47 Gifts For Knitters That Are A Stitch Above The Rest

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Whether it’s a luxury quilt or a new sweater, there’s nothing like a homemade textile that a loved one made for you. Give your love back to your favorite knitter by getting them something equally creative and colorful. From woven gift baskets for mom to new and unique kits, these gifts for knitters will knock their crochet socks off!

Novelty Yarn Mug
The Novelty Yarn Mug is a great gift for the knitting fan you know. It can be used for coffee, tea, or for a beloved decoration placed on a desk or cabinet. This Novelty Yarn Mug is designed to have the appearance of yarn all around its diameter, and it also has a special message for display.
Knitting Needle Travel Case
With the Knitting Needle Travel Case, the knitting fan will never need to hunt for knitting needles again! It can be used at home or when traveling. Who doesn’t like to have their knitting organized, knowing that their knitting needles are in the special travel case? This gift will be appreciated for years.
Sheep Stitch Markers
These adorable Sheep Stitch Markers will bring a smile to the knitter! Their sheep designs in blue and gray hues is so cute. The Sheep Stich Markers are also functional. How are they used? They are slipped onto the row where the knitter needs to begin working on their project, so no more counting rows!
Knitting Travel Bag
Any knitter will appreciate this Travel Knitting Bag. This special bag for organizing knitting can easily be used at home to keep knitting supplies handy or while traveling. The Travel Knitting Bag has room for yarn inside and outer pockets for knitting needles. Give the person in your life who loves knitting something that they will use often!
Rosewood Wooden Yarn Bowl
This Rosewood Wooden Yarn Bowl will be a big hit with any knitter! It will hold yarn and needles and keep them neatly stored. The Yarn Bowl is formed from rosewood with a lovely design of crafted holes around its diameter. The Rosewood Wooden Yarn Bowl will add beauty to whatever room it is set in!
LED Neck Reading Light
Help friends and family who love knitting to see their knitting better with the LED Neck Reading Light. This reading light can light up knitting, helping them to see the stitches more clearly. No more eye strain when you give the LED Neck Reading Light for a gift! It will also be used for reading, writing, and more.
Vintage Craft Scissors
These beautifully crafted Vintage Craft Scissors will be a gift that anyone on your list will treasure. They are sharp and pointed, making them easy to cut small loops and other surfaces while knitting. These craft scissors, with their classic design will add beauty and joy to anyone’s hobby. They are small enough to store with other knitting supplies.
Small Round Yarn Bag
The knitter you love will be ready to grab this Small Round Yarn Bag and go anywhere! They will appreciate your gift with ample storage for all that is needed to enjoy knitting while away from home. The outside pocket of the yarn bag will store knitting needles, scissors, and other supplies. All of this tucked into this Small Round Yarn Bag!
Cricut Machine
Give a special gift with this powerful Cricut Machine. It not only cuts over 100 materials, but it helps the knitter and crafter to design their own images or upload new ideas from their computer or other devices. The Cricut Machine will open many new doors for original and unique knitting and other crafts.
Knitting T-Shirt
The knitting fan will wear this Knitting T-Shirt every day that they can. This t-shirt expresses the belief that knitting is much more than just a hobby. Anyone will love this gift because it shows the world their devotion to knitting. Besides, the Knitting T-Shirt is practical, comfortable, and great for anyone who loves knitting.
Knitting Machine
Give the gift that allows the knitter’s hands to take a break! Let the Knitting Machine do the work for them. Why should anyone knit by hand when it’s so easy with a machine that can do the work for them? The Knitting Machine can make hats, scarves, and many other items 10 times faster than she could do it by hand.
Sock Loom Set
Give Mom this useful Sock Loom Set and she might make you a warm pair of knitted socks in return! The loom does much of the work for her, and you can be sure that she'll thank you for that. Making homemade knitted items for the entire family will be easy with the Sock Loom Set.
Novelty Knitting Leather Watch
Anyone who loves knitting will love the Novelty Knitting Leather Watch. The clever face has a design created just for the knitter in your life. With 'Knit” and 'Perl” and depictions of yarn, this may be their most loved gift of all! The leather band is attractive, and it’s made in a unisex style.
Rainbow Row Counter Ring
Knitting is made easy with the Rainbow Counter Ring. Pop it on either the index finger or thumb, and it makes row counting a thing of the past. Made of hypoallergenic materials and stainless steel, the knitting fan can comfortably wear the Rainbow Counter Ring for long periods of time. A dream come true!
Wooden Blocking Board
The perfect gift for the knitting devotee is the Wooden Blocking Board. It’s an easy way to align a project for a perfect finish. The blocking board is made of high-quality wood with pin holes every half inch. The knitting fan will be able to work on more than one project at a time with this Wooden Blocking Board.
