67 Imaginative Gifts For Graphic Designers They’ll Appreciate

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Graphic designers are among the most artistic folks you’ll find. What creative minds they have, and they implement the tools to express that creativity. Get your favorite graphic designer the best gifts available, that they’ll love and that were reviewed from Silicon Valley extraordinaire Justin Moore-Brown, from this list. From cool drawing tablets to graphic clothing they’ll appreciate, this list is your one-stop shop.

Graphics Drawing Tablet
Every graphic designer needs a capable drawing tablet. This Graphics drawing tablet has to be connected to a computer to function. The tablet is compatible with devices that run on windows 10,8,7 (32/64-bit), Mac OS X version 10.10, Linux, and so on. The graphics tablet has an 11-inch screen that will simplify your workflow.

Waterproof Travel Backpack
This Waterproof Travel Backpack has enough space to keep the graphic designer’s devices and equipment. This backpack is renowned for its waterproof features. Due to its high functionality, it’s waterproof and weatherproof. There are YKK zippers that provide easy access to the bag’s contents. There is also an RFID packet to prevent electronic theft.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
The Blue Light Blocking Glasses are made from blue-light blocking polymer. This means that the lens won’t crack or get chipped easily. These glasses are designed to support the visual comfort of the user and prevent eye strain. These glasses are the perfect gift for graphic designers who spend long hours in front of the computer.

Bob Ross Master Paint Set
This Bob Ross-inspired paint set is made to teach you how to start creating and painting beautiful art landscapes. This set includes oil colors, landscape knife, landscape brush, fan brush, liner brush, DVD, and guidelines. With this paint set, you have everything you need to start creating beautiful landscapes.

Pantone Porcelain Mug
Treat yourself to a mug of your favorite beverage with this unique mug. This mug is different from regular mugs that you find on the market. The mug is easy to maintain and is dishwasher safe. This is an ideal gift to any graphic designer that you know to show them how much you care about their comfort.

Apple 11-Inch iPad Pro
Every graphic designer wants a high-end apple tablet to handle all their graphic editing requirements. The Apple iPad comes with a powerful M1 chip that lets the tab take on the function of most laptops. The iPad also has an impressive 12.9 inch liquid retina XDR display. This tablet is perfect for viewing and editing high-resolution content.

Tablet Pillow Stand
Are you tired of having to constantly hold your tablet with both hands as you try to operate it? This tablet pillow stand comes to solve that problem. It’s designed to be compatible with a long list of tablets from different manufacturers. This stand is multipurpose and can be used for reading, playing games, watching movies, navigating pictures, and so on.

34-Inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor
This 34-inch curved monitor will open your eyes to brilliant TV viewing. Designed with a 2560 x 1080p resolution, the monitor produces clear images with bright details. This monitor is made to give viewers an immersive HD-like viewing experience. The 34-inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor is also compatible with advanced gaming modes.

Electric Standing Desk
Here’s something to simplify the work of graphic designers. The electric standing desk is designed for those who prefer to work from home. The desk is designed to have a tough steel frame with a built-in electric mechanism. The weight is strong enough to withstand about 110 lbs of weight. When seating at the desk, you can make quick adjustments between seating and standing.

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
The ergonomic mesh office chair is designed with 4-support points at your head, back, hips and hands. There is also steady lumbar support. The height of the mesh office chair can be adjusted quickly. This mesh seat is larger than regular office chairs and is designed to accommodate those with a large body build.

Portable Scanner Wand
The portable scanner wand is a reasonable choice to scan documents, photos, newspapers, and different types of text and save them digitally. Take the portable scanner along with you during a visit to the library and save whatever content you need for later. The scanner is easy to use and will save you the cost of making photocopies.

Graphic Design: The New Basics Book
Graphic design is an innovative field evolving with time. Many people are interested in becoming badass graphic designers who create colorful content but lack the required knowledge. With this book, you get to learn and understand the concept of visual language. The book is filled with many details to support you as a graphic designer.

