53 Best Gifts for Medical Students & White Coat Ceremonies

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A white coat ceremony is the first step in your future doctor’s career. The milestone signifies their place in the medical community. Commemorate it! We’ve rounded up the best things they will need for their medical school journey. From scrubs, to electronics, to caffeine, this gift list has something for every medical student.

Prescription Coffee Mug
RX needed: CAFFEINE! That's one thing future doctors are going to be drinking a lot of. They might not be able to write prescriptions themselves yet, but this mug will help inspire them to get there. This white coat ceremony gift is just what the doctor ordered!
eReader for Less Eye Strain
We all know it's bad for your body to lug around a heavy backpack. Did you know it's also bad for your eyes to squint too much? These are future doctors here! And they're going to be reading - A LOT! Help them with this eReader. The light and thin design is also waterproof.
Women's Professional White Coat
The perfect first white coat gift! Help her protect herself and look feminine at the same time. This white coat is specially tailored to fit a woman's body. The three pocket design will keep all her items secure and the rounded collar will make her look polished. It's a gift she will love.
First White Coat Hanger
A white coat ceremony is the first step in becoming a doctor. It's a major milestone. After receipt, the piece deserves to sit in a place of honor when it's not being worn. This delicate hanger will ensure her white coat is always easy to find when she needs it.
Apple MacBook Pro
An apple a day keeps the doctor away...does an Apple MacBook count? With optimum performance, 20 hours of battery life and the fastest chip yet, this laptop was built for medical students. It will get the job done and look sharp at the same time.
Bound Pocket Notebook
Scribbling down notes on your hand or a napkin may work for a while, but it's not professional. Stand out from the crowd with a classic notebook. Keep patient records, class notes and thoughts all in one place. The cover and pages are made from durable materials to last through long nights and long travels.
Sonnet Fountain Pen
For some reason, doctor signatures have a reputation of being hard to read. A Parker fountain pen will start them on the course to legible handwriting. Each pen is assembled by hand and made of the highest quality materials. This one includes 18k gold. A good signature starts with a fine pen!
Quality Women's Scrub Set
This scrub set makes it possible to look put together. Designed with women in mind, these scrubs have multiple pockets. The material is soft and breathable and the drawstring waist fits the hips. She will feel as good on the outside as she does on the inside.
Men's Premium Two Pocket Scrub Top
Let him enjoy one of the most stylish scrub brands. Gone are the days where medical students felt swallowed by their attire. This brand offers a stylish design with a perfect fit. Figs' signature fabric features four-way stretch. It resists wrinkles, is moisture wicking and is amazingly soft. This is the top tier of scrubs.
Men's Premium Pisco Scrub Pants
You saw the top, now meet the bottom. This straight leg scrub pant gives a slightly tapered look. Men like to feel stylish too! The pants feature four spacious pockets for storing all their personal items. With this modern professional look, he will feel like the hottest med student around.
MedInfo Clipboard
They are going to be taking lots of notes during their rounds at the hospital, but where will they store them? Help them out by gifting this collapsible clipboard. It features a blank side to write on and a helpful medical cheat sheet on the other. After using, it folds in half to fit inside their pocket until next time.
Leather Weekender & Toiletry Bag Set
One place a medical school student spends a lot of time? The hospital. With this bag, they'll have everything they need for the late nights and on-call stays. It's the perfect size for carrying a change of clothes, some snacks and other personal care items. It even features a shoe bag for their soiled footwear.
14 inch 2-in-1 Laptop
Between daily classes and cramming for exams, medical students need a trusty laptop to file their information. This flexible laptop converts to a tablet, features a touch screen and has a super fast processor. It holds a charge for 10 hours and then recharges in just an hour. You can take it anywhere, anytime.
Sleek Coffee Machine
It's time to bring in the big guns when it comes to coffee. A Nespresso will keep them fueled on caffeine without having to stop at a coffee shop. The one-touch smart brewing system is easy to use and easy to refill. With so many tasty pods to choose from, which will they try first?
Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
These headphones silence the world's noise and allow you to focus on what's important. The comfortable Bluetooth headphones will make studying much easier. The Dual Noise Sensor technology can adapt to environmental factors. It silences background sounds appropriately. Easily answer calls with the touch of a button. But since the battery lasts 35+ hours, you might need a reminder to take a break.
Relaxing Adult Coloring Book
Color your way to relaxation. With all the stress of becoming a doctor, you need some time to unwind. This adult coloring book features 100 creative patterns to soothe your soul. Take a break from the science and embrace your artistic side. Now, whether or not you stay in the lines? That's up to you.
