23 Gifts for Farmer Dads That Are Practical & Useful

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Whether for Father’s Day or just because you care, the perfect gift for your farmer dad is one that is practical, fun and sure to see plenty of use. This list of gifts includes the thoughtful, the funny, and the must-haves for today’s farming dad.

Farmer's Sweater
Keep dad cozy while he handles early morning chores on the farm, with a pullover hoodie boasting a patriotic design he will wear with pride. The American flag stands proudly behind the image of a tractor, simply perfect for the farmer dad. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, this toasty hoodie is great for farm life.
Farmer's Straw Hat
Protect dad’s face from the harsh summer sun, with a straw hat featuring the John Deere logo. The neck strap keeps it flying away when the winds pick up, and make it easy for him to get a secure fit. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, this durable straw hat will protect his face while keeping him feeling cool.
Farmer's Gloves
Dad’s hands take a beating out on the farm. Keep his hands protected, with a pair of John Deere leather gloves that are designed with comfort and safety in mind. The shirred elastic wrist will keep them from slipping off, whether he’s fixing fences or catching cattle. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, gloves are practical and thoughtful.
Flask for Dad
Prescribe your farmer dad with a sip of his favorite adult beverage. This flask is a fun and practical prescription for the dad who enjoys his brandy or rum. Perfect for chilly nights on the porch, or unwinding fireside with friends. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, show how much you care quite with a diagnosis dad will love.
Natural Hand Salve
Soothe those farmer’s hands at the end of a busy day, with a hand salve that is 100% natural. The scent is light and fresh, so your dad can’t say it’s too flowery for him. Definitely a farmer’s friend, this beeswax hand salve will keep his hands healthy even in those dry winter months.
Steel Toe Work Boots
Durable leather and a gripping rubber sole makes these steel toe boots an essential for the farmer who gets into the muck. Your dad is sure to appreciate the gift of boots that keep his feet dry and comfortable when he’s working with the animals or the machines. Whether for father’s day or for no reason at all, these sturdy boots are a must-have.
Thermal Lined Duck Jacket
Farming chores don’t stop when the temperatures drop. Your dad may actually have more to do when it’s cold outside. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, this big and tall jacket will keep him toasty on the farm. Thermal lined, with a hood and pockets, this is a jacket your dad will use all winter long.
Premium Whiskey Stones
Take a shot at the perfect gift for your dad who appreciates whiskey. This set of whiskey stones are the perfect caliber for keeping whiskey just the right side of cold. Ice will just dilute the flavor, but this set includes six extra-large food grade whiskey stones. Also included are tongs and whiskey glasses. All he’s missing is the bottle of his favorite.
Land Area Measurer
Ideal for measuring rugged terrain. Help your dad to plan his work on the farm. This GPS powered measuring device is an essential that he will appreciate. There are plenty of features to make agricultural life much easier for the busy farmer, with an intuitive design that even your not-so-tech-savvy dad can figure out.
8-in-1 Wheelbarrow
Versatility and an impressive 8-in-1 functionality makes this wheelbarrow a must-have for your dad to use on the farm. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, this multi-use must-have will help him haul hay, carry carrots, or cart goat feed with ease.
Gravity Feed Station
If you’re looking for something perfect for the dad that has everything, whether for father’s day or a birthday, you’ll find this feeder to be a versatile option. Your dad can use it to feed the chickens or to attract a variety of wildlife to the property. Birds, deer and more will flock to this easy to install feeder ideal for use on a farm.
Magnetic Wristband
Practical for around the farm or in the house working on DIY projects, this durable magnetic wristband is a must-have for every dad. Whether for father’s day or just because you’re thinking of him, this gift will prove useful time and time again. He’ll mend fences, patch the barn, build a cabinet, or fix the sink, with a handy place for those screws and bolts.
Men's Overalls
What is more quintessential farmer than a pair of durable overalls that he can wear while he’s hard at work on the farm? Made from 100% durable cotton, this pair of overalls has a relaxed fit to ensure his comfort and freedom of movement as he works.
Men's Workwear Shirt
If a farmer were to have a uniform: it would be clothing that is comfortable, durable and easy to wash after a mucky day at work. Short sleeves and a generous fit make this tee a good option to gift to your dad, whether for father’s day or just for the dad who have everything but comfortable shirt to work in.
Men's Straight Leg Jeans
Straight leg opening perfect for the farmer wearing boots, these jeans are rugged and comfortable. Whether for father’s day or just to show how much you care, these jeans will keep him going from sunup to sundown. The button closure is farmer-approved, so there are no irritating flimsy zippers to fuss with.
Engraved Folding Knife
Perfect for the badass farmer in your life, this folding knife is a durable essential. The easy-open design makes this knife perfect for your dad when he’s working on the farm.
Old Fashioned Salt and Pepper Shakers
Forget the boring salt and pepper shakers. This well-designed set is definitely something to crow about. Perfect for dad’s kitchen table, this set has a hint of a vintage appeal that will see it fitting in well with his farmhouse décor. The plucky little chickens are bursting with character. You just might want to keep one for yourself.
Funny Farmer Tumbler
What a delightful way for your dad to enjoy his morning coffee, while showing off his sense of humor. As a farmer, your dad is likely quite familiar with the way cow manure steams up the morning. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, this durable tumbler is sure to see plenty of use.
Farmer's Hat
If there’s one thing a farmer loves, it’s a John Deere. This hat is the perfect choice in gift for your dad, whether for father’s day or his birthday. The hat has a vintage inspired look that your dad will dig every time he slips it on. Protection for his face during the hottest parts of the day is an added bonus.
Farmer Socks
No man can ever have too many pairs of socks. For your father dad, these tractor socks are a wardrobe essential. Whether he’s heading into a meeting at the bank or heading out in the wee hours to tend to the cattle, these socks will keep his feet warm in the most stylish of ways.
Funny Farmer Shirt
A bit on the saucy side, this shirt is sure to show off your dad’s sense of humor. After all, your dad would rather be farming, right? Whether for father’s day or his birthday, this is a comfy tee that allows your dad to have a bit of fun with this wardrobe essential.
Wisconsin Cheese Variety Pack
Can you ever go wrong gifting your dad something tasty? Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, this cheese variety pack features scrumptious offerings that include hot pepper, tomato basil and habanero cheddar to get him all fired up. Throw in a few crackers and a bottle of wine, and it’s a refined evening for a farmer to unwind.
Wood Pallet Farmer Wall Art
Remind your hardworking farmer dad how important he is, with art that is sure to take pride of place in his home. The rustic inspired design of the artwork will fit in perfectly, while the quote will prove inspirational on those rough days. Whether for father’s day or just for the dad that has everything, he’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gift.