35 Gifts for Lazy People That Love Being Couch Potatoes

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If pillows, blankets, and bath bubbles are your jam, you have to check out these gifts perfect for anyone who just doesn’t feel like it today. From a heated chair massager for that happy homebody or a clock on wheels for the carefree couch potato, we’ve got you covered. After all, it’s nap ‘o’clock somewhere.

Self Stirring Mug
Mornings are rough, especially if you already hate moving. This self-stirring novelty mug is a dream for anyone who can't stand to hear words before caffeine. All you have to do is pour in the mixing powder for coffee or tea and press the yellow button. The self-stirring pot goes to work so you don't have to.
Heated Folding Massage Chair
Ever needed to ease some back tension, but lacked motivation to schedule a massage? The folding, heated Shiatsu massage chair is here to help. Simply put one foot in front of the other and sit right back down again into instant therapeutic heaven. The chair simulates a professional masseuse and exercises knots out of your weary body. Phone charger included because, yeah, you need that.
Lazy Grabber
If you're of the 'can't reach it, don't need it' mentality, this one's for you. Pick up items with ease with the lazy grabber and its strong, movable jaw. It's powerful so you don't have to squeeze those hands so hard, and the foldable design makes it easy to carry. Now you can get stuff done without bending over.
Prank Portable Urinal Gift
This Prank Urinal packaging will make for hilarious gifting. Do you have a conscientious clock watcher near your cubicle or a deadbeat Doug around the house? Friends will love watching them open this package. Of course, the real present is inside, but no one cares about that when you're roasting the resident couch potato.
Universal Cell Phone Holder
Are your arm bones weary from the exhausting effort of lifting that cell phone up and down? Not anymore! The universal cell phone holder attaches to a neck stand and bends to hold your phone up wherever you may be sloth-ing. It hooks to the bed, office, and car and even stands on its own. Your hands deserve to be free!
Lazy Comfort Gift Set
Send positive energy out to the world from the comforts of your home and never look back. Who needs to get out of bed when you have a microfiber blanket, neck pillow, eye mask, tote bag, and, duh, socks. All are included in this lazy comfort gift set that doubles as a leisure lovers dream come true.
Lazy Sloth Mug
Nothing embodies laziness quite like a sloth, and, let's face it, they're adorable! This mug will delight any lackadaisical lady or lad. Show them your true sentiments as you sip with the 'Nope, not today,' message on the front and 'Have a nice day,' on the back. Lazy, cute and polite!
Lazy Glasses for Horizontal Watching
Getting out of that La-z-boy is impossible when you have tired eyes and neck cramps from reading one too many tiny words. Try a change of view without moving a muscle when you use the bed prism spectacles. The high-definition optical glasses reduce eye fatigue and are perfect for laying down and folding into the soft blankets.
Wearable Blanket
Who needs a sweater when you can wear a blanket? This sherpa wearable throw fits cozily around your body to ensure you're never cold when watching TV again. Up your snuggle style game by gifting one for your passive pal while you binge watch countless sitcoms on the couch in total comfort.
Portable Adjustable Desk w/ Storage
Work is hard but having to get off the couch to do it is harder. This portable, adjustable PVC leather desk makes WFH endeavors a breeze. Use the slide legs and easy-angle design to support the weight of your laptop and your breakfast in bed. It comes complete with a storage drawer, too, so you don't even need to get up for a pen.
Bath Pillow
Are you someone who gets into the bath and thinks, 'Okay, I live here now.'? Make your tub a second bed with this bath pillow that'll calm your worries when you relax onto its delicate padded foam. The pillow stays put with suction cups securing it tight for zero slippage. With orthopedic support for your head, neck, and back, it's time to sigh into serenity.
Electric S'mores Maker
Making a fire is way too much effort for a s'mores or two. Forget the hassle of collecting wood and opt for an electric s'mores maker instead. They taste just as good when they're goldened over flameless heat, and guests will appreciate the lazy Susan design that holds marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. You can do less, and have s'more fun!
Giant 5 Foot Bean Bag
If you're constantly drained from the dire work week, this 5-foot bean bag is a lifesaver. Keep it right by the door so you can collapse into solace as soon as you return home. The microfiber memory foam pillow chills you out as you spread out. It's durable and machine washable, perfect for anyone who loves sleep and hates chores, i.e. everyone.
Hot Dog Toaster
You've got the charcoal, a grill, the buns, but goodness is the setup of grilling out worth it? Save some time and sanity by toasting in. The hot dog toaster cooks up two hot dogs at a time to your preferred doneness. A hotdog cage and mini tongs are included to save your fingers from the heat, and the wieners will still taste like a picnic.
Hammock with Safe Saving Stand
If you love doing nothing all day and then taking a rest, perhaps hanging in a hammock can help. This easy-to-use hammock is great for an afternoon with the sun on your face and a drink in your hand. It's easy to move and has beautiful fabric for when you need to get that beauty rest.
Pressure Cooker 7-in-1
Hate cooking? Then get excited. This 7-in-1 instant pot saves time and space while simmering some savory snacks. A pressure cooker plus six other amazing options to choose from, the food options are indeed endless. Just throw the ingredients in, and let the pot do all the hard work.
Vegetable Chopper
Let's face it - cutting up a bunch of veggies is a chore that no one likes. Spare yourself the annoyance of using a knife with the Chop n' Slice. The all-in-one tool is perfect for pasta, salads, salsas, and anything else that makes small kitchens messy ones. Never cut yourself or cry over an onion again!