Women's Low Rise Scrub Jogger Pant
She will never feel underdressed in her scrubs again. Athleisure, meet scrubs. Scrubs, meet athleisure. With these pants, you can't tell the difference. The low rise, tapered pant gives a modern twist to medical school style. The contemporary style doesn't sacrifice function. She will love the rounded pockets, pen slot and zipper thigh pouch.
Ultimate Women's Yoga Scrub Pants
Got yoga planned after class? No worries, these pants will take you from the hospital to the gym without skipping a beat. The flat waistband smoothes and fits like your most comfortable leggings. The skinny jogger style is both comfortable and flattering. You might even find yourself slipping into these scrub pants on your off days!
Apple Watch
Upgrade your student for the next generation of technology and communication. It will be like having a personal assistant right on their wrist. They can text, call, check email, see their activity and more. Need a reminder to grab coffee for your anatomy class? An Apple Watch will do that too.
Heart Plush Pillow
Give a gift of true love - your heart. Or at least a stuffed version of it. This cute and happy pillow is modeled after your body's strongest muscle. This one doesn't pump blood, but it is huggable and super soft. This gift is right on beat!
Men's Lightweight Fleece Jacket
Hospitals and medical campuses can be cold. Keep your favorite future doctor warm on those early mornings and late nights. The lightweight jacket is an easy grab and go style that does the job. He will be able to move easy as he rushes from place to place. The best part? Throw it in the washing machine after a long day to sterilize.
Portable Power Bank Charger
One of the worst feelings in the world is when your phone dies. And it always seems to happen at the absolute worst times. A portable power bank charger will give them the extra energy they need. It's compatible with most phone models and charges 20% faster. It holds its own charge for days and will be ready when you need it.
63 inch Modern Study Desk
A clean workspace equals a calm mind. That's what every medical student needs during late night cram sessions. Help them stay organized and productive with this desk. The modern design features iron bars for stability. The side storage bag provides easy access to notes, textbooks and other studying supplies. With so much desk space, they'll be able to concentrate clutter-free.
15 inch 11th Generation Laptop
Spend your time getting work done, not worrying about your laptop's performance. The HP Pavilion 15 laptop is as mobile as you are. It features stunning visuals, impressive performance power and plenty of memory. No matter what comes your way, this laptop has your back.
The House of God Paperback
What does it really take to become a doctor? This book follows six interns through the ups and downs of the medical field. It's inspiring, funny, raw and thoughtful all at once. The sympathetic characters are relatable to students going through the same thing. They will love this novel that's now a classic.
Digital Recorder for Lectures
Shhh! We won't tell about that time you fell asleep during a boring lecture. But now you won't have to admit it either. With this device, you can record the class while you catch up on some Zzzs. Activate it and let the recording do the listening for you. It's alright once in a while, but best not to make it a habit.
Sunrise Alarm Clock
Being a medical student means you'll have to get up at the crack of dawn. Make waking up a little bit easier by making it feel more natural. The sunrise alarm wakes you gently so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It also features a sound machine and reading light.
Leather Toiletry Bag For Men
Every man needs a travel companion. This fine leather bag is a great option. It features two large compartments to store his personal items. The rugged leather look makes a refined statement. If you are looking for the perfect medical student gift, this is it!
Apple AirPods
Give their ears an upgrade with one of the hottest headphones on the market. AirPods are super portable, fit well and feature noise cancelling technology. The wireless charging case is perfect for busy students. And with three sizes of silicone tips, they can customize the fit so it's comfortable.
Heated Blanket for Library & Studying
Envelop yourself in a soft, cozy blanket. The flannel and sherpa keep you warm, but if you need more, the built in heater will do the trick. Choose from three heating levels on the LCD display. Then, toss it into the washing machine for easy cleaning. It's the comfort we all need.
Premium Blue Ballpoint Pen
Take notes in style with a Montblanc pen. It is one of the finest pen brands around because of its smooth writing style. You will love the classic ballpoint. Whether you're writing notes, letters or scribbling in the margin, this pen will look and feel great.
Women's Glacier Fleece Quarter Zip
A slim fit layer is exactly what she needs to stay warm in her scrubs without adding extra bulk. The recycled fleece material is durable and provides superior warmth. With custom coverage, she can choose to zip all the way up or leave some breathing room. Block the cold with this trusted piece from The North Face.
Electric Slow Cooker
A busy medical student will barely have time to eat, let alone cook. An instant pot is a thoughtful, time saving gift idea. The device allows you to plan meals ahead of time and delay cooking for up to 24 hours. If you're in a pinch, it also cooks food from frozen in minutes. This is the kitchen gadget they have been waiting for.