Travel Scissors
Don't let your favorite knitter get frustrated because they left their scissors at home. Tiny Travel Scissors are easy to take along anywhere they go. Their small size allows them to easily be tucked into a knitting bag where they will always be available when needed. Travel scissors are handy for everyone to keep in the car or in your bag.
Vogue Knitting Journal
Every knitting fan needs a Vogue Knitting Journal. It is the perfect place to keep notes on projects, what changes have been made to patterns, and more. This journal is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys knitting. Every beginner or expert will be happy to receive a Vogue Knitting Journal to keep a record of their hobby.
Dyeing to Pin & Knit Book
A welcome gift for the experienced knitter is the Dyeing to Spin & Knit Book. The devoted knitter will love the methods describing how to create hand-dyed yarns as well as how to spin yarn in original shades that match or coordinate with their project. The Dyeing to Spin & Knit Book enables the knitter to create crafts as never before.
Natural Dye Kit
A welcome gift for the experienced knitter is the Dyeing to Spin & Knit Book. The devoted knitter will love the methods describing how to create hand-dyed yarns as well as how to spin yarn in original shades that match or coordinate with their project. The Dyeing to Spin & Knit Book enables the knitter to create crafts as never before.
Pom Pom Maker Set
Pom Poms are the perfect finishing touch for a knitted hat or decorations for a child’s room. They are easy to make with a Pom Pom Maker Set. This gift is simple to use if the knitter has some yarn and scissors. The Pom Pom Maker Set can be used by children or adults.
Yarn Ball Winder
Give the gift that makes knitting easier with a Yarn Ball Winder. This device transforms skeins of yarn into compact cakes. Simply attach to a table edge and you're all set! The knitter simply pulls the centerpiece of yarn and starts on their latest creation. The Yarn Ball Winder folds, making it easy to store.
Yarnit Yarn Holder
Gift the knitter in your life with the Yarnit Yarn Holder. They will be grateful for this clear globe that keeps the yarn from tangling and knotting. The knitter will even be able to knit on the go because the Yarnit Yarn Holder fits perfectly into a car cup holder. To add to its convenience, it has a shoulder strap for hands free transport.
Knit Pattern Ceramic Lamp
Gift the knitter in your life with the Yarnit Yarn Holder. They will be grateful for this clear globe that keeps the yarn from tangling and knotting. The knitter will even be able to knit on the go because the Yarnit Yarn Holder fits perfectly into a car cup holder. To add to its convenience, it has a shoulder strap for hands free transport.
Star Wars Knitting Pattern Book
The knitter who loves Star Wars will find many unique ideas in the Star Wars Knitting Pattern Book. It is filled with 28 patterns that include Yoda, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and other characters. This pattern book makes a great gift because they can make hats, scarves, throws, and enjoy knitting their favorite Star Wars character.
Norwegian Knitting Designs Book
If the knitter you know is searching for new ideas, the Norwegian Knitting Designs Book will be the perfect gift for them! This book is an updated version of 30 modern designs of Scandinavian patterns. The knitter can use the pattern book as a base for their own modified design as well. Help them create original Scandinavian patterns as well as their own designs.
Yarn Ball Silicone Mold
The knitter you know may just be thrilled with the Yarn Ball Silicone Mold you give them. It can be used for creating many different craft items, including candles, soap, and more. This silicone mold is safe to use when making edible food items, such as cakes, jelly, and candy, candy. All made in the Yarn Ball Silicone Mold!
Knitting Loop Ring
Your friend or family member who loves to knit will really like the Knitting Loop Ring you give them. These rings can adjust to their finger size and protect their fingers as they work. The Knitting Loop Ring also helps to control the yarn by helping it not to break or become twisted.
Yarn Spindle
A perfect gift for the knitter is a Yarn Spindle. This tool will keep the tension of the yarn at a smooth, even pace so that the knitter can knit without the frustrating problem of stuck and twisted yarn. The knitter will enjoy knitting more with a Yarn Spindle. They may even make more handmade items with the Yarn Spindle.
Soft Touch Crochet Hooks
Soft Touch Crochet Hooks are the perfect gift for the one who enjoys knitting and crochet. These crochet hooks prevent discomfort while they work for hours on their handmade crafts. The design of these hooks is made to be comfortable and easy on the hands of your favorite knitter!
Novelty Hand Knitting Needle Caps
Novelty Hand Knitting Caps are the perfect gift to keep the knitter’s knitting needles protected and safe. Made of soft rubberized material, they keep stitches from coming off the needles. Points are also protected by the hand knitting caps that are in the form of a rock, paper, and scissors design.
Harry Potter Knitting Kit
Anyone who loves Harry Potter and knows how to knit will love the gift of a Harry Potter Knitting Kit. This knitting kit has everything needed to make an exact replica of Harry’s scarf. Knitting needles are also included. They might invite you over to watch a Harry Potter movie while they knit!
