111 Fully Loaded Gifts For Gun Lovers That Hit The Target

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These gifts are locked and loaded. From holsters and secured storage containers for the whole arsenal to kids toy guns, these are the best gifts for gun lovers. They say in the USA we not only have the right to bear arms – we also have the duty to give and contribute them to one another.

Resetting Bottle Targets
If you’re a true gun lover, then you love to hit targets. These 6-pack bottle shooting targets are the best way for you to improve your accuracy and shooting skills. It’s also a great way to have fun while shooting at something that doesn’t shoot back. The bottles are made into bright colors that optimize your visibility.

Mens Concealed Carry Shorts
When moving around with your weapon, it’s a bad idea to stick it into your pocket. It’s also not safe to stick it down your pants. The Men’s Concealed Carry Shorts are a great option to help you move around with your weapon safely. These shorts can be worn under your pants for concealment This is a perfect gift for gun lovers.

Tactical Padded Gun/Gear Bag
Do you have to move around with your gun and some of your gear? The Tactical Padded Gun/Gear Bag is a preferred option to help you out. This bag has enough space to hold all the gear you may need at the range. The bag is also compact and can be used on the field, on duty, or kept in the car trunk.

Kids Laser Tag Set
Let your kids go to war with the kids’ laser tag set. The set is designed for 4 teams and is suitable for adults and children. It’s a great way to engage your kids and bring out the warrior spirit within them. Each gun can be set to different modes for more shooting action. This is a perfect gift to engage the family.

.308 Real Shell Casing Refillable Pen
Are you interested in a one-of-a-kind gun-inspired item? The .308 Real Shell Casing Refillable Pen is what you need. The pen is designed to look like a real .308 bullet. The pen is made from 2 once-fired shell casings. This pen is a great way to show your patriotism and love for the country. It’s also the best gift for gun lovers.

Whiskey Ammo Box
Are you ready to drink like a war veteran and undeniable gun lover? The whiskey ammo box will serve you well. The box comes with 2 whiskey glasses, 6 natural ice stones, coasters, and ice tongs. Now, you’re ready for any whiskey mission. The entire set comes in a high-caliber tactical box that is bold and would be a conversation starter.

Western Saloon Canvas
The western saloon canvas is one of the most unique wall art pieces on the market. It’s a perfect addition to any room in your home including family room, living room, bedroom, office, kitchen, dining room, lobby, bar, and so on. The canvas comes with pre-built hanging hardware attached to its back.

9mm Bullet Headphones
Are you a gun lover who also loves to listen to music? There’s a high chance that you have never seen headphones with this type of unique design. The 9mm Bullet Headphones are designed to offer light, low and high-quality bass. The headphone is compatible with most smartphones and tablets from top manufacturers.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coasters
These one-of-a-kind coasters would be the topic of conversations at your next party. The 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coasters are high-quality coasters made from cast resin. These coasters are designed for longevity.

Gun Rack Mount
The Gun Rack Mount is unlike regular gun racks. The rack is designed to have enough space to hold 6 rifles and 6 handguns. There’s also some protective padding that will protect your firearm. This mount has an edge over wooden hangers that will leave scratches on your firearm. The deep cradle design also ensures you always put the gun incorrectly.

Tactical Rifle & Shotgun Case
The Tactical Rifle & Shotgun is designed to hold your firearm and protect it from damage by harsh weather or environmental elements. This case has an upgraded look and looks like high-tech hardware. The case is fitted with heavy-duty, dual-stage latches. Its pressure release valve also helps it cope with the rigors of air travel.

Magnetic Flashlight Laser Sight
The Magnetic Flashlight Laser Sight is made from a premium-quality polymer. The sight is waterproof and fog-proof. It will also never soak up water. The optic can be adjusted with Allen wrenches. The sight can be set to a variety of combinations for more fun. The elevation and windage of this gun accessory are also adjustable for better shooting.

12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Ashtray
This ashtray will thrill smokers and gun lovers alike. The ashtray is made from polyresin and is hand-painted to maintain high quality. They will make a subtle addition to your living room, patio, or bar. The 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Ashtray will stand out in any room and will help you avoid cigarette burns on your furniture.

NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster
The NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster is the ultimate weapon in NERF dart blasting. It’s designed with an innovative design that delivers high performance for better speed and accuracy. Darts can be fired up to 120 feet away. The blaster can also only hold 10 darts. This blaster will help you level up your game and take down the competition.

Electric Pistol Wine Opener
Turn drinking night into a blast with this pistol wine opener. Pop off the corks to your favorite chianti in electric style. This cordless wine opener is not only rechargeable but it's your shot at being the talk of the party. Shoot for the fences with this gift.

Rifle Coat Hanger
Are you on the market for a unique gun-inspired item? With the rifle coat hanger, you get the best item to help you maintain organization and sanity in any room. Keep this item in any room of your home to create a charming place to keep your sweaters. The hanger has three individual metal hooks to hang your coats, hats, and so on.

Silicone Gun Sock/Sleeve Case
The silicone gun sock/sleeve case is designed to hold many gun socks. Now, you don’t have to search for your socks every morning. The gun sock/sleeve case contains 5 gun socks in different colors. Each of the socks can simply be folded into your pocket. They can also sit in leather bags and small compartments of bigger bags.

Biometric Gun Safe
Keep your gun away from prying eyes with the biometric gun safe. The safe has 2 removable shelves to store your gun, ammo, and other accessories. There is also a rifle-compatible rack within the safe. The interior of the Biometric Gun Safe is padded to protect your firearm from any additional damage.

Electronic Noise Cancelling Earmuffs
Keep the excess noise out of your ears at the gun range with the Electronic noise-canceling Earmuffs. The earmuffs feature ultra-thin rubberized cups that have been designed for sound-activated protection. They have an effective noise reduction rating of 23BD. This noise-canceling earmuff is the best gift for gun lovers.

Gun Cleaner/Lubricant
This gun cleaner/lubricant is designed to clean, lubricate and protect your gun. The cleaner consists of an anti-wear additive that offers superior lubrication. The Gun Cleaner/Lubricant will also prevent gun jamming. It will clean away gun power and any available residue. All you have to do is use a few drops on manufacturer-recommended spots.

Tactical Rifle Bipod
Are you looking for some serious hardware to help improve your shooting? The tactical rifle tripod is designed to offer your rifle a form of stability and balance. The rifle bipod comes with a tough mount tension screw that is difficult to break and has the threads required to maintain tension. The legs also have a compact foldable design.

Shotgun Recoil Pad
Shotguns are known for their explosive power, which also comes with a lot of recoils. The Shotgun Recoil Pad will increase the accuracy and confidence of the shooter without any soreness. It will make sure that you don’t feel any pain from extended shotgun use. The pad will also help stabilize your muzzle for pinpoint precision.

Stock with Magazine Loader
The stock with magazine reloader is the world’s first rapid reload ammo storage. This stock is made from a tough composite material that can withstand rough use. The magazine loader makes it easy to instantly reload your shotgun with 5 bullets. It’s a durable and dependable addition. It’s also the best gift for gun lovers.

Tactical Backpack
The tactical backpack is designed with enough space and a compartment to hold all your stuff. The body of the bag is made from high-grade 1050D nylon which is water-resistant. The backpack is also made out of YKK zippers. The strap of the tactical backpack is designed to be adjustable for increased convenience.

Gun Case Foam Padding
The gun case foam padding is the best item you need for effective gun storage. The gun case foam padding is designed with a moisture inhibitor that removes excess moisture in high moisture levels. These pre-cut foam gun cases are designed for personalized needs. This dense unique foam is easy to cut with a razor blade.

Portable Gun Cleaning Mat
Firearms cost quite a lot of money. They also need to be cleaned properly to keep all their working parts properly functioning. This portable cleaning mat has a roll-out wool interior that will not scratch your firearm. It will also save your workspace from exposure to solvents and lubricants. This multi-purpose mat can also serve as a shooting mat.

