75 Rockin’ Gifts For Drummers To Send a Cymbal of Your Love

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Some people just want to bang on the drum all day. Guess what… there’s nothing wrong with that! Celebrate that percussion master in your life by buying them a gift from this wonderful list of items for drummers. From drum sticks and drum bags to funny t-shirts and coffee mugs, these gifts definitely stay on rhythm.

Water Bottle for Drummer
The drummer water bottle makes an excellent gift for the rockstar in your life. Able to hold 18 ounces of hot or cold liquid, this bottle is ready to go anywhere with the clip screw-top. The convenient size is great to take anywhere with you. Preserve the beautiful lettering by hand washing your item only.

MIDI Controller with MPC Pads
Take your beat production to the next level with this Akai Professional USB/Midi controller. Drummers rejoice with this portable and feature-packed controller including drums, samples, and more. This dynamic controller comes with comprehensive software including Big Bang cinematic percussion and Big Bang universal drums, offering a value that can't be beat.

LED Light Up Drumsticks
Professional and amateur drummers alike will delight themselves with these LED light up drumsticks. These drumsticks are motion activated and light up with show-enhancing effects. It is made of durable and reliable poly-carbonate so you never have to worry about jamming out too hard!

Personalized LED Drummer Sign
Nothing says I love you more than personalized art. The drummer in your life will gaze at this art piece for many years to come. Engraved with the name of your choice, this wall decor is illuminated in the shape of a drum set. Any drummer will be happy to display this in their creative space.

Practice Drum Pad Set with Stand
Are you trying to learn how to play the drums but you don't want to invest in an entire drum set? Are you a seasoned drummer and you are looking for something portable to help you practice on the go? This is the perfect practice drum pad set for beginners and expert drummers alike.

Vintage Drum Patent Poster Prints
An excellent gift for the musical enthusiast in your life. This vintage drums patent poster is a sure conversation starter piece for any home. Printed on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper, it is sure to be a beloved poster for many years to come.

Drum Design Necktie
A memorable and classy gift for the drummer in your life. Look dapper and still display your love for drums for any occasion. You can rest assured that this gift will last for many events. Made with premium stitching and lining, you will see the high quality in every stitch.

3 Piece Drum Set for Kids
Looking for the perfect drum set for the budding musician in your life? Look no further; this drum set is no average toy. This is a real drum set, perfectly scaled down for children ages three to eight. Made with wood, metal, and tuneable skins, this is everything you can expect from a full sized drum set.

Drum Stick Holder
Give the musician in your life the perfect drum stick holder made to last a lifetime. This holder fits any drum set, including electronic or electric drums. The universal clip makes it easy to attach this holder to anything, allowing for easy storage for your drum sticks.

Professional Monitor Headphones
Perfect for the discerning musician in your life. These professional monitor headphones are praised by top engineers and pro audio reviewers. Impress the drummer in your life by offering the incredible sound of these headphones. Designed for durability and comfort, you can't go wrong with these professional headphones.

Funny Drummer Hat
Get the hat that is sure to bring a smile to the drummer in your life. Sewn with pride in Ann Arbor, this 'Weapons of Mass Percussion' hat will definitely be the talk of the town. Show off your love for all things percussion with this quality hat!

Black Drum Throw Blanket
This wonderfully soft throw blanket is perfect for the drummer in your life. Made with 100% microfiber, it is soft to the touch and keeps you warm. Drape your drum throw blanket over a chair or your bed to add a touch of your personality. This drum throw blanket makes a unique addition to any room decor.

Electronic Drum Kit
This electronic drum kit is a great gift for the beginner or professional drummer in your life. The design of the electronic drums gives the most responsive and realistic playing experience any drummer will demand. It includes 60 built-in tracks and a metronome to hone your craft.

Drummer Heartbeat Hoodie
Is drumming your life? Show off your passion for percussion with this drummer heartbeat hoodie. This classic-fit hoodie has a drum set fashioned into a heartbeat line. This is a perfect gift for any drummer to share their unique passion with the world in an artistic way.