The Big Book of Tea Cozies
The knitter you gift with The Big Book of Tea Cozies will be delighted to receive this book. It contains 75 tea cozie projects with clear directions on how to knit each project. Anyone who loves knitting will love the variety of patterns contained in this big book. It’s appropriate for beginning knitters or those who have been knitting for years.
Yarn Earrings
The most-loved earrings to give the woman who is crazy over knitting are Yarn Earrings. There are various styles available that look like skeins of yarn to those that look just like round balls with knitting needles poked through. Yarn Earrings are also made in styles with silky threads resembling the look of wool yarn.
Yarn Canvas Tote
The knitting advocate will love and appreciate a Yarn Canvas Tote. There is no better way to keep yarn, patterns, needles, scissors, and other supplies neat and organized. The hobby will be even more enjoyable when this person can find every knitting item that they need. This makes the Yarn Canvas Tote a very good gift!
Pair of Romantic Knitting Mugs
There is no better gift to give to a couple than the Pair of Romantic Knitting Mugs. These modern-style mugs will be treasured when you give them for a wedding, holiday, or for any other reason. The mugs are designed with a male and female on the two cups with a long red string of yarn joining them, cup to cup.
Vintage Sewing Prints
If you are looking for an excellent gift for the knitter or crafter, The Vintage Sewing Prints are the answer. Four prints complete the set with its vintage look and depictions of four different pictures, each showing a tool used for crafting. The Vintage Sewing Prints would be beautiful framed for a craft room or any other room.
Knitting Pattern Chart Holder
Give a gift that solves a common problem for the knitter. That is the Knitting Pattern Chart Holder. No more eye strain because it is designed to stand freely on a table or counter where it can easily be viewed. No more stopping to look for the pattern because this chart holder keeps it safely in place.
Couch Arm Knitting Caddy
Anyone on your gift list who is a knitter will appreciate the Couch Arm Knitting Caddy. It is beautifully designed to organize their latest knitting project and needles. The knitting caddy fits over the arm of any sofa and helps the knitter to know that their supplies will remain neatly stored in the Couch Arm Knitting Cady.
Interchangeable Needle Set
The knitter on the top of your gift list deserves the beautiful Interchangeable Needle Set. It will supply them with beautifully crafted needles that are made in pastel colors. The needle set is complete with end caps for safety and comes in a sturdy carrying case. The Interchangeable Needle Set will provide many new options for the knitter.
Wooden Yarn Swift
If you knit, chances are that you struggle to make your skeins of yarn into manageable balls. The Wooden Yarn Swift will simplify this process. It is a great gift because it holds the yarn as you roll it into balls. It makes a great gift for any other knitting fan. This Wooden Yarn Swift is made to last!
Faerie Knitting Book
A wonderful gift for the knitter is the Faerie Knitting Book. It is a storybook that compares knitting to writing. This knitting book acknowledges the genius of knitting, such as using scraps of yarn and creating original patterns. The Faerie Knitting Book is truly magical and will be a beloved gift.
Blocking Mats for Knitting
A gift to make knitting projects look more professional is the Blocking Mats for Knitting. Made of sturdy foam, they allow you to do your blocking easily. Blankets and other projects can be mounted on the mats with the pins provided. These Blocking Mats for Knitting are a tool that any knitter will appreciate.
Arthritis Gloves
The best gift for Mom or anyone who suffers from arthritis or carpal tunnel pain is a pair of Arthritis Gloves. They are made of copper that will relieve pain and allow the knitter to pursue their knitting again. These Arthritis Gloves have open fingers to aid in the craft and will surely be appreciated!
A Century of Photographs
A delightful gift for knitters is A Century of Photographs, a book that honors 100 years of this special craft. The person on your list who loves knitting will be thrilled to see a history of knitting in pictures that include the past up to modern photos of knitters. One of the photos is of children knitting socks for WWII soldiers.
Geometric Knit Blankets Book
The experienced knitter friend or family member will enjoy receiving the Geometric Knit Blankets Book. It contains 30 unique designs for them to make. The designs are colorful and easy enough for a less experienced knitter to create. Each blanket is truly a work of art in the book, Geometric Knit Blankets.
Knitting Heart T-Shirt
Mom, Grandma, sister, girlfriend, or any other knitter will absolutely love this women’s Knitting Heart T-Shirt. Its attractive design for women is available in a variety of colors. All have a colorful, large heart on the front with a giant ball of yarn and knitting needles. A delightful gift for any knitter!
Portable DIY Machine
If you're looking for the right gift for the knitter or crafter, consider giving them a Portable DIY Machine. It can make customized labels for gifts they have knitted. With the free design space and their own computer, they can do many other things to make their knitting and crafts look totally professional.