Shotgun Ammo Sling
The shotgun ammo sling is an incredibly convenient way to carry your shotgun while keeping your ammo handy. The ammo sling has rubber gripping strips that keep it from slipping off your shoulder. There is also a diameter ring handle that can be used to distribute the weight. It’s the perfect gift for gun lovers.

Steel Target Stand
Are you ready to test your aim by shooting at steel targets? Look no further than the steel target stand. It has a heavy-duty metal frame that can be used for long periods. The stand is easy to use. All you have to do is point and shoot. The target stand is easy to install and can be assembled in a few minutes.

Leather Shoulder Holster for Handgun
The leather shoulder holster is made from full-grain leather. It’s a classic way to conceal your firearm under a coat. The holster has a tight enough fit that ensures that the weapon can be retrieved quickly and easily. There are straps to attach it firmly to your body. It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear around your body for long periods.

Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set
This 89-piece gunsmithing screwdriver has all the pieces you need to take apart any gun. These screws have been measured over hundreds of firearms to ensure their compatibility. The 89-piece screwdriver set also includes 2 magnetized handles that will let you easily swap your screwdriver heads. It’s the best gift for gun lovers.

Combination Trigger Lock
Keep your firearm trigger lock in one place with the Combination Trigger Lock. This hand trigger is designed to fit different brands of handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Set your password combination and keep your gun away from sight for safe keeping. The lock has also had rubberized cushion pads that prevent it from scratching the firearm.

Reusable Silica Gel Dehumidifier
The silica gel dehumidifier works to remove excess moisture from the atmosphere. There are silica gel beds that change from orange to dark green when they are saturated. These humidifiers are kept in a compact tin canister with vents. The dehumidifier is effective enough to work in boxes, laptop bags, shoe boxes, storage boxes, and so on.

Compact Firearm Cleaning Vise
This firearm cleaning vice will help you keep your firearm in one position while you are cleaning it performing some routine maintenance. The vice offers a high-level performance that is capable of holding different types of guns. This vice is also durable and made from high-quality solvent-resistant material.

Massage Gun
Let the massage gun gently work on your body to eliminate the stress and tension. The massage gun utilizes deep powerful and high-frequency vibration stimulation to relieve fatigue and keep your body in great physical condition. There are 20-speed levels for increased functionality. It also has an ergonomic design for easy maneuverability.

Fingerprint Gun Box
Keep your gun in a secure fingerprint box away from prying eyes and unwanted access. This advanced locking system allows you to seal the box with your fingerprint. There’s also a digital keypad that lets you set a backup password to access your small firearm. The gun box has interior lighting that also offers increased visibility.

Cufflinks/Tie Clip Set
How much of a gun lover are you? Express your identity with this gun-inspired cufflink/tie clip set. These cufflinks and tie clips are a perfect addition to your corporate outfits. They are designed to achieve premium quality. Their surface is smooth and is a perfect idea to wear on daily basis or for special events.

3D Wooden Revolver Puzzle
The 3D wooden revolver puzzle lets you work your way around a revolver. Designed just like the real deal, this wooden revolver features lifelike details. The parts of the wooden firearm were carved with laser cutting technology for accuracy and precision. This is a 3D jigsaw puzzle to engage adults and young kids.

American Flag Gun Hat
Step out in style and show the whole world your identity with this American flag gun hat. This fancy hat is made from high-quality cotton and polyester is designed for optimal comfort and breathability. The hat also features a buckle enclosure that allows the wearer to adjust the fitting of the hat. It’s the best gift for gun lovers.

Handgun Wall Art
Are you a gun lover who is interested in some piece of wall art to transform your living space? The Handgun wall art is a reasonable choice that can go on any wall of your home. The wall art can blend with different interior décor styles. It is also a great idea for your friends and family who love guns.

Metal Bullet Valve Caps
Show off your love for guns with these one-of-a-kind metal bullet valve caps. These valve caps are designed from recycled .40 caliber bullet casings. Each of these casings has been fired from a firearm. They are tough and designed to last for long. They come in high-quality packaging. It’s a great gift for gun enthusiasts, police officers, and so on.