Adobe Photoshop Elements
With Adobe Photoshop Elements, it’s never been easier to edit, create and organize photos. With one-click actions, you get to change many things about your favorite pictures. You may even decide to transform them into 2D or 3D GIFs. All of the content that you create here can also be shared on social media easily.

4K Digital Camera
This 4K digital camera offers capture performance that everyone can enjoy. The camera comes with high-resolution 4k video technology that lets you capture motions with clarity and precision. There’s a lot more functionality with the Post Focus and Focus Stacking modes that allow users to change the focus points of the picture.

Soft Cover Plain Notebook
The pages of this soft plain cover notebook are begging to be filled with writing and ideas. The notebook has rounded corners, firm closure, and clear pages. This notebook is multipurpose and can be used to take notes, create to-do lists, and record your thoughts. This notebook is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from.

Digital Art Tablet Pen
This Digital Art Tablet Pen is an electronic pen that’s designed to be compatible with different tablet models. It’s a cordless pen that utilizes tip sensor technology and is capable of recognizing as much as 2048 levels of pressure. The pen also comes with 3 black pen nibs and a pen stand.

USB Charging Station Dock
Do you need extra USB ports to power and charge all your devices? The USB charging station is designed to offer you 6 extra USB ports. The station dock will protect your device from overcharge, low current, and power surges. There are also LED charging indicators that go off when your device is fully charged.

Photo and Video Editing Console
Edit your photos and videos inconvenience with this photo and video editing console. The console has integrations with popular editing programs and software. The console is designed to be the reason as soon as it comes out of the box. The entire console interface can be customized to suit your needs and requirements.

Pantone CMYK Colors Guide Set
Do you have to work from home and need some help with colored printing? This is an effective work-from-home guide for anyone who is involved in 4-color process printing. There are 2,868 colors to choose from. The guide is divided into two and set on coated and uncoated stock. It’s been set to accurately help with the 4-color process printing.

Pantone Notebooks Set
This set of 10 notebooks is what you need to write down all your thoughts and work. Each notebook in the collection is produced in an attractive color shade. These books are a great choice when using them individually. They also provide a great visual spectacle when they’re stacked or grouped.

Shortcut Key Device for Tablets
This shortcut key is designed to supplement the existing shortcut keys or add some extra functionality to your devices. This device is lightweight and can seamlessly be adapted to any workspaces or work area. The wireless transmission of the shortcut may be due to 2.4 GHz wireless technology. There’s also a programmable shortcut key that can be assigned a variety of functions.

Portable External Hard Drive
Store all of your files outside the main computer memory with this portable external hard drive. It’s designed with USB-C technology that allows for quick and easy sending of details to and from the computer. The portable external hard drives are available in a simple, innovative design that suits your style.

Multifunctional Lap Desk
Are you tired of having to constantly balance your laptop on your lap when operating them in bed? This multifunctional lap desk is designed using a wood panel and cushions that provide extra support. The laptop desk also comes with a tablet or phone holder to keep your devices in one place at once.

Full Grain Leather Briefcase
This vintage-style bag is made from Italian leather and contains special hardware. There are premium YKK zippers that provide easy access to the bag’s main compartment. This leather briefcase is large enough to contain a 17.3-inch briefcase. This bag is a perfect choice to take along on a business trip where you need only a few essentials.

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Listen to music with ease and comfort using these Bluetooth wireless earbuds. They have been shaped to perfectly fit into the inner parts of your ear. The earbuds have round silicone soft ear tips for increased stability. These Bluetooth devices will stay in your ear, whether you are mobile or stationary. There is some level of waterproof protection in the event.

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
This heavy-duty noise canceling headphones is what you need to stay tuned to the music and never miss a beat. You’ll set how you listen to the sound with these easy-to-use one-touch settings. Keep listening to the beat uninterrupted and merge these headphones with the kind of lifestyle you want.