1080p Portable Monitor
It's much more comfortable to use two screens. But usually, they don't have that option on the go. Now, they do. This monitor is completely portable. They can take it with them to class, to the library or even the hospital. The full HD resolution screen means they won't miss a single detail.
Ergonomic Office Chair
Does a future doctor understand the importance of ergonomics? If they don't yet, they will soon. Give them a head start with this desk chair. The metal frame and comfortable seat will keep them supported in all the right places. The armrest and height are completely adjustable, so this gift will be appropriate for students of any size.
Calvin Klein Men's Navy Ties
You probably don't think of medical students as needing ties, but they do. They will attend interviews, conferences and parties (yes, even they get to have some fun!). Help him look his best for the times he gets to dress up. The blue grid pattern is classic and professional. He will look tie-riffic!
Medical Tie Bar & Cufflinks
These give a whole new meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve. As a future doctor, he is intimately familiar with the workings of the heart, so why not add it to his wardrobe? The cuff links and tie bar are high quality and make a statement. Future cardiologist? He can show everyone he knows his stuff.
Women's Leather Laptop Briefcase
Scrubs have a lot of pockets, but it's never enough. With this elegant bag, your favorite medical student will look great and stay organized. The bag will easily fit her laptop, keys, phone, pens, notebook, wallet and more. The delicate bow adds an extra pop of style to her look.
Wacom Intuos Note Taking Tablet
Wouldn't it be nice if your laptop had a touch screen? With this adapter, you can draw on any screen. Simply plug it into your machine and draw on the pad. Your illustrations will appear before your eyes. This can help with studying, practicing anatomy or even writing a 'handwritten' note.
Coffee Gift Set
Everything they need for the perfect coffee experience. This complete set includes 100% Hawaiian coffee beans, a French press and grinder. Sometimes you don't want to brew a whole pot. That's the perfect time to use a French press. With this gift, they will sip their way to caffeine bliss.
Before Clinical, After Clinical Set
Work in the front, party in the back? More like coffee first, wine later! Set their entire day up for success with this set of drinkware. They'll start their day off one way and end it in a completely different one. We are willing to bet they will have the most fun unwinding after clinicals.
Stethoscope Necklace
You know she is dedicated to helping people. That's why she became a doctor. Her heart and her life's work are one and the same. Put them both together around her neck with this sweet stethoscope necklace. The sterling silver and crystal pendant is the perfect gift for a dedicated medical student.
Funny Medical Student Socks
I call the shots! That's what every doctor needs to remember. No one likes getting shots, but at least you know they are going to be trained. It's not the easiest part of being a doctor, but it's necessary. They will be proud to wear these socks on the first day of medical school.
Leather Weekender Overnight Bag
This traditional bag is the accessory every future doctor needs. It's large enough for them to throw in their belongings, but compact enough to carry with ease. The leather bottom and straps can handle a beating. This weekender and overnight bag will last throughout their school years and beyond.
15.6 inch Slim Laptop
An Acer laptop is one of the best options on the market. The premium processor is built for speed and the laptop connects directly to Alexa devices. The slim design is light and portable. With over seven hours of battery life, it will keep going as long as you do.
Medical Compression Socks
Busy medical students are constantly on their feet. All that pressure can take a toll on their legs, feet and toes. Compression socks will keep them comfortable and support blood flow. With their feet and legs supported, they will keep up the pace of a demanding hospital schedule.
Men's Leather Messenger Bag
We usually think of briefcases for office jobs, but medical students can use them too. They need a secure way to carry their books, laptops and personal items. The durable 100% leather will keep everything safe. Adjust the shoulder strap to your desired comfort. This roomy messenger bag expands as much as you need.
14 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Mug
Keep your coffee piping hot all day long with this mug. The double walled and vacuum sealed materials keep the contents warm without burning your hands. The specially designed lid will keep most of the liquid hot, while letting the top layer cool. That way, you won't burn your mouth when you take a sip.
Men's Professional White Coat
The white coat is the signature piece for medical students. This one is designed specifically for him. The modern design, ample pockets and professional style is just what he needs. He may be new to medical school, but he will feel like a veteran when he wears this white coat.
Apple iPad Air
An iPad does it all. You can listen to music, take notes, read, draw and more. The large screen features retina images for the best viewing experience. The touch ID technology protects your privacy. The front and back cameras are ready to capture the moment you need them. You cannot go wrong by giving this as a white coat ceremony gift.