3 Piece Rodeo Canvas Print
The 3-piece rodeo canvas print is made from high-quality canvas that offers high levels of durability. They are also waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth. The canvas print comes in a solid frame that can be used to hang it. The rodeo canvas print comes with the complete equipment you need to install and hang the wall art.

Gun Shape USB Flash Drive
The Gun Shape USB Flash drive is a unique handmade flash drive that is compatible with different types of computers. This flash drive is a fun, intriguing way to save all the important documents and files from your computer system. This unique flash drive is made from crystal or ringtone and chrome. Best gift idea for gun lovers.

Personalized Alphabet Wall Mount
This personalized alphabet wall mount will transform your living space and change the scenery in your home. The wall mount can also be personalized in the name of whoever you’ll be sending the gift to. The wall mount also features cloth bumpers that will prevent your walls from any extensive damage.

Rubber-Coated Magnetic Gun Mount
Use the rubber-coated magnetic gun mount to attach your small firearm to different parts of the home. This mount is suitable to mount your gun in your vehicle, on the wall of your home, under your desk, and other parts of your home. The mount utilizes a strong magnetic field to keep the gun balance and in one place.

We Don't Call 911 Wall Sign
You should know that real gun lovers do not call 911 for help during emergencies. They stand up to the danger and take the bull by the horns. The We Don’t Call 911 Wall Sign is a great way to show the whole world that you are a real gun lover. If want a gift for gun lovers, this is the right choice.

Pistol Keychain
This one-of-a-kind keychain is a conversation started with you and your friends. The keychain is anti-abrasion with a sturdy and durable design. It also has a smooth surface with sharp edges. The keychain is made from a high-quality zinc alloy that is abrasion-resistant, sturdy, and durable. It’s built to last and will be around for a long time.

Decorative Revolver Model
This decorative revolver model shows you an antique revolver model. This unique gun is placed on a civil war knife display. It has a steel construction design barrel. The revolver is also designed with different engravings on its body.

World Encyclopedia of Guns
The world encyclopedia of guns is an illustrated book that explains the detailed history of guns around the globe. This book is an authoritative and historical book that explains the development of military, antique, and law-enforcement firearms. This is the best gift for gun lovers on their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events.

Bullet Antenna Cap
This unique blue antenna cap will surely set your vehicle apart from the rest around you. The antenna cap has a thread locking compound that makes it difficult for people to go away with your unique antenna. The cap allows for easy installation and can be used to replace a hood-mounted antenna quickly.

Vinyl Rifle Skin
The vinyl rifle skin is your attempt to cover your assault rifle in durable, easy-to-clean skins. They offer high-level camouflage including specialty patterns. The gun skins will comfortably fit over an AR – 15 or M4 Carbine rifle. The kit includes vinyl pieces that cover all parts of the gun for complete and comprehensive coverage.

Custom Molded Earplugs
Protect yourself from the banging sound of your firearm with these custom-molded earplugs. They are designed for peak-level suppression that eliminates the sound. The earplugs use percussive filter technology. They are created to protect your ear from sounds by gunshots, artillery fire, explosions, and so on.

Barrel Snake Reusable Cleaning Kit
Clean the inner barrel of your firearm with this barrel snake reusable cleaning kit. It makes your entire cleaning simpler. It’s easy to use and does not require any additional knowledge. This cleaning kit could become an important part of your gear too. If you are looking for the best gift for a gun lover, this is the right choice.

Self-Healing Bouncing Shooting Target
The Self-Healing Bouncing Shooting Target is designed to help gun lovers practice their aiming and shooting skills. These targets are action targets that are designed to challenge the shooter to change position to take the next shot. They will fly, bounce and roll each time they are shot. They can handle rounds from a .22 cal - .50 cal.

Handgun Lockbox
Keep your handgun away from unwanted access. The lockbox allows for secure, quick, and simple access to your small firearm. It’s designed specifically for handgun retention, and it prevents others from tampering with your private weapon. The lockbox is designed to function without batteries, electronics, or keys.

Front/Rear Support Bag
This front/rear support bag was designed as a bean bag that could easily be moved and used at the shooting range. It can be used to stabilize a gun on hard surfaces. The bag is also useful for elevation adjustment. You can use it to take more accurate shots. The bags can be compressed into different shapes for shooting in different conditions.