15.6-Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag
This 15.6-inch Laptop Shoulder Bag is known for its water-repellent fabric and modern design to create a laptop that suits modern-day living. There is a large laptop compartment that is big enough to contain a 15.6-inch laptop. This shoulder bag also has a variety of pockets to keep other daily accessories and small tools.

Cable Management Box Set
This cable management box set takes into consideration different details. Designed by listening to the reviews of customers, we designed and tested several prototypes before settling for this final result. This box helps to keep your connections away from naked eyes. The set serves to protect babies and pets from going where they shouldn’t.

Travel Cable Organizer
The travel cable organizer should be an important part of all your journeys and should make it to the checklist. This little bag will help you organize the cables for your devices and equipment as you prepare to go on holiday. The cable organizer is designed with polyester and features double-layer zippers for easy access.

Premier Colored Pencils Set
Bring any drawing to life with this Premier Colored Pencil Set. With more than 150 coloring pencils to choose from, an artist can choose whichever colors they intend to use for layering, blending, and shading. The colored pencils in this set are of high quality and allow artists to switch between different pencils.

Inking Pens Pack
The Inking Pens Pack was made in 1982 and remains one of the most reliable on the market to date. The molecules of the ink from this pack are 100 times better than dye molecules. Therefore, these pigments will stay on top of the paper instead of being absorbed through. This ink will also not smear or feather when dry but are waterproof and weatherproof.

Adjustable Laptop Stand
Now, you can operate your laptop at ease from almost any position in your home. It’s a must-have item for anyone who works from home and intends to do so comfortably. This is a multipurpose stand that can rest on almost any surface. All you have to do is create your design and see how it suits your needs.

Smart Reusable Notebook
Now, this notebook is unlike anything that you have seen before. The reusable notebook allows people to do what they would normally do with a pen and paper, but with special innovations for the digital era. Designed like a regular notebook, this book can be reused endlessly and connected to your preferred cloud storage options.

Wireless Color All-in-One Printer
Print all your colored documents and text with this special all-in-one printer. The device has special features that make it stand out from regular printers. There is a large EcoTank that allows for a fast and easy cartridge replacement to save cost. The printer is designed to produce hard copy documents in a variety of colors.

Paint Marker Pens Set
The Paint Marker Pens Set contains opaque felt tip markers that are capable of writing on different surfaces. When used, these markers can be wiped off non-porous surfaces like glass while they can’t be rubbed off porous surfaces like paper or wood. This market ink is water-based. As a result, it does not bleed and stains the surface.

Colorful Geometric Puzzle
This painting forms the basis of a game that is just the right level of difficulty to test the mind of any graphic designer. This geometric puzzle makes a special gift that can be used to draw families together. The puzzle comes in a storage box that can be used to keep small items safe from damage.

High Performance Wired Mouse
This updated gaming mouse provides high performance and more precision than most other gaming mice on the market. Designed with a next generation 16K Optical sensor, the mouse can be used to precisely control your game and gaming characters. Regardless of your gaming style, you can make adjustments to this wired mouse to suit you.

Hardcover Coloring Book
Embark on a magical adventure on the pages of this book. Test your creativity and relax your mind as you color the plants and animals in this magical book. You'll also find a register of birds, plants, and butterflies at the end of the book. It's a great gift for graphic designers to test their creativity.

Without Art Ceramic Mug
Treat yourself to a cup of your favorite beverage with this ceramic mug. The mug has an impressive color scheme with a white body, black interior, and handle. There is a digital print of images on both sides of the mug. The mug has a beautiful glossy finish. It's also easy to clean and maintain.

Digital Art Palm Rejection Gloves
Graphic designers who draw with a pen often have to make sure their hand does not come in contact with the screen or risk sabotaging their work. With the Digital Art Palm Rejection Gloves, you can rest your hands on the screen without tampering with something. The gloves will also reduce friction that may damage the surface or smear it.

Premium Watercolor Set
Watercolor is a favorite among artists and painters. With this premium watercolor set, you get 48 different colors to combine and create imaginative pieces. Designed in form of watercolor markers, they glide effortlessly over the paper surface. Due to its excellent point tip, the watercolor is applied finely and spreads evenly. The watercolor set includes 2 refillable real brush pens.

