making traveling harder than before? Worry no more thanks to our moChic Flat water bottle. It holds onto 13 ounces of water or other liquid to take to the gym, on the airplane, or anywhere else you would like to travel, making hydration easier than ever before.

Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair
Time to get comfy reading a book or watching your favorite movie. This big sofa chair is full of the comfort and style that you need in every room of your home. With memory foam put right in, you can get it to shape around your body, without all the hassle.

Minimalist Wall Sconces
Getting ready in the dark can be a chore. Knowing how the makeup looks and whether you are ready for the day can be a challenge without the right lighting. With these sconce vanity lighting options, you will be able to get a modern touch while lighting up the vanity while you get ready.

Italian Hand Blown Crystal Wine Glasses
Celebrate a special occasion or sip some wine after a long day of work with these Italian Style crystal Bordeaux wine glasses. This set of four helps you to enjoy your favorite wine on your own or with others. Handwashing is preferred to help maintain the beauty and integrity of these one of a kind wine glasses.

Wooden Case Mixology Shaker Set
It is time to party! With this cocktail mixology shaker set, you will have all of the pieces that you need to create the perfect drink for any occasion. Sip on something refreshing when you are done with a long day at work or get ready to be the best host on the block with the help of this cocktail mixology set today!

Minimalist Goose Down Pillows
Has your pillow gotten flat and made sleeping uncomfortable again? Are you tired of purchasing cheap pillows that seem to fade faster than you can do anything with them? It’s all about to change thanks to this minimalistic white goose down and feather pillow. Go to sleep in comfort and wake up refreshed.

Hard Copy Minimalist Moms Book
Ready to throw out the old and simplify your life? Then becoming a minimalist mom may be the right outlook for you. This book helps you to become one of the best parents you can to your kids, all by living and parenting with simplicity. Cut out the noise and focus more on what is most important today!

Blue Blocker Glasses
If someone you love has to spend a good deal of time on the computer to get work done, you may be looking for a way to give them some relief. These blue blocker reading glasses help to block the blue lights from the computer and TV screen, giving relief while protecting the eyes.

Sleep Women's Mesh Watch
Update your watch and get something that will last a long time. The Skagen Women’s watch is made out of stainless steel and mesh so it is durable and will not break like other fancy watches on the market. The casual look on this watch makes it perfect for any occasion, making it the minimalists dream.

Chunky Knit Oversized Blanket
Hygge is the word for comfort and being comfy, and that is exactly what you will get with this chunky chenille blanket. With several colors to choose from and a heavy and soft material, you will love cozying up in this blanket. When you want to freshen it up and make it better, throw it in the washing machine to get it clean.

Womens Open Minimal Cuff Bracelet
This simple and elegant cuff bracelet is going to look good for each day of the week. A minimalist gold band will sparkle and shine and can be the perfect accessory for many occasions, even when you do not want something that is too crazy.

Minimalist Everyday Blade
An exceptional grip, useful utility, and easy to sharpen blade can make this the one cleaver and knife that your loved one needs. It is even compact and lightweight enough that they can take it around with them, using it anytime the situation arises. Add in the gear compatibility and this is one of the most durable and versatile knives for you to give.

Womens Lightweight Minimal Sandal
The minimalist sandal has more going for it than it may appear. It is super cute and lightweight enough to wear to any event and the rubber sole will keep your foot nice and safe. add a bit of casual and comfort together in this shoe to make sure that you are ready for that hike, a day on the beach, or dressing up.

Twin Modern Bunk Beds for Kids
When you need to save room in the home and have a small bedroom for kids to share, then bunk beds can be a unique and fun way to get them to sleep together. These light wood twin bunk beds have the stability you need, without wasting a lot of space along the way.

Raised Garden Bed for your Deck
Make your own garden bed that can go around with you! Whether you only have a small patio to work with or you want to move the plants based on the sun, this mobile wood planter can make planting flowers, vegetables, and more easier than before. The wheels lock to provide more stability too!

Clay Stone Essential Oil Diffuser
Let the essential oils surround you and give you an uplift or a chance to relax. The soft round shape of this one can make it appear minimalistic, though it is doing a lot of work as well. Choose your favorite oils and let them take over the room while you relax and enjoy life.

Vegan Leather Tote Bag
Even the minimalist will need a nice bag to help them carry their belongings around. And this large vegan leather tote will get the job done. With three colors to choose from and some high-quality materials, this bag has everything that you need. And some of the upgraded features will give you the durability and flexibility that you need.

Mens Swift Running Sneaker
Adidas is a name you can trust and these shoes are perfect for the man in your life. Update their shoes and give them some of the comfort and support that they need. With several colors and sizes to choose from, you will be able to get the perfect one that they are sure to love.

Artificial Potted Fiddle Plant
Nothing livens up a room more than a plant. And with this artificial plant, you can give off the appearance of lots of life and love in the home, even when you do not have a green thumb. This fake plant will look fresh for years and at eleven inches tall, will fit in most spaces you have available.