Shot Timer
You can time the shots fired from your firearm with this handy piece of equipment. The shot timer is also capable of measuring the number of rounds fired per minute plus the number of shots too. This instrument is easy to use and can be held in your palm. It's the best gift for gun lovers around you.

Choke Tubes
These choke tubes are designed with stainless steel and advanced production techniques to ensure that they perform better than regular choke tubes. The tube is designed to have a constriction laser marked on its end for simple and quick removal. The tube has a 25% parallel section when compared with conventional chokes.

Automatic Skeet Thrower
The automatic skeet thrower is the most lightweight and portable auto trap available on the market. It can be completely set up in a few simple minutes. The thrower features a 25-clay bird stag and an integrated foot pedal launch system. This device is perfect for all skill levels and abilities. There’s also nylon for portability.

Choke Tube Holder
Store your choke tubes in a simple, protective case with the choke tube holder. It helps to keep the choke tubes more accessible for better range shooting and to create uniform patterns. The holder has elastic loops that are used to securely hold the tubes. The holder is compact and can attach to the belt of your pants for easy and quick access.

Concealed Carry Jacket
The concealed carry jacket is a great idea to help you add a stylish item to your wardrobe that allows you to carry your firearm from one place to another. The jacket is designed with a bi-swing back that ensures the wear has some mobility of motion in pulling out the firearm. This is the best gift for gun lovers.

Concealed Carry Vest
The concealed carry vest is made from high-grade cotton and polyester. It can serve as a comfortable lightweight way for everyday carry. The multifunctional vests also have a variety of pockets, about 20, to carry all the extra items that you may need. The two-way zipper on it also allows easy access to your firearm.

Concealed Carry Fanny Pack
The concealed carry fanny pack is the best idea to help you move around comfortably with your small firearm. The pack is made from tough 1000D nylon. The pack is designed to be tough and water-resistant. It has the main space to keep your gun and multiple pockets for a range of other small items. It’s convenient to carry.

Concealed Carry Belt Clip
Clip your firearm to the belt of your pants with the Concealed Belt Carry Clip. The clip is designed to fit S&W and M&P Shield. The clip helps to carry your weapon around and allows conceal it. This clip also ensures that the gun lover can quickly reach for their weapon in a few seconds. The carry clip is multifunction and has other carrying potential.

Shotgun Shell Holder
The shotgun shell holder will also give you quick access to your shotgun reloads. This classic and sturdy pouch is opened simply with a back loop strip. It’s designed to be able to hold as many as 6 rifle shells. Now, all you have to do is focus on hitting the target in front of you. This one-of-a-kind holder features a 1000D elastic nylon construction.

Shooting Timer
The shooting timer is designed for firearms. The timer can be set to 4 different modes: instant, random, fixed, and customized. The shooting timer can be used to record scores during competitions. It will also help the user analyze the results and improve their shooting. The device is easy to use with clear digital characters and a high-resolution screen.

Gun Display Case
Display your guns like a real pro. The shelf is designed for a variety of rifles, shotguns, and handguns. The case has been padded to protect your gun and prevent any exterior damage.

Bullet Hole Lighter
The bullet hole lighter is a unique lighter out there that’s made to the finest level of detail and quality. This useful lighter runs on fluid fuel. The great thing about it is that it features a BS bullet-hole design that gives the realism of being shot at. The lighter features all-metal construction. It’s also windproof for outdoor conditions.

Whiskey Stone Bullets
Cool your drinks with class and let the whole world know about your love for guns. These drink chillers are made from high-grade stainless steel. They have been designed for durability and longevity too. These bullets will chill your scotch, whiskey, or bourbon as you pour them into a class. They also are packaged in a vintage-style box.

Magazine Speed Loader
Get those bullets into your magazines faster than ever. The speed loader is designed for improved performance. They have been tested and fine-tuned using different types of magazines. The loader is compatible with Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, and Glock firearms. It’s the best gift for gun lovers.

