27 Gifts for Hospital Patients That Will Put Them At Ease

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Being in a hospital isn’t fun, but you can brighten their day with one of these thoughtful gifts. When the patient needs cheering up, you answer the with something that will bring a smile to their face. Some of these gifts are funny, some are sweet and some are unique, but all are the perfect way to say get well soon.

Designer Hospital Gown
A hospital is a world of drab, drab and more drab. Liven things up with this designer hospital gown. It looks like something she might actually want to wear. The back snaps allow easy access, so she won't have to sacrifice form or function. There is no reason her hospital attire can't be stylish!
Hospital Gift Basket
This practical hospital gift basket has everything she might need during her stay. It's full of comfort and relaxation items like warm socks, lotion, a puzzle book and more. All nine items were selected with her relief in mind. She will appreciate the reminder to stay strong and get well soon.
Boredom Box
This thoughtful gift will give them something to do when they're feeling lonely or scared. The clever box features activities with purpose. They are meant for active hands and active minds. It includes colors, puzzles and cards to beat the boredom. When they need something to keep them busy, they will definitely reach for this unique gift.
Warm Hugs Blanket
Sometimes all you need are some encouraging words. Help them feel motivated even when they're alone with this blanket. It features words like 'positive,' 'resilience,' and 'strength.' When you can't be there to comfort them, this blanket will remind them they have you in their corner.
Handmade Get Well Soon Gift
This cross is a symbol of courage. This amazing mosaic is handcrafted. It comes with a card that reminds patients to be courageous even in their darkest hour. Give them this thoughtful gift of hope. With it, they will feel stronger even in the tough times.
Funny Patient Socks
Sometimes laughter is the best medicine. This funny hospital gift will do the trick. The set includes two pairs of socks: one for you and one for them. The 80% cotton material keeps their feet warm and is also soft. Make sure you follow the instructions. Give them the good meds!
Vacuum Insulated Bottle
When you're recovering in a hospital, it's hard to feel refreshed. Help them stay hydrated and feeling their best with this vacuum insulated bottle. The double wall stainless steel technology keeps liquids cold for over 36 hours. It's super durable and features a rubber grip for easy handling.
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Hospitals can be noisy and it's hard to rest without peace and quiet. A pair of noise canceling headphones will help your hospital patient recover. The headphones can pick up and filter out up to 95% of annoying background noise. The 40 hour playback time means more listening and less charging. These are great for bringing to the hospital.
Sleep Mask
Help them get the best sleep of their life, even when recovering in the hospital. The soft, memory foam fabric is gentle on their face, but blocks out every bit of light. Unlike other sleeping masks, this one has an ergonomic design that is lightweight and gentle at the nose opening. It's a must for their hospital bag.
Women's House Slippers
These shoes are the ones to have whether you're going to or coming home from the hospital. The easy slip on design is perfect for transporting. Although the top is soft and furry, the rubber sole is durable and anti-slip. These slippers are the ideal gift for protecting her feet.
eReader Tablet
Reading is a great way to pass the hours at the hospital. And with this eReader, they can download an entire library. This version is waterproof and has double the storage. Too tired or unable to read? They can even pair it with Bluetooth to listen to their favorite stories.
Get Well Soon Care Package
Having friends who care about you is sweet, just like this care package. Bursting with 69 individually wrapped candies, this get well soon gift will give them a reason to feel better. The vintage treats will bring them down memory lane. Life is always better with candy!
Roses in A Box
This amazing floral box will make their hospital room look like a 5-star hotel. The unique preservation system keeps these real (yes, REAL) roses looking perfect for an entire year! The elegant box will bring a welcome pop of color to their bedside. It's a beautiful way to tell her to get well soon.
Unisex Lined Crocs
You might love to hate them, but Crocs are still around for a reason. You won't find a more comfortable shoe! Especially when someone is recovering, they want sturdy footwear and a classic fit. What's new with this version? The warm and fuzzy interior lining. Yes please!
Hospital Comfort Care Package
This hospital gift basket exudes positivity and good vibes. The five piece care package includes a blanket, neck pillow, warm socks and eye mask all in a foldable bag. The cozy gift includes messages and words of encouragement. This soft, thoughtful gift will bring them a feeling of joy and love.
Earplugs for Sleeping
One kit - tremendous value. That's what they will receive with this gift. The elegant gift box includes two sizes of noise cancelling ear plugs as well as a small towel wipe. When you aren't using the plugs, store them in the uniquely shaped bottle with hook.
Warm Fuzzy Socks
Give her a pair of socks for every single day of her hospital stay. This set comes with seven pairs to keep cold feet feeling warm and cozy. The super soft microfiber socks will make her feel a little bit more at home. They are the perfect gift for a speedy recovery.
Comfy Casual Pajama Pants
Putting on a trendy outfit can make you feel like a whole new woman, no matter where you are! But if she is stuck in the hospital, something as small as putting on real clothes will lift her mood. The on trend print is guaranteed to put a smile on her face. Featuring an easy fit and drawstring waist, the pants provide comfort and style.
Get Well Soon Gift
This sloth gift will remind them to 'hang in there.' The cute set is a funny hospital gift. It includes a plush sloth stuffed animal and a book filled with ideas. The ideas will help them find ways to combat 'feeling like a sloth.' It's a unique way to spread words of encouragement.
Women's Care Package
One thing she really needs during this time? Some self care. With this gift, it's like sending a hug in a box. The set features soothing items like tea, honey and even a cozy pair of socks. This hospital gift is a thoughtful way to say 'I'm here for you.'
Ultimate Snack Gift Basket
When patients get sick of the bland hospital food, they need a snack attack. Send them this ultimate snack gift basket to keep their hunger at bay. The box includes snacks that are salty, sweet, chewy, crispy and crunchy. There is something for everyone! The question is, what will they break into first?
Premium Cut Blue Orchids
Bring a pop of color and a fresh fragrance to their bedside. A premium cut orchid bouquet is just what the doctor ordered. The beautiful blue blooms come inside a lovely vase with rhinestone detailing. Guaranteed to stay fresh for an entire week, this gift will bring a smile every single day.
Comfort Blanket
A comfort blanket is a gift they probably won't ask for, but you know they need. It's big enough to envelop them in warmth and snuggles. The blanket is double sided with fleece on one side and soft sherpa on the other. The elegant style will bring some much needed warmth to their drab hospital bed.
Donut Tailbone Pillow
Ouch! Sitting in a bed all day can do a number on their back and bottom. Combat the pain with a special donut tailbone pillow. The comfortable and supportive pillow distributes weight evenly and won't flatten out. It's super durable and has a medium firmness that will kick discomfort in the you know what.