Typography Guide Book
Learn the basics of typography from the experts in this typography guidebook. The book comes in an updated format with full-color pages. The book teaches in-depth instructions on how to create innovative designs while also offering multiple reference materials to test your skills. This book is ideal for beginner graphic designers who are just learning about an effective combination of colors.

Classic Etch A Sketch
Teach your kids to express their inner creativity with this toy. With the one-of-a-kind red frame and white knobs, you can create art endlessly. The Classic Etch A Sketch is an impressive alternative to the digital means of learning to sketch. What's even better? The images are easy to erase. All you have to do is shake the board to clean the surface.

Chia Pet Bob Ross
You'll get the chance to plant and grow it to maturity within 2 weeks. Watch your chia pet grow slowly and develop a bright green coat. You'll also find instructions on how to care for your chia pet. The entire kit is made up of the planter, plastic drip tray, and seed packets for 3 pets. This is a great gift that suits any occasion.

Tablet Stylus Pen
A tablet stylus pen is an effective tool for any graphic designer. It can be used to create text and images effortlessly. This pen is compatible with a range of tablets and android devices. The pen can function without Bluetooth and will connect with most touch screen devices. This is an ideal gift for beginners graphic designers.

Corel PaintShop Ultimate
Every graphic designer needs effective editing software to handle advanced video and picture editing. The Corel Paintshop Ultimate is capable of almost anything related to graphic editing. It includes an exclusive bonus pack of software for you to try your hands on. Get ready to become a better graphic designer with this ultimate software pack.

Samsung Galaxy Lite Tablet
The Samsung Galaxy lite tablet provides a simple way to create, edit and share your work. The tablet has everything that any graphic designer would need including a large display, a touch pen, and reasonable battery life. The phone has a slim metal design that is portable and can easily be carried around. Unleash real entertainment with the Samsung Galaxy Lite Tablet.

DIY Cutting Machine
Do you need a machine that cuts different types of materials? With the DIY Cutting Machine, it becomes a possibility. Due to this machine's capability, you can take on multiple DIY projects. Now, you have the means to make personalized stickers, home decor, or even homemade gifts. There's also a free software platform that allows you to digitally create your designs on your mobile phone.

Classic Art Glass Magnets
Transform your fridge's door and breathe some new life into your kitchen with these Classic Art Glass Magnets. These glass magnets are made from the highest quality materials with strong decorative magnets. Made from crystal clear glass, these art pieces are tough and long-lasting. They can also be applied to any stainless steel or magnetic surface.

Classic Art Crew Socks
Add these socks to any outfit and transform your appearance. They are made from high-quality fabrics such as polyester, cotton, polyurethane and spandex. These materials are soft to touch, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Each pack is made up of 4 pairs of socks with unique prints. They are a perfect fit for casual and corporate outfits.

Memory Lumbar Pillow Set
As a graphic designer, there is a high likelihood that you'll have to sit for a long period. Sitting uncomfortably could lead to pains, aches, and even problems with posture. The Memory Lumbar Pillow Set is designed to help you sit comfortably without discomfort. Designed with memory foam, this seat has well-defined parts that support the person seated on it.

27-Inch IPS Monitor for Design Work
Take your design to the next level with this screen display. The 27-inch IPS Monitor for Design Work was made to help graphic designers work freely and with more efficiency. Say goodbye to choked screens where you have to strain your eyes to pick small details. With this 27-inch screen, everything becomes clearer.

Manhattan Leather Backpack
Are you looking for a comfortable backpack to use in carrying your system around? Look no further than the Manhattan Leather Backpack. Made from high-quality Colombian leather, the bag is durable and long-lasting. This leather bag has a main compartment that is large enough to contain laptops of any size up to 16 inches. There's an RFID to block electronic theft too.