Drum Set Christmas Ornament
Do you love celebrating Christmas but drumming is still life? You can't go wrong with this unique handcrafted drum set Christmas ornament. It is a red drum set that will perfectly blend in with any Christmas decor. It comes in a red gift box all ready to give to the percussion enthusiast in your life.

Cymbal Mouse Pad
Show off your love of drumming with this Zildjian mouse pad. It features graphic art of a cymbal with a padded underside. It's unique round design will be sure to add a splash of decor to your office desk. Makes a great gift for the drummer in your life.

Cymbal Clock
Looking for a special gift for the drummer in your life? This cymbal clock is the perfect unique gift for anyone with a love of drums. The clock is made from an actual Zildjian cymbal, making it a striking decor piece for any room.

Bluetooth Beanie
Give the gift of a functional bluetooth beanie for the musical enthusiast in your life. Listen to your favorite songs or answer phone calls with ease with the EverPlus bluetooth beanie. It easily pairs up with any bluetooth device making it a great versatile gift.

3D Drum Set Night Light
Drape your room in this dreamy 3D drum set night light. It is a unique gift for anyone who enjoys drumming. You can change the color with the smart touch button and activate the auto color changing mode for more fun. It is also a great desktop ornament for the day time.

Drum Stick Set with Brushes
Give the drummer in your life this quality drum stick set made of durable and sturdy maple wood. It is polished with a non-slip surface for good grip. It comes in a drawstring bag for ease of carrying anywhere you need to go. Surprise the drummer in your life with this great gift.

Practice Drum Pad
Every percussionist should have a practice drum pad in their collection of musical items. This practice drum pad has four different playing surfaces, making it a complete and versatile drum pad to expand your skills. It is lightweight, making it perfect to practice on your lap.

Drummer Gift Mug
A funny gift for the drummer in your life. This drummer mug is sure to bring a smile to their face and light up every morning. The design is printed on both sides so you can be sure that your love of drumming is on display. This ceramic mug is excellent for a tall pour of hot tea or coffee.

Portable Electronic Drum Set
Surprise the drummer in your life with this amazing portable electronic drum set. It is easy to carry and can easily be played anywhere! It comes with professional demo music and accompaniment for beginners. You can even use it with headphones to keep the peace in your home!

Graffiti Design Drummer Socks
For the drummer who needs everything percussion related in their wardrobe, you can't go wrong with this unique gift. It is soft, stretchy, and durable, with a great eye catching design of a drum set. Spice up your boring sock drawer with these awesome drummer socks.

Bass Pedal Practice Pad
The Realfeel by Evans folding bass pedal practice pad is the ideal footwork practice tool for the drummer in your life, whether they are professional or an amateur. Offering a realistic substitute to an acoustic drum, this bass pedal is sure to impress the most discerning drummer.

Percussion and Sample Instrument
Unlock your creativity with this all-in-one percussion and sample instrument. It features eight responsive pads with blue LED lights. Use the sounds included with the pad or load your own using the SD card slot. A unique and fun gift for the percussion enthusiast in your life.

Portable Keyboard MIDI Controller
Inspire your passion to create music with this portable keyboard MIDI controller. It is USB hub powered, enabling you to play anywhere you'd like. Just plug it in and let your unique music be heard. A great gift for a beginner drummer or music creator.

Snare Drum Stand
This snare drum stand is a great gift for the percussionist in your life. It is height adjustable to meet your needs. With its heavy duty design, you can be sure this gift will last for a long time. It is easy to break down and fold for easy storage and space saving needs.

Electronic Single-Trigger Pad
Get the drummer in your life this sleek and sturdy electronic drum single-trigger pad. It is curved for mounting on a V-pad or acoustic drum. The design allows for easy uninterrupted playing and will not disturb your current setup. Not just for playing sounds, you can also start and stop songs and phrase loops with ease.

