31 Gifts for Lawyers That Are Compassionate & Respectable

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The law professionals and attorneys in your life are tired of the lawyer jokes. The crime is soliciting petty laughs and you, sir, are guilty as charged. This time around, humor your favorite lawyer. Deliver a thoughtful, personalized gift that will give them the confidence they need in the courtroom. I promise you, they won’t object.

Lady Justice Statue
Show your appreciation for the lawyer in your life with a Lady Justice statue. Made by master sculptors using real bronze powder and resin, this expertly crafted figurine is a beautiful addition to any office space. Lady Justice is seen holding a scale and sword, while blindfolded and stepping on a snake. She's symbolic of truth and order, and makes a stunning thank you gift.
Book of Lawyer Cartoons
Lawyer jokes are the oldest jokes in the book, behind dad jokes. And while you may have your bit prepared, the delivery goes a little smoother when paired with some cheeky illustrations. The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons is 85 pages of constant smirks delivered by critically-acclaimed cartoonists like Steig and Adams. Get ready for that 'LOL' text.
Wooden Gavel and Block
Powerplay much? Even if they're far from being a judge, every attorney likes to imagine having the last say. Get them ready for all the witty comebacks that are sure to come with the sound of the gavel. Beware though - you may have won your last argument. But if you're lucky, they'll show you mercy in the future.
Because Clients Stemless Glass
It's said that lawyers work hard and play hard. Why is that, you ask? Because...clients. A universal truth that's best received on a vessel bearing wine. This is also a funny gift for paralegals, legal assistants, and law professionals. Pair with a bottle of wine to let the lawyer in your life know that you understand.
Novelty Lawyer Socks
If you've exhausted all ties (pun intended) in the gift giving department, why not hit below the belt? Instead of a stuffy tie, bring some flavor to their courtroom attire with novelty law socks. They're bright and covered in gavels, books, and scales. They're cotton, so they hold up in the laundry and in court. Oh yeah - juries love 'em.
Legal Decision Paperweight
Looking to poke a little fun? The lawyer in your life will appreciate a Legal Decision Paperweight. Designed to make their life easier with a definitive answer to all their legal questions, this high-quality paperweight spins smoothly before landing on answers such as 'Ask Mom,' 'Settle,' or 'Plea Bargain.'
Law and Justice Engraved Pen
A tried and true gift for legal professionals across the board is an expensive-looking pen. It's almost a rite of passage for new attorneys. Yet why gift just another ballpoint pen? Surprise them with a multi-functional modern pen featuring a flashlight and a stylus tip. The stylus imitates the touch of a human finger and is great for working on mobile phones and tablets.
Funny Lawyer T-Shirt
And for the defense attorney with a sense of humor, wrap it up with an 'Allegedly' t-shirt. The lightweight cotton makes it ideal for layering, so pair it with a sweater or blazer for some subtle laughs on Casual Friday. The tee comes in five colors, so be sure to buy enough for everyone in the firm.
A Lawyer's Prayer Engraved
For the lawyer that serves a higher power, acknowledge their calling with 'A Lawyer's Prayer,' a wood engraving to Sir Thomas More. Made of thick red alder, the plaque comes ready to hang and will last a lifetime (or at least a career).
Litigator Locking Briefcase
This is for the lawyer that you really want to impress. This brown litigator laptop briefcase is elegant, professional, and the height of functionality. This beautiful bag adds an element of polish and credibility to its wearer because you know they are organized. Power Suit? Nah, powerbag.
Wooden Gavel & Scales of Justice Art
If you're looking to send a thoughtful thank you to your attorney, think of what they need. Those bare walls that have been staring at you throughout your divorce proceedings? Help them out with appropriate legal canvas art. Featuring a wooden gavel, book, and the Scales of Justice, this ready-to-hang piece is sure to remind them what they do, if they happen to forget.
Slim Lawyers Briefcase for Men & Women
For the lawyer that goes for the svelte aesthetic over the intimidating, here's a chic and slim briefcase for both men and women. The sturdy structure makes it the ultimate organizational tool, with 1 large compartment, 1 laptop pocket, and 1 zipper pocket. It's made of genuine leather, and the shoulder straps are easily removable for versatility.
Italian Crafted Glass Decanter
Sure, there's Don Draper of the advertising world. But who are the big dogs of the legal realm? Let your favorite attorney feel like one with this Italian crafted glass decanter set. Complete with a regal stopper and 6 diamond-cut whiskey glasses, this Paksh decanter is perfect for formal entertaining or creative brainstorming. Let the ideas - and whiskey - flow.
My Law Degree Funny Mug
This one is a funny gift that's always appreciated. A mug that reads 'Please do not confuse your Google search with my law degree.' They want to say it, but it's not always a welcome retort. So instead, they can smile behind their mug as they laugh inside.
Rolling Legal Size Briefcase
For the attorney with the heavy caseload, gift them an Alpine Swiss rolling legal-size briefcase. They won't blow out their knees while running from hearings to meetings, plus it's TSA approved carry-on size! It's secured with dual combination locks so important documents are safe even as they conquer the courts.