Double Layered Jewelry Tray Gold Tone
Keep your rings, bracelets, and glasses all in one place (that you can easily find early in the morning) thanks to this large jewelry table. The elegance is understated and it fits in any location that you want. Stop fumbling around in the dark and have everything you need in one place.

Matte Brass Tall Lamp
Add some more light to your life with this Glob Electric floor lamp. It goes up 70 inches, helping to illuminate the whole room without hanging down right above your head and making you warm. The elegant stand is going to look nice for any home and you can adjust the lightbulb to get the brightness for your needs.

Minimalist Abstract Clay Art Vase
Every home needs a vase, but that does not mean you need to stick with the boring and the original. This modern art vase is perfect for the minimalist home, providing some elegance in the home without taking up a lot of home. This great decoration will work in your home and the office.

Self Standing Decorative Mirror for Desk
While a big mirror can be great in any room, something small looks even better. Keep this on your desk, on a nightstand, or somewhere else for a quick check of your makeup to make you look as great as possible. The wavy pond look makes this a great option for everyone.

Womens lightweight Waterproof jacket
Tut Tut, it looks like rain! Keep warm and dry in any type of rain with this waterproof rain jacket that is going to look great with every outfit. There are several colors to choose from, but the strong material will keep you dry, no matter how long you plan to be out in the rain.

Natural Soy Candle, Cedarwood
Spice up any room and make it smell amazing with this great soy candle that you can use again and again. The natural scents will not aggravate your nose or bring out the allergies and can help your home smell inviting and clean. Get a few for each room and enjoy the natural scents all the time.

Bifold Mens Sleek Wallet
Don't waste your money on other bifold wallets that are going to be too bulky or will fall apart in no time. This leather wallet is going to have everything that you need to hold coins, money, and credit cards in one place. Elegant and sleek, this is the perfect accessory for every man.

Minimalist Style Coffee Tables
A coffee table is the perfect centerpiece for any home, giving you a place to congregate around and to host those you care about. The two round nesting tables, with one black and one white, will provide you with a great focal point of simplicity in any room.

Abstract Minimal Wall Art Print
Artwork can fit into any home and a bit of modern abstract art is sure to catch your attention all the time. This one offers some unique shapes and colors to bring out a conversation or fit with any of the décor that is already in. your home. This works well in your bedroom, office, or living room too.

Black Faucet Wall Closet Rack
When the closet is messy and you just do not have enough room, this black metal wall mount will be the best option out there. Place in any location that you need to enjoy a sturdy and stylish hanger to place all of your clothes, accessories, and other options that you want to store.

Mens Barefoot Sock Shoes
Do your socks have holes and tears in them and are about ready to run away if you try to wear them again? Then it is time to try out the Vibram minimalist sock shoes! These will help provide you with a light and breathable material that comes with a rubber sole so you are comfortable around the house all day long

Minimalist Aesthetic Fashion Tee Shirt
Update the wardrobe with something that is unique and modern at the same time. This T-shirt that includes line art and an artsy design is sure to be a hit. Whether you want to showcase the artwork of a professional or just need a comfy shirt to enjoy, this is a great option to purchase and wear around!

TV Easel Artistic Style
Be an artist in your own home with a personal easel to make life easier. Whether you want to hold a piece of art, your TV, or something else, this easel is going to get the work done and look stylish in no time. The adjustable height from 45 to 65 inches will ensure that you can hold onto everything at the right angle.

Gold Filled Stud Earrings Set
Even a minimalist needs to look her best and a pair of earrings can get this done. Rather than wasting time and space on the big, fancy earrings that take away from this lifestyle, choose these three stud earrings. They look elegant and amazing, without taking up as much space.

Minimalist Bed Frame
Update the bedroom with a new bed frame and mattress for your home. Many rooms just do not have the space for the large headboards and other parts of the bed and may times they look gaudy and do not fit in. With this minimalist bed frame and mattress, you will be able to sleep in style and comfort every night.

Abstract Sphere Chandelier Pendant
Chandeliers can come in many unique shapes and sizes. You do not need to have all the crystals and breakable stuff on it in order to add a work of art to your home. The Solaris 6 Light Bronze Sphere Chandelier can fit in with the minimalist décor while looking amazing and giving you the light that you need.

Minimalist Dated Calendar Day Planner
Life can get hectic and dates can get forgotten. With the dated Minimalist Day Planner, you will be able to keep track of your events, and that of everyone in the family, with ease. Write down what is important and never be late for an appointment or important date again.

Matte Black Decorative Tray
How many hours have been lost looking for the keys and other important items that you need on a daily basis. Rather than setting them down or throwing them in a drawer where they get lost, why not use this stainless steel decorative tray to keep things in line. Place it where it is most convenient and stop wasting time today!

Food Canister Storage Set
Keep all your food organized and safe with these simple food storage canister set. The simple white will match with any kitchen, and the size makes it perfect for storing all of the food that you need. Add some simple labels to it to make sure you do not forget what is inside.

Mini Artificial Plants Desk Decor
Start a plant garden in. your home with this mini artificial plant set. It is the perfect size to fit in any location, whether it is near the window, on a shelf, and so much more. The beautiful pots will help to brighten up the room and just glancing at the plants will help you to feel comfortable and stress-free.