Laser Training Cartridge
Are you interested in improving your shooting skills with some state-of-the-art tech? A laser training cartridge is a great option. The cartridge is designed to help shooters with different forms of training including Dry shot, grip correction, gauging, and minor adjustments to how you handle the firearm. It can also be used to measure progress.

Gun Maintenance Mat
Say goodbye to cleaning your special firearm on a bare bench. With the gun maintenance mat, you get to clean your weapon in a convenient. The mat has different compartments for you to keep the different parts of your handgun. It’s made from synthetic rubber for a non-slip effect. It also protects your gun as you spend time cleaning.

Medical Kit
During an emergency, first aid or medical kit must be within reach. This medical kit is fitted with all the essentials to deal with trauma and stop bleeding quickly. This kit is used by hospitals and first responders to stabilize patients before blood loss becomes excessive. It will also fit into any first aid, suture, or medical kit.

Gun Cleaning Kit
The gun cleaning kit is the preferred option to help you clean the interior and exterior of your weapon. The entire kit contains everything that you may need to keep your firearm sparkling clean. It’s also easy to use. All you have to do is apply the kit to the recommended parts, sit at a table and clean your weapon easily.

12 Gauge Shot Glasses Set
Thrill your friends and families at your next event with this one-of-a-kind 12 Gauge shotgun glasses set. Each of the shot glasses is designed to look like a 12 Gauge bullet. They would make interesting additions to any man cave. Each of the shot glasses is made from high-grade polyethylene for longevity and durability.

Tactical Christmas Stocking
The tactical Christmas stocking is meant to protect you and your entire family. There’s more than enough space to continuously stuff your firearm and any small tactical equipment that you may need. The body of the stocking is durable and designed for years. There’s also a rubber carry handle for convenience.

Ceramic Gun Mug
The ceramic gun mug is a special type of glassware that will always stand out and strike an impression on anyone. The mug has a fun design that is cool to use and drink from. The entire mug is easy to empty and maintain. The special handle also allows the mug to be carried easily even when it’s hot.

Revolver Salt & Pepper Shaker Holder
Transform your dining experience with this one-of-a-kind Revolver Salt and Pepper Shaker Set. The set features realistic-looking revolvers and bullets arranged on a wooden base. The shaker set can blend easily as an interior décor into a rustic style setting. It’s also a must-have collectible for any kitchen or gun lovers out there.

50 Caliber BMG Bottle Opener
Open the drinks at your next party in style with the 50 Caliber BMG Bottle Opener. It is made from an authentic real once-fired .50 cal bullet. The opener is designed to be high-quality and durable. All of the profits made from the sale of this opener are used to take care of war veterans. It’s the best gift for gun lovers.

Black Rifle Coffee Pods
The black rifle coffee pods are famous for holding the world's best single-serve coffee. It contains 100% Colombian Excelso beans that can be used to create a smooth blend of coffee. The pods are available in a variety of roasts to suit your preferred coffee taste. The bold flavor will thrill you and awaken your mind.

Gun Concealment Mantel Clock
This looks like an ordinary classic mantel clock, but it also had a hidden storage compartment for your firearm. The clock is designed with a quartz movement and is powered by AA batteries. This clock is a diversion safe compartment to hold your weapon. The storage could be used to store your handgun or other valuables too.

Kids Foam Dart Toy Gun
Let your kids experience some thrilling gun-shooting action with the Kids Foam Dart Toy Gun. The entire set comprises a toy gun, a shooting gallery, foam darts, a dart clip, and 4 shooting targets. Your kids will spend all day having fun shooting at targets. The kit has an auto-reset system and will record scores as your child hits the target.

Concealed Carry Handbag
Who says women don’t carry guns too? Don’t be deceived as this ordinary-looking handbag is a concealed carry handbag. It is made from high-grade anti-scratch vegan leather. The body of the bag feels soft to the touch and features quality stitching. There’s also a lot of room to keep your firearm and other small valuables.

Elite Shooting Performance System
The elite shooting performance system is a training accessory that will help increase the effectiveness of your training. This performance system will track the movement of your firearm, before and after the shot. The performance system analyses your behavior while holding your gun and gives you useful insights on how to shoot better.