Retro Electric Breakfast Station
Breakfast is the bestest, but the clean-up from a fry-up is a lot, especially if you hate mornings. Not only is the Retro Electric Breakfast Station trendy, it's a one and done sanitation situation. Make your coffee, eggs, toast, and sausage all on one top and look savvy while you do it. Great for apartments, RVs, and dorms.
Women's Plush Slippers
If the WFH culture has really embedded itself into your lifestyle, these plush slippers are for you. No more bending over to tie shoes when you can slide on these snug, memory foam mules. Make every day feel like a spa day with these furry feet supporters.
Echo Smart Hub
Exhausted of always at your family's beck and call? Alexa can help with that. Plug her in, and use voice command to ask her today's news, to put on music, or to inquire about the weather. Alexa will even let the fam know it's dinner time so you don't have to yell across the house. She's always happy to help when you are not.
Heated Lazy Taco Bar
Feed into your nostalgia with some scrumptious tacos that you can pack together on a lazy Susan taco bar. Taco Tuesday has never been easier. The unit holds two cups of your favorite beans, meat, rice, and salsa and includes four taco holders to pack it all in together. Make it a fiesta frenzy for friends and family.
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Skip the loathsome task of scrubbing floors, and hire a robot. Voted best vacuum in 2019, the RoboVac sweeps every room spic n' span in 100 minutes. This dust-busting champion has adept motion sensors and an anti-scratch glass-top for floor protection. It's super quiet so you can cat nap while it takes care of the daily grind. Living. The. Dream.
Snow Cone Maker
Make your house the place to be this summer with the easy-peasy snow cone maker. Throw some ice cubes into the stainless-steel grinder, watch them turn to 'snow', and throw on some bright, tasty flavors. Simple and delicious for whenever you need to treat yo'self.
Bathtub Caddy Tray
A lady (or gent!) and her bathtub make for an everlasting love affair. Make your time in that hot, bubbly euphoria of relaxation even better with this caddy tray that holds all your favorites from books to candles and wine. It's adjustable to fit your comfort and fashioned with organic bamboo so it's extra pretty.
Alarm Clock on Wheels
Sleeping is the best, but it's a sad truth that waking up is necessary. This rolling alarm clock is built for any sleeping beauty in a relationship with pillows. Never oversleep again when this robot clock fires off rapid loud noises and shakes, rattles, rolls (and hides) across the floor. Clocky will never let you 'abuse the snooze' again.
Easy Egg Cooker
There is not enough time in life to worry about cooking eggs. So, let this easy-cooker make it simple for you. The egg cooker lets you make seven eggs at one time with all the bells and whistles to ensure those yolks are goldened to your desire. Boil 'em, poach 'em, or steam 'em, but don't waste any time doing it yourself.
Giant Cuddly Teddy Bear
Nothing says lazy-the-day-away quite like this giant, cuddly teddy bear. Perfect for cozying up on the couch with a book or marathon movie bender, this 55-inch, cotton-stuffed bear will let you drift into an elation of comfort. It comes in a variety of colors and makes a sweet gift for any loved one.
Portable Personal Fans
You deserve to chill out while you cool down, and this portable fan is a perfect fix to do just that. The fan wraps comfortably around your neck for a hands-free fit and has a refrigeration chip for an instant cooling effect. Great for the beach or if your aircon blows up.
Air Fryer 4-in-1
If you think cooking is an arduous task, you needed this air fryer yesterday. The 4-in-1 Air Fryer replaces almost all your appliances and saves you time washing everything, too. Air fry, roast, bake, and reheat with this fast and versatile addition to your kitchen. Less oil, more flavor, no mess. Eat up without the clean-up.
Hot Dog Steamer
No time to make it for chili dogs at the baseball game? Bring some no-nonsense nostalgia into your house without the hassle of a grill. The retro-inspired hotdog steamer cooks 8 regular-sized hot dogs or four footlongs at once. The colorful canopy doubles as a bun warmer so everything will be ready when you are.
Self Stirring Bottle
Trying to vigorously de-clump your protein shake is like a workout before you actually get to the gym. The Blackube Electric Protein Shaker changes that with its built-in 5000 rpm motor that smooths your shake leaving zero lumps of powder residue. It charges magnetically, has a waterproof plug, and anti-leak lock guaranteeing it won't spill. It even cleans up after itself, which is pretty impressive.
Electric Popcorn Popper
Popcorn is the snack of champions, so make cooking it simple with this electric popper. Not only is the stir rod motorized to ensure no lousy black kernels, but the lid doubles as a bowl. So, you can just turn the buttery snack over and enjoy when it's done! Somewhere nearby, a Netflix and chill marathon is beckoning.
I Hate People Mug
This mug speaks to introverts everywhere: I hate people. Maybe the message comes off a little rude, but after an energy-consuming day over Zoom, anyone can feel drained. Refill your batteries by drinking from a sassy mug that says what you're thinking. The positive rainbow framing the sarcastic words give it an optimistic feel.
Lazy Sloth Necktie
Show your guy you love his passive nature with this sloth necktie. Sloths are the best and the cutest, and deserve a silly place to hang out, like on a vibrant colored tie around a neck. It's sure to bring smiles to everyone who sees it! Now, time to find a real sloth to cuddle with.
Rapid Noodle Maker
If, when it comes to cooking, your as helpful as the 'g' in 'lasagne' try the Rapid Noodle Maker and electric skillet. This thing cooks up all kinds of fantastic from pasta to burgers and hard-boiled eggs in just a few minutes. It's small and lightweight, so it won't clutter your kitchen, either.