27 Must Have Gifts for Law Students to Conquer Law School

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Do you know what’s admissible in wrapping paper? Great presents! Don’t be accused of gift-giving malfeasance. Take a moment for some due diligence and find the perfect present for someone in law school. We won’t go on ad infinium, though. Here are 27 must-have gifts for law students to help them get through all 3 years.

Examples & Explanations for Contracts
This book is only one in a series of indispensable resources for law students. This Examples & Explanations covers the subject of Contracts. If they're specializing in a different subject, worry not! Other books in the series cover civil procedure, criminal law, constitutional law, and more! One book is a great start, but a more amazing present would be the whole set.
Because Law School Wine Glass
Those who work hard party hard. For all the studying they're doing, law students deserve a hard-earned break. Let them celebrate in style with this wine glass. It's cool - literally! - thanks to its double-wall vacuum insulation. Keep cold drinks cool for 7 hours or hot drinks hot for 3. Either way, you've got a spill-proof lid to keep study papers safe.
Adjustable Book Stand
Three years of intense study is going to take its toll. Ease their pain with this adjustable book stand. It can hold the weight of heavy textbooks and keeps their page open. It can also be used for laptops or tablets. Either way: comfortable, eye-level work! This book stand is a must-have for your law student.
Lawyer In Progress T-shirt
Before they enter a lifetime of crisp, swanky suits, keep them comfortable. They don't have to look their best for their textbooks. This t-shirt makes for a funny gift. A choice of colors each read 'Lawyer in Progress' with an incomplete loading bar. It feels like it'll take ages now, but once they've graduated they get the last laugh!
Single Coffee Maker
They could have roommates or live with a loved one, but they're not legally obliged to share their coffee. This single coffee maker by Keurig makes for a great gift. Help them get their study boost at any hour. It has 3 brew sizes and can even fit a travel mug!
Portable Home Gym Package
Busy law students don't always have time to get to the gym. This portable home gym is the solution. The packages comes with interchangeable resistance bands and handles. They can work out the upper and lower body, and everything in between! They may not break it out at the library, but it's great for a student tight on space.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks
For the law student with magisterial plans in mind, these socks are a must-have gift. Anyone who admires Ruth Bader Ginsburg will love these. Below a portrait of the classy idol, the toes feature a funny 'I Dissent' slogan. They speak to the late Supreme Court Justice's commitment to honesty.
Vintage Handmade Briefcase
One of the best ways to be successful is to be organized. This briefcase will help keep laws student on track. It is handmade in a vintage style. Made of durable leather, it'll last them through all 3 years of school. The interior features a spacious pocket large enough to fit a laptop. A buckle keeps the bag firmly closed and the contents safe.
Wireless Smart Printer
Stop them from running down to the library and paying 10¢ a page because their tired, old printer broke down at home. This all-in-one wireless smart printer from HP is from the 21st century but feels like you're in the 31st. You can control it from any smartphone. Even better, it can be connected to Alexa or Google voice commands.
Chisel Tip Highlighter Packs
We can't stress enough just how much they'll need these. If you're putting together a law school survival care package or just browsing Amazon, highlighters are an indispensable gift. They will use more in 3 years of law school than they will throughout the rest of their lives. Make sure they're always prepared - buy a couple multipacks.
Erasable & Refillable Pens
The highlighters won't be enough. These Pilot pens are also a must-have for law students. A variety of colors and erasable tips let them keep their notes well-organized. Plus, these are refillable. They're not just eco friendly, but avoid a crisis when their new favorite pen dies.
14 inch Premium Laptop
What better way to say 'you can do it' than the gift of a brand new laptop? This 14 inch IdeaPad makes for an amazing gift. Its super bendable screen opens 180° for studying at any angle. Lightweight, it can be carried from home to the library every day without weighing them down.
Hands Free Book Stand
Get your student off their feet. While their mind will continue running at 100 miles per hour, their body will be relaxed. This hands free book stand will take the physical load off your student. It will allow them to perform their best so they can breeze through the hard years of work thanks in part to you!
Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug Set
This travel mug makes for twice the gift-giving impact. A set of two lets them worry less about having a clean one each morning. They can rotate between the two. The Contigo travel mug keeps drinks hot for 5 hours. It's great for any law student with a long commute or who spends many hours in the library.
Briefcase for Women
This bag radiates professional style. Any law student would be lucky to have it. Two main compartments fit her laptop and notepads along with any personal accessories. Its durable design promises she can carry it through all 3 years and then out into the courtroom.
Yoga Kit
It doesn't matter if they use yoga for meditation or fitness. As long as they keep their body and minds healthy, they'll ace law school. This yoga kit helps them do so wherever they go. The thick yoga mat rolls up into a handy carry strap. The kit also includes 2 microfiber towels, a yoga strap, and two yoga blocks.
Home Studying Desk
It's well known that the best study environment is one made for just that and nothing else. Get them off the couch or out of bed with this desk. Perfect for law students, sitting at this desk will put them in a focused mindset. Plus, it comes in 4 different sizes to fit in any living space!
Relaxing Spa Set for Women
Law students spend so much time preparing for their future careers. This relaxing spa set is an ideal surprise for anyone hitting the books too hard. Between study sessions, she can relax and refresh with a mix of soaps, balms, and face masks. The soothing scent of lavender can keep her calm in between studying court cases.
Handcrafted Gavel
Practice makes perfect. Call order to their desk with this decorative gavel set. It makes a great gift for any law student dreaming of becoming a judge. The gavel and its sound block are handcrafted out of walnut. Hopefully it'll hammer home some inspiration while they hammer in some knowledge.
Adjustable Stand Up Desk Riser
Set them up for a successful and pain-free 3 years of study. This adjustable stand up desk is the perfect addition to any law student's study space. It sits on top of any pre-existing desk or table. Its adjustable height helps convert it from comfortable eye-level to a standing desk.
Men's Leather 17 Inch Laptop Bag
This men's laptop bag makes a great gift for a law student. Its huge 17 inches fits larger-than-normal laptops or chunky textbooks. 4 different compartments feature dozens of storage solutions so that he's always prepared. He can pack all those highlighters and erasable pens you bought him.
Coffee Selection Gift Box
Don't indict them for chewing on low-level coffee sludge. Object and give your law student the gift of grounds that match their high caliber studies. This selection box offers 12 different flavor samples to help them find their preferred roast. Once they do, the Coffee Beanery has monthly subscriptions. You can keep them buzzing all through law school.
Law Student Paper Weight
We're pleading with you: give them the gift of this funny legal paper weight. Useful to help keep all their notes in place, it doubles as comic relief. The spinning wheel can help them decide how to plea. Guilty? Insane? Don't settle! Buy this funny gift perfect for someone in law school.
Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Headphones
Give the gift that'll help them stay focused from 1L to 3L. These noise cancellation headphones will make sure nothing distracts them. Bluetooth connectivity and 30 hours of battery life make them a great gift for a law student. Plus, a built-in microphone lets them answer calls or control their smart speaker without handling their phone.
Beautiful Whiskey Decanter Set
If you're feeling particularly criminal, be an accessory to procrastination. Make study breaks 10x classier with this glass decanter set. It includes 4 matching glasses. The tumblers all feature the same square etching. We won't put you under duress. But if you don't buy the set, you'll be hearing from our lawyers.