Smart Bench Block
The smart bench block is a non-slip magnetic universal pin punch lock. It’s the best way to prevent losing a driven pin. It can be used to hold any type of gun while you gently punch in pins. The inner groove is designed to keep your barrel in position and maintain stability as you work. It’s the best gift for gun lovers.

Magnetic LED Bore Light
When cleaning your gun, you have to get all the debris and contaminants out. This Magnetic LED Bore Light is a great addition to your gun cleaning kit. The lamp will illuminate the entire area with a 15,000 mcd brightness rating. The bore light also comes in its magnetic closure box for when you want to stash it away.

Protective Shooting Pad
Protect your body and balance your rifle properly as you prepare to take a shot with the Protective Shooting Pad. The pad is made from LimbSaver NAVCOM technology that dissipates the energy from the recoil for a less harmful effect on the body. This pad is a great item to have if you enjoy extended shooting sessions.

Leather Beer Holster
The leather beer holster is the perfect pouch to hold drinks of all sizes. All regular 12-ounce beer bottles can sit tightly in this holster. It allows you to stay cool without carrying your cold drink around in your hand. The holster is designed with high-quality leather for longevity and durability. It’s the ideal gift for your spouse, father, or brother.

Bullet Shell Casing Shaped Tank
Are you on the market for a unique item? The bullet shell casing-shaped tank is a great option. This tank is designed to hold a reasonable quantity. Its unique bullet shell casing-shaped design is widely accepted by gun enthusiasts. It’s also made from premium quality materials that ensure the tank’s durability.

Second Amendment Lawn Gnome
The second amendment lawn gnome is just the item you need to show your gun-loving sense of humor. The angry little guy is ready to aim at trespassers and give them a fair warning. The gnome is solar-powered and energy-efficient. The gnome has been designed to produce a low-energy light for your small garden.

50 Guns That Changed the World
It’s time to learn some valuable gun history. The book discusses 50 of the most notable guns that have had a huge impact on human history. Some of these guns won wars while others were widely accepted around the world. You’ll learn the history, details, available variants, and users of each gun in this series.

Torque Screwdriver
The torque screwdriver is unlike any that you’ll find on the market. This small device has been designed to have precise torque settings that give you access to the insides of electronics, small equipment, and so on. The screwdriver has a small remote control with simple one-button controls. The torque also stores memories of your preferred settings.

Tactical Shooting Gloves
Wear Tactical shooting gloves to give you the edge on the field. The gloves offer better knuckle protection. It also features an anti-slip silicone palm that will ensure you don’t lose your grip on the firearm. It’s also designed such that you are still able to operate your mobile phone while you have the gloves on.

Concealed Carry Tactical Belt
The concealed carry tactical belt helps you strap your small firearm to your body as you move around. The tactical won’t stretch or sag and is the best option to keep your handgun in position. Say goodbye to nylon belts and use this high-quality leather belt. This is the best gift for gun lovers on birthdays, anniversaries, and other key events.

Real .308 Bullet Rocks Glass
The real .308 bullet rocks glass is one-of-a-kind glassware. It’s designed with premium quality materials and advanced technology that produces a tough glass to enjoy your favorite drinks. This multipurpose glass can be used to drink whiskey, scotch, tea, water, and so on. Its unique design will also thrill gun lovers.

Tactical Shooting Glasses
Before you head out to the range for some action, remember that safety should always be your priority. The Tactical Shooting Glasses will help you protect your eyes from dust, dirt, and flying debris. They are designed to have ballistic impact protection. There’s also an adjustable nose pad for optimal comfort when wearing for long periods.

American Flag AR-15 Sweatshirt
Exercise your American right by putting on the AR-15 sweatshirt. This outfit is a great way to stay classy and tell the whole world that you are a gun lover. There’s no hiding your support for the second amendment as you step out in style. This sweatshirt is a must-have for every gun lover who cares about their fashion statement.