Declaration of Independence Silk Necktie
As one of the oldest and noblest American professions, law is built on tradition. This Declaration of Independence silk necktie is a powerful statement piece for the traditional man. Covered in the signatures of our founding fathers, the necktie is an homage to American ideals while remaining sharp and professional.
Women Lawyer Shoulder Bag
Every powerful woman needs a powerful bag. One that not only keeps her organized and prepared, but effortlessly chic as well. The accordion side design offers more space as well as a welcome pop of color. The thin straps are modern and feminine for added versatility. And when paired with a power suit, this genuine leather shoulder bag converts the courtroom to the runway.
Lawyer Business Card Case
There's nothing that says class quite like a flashy business card case. While the tasteful thickness of the cardstock may channel American Psycho, the silver case with gold plated scales screams success. It holds approximately 10 business cards, but don't worry - with accessories of this caliber, your favorite lawyer will be snatched up by a firm quicker than they can say 'Not guilty.'
Wood Docking Station
For the attorney who has everything, let me ask: where do they put it? Worry no more with this clever wood docking station and nightstand organizer. It comes equipped with a headphone stand, SmartWatch charging dock, and accessories organizer, along with a place for their wallet and glasses. With some help, their morning routine can be as regimented as the office.
Insulated Water Bottle
All that talking has got to make you thirsty, right? Gift your favorite lawyer a modern insulated water bottle to quench that thirst. The bottles are stainless steel and vacuum-sealed to guarantee cold beverages for hours and they fit in most cup holders, making them perfect for busy professionals on the go!
Park Avenue Dress Shoe
What's more intimidating than the confident stride of a quality leather shoe? The Allen Edmonds Park Avenue dress shoe is designed to strike fear and admiration into the hearts of fellow legal legal professionals. With such intricate details this shoe is the epitome of enviable quality.
Men's 100% Leather Belt
A luxe leather belt is a daily essential for suited professionals. An Allen Edmonds belt brings polish and prestige to everyday dress wear without being overly stuffy. This particular leather belt is feathered with brogue perforations and a single keeper for a unique look.
The School of Athens Wall Art
If your favorite attorney prefers the school of logic over sentiment, this is the perfect nod to the history of the profession. Known as Raphael's masterpiece, 'The School of Athens' is representative of philosophy, following both literature and theology. It sums up the classical spirit of the Renaissance. This canvas reproduction can serve as a reminder of one's own, um, intellectual rebirth.
Personalized Card Holder for Lawyers
A classy gift for seasoned and new lawyers alike is a personalized card holder. Handmade of rosewood and boasting a clock and roller pen, this business card holder is customizable for ultimate sophistication. Have the name of your choice, along with the Scales of Justice, laser-engraved and gold-filled so there's no mistaking whose office you're in.
Scales of Justice Whiskey Glasses
For the single attorney in your life, quell the sting of long, lonely nights spent in the office with a set of personalized whiskey glasses. Not only are the Scales of Justice featured, but you have the option of customizing the Buckman glasses with a name and phrase. And with the hardworking bachelor in mind, they're designed with a raised base to minimize water rings.
RBG I Dissent Card Game
Celebrate the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her unshakeable commitment to equality. While the inner workings of higher law may seem intimidating, the RBG I Dissent card game breaks down the processes of the Supreme Court. Argue your case for your favorite decade or the best James Bond, cast your vote, and for extra points choose to dissent!
Women's Mobile Office Spinner
The modern professional requires more than just her purse with a compact and smartphone. She needs an accessible spot for her laptop, safe accessory pockets, and plenty of room for files. Lots and lots of files. Enter the women's mobile office spinner - the retractable handle allows it to fit under her airline seat while still protecting everything she needs to win the case.
Leather Portfolio Organizer
Any lawyer will tell you that presentation is paramount to a winning first impression, and this leather portfolio organizer is no exception. Made of genuine buffalo leather, this stylish portfolio is one-of-a-kind. It's designed to minimize clutter and maximize potential. It's great for resumes, agendas, travel documents, and legal documents, making it the perfect thank you gift for your favorite paralegal or law professional.
Personalized Rosewood Pen & Case
What says class, elegance, and dependability? No, it's not a Mercedes. Try a personalized rosewood case and matching pens. (Plus, it's a lot cheaper.) This set includes 1 roller ball pen for class and 1 ball point pen for dependability. And what about the elegance, you ask? That's all on you, baby.
Scales of Justice Plaque
To some, there is no justice without a higher power. For others, it may be impossible to reconcile God with justice. This Scales of Justice plaque honors that careful juxtaposition with The Lawyer's Prayer. Made of cold cast resin and finished with bronze powder, it makes for a regal desk or wall mount in the firm.
My Favorite Client Mug
If the family attorney hasn't yet cracked a smile at your lawyer jokes, switch the digs out for this funny mug. Emboldened with the phrase 'My favorite client gave me this mug,' it's guaranteed to endear you to them, at least a little bit. And since it's made of high-quality ceramic, it'll last so long even the most rigid stoic will start to believe it.