Drummer Evolution T-Shirt
A funny and delightful gift for the drummer in your life, this is sure to make their day! Made with 100% cotton, it is smooth yet strong quality. Preserve the design of your shirt by turning it inside out and washing it in cold water.

Drummer Backpack
Take everything you need with you in this backpack specifically designed for drummers. It comes with two full sized compartments and it can easily fit a laptop, practice pad, and more. It includes a detachable drum stick bag for your convenience. Delight the drummer in your life with this drummer backpack.

The Drummer Book
Are you a drummer that is interested in history? This book has it all right here. Immerse your mind in this tale of the modern drum set masters. Read all about the founding fathers of jazz to today's modern music legends. Delight the drummer in your life with this unique gift.

Sheet Music Clip
Surprise the musical genius in your life with this sheet music clip gift. Made of stainless steel, this page holder is sturdy and versatile. Great for musicians and composers as well as professors giving lectures. The sheet music clip is perfect for hands-free learning and playing.

5 Piece Drum Set for Adults
Indulge your musical gifts with this five piece drum set for adults. This drum set uses a thick high quality drum head, offering the best sound for you. The drum stool is adjustable to any height you wish. Give the gift of a quality drum set for the drummer in your life.

Drum Multi-Tool
This combination drum tool helps with all the quick fixes a true musician needs to make at the concert (or in the basement...). They'll always have the right tool when you give them this amazing multi tool as a gift. It fits right in their pocket and is the perfect utility gift.

Drummer Tie Clip
A perfect gift for the drummer in your life, this drummer tie clip is a must have item. Sentimental and inspirational, this drummer tie clip is sure to bring smiles. This drummer tie clip is unique and well-made and will definitely be worn for years to come.

Kids Percussion Floor Drum
A perfect gift for the budding percussionist in your life. Delight your kids with this floor drum made to deliver booming and professional sounds. The rainforest design is perfect for display in classrooms and are great for drum circles. Give your child a fun way to make music with their very own instrument.

Tabletop Drum Set
A funny yet unique gift for the percussionist in your life. Take study breaks and jam out on your tabletop drum set. Impress your co-workers at the office with awesome tunes from this little drum set. This is a perfect gift for any birthday or holiday.

Drumming Video Game
Live our your wildest rock star dreams with Rock Band 4. This is a perfect gift for the musical enthusiast in your life. This game is great for big groups and solo players alike. Test out your instrument skills with this great interactive game.

Adjustable Drum Set Stool
A perfect gift for the drummer in your life. This drum throne is adjustable and is made of quality materials, guaranteed to withstand years of play. Equipped with double supported tripod legs, the drummer won't feel any shaking while playing. The high density sponge offers comfort without ditching reliability.

Drum Set Stool with Backrest
Surprise the drummer in your life with this comfortable drum stool. Fitted with a backrest, it is sure to bring comfort and style to your drum set. Perfect for any drummer who needs more back support. Made to last with quality materials, you can rest your back and focus your energy on creating your unique sounds.

Collectible Drummer Figure
Are you a drummer and also have a passion for collectibles? This is the perfect collectible gift for the drumming fanatic in your life. The figure stands 3 3/4 inches tall and it comes in a window display box. Display your collectible drummer figure with pride without even removing the box!

Drumstick Necklace
Display your passion for percussion! This unique drumstick necklace is a wonderful statement piece for the drummer in your life. This stainless steel necklace is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. The necklace is hypoallergenic and gentle on skin. Surprise the drummer in your life with this gift.

Drum Stick Bag
Get organized with this Donner drum stick bag. It has a large capacity to hold all your drum sticks, brushes, mallets, and any other accessories. Made with double cloth, you never have to worry about your drum sticks getting wet if the bag is carried in the rain. With six different pockets and a sturdy handle, you won't go anywhere without this drum stick bag!