Second Amendment Coffee Tumbler
Show your passion and support for the second amendment with this unique tumbler. The Second Amendment Coffee Tumbler has a clear digital print that shows your patriotism and gun-loving nature. This tumbler is suitable for making coffee, tea, water, scotch, whiskey, and so on. It’s the best gift for gun lovers.

Back-Up Gun Socks
Add a stylish new weapon to your feet with the Back-up Gun Socks. This pair of socks is an interesting idea to stay classic, but it also has a digital bring of an old revolver. What better way is there to show your personality? The socks are also made from high-grade cotton that is comfortable and breathable on your feet.

Six Shooter Shaped Table Clock
This one-of-a-kind gun-shaped clock is made of tough composite resin. Its body is also painted for high-quality finishing effects. The cluck is powered by AAA batteries.

Seat Back Gun Rack
Are you a gun lover who is tired of sticking your guns into the trunk anytime you head to the range? Well, the Seat Back Gun Rack is an ideal choice for you. It’s easy to install and can be attached behind the driver and front passenger seats. The gun rack is designed to be used in holding rifles, umbrellas, and other items.

Silhouette Shooting Targets
The Silhouette Shooting Targets are designed to help you practice your shooting skills. There are clearly outlined shooting zones that can be seen from a distance. Ease your practice and level up your skills. They are a great choice to improve the accuracy and precision of the shooter. Each carton has 100 sheets, so you have enough to practice.

Kids Classic Jesse James Toy
Let your kids have the feeling of what it means to be Jesse James with this replica toy. It comes in a holster that can be attached to your kid's outfits too. The toy is made from die-cast metal for longevity and durability. There’s also a 12-shot chamber. The gun can shoot ring caps that are non-lethal to the human body.

Overhead Gun Rack for UTV
Keep your guns handy as you drive around in your UTV with this special rack. This gun rack stores your gun above your head, keeping it out of the way and maintaining a clear view. Its rubber-lined jaws are designed to securely hold the weapon without scratching it. It also allows for quiet unloading and loading for a better hunt experience.

Use the rangefinder to calculate the distance between you and your target. This device has a 6x magnification that can measure distance up to a maximum of 600 yds. The rangefinder has an effective scan mode that factors in the angle and slope. There’s also an in-built slope switch technology to give you the edge in golf tournaments.

All a Cowboy Needs Canvas
Are you a cowboy who is looking to add some extra piece of décor to their living space? Well, the All a Cowboy Needs Canvas will breathe some new life into your home. The wall art is suitable for a rustic style home setting. It also comes with ready to hang hardware. The canvas is a great addition to any room in your home.

Six Shooter Lamp and Lampshade
This one-of-a-kind décor item will transform your bedroom and illuminate its corners at night. This lamp is an impressive collectible item for cowboys and lovers of the wild west. The decorative tabletop six-shooter lamp will be a great addition to any room in your home. It also has a polyresin finish for longevity.

Tactical MOLLE Panel for Pistol Holster
This MOLLE panel is a perfect point of attachment for the MOLLE holster, including a first aid pouch, mag pouch, and so on. The panel features fully removable leg straps for optimal comfort. The design of the panel is compact and lightweight, so it does not affect movement. It’s made from high-quality 1000D nylon for durability.

Western-Style Handmade Soaps
These soaps are made from vegan oil that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft. Each set includes three soap variants; Hair of the Dog, Blazing Saddles, and Fire in the Hole soap bars. They will clean your body and leave you looking fresh. It’s a must-have item for lovers of the old western life. It’s also the best gift for gun lovers.

Reusable Camouflage Tape
Your camouflage will determine a lot about your hunting experience. You have to be able to stay well hidden in the bushes and shrubs. The reusable camouflage tape will help you protect and conceal your firearm, knife, scope, and any essential equipment. It’s also possible to wash and reuse these tapes on your next hunting trip.

Camo Water Resistant Hunting Set
Are you ready to head out on another heading trip? The Camo Water-Resistant Hunting Set is what you need. It includes a thick hunting jacket with a warm lining. The jacket is windproof, water-resistant, and breathable. It also has a unique camo pattern to keep you hidden. The material on the jacket also eliminates sound for silent movements too.