5 Tier Storage Shelf
Storage is so important when it comes to starting a minimalist lifestyle, but finding a shelf that can help with this without taking up too much space can be hard. This Household Essentials shelf is made out of a metal frame and has five tier storage to keep everything picked up and out of the way.

Brushed Gold Minimalist Lamp Bulb
Get rid of the lanky pole that tend to get in the way and work with a simple light that will fit in any location. This pendant light can fit right over the curtain pole in your room and will place the light right where you need it for work, school, and reading, without the big metal frame to put it in place.

Kitchen Canister Set, 5 Glass Jars
Storing food and keeping it out of the way can be important in any household. This kitchen canister set will help make this a bit easier. The glass food storage jars will help you to see what is inside with the bamboo lids providing the freshness that you want with your food while keeping everything out.

High Performance Kitchen Santoku Knife
Are all your kitchen knives taking up too much space and making it hard to store everything else? Then this new Santoku knife is the right gift to get. It provides an ergonomic handle, sharp blade that takes forever to wear out, and lightweight design that has great balance, you have just found your perfect knife in no time.

Mens Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers
There is nothing more minimal that barefoot sneakers These sneakers still provide all the support that your feet need, while making sure that you are keeping the materials to a minimum.

Mens Black Stainless Watch
Never be late again thanks to an updated stainless steel watch that is sure to last. This Nixon Sentry watch is the perfect accessory for the man who needs to be on time, but seems to always be late. Choose from several sizes and styles to get the right one for that special someone.

Digital Clock with Wireless Charging top
Good morning and wake up! This digital alarm clock with wireless charging and a USB charger will provide you with all of the features that you need to wake yourself up well. Enjoy not only the time display but a temperature display that helps you be prepared for the da the moment you wake up.

Black Metal Mail Sorter
Sort the mail and have everything in place with this wall mountable mail sorter. This one can also fit on your desk if you need to keep track of all of the papers and more that are on your desk. With a chalkboard label, you will be able to place any label that you would like to help you have organization in your life.

Wooden Wine Bottle Holder
Getting started on your wine collection and want to show it off in style? Then this beautiful wooden wine rack will be the perfect way to get it all done. This wine rack is able to hold onto 6 wine bottles, while being light enough to bring around with you and hold all the time. Display the bottles and know they are safe and sound.

Minimalist Glass Frame Chest
This vintage jewelry box is going to bring elegance and class to the bedroom, or wherever you store your jewelry. The box is simple, but the clear glass all the way around framed in gold helps it to stand out. Feel like royalty each time that you go to pick out your jewelry thanks to this simple box.

Minimalist Modern Bench
There is so much to love about this modern industrial wood bench. It is made out of acacia wood that is not only beautiful, but sturdy. It has a faux live edge to give the imitation of real wood, without having to deal with the problems that real wood brings. With hairpin legs and long dimensions, this bench will fit in well.

Electronic Organizer Zip up Bag
Stop tripping over the cables and lines for all your great electronics and never have to look for a charger again. With this electronic organizer, you will be able to store all those cables, chargers, hard drives and more in one area, keeping them right where you need all the time.

Wooden Minimalist Ceiling Fan
Change up the ceiling fans and get more power while adding a bit of elegance as well. This 52 inch ceiling fan has 3 walnut blades that will be able to keep your room cool. This is a unique fan is able to work well for all seasons and the durable construction that is meant to last for a long time.

Indoor Minimalist Shag Rug
Every room needs a comfortable rug to make them feel great and comfortable along the way. This simple modern indoor shag area rug is going to give you a lot of comfort and style along the way for an affordable price. Choose from the right color to help bring the whole room together.

Unframed Minimalist Page Print
Bring a bit of culture and class to your home with this simple F. Scott Fitzgerald print poster that can be perfect in any room of the house. Use it as a quote to one of your favorite authors or you can choose to have it as inspiration to keep going during the day.

Stainless Steel Water Filter Bottle
Brita is a name that you can trust when it comes to high-quality water that is going to be tasty and safe for you. and with their stainless steel water filter bottle, you will be able to carry that healthy and tasty water around with you all day long.

Chew Proof Dog Bed
Keep your furry friend happy for years to come with their own elevated bed. This bed provides the size and comfort that you need, while getting them off that cold, hard floor. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to make sure your best friend is comfortable all the time.

Minimalist Cat Hammock
Even your cat needs a comfortable place to call their own in your minimalistic home, and this rocking and static cat hammock is going to provide you with some of the help that you need for this. This bed raises the cat up while giving them a minimal and elegant place to go to sleep each night.

Room Circular Vortex Fan
When the hot summer months start to overwhelm the air conditioner, there are other methods that you can use to keep the home cool. This powerful fan has vortex action to help move the air around the room more effectively than anything else. With simple controls and multi-directional airflow, you will be ready to go.

Essential Air Purifier for Home
Purify the air around you and feel comfortable and relaxed all the time. This air purifier is strong enough to help eliminate smoke, dander, and pet issues. The three step filtration makes this a great option to use and a HEPA filter is one that you can trust.