Drawing Tablet Set
Are you ready to draw and create art like the legendary Picasso? The Drawing Tablet has a powerful core to process video and photo editing. There's also 64GB of space to store your files. This drawing tablet set also includes a detachable keyboard, screen protector, adapters, and drawing gloves.

Kids 3D Pin Art Board
Are you interested in something that will stimulate the creative side of your kids? This Kids 3D Pin Art Board is for you. This artboard would engage your kids during their leisure time at home. Children are free to create different forms of art with this board depending on their level of creativity.

Tabletop Melting Clock
There's no better way to display surrealism than with this tabletop melting clock. The unique design of the clock is suitable for all age groups and can be used to tell the time. The melting clock brings any room to life with its one-of-a-kind appearance. This gift is an ideal one for art enthusiasts and graphic designers.

128GB Slim Laptop
Empower yourself as a graphic designer with this 128GB slim laptop. The laptop has an AMD Ryzen 3 mobile processor with a Radeon graphics card that is suitable for high-end photo and video editing. There's a fingerprint scanner to add extra security to your computer system. There's also a Full HD display for clear visuals when working.

Funny Graphic Designer T-Shirt
How much of a graphic designer are you? It's time to show the whole world. With this one-of-a-kind kind t-shirt, you get to stay trendy, classy and identify yourself as a professional graphics designer. The shirt is made from cotton and polyester which is soft to touch and comfortable to wear. This is an ideal gift for any graphic designer around you.

Comfort Gel Seat Cushion
After seating for a long time, your butt may start feeling numb because the chair is stiff and has blocked blood circulation. This Comfort Gel Seat Cushion has a soft design that will ensure that blood flows from your upper body to your legs as you remain seated. This seat cushion is large enough to cover any seating surface for optimal results.

Ergonomic Memory Foam Foot Rest
Relax your feet on the memory foam to prevent it from getting tired or weak after a long period of work. Made from memory foam, the footrest is designed such that it utilizes your body heat to comfort and relax your body. The soft velvet cover of the footrest is easy to clean. Say goodbye to the effects of harsh flooring with this incredible footrest.

Leather Desk Pad Protector
This leather desk supports all types of computer work including graphic design. It can also be used as heat insulation pads, table mats, non-slip mats, etc. There are 3 different sizes for you to choose from; small, medium and large. The pad protector is large enough to contain your mouse, keyboard, laptop, and so on. This pad protector will also keep your desk from scratching.

Coffee & Espresso Machine
Are you interested in making freshly brewed coffee to maintain your focus and stay active? This Coffee & Espresso Machine will give you a fresh cup of coffee. Now, you can enjoy all the cups of coffee that you want. This coffee & espresso machine is an ideal gift for you any graphic designer who want to stay focused every time.

Porcelain Cappuccino Cup and Saucer
Enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage with this attractive cup and saucer. With a relaxing blue design, the cup is perfect for any type of beverage or drink. Made from durable porcelain material, the cup can withstand very hot temperatures. It's designed as a professional cup shape perfect for Cappuccino.

Wireless Hand Massager with Heat
Deal with the stress and tension in your wrist with this wireless hand massager. After operating your laptop for a long time, there is a high tendency that your wrists will feel weaker. This wireless massager adopts a heat delivery procedure to relax your hand. Perfect gift idea for graphic designers.

Cushioncare Wrist Rests
Keep your wrists from getting strained as a result of too much activity with this cushioncare wrist rests. Made from durable and high-quality material, the wrist rest is soft to touch and offers your wrist high-level comfort as you work on your graphics. They are a must-have for every graphic designer and won't slack easily.

Comfort Crocs
These crocs are designed for use by food workers, health workers, and hospitality workers. They are light and supportive enough to get you through long stressful shifts. These crocs are easy to clean and designed for color.

Yoda Best Graphic Designer Mug
Every person likes to believe that they are the best. There's no better feeling than having a special mug that constantly reminds you that you're the best. Take master Yoda's word for it. This mug is suitable for drinking different types of beverages and has a stylish design. This is the best gift you can give to a graphic designer on his birthday.