Bluetooth Drum Sensor
Are you a person that loves to make beats on books or the table? Turn the world around you into your own drum set with these bluetooth drumsticks. These drum sticks are so light and portable you'll want to take them everywhere.

Musician Earplugs
High fidelity earplugs that can be used over and over again. Gift the gift of forever hearing with earplugs that last. These earplugs act as hearing protection during concerts, festivals and everything a musician needs to do to stay at the top of their game. It's time to enjoy the concert in peace.

Mechanical Metronome
Develop your rhythm, maintain tempo, and increase your musical awareness with this mechanical metronome. This makes a perfect gift for the music enthusiast in your life. Easy to use for all ages. With minimal setup required, just open the package and begin crafting your tunes!

Drummer in a Pedal
Do you want to have complete control over your music while playing a live show? Look no further because this Beat Buddy has everything you need. This is the perfect gift for the drummer in your life. With incredible and authentic sounding drums, this machine has won industry praise and an award from Guitar World Magazine!

Professional Cymbal Set
Express your musical creativity with this professional cymbal set from Zildjian. These cymbals are the perfect gift for any drummer looking to upgrade or enhance their musical style. These cymbals are made from brass and have been redesigned with a new pattern to ensure a dynamic sound.

Cymbal Stand
Give your cymbals a permanent home with this cymbal stand. It is the perfect gift for the drummer in your life, beginners and professionals alike. Sturdy and reliable, you can be sure your cymbals will be secure in their new stands. Perfect gift for a drummer.

Drum Tuner
Are you always manually tuning your drum too often? This digital drum tuner has everything you need to make tuning faster, easier, and more reliable. The drum tuner's newly designed clip attaches to any standard drum hoop for your convenience. Start tuning your drums today!

Drummer Survival Kit
Are you constantly searching for loose washers and wing nuts for your drums? Are you always losing track of where you put your drum tools? This drummer survival kit is perfect for the DIY drummer who needs a little bit of every tool. Keep all your replacement parts together for easy access any time.

Wooden Cajon
Give the gift of percussion to the musical enthusiast in your life. This musical instrument is crafted from solid birch wood and has a soft natural finish. With four guitar strings anchored inside, it delivers a rich and vibrant sound for performances and jam sessions alike.

Soundproofing Wall Tiles
Invest in your sound quality with acoustic foam panels. The foam is made with high density material to ensure optimal sound absorption. The soundproofing wall foam will absorb echoes and reverberations to improve sound clarity. Makes a perfect gift for the music enthusiast in your life.

Drumstick Pens
Are you a drummer that loves to show off your favorite pair of drumsticks? These drumstick pens make a great accessory for the drummer in your life. Write and sign your name with style and flair. Unique yet useful, these drumstick pens will be a sure hit.

Drum Set Cover
Is your drum set very important to you? Make it known with this weighted drum set cover. This drum set cover is made with water-resistant nylon. Keep your beloved drum set clean and free of dust and debris. The covers have sewn-in weighted corners to ensure it stays in place!

Drum Set Carpet
Reduce every drummer's headache with this carpet for your drum set. You no longer have to worry about slippage! Rearranging your drums will be a breeze with this drum set carpet. It also reduces noise that typically comes from hard floors. Makes a perfect gift for the percussionist in your life.

Cymbal Sizzler
Give that cymbal a truly sizzling sound. This sizzler fits many cymbal sizes. No more drilling holes or having to put in rivets. You get that same traditional sound of a cymbal sizzler without the hassle. This is a great addition to any drummers set.

Microfiber Towels
Music Nomad's specially designed microfiber towels are great for doing the dirty work of polishing your cymbals and other musical surfaces. Makes a great gift for the drummer in your life. Microfiber is super soft and lint-free, giving you the best clean surfaces in your space.

West African Hand Drum
Give the drummer in your life a unique and fun gift. This drum makes a nice decor piece for your home or can be used as it's intended purpose. It is made of high quality mahogany wood and 100% genuine goat skin for an authentic look and feel.

Cymbal Polish
Upkeep for your drums and accessories are very important when you wish to preserve them for the long term. Replenish your favorite drummer's cleaning supplies with this brilliant finish cymbal polish. This polish is formulated to clean and polish brilliant finish cymbals. Makes a great gift for a drummer.

Cymbal Bag
Carry your cymbals in style to your next gig with this cymbal bag. This bag is made of high quality waterproof nylon fabric. The soft interior padding will keep your cymbals or drum pads safe during your travels. A wonderful gift for the musician in your life.

Snare Drum Bag
Are you a drummer looking for a statement bag to carry your drums? This bag is the perfect one. Its sleek design has a plush interior for safe transport of your drum. The extra compartment is perfect for drum sticks or sheet music. Perfect gift for a drummer.

Drum Heads
For the drummer that cares about the quality of every instrument they touch. These high quality drum heads are the industry standard; a definite must have item! This drumhead can deliver great combinations of tones. Makes a wonderful gift for the discerning drummer in your life.

Drum Chart and Legend Cue Book
Have you ever had to learn a new song for a gig quickly? This book has everything you need for learning a new song on the fly. This awesome book features 250 drum charts with kit legends and lyric cues. Makes a perfect gift for the drummer in your life.

Eucalyptus Infused Hand Drumming Tape
Do your hands get blisters and calluses after playing instruments for a long time? This drumming tape protects and strengthens your hands while drumming. The tape allows for more touch sensitivity with your drum sticks than using drum gloves. A caring gift for the drummer in your life.

Drummer Gloves
Do your drum sticks sometimes slip out of your hands? Do you suffer with blisters after an epic show? These drummer gloves are the perfect remedy. Protect your hands from blisters and improve your grip. Give a gift that says 'I care for you' to the drummer in your life.

Drum Microphone Kit
Do you need to amp up your sound on the drums? This drum microphone kit is compact yet delivers booming sound. It is simple to install and use. It comes with connectors to allow ease of use with any other audio instruments. A unique gift for drummers, beginners and professionals alike.

Drum Hardware Bag
Tired of lugging around all your musical equipment in tons of different bags? Do you need organization in your life? This drum hardware bag is perfect for the working musician. It is made with heavy duty tear-resistant material so you can ensure sturdy and reliable transportation for your beloved instruments.

Noise Isolating In-Ear Monitors
Refine your sound and get in tune with the finer details with Pro Musicians' in-ear monitors with detachable cables. The in-ear monitors are designed for long lasting comfort with flexible memory wire ear hooks. This makes a unique gift for the musician in your life.

Electronic Drum Pad
Upgrade your sound and express your true creativity with the Alesis SamplePad Pro electronic drum pad. With hundreds of sought-after and in demand sounds already loaded, you are sure to hit the ground running at your next jam session! Makes a unique gift for the passionate percussionist in your life.

Analogue Drum Machine
Do you prefer to keep your sound more organic and old school? This analogue drum machine is the perfect tool for that! Go anywhere and play anywhere thanks to the optional battery power and built in speakers. It is self tuning, making it easy to use for any skill level. Grab the perfect gift for the drummer in your life today.

Drum Anchor Block
A smart solution for that pesky sliding kick drum. Stop chasing after your kick drum and secure it once and for all. All you need is a velcro compatible drum rug to adhere the bass drum in place. A perfect gift for the traveling musician in your life.

Bass Drum Pedal
Are you looking for a great bass drum pedal to expand your drum kit? This is a great bass drum pedal made with heavy duty construction and high quality materials for lasting use. The angle and height are both adjustable for your comfort. Makes a great gift for the rock star in your life.

Drum Themed Key Rack
This unique drum themed key rack is perfect for the musical enthusiast in your life. It is easy to install and can be fastened to various surfaces like painted walls, glass, and tile. It is sturdy and can support heavy duty objects up to twenty pounds!