41 Gifts for Doctors That Have Been Diagnosed Wonderful

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We respect the hell out of doctors, medical professionals and frontline workers. Sleep deprived, overworked and put in harms way. Whether you’re saying thank you to your doctor or giving a gift to a loved one, make it something truly unique. The prognosis is choosing one of 41 gifts for doctors:

Doctor Figurine Wine Bottle Holder
Skip the scalpel and pass the surgeon a corkscrew for this present. This wine bottle holder is meant for the doctor who likes a glass of wine at the end of the day. They don't have to have a degree in oenology to specialize in red or white. This holder comes complete with stethoscope and doctor's case.
Elegant Weighted Doctors Clock
This elegant silver clock is a beautiful gift to be featured on a doctor's desk. Weighted stainless steel helps it double as a paper weight. Intricately cast accessories - stethoscope, otoscope, and plexor - help it triple as a conversation piece. Quartz keeps the clock running which hopefully keeps the doctor on schedule for their next appointment.
Before Patients, After Patients Drink Set
Some of the best things in life come in twos. Give your doctor this funny gift set. A coffee mug that reads 'Before Patients' and a wine glass that read 'After Patients' make a great pairing to tickle their funny bone. As long as they have the patience to make it through the day!
Medical Scrub Glow Watch
A great gift is one that can be versatile. This watch by Speidel is exactly that. During the day, its silicone band and water resistant watch face make it useful. After work, its contemporary design keeps it stylish on a night out. On the late shift, its glow-in-the-dark watch face is perfect for checking the time while snoozing in the break room.
Personalized Doctors Pens & Case
Who knows what they wrote? No one can read a doctor's handwriting. We can admire the pen they scribble in, though. This beautiful handmade pen set comes with a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen, and a storage case. All are made from real hardwood - which can be laser-engraved with the lucky recipient's name.
Funny Medical Professional T-Shirt
Give the gift of laughter. This funny t-shirt is a must-buy for the doctor in your life. You appreciate the work they do for the community, they'll appreciate the anatomy joke. This tee is soft spun and tagless, making it perfect for slipping on under unbreathable scrubs.
Funny Doctors Mug
Does the doctor you know often grumble into their coffee ground? Let their sip say it all. Even if they take their coffee sweet, their personality can be snarky. This funny mug reads 'Doctors can't fix stupid, but we can sedate it.' While we don't condone malpractice, we do condone buying this funny present.
Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager
Give the gift they didn't know the needed. Busy doctors hardly have time to book a massage or test out chairs in the local Brookstone. With such little recourse to a R&R, this back and neck massager is a winner for the doctor who does have 15 minutes alone between patients.
Doctor Desk Caddy Organizer
This desk caddy says what they're tired of repeating. Your doctor's desk stays organized while also reinforcing the tireless years they spent certifying themselves. This funny storage solution reads 'Please do no confuse your Google search with my medical degree.' I'm the worst at this. I love to self diagnose!
White Noise Sound Machine
Respite is what the doctor ordered. Now help them get it with this white noise sound machine. A great gift for the busy specialist who can't turn their mind off when having a snooze. Snooz comes with a timer and nightlight. Best of all, it's portable. Perfect for doctors who work on call.
Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts
Doctors spend a lot of time on their feet saving lives. Do your part and save their soles with these Dr Scholls inserts. Custom fit means the CF340 will mold to their unique foot shape for all-day relief. These insoles are great way to show your appreciation for every sacrifice they make.
Thank You Gourmet Gift Basket
Keep them energized and say a massive thank you with this giant gourmet gift basket. It has a selection of sweet and savory snacks from mixed nuts and pretzels to chocolates and caramels. Little packets filled with bite-sized snacks are perfect for their pocket during a long shift.
Appreciation Doctor Tumbler Gift
Show your appreciation with this travel tumbler. Printed especially for doctors, it stresses just how great they are. It'll be impossible for them to forget how kind a present you bought them. It's useful for both hot and cold beverages so it can travel to-and-from work year 'round.
Leather Doctor Bag
Wow your medical professional with this classic accessory. This beautiful doctor's bag is made of high-quality cowhide leather and lined with 100% cotton. It features a zippered section on the bottom. Inside the main pouch, it features several handy storage compartments. This bag is anything but outdated, as it can hold up to 13 inch laptops for doctors of the digital age.
Doctor's Casual Shoe
Step safely in style with these Crocs. A large combination of colors dress up this classic slip-on. A solid-colored base is complimented by a varsity stripe around the sole. Crocs can be stylish but, more importantly, they're useful. They make a great gift for doctors who rely on good shoes.
Lockable Leather Journal
Whether they use it for work or just at work, this lockable leather journal is a nice gift. The doctor who receives it will appreciate its lock, keeping their thoughts or patient notes private. The journal's cover is made of genuine leather and the hand-sewn binding makes sure no pages go loose.
6pcs Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters
It's always time to talk about heart health. Keep the conversation flowing with this anatomic heart coaster. This set features 6 different cardio-diagrams. All of which stack up for a perfect representation of the human heart. The coasters are coated with a sealant to prevent the design from wearing away over time.
Abstract Human Painting Art
For the doctor with a colorful personality, this art set is a thoughtful gift. 3 canvas prints feature the brain, heart, and rib cage. This vivid trio can brighten up any medical professional's personal space: at home or at work. The set comes with hangers for easy installation.
Women's Warm Up Scrubs Jacket
The classic set of scrubs always seem to be short sleeved. For the doctor that tends to catch a chill, this scrub jacket is a perfect gift. The choice of 15 different colors means they can get a jacket to match any scrub set they already own. Handy large pockets keep it functional.
Hanging Leather Toiletry Bag
For the doctor that gets stuck at work overnight, this Vetelli toiletry bag is a must-have. 4 pockets keep them organized and make sure they don't forget any necessities at home. The case rolls up to be tucked away in a desk drawer or kept at hand in the car.
Memory Foam Seat Cushion
If your doctor does more desk consultations than ER rounds, this seat cushion is a must-have. Made from orthopedic memory foam, the cushion will help relieve the pressure from their tailbone. It maintains posture and soothes back pain. Doctors need to stay healthy first and foremost, so they can keep you healthy.
Prescription Insulated Travel Mug
If they haven't quite made the switch to caffeine pills, they can still get a fix. This funny travel mug mimics the classic orange prescription bottle. The big Rx declares the contents to be a liquid pick-me-up. Carry a full 16 oz. of hot or cold beverages and don't forget regular refills!
Medical Professional Backpack
Vera Bradley has designed a backpack for no ordinary commuter. This bag is specially made for medical professionals. The bottom compartment features ventilation for storage of work shoes or dirty scrubs. Inside, doctors can store their work laptops or important documents. The backpack is made of a water-repellent fabric - perfect for a mix of medical environments.
Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool
All doctors need a good pen they can rely on. This one goes above and beyond their scribbly signature. This pen can serve as a tactical defense to keep them feeling safe if walking home alone at night after the late shift. It has an LED flashlight and can even be used to break glass.
White Coat Wine Bag for Doctors
Rather than running out for a drab gift bag, order this one which doubles as a present. The wine may be the real gift. This little white coat is great for dressing up the bottle you're gifting to your doctor. Choose between the one featuring a neck tie or pearl necklace. Both come with little tools in the pockets.
Thank You and Retirement Doctor Sign
If you want to give them a meaningful gift, this sign is perfect. The print says 'By touching so many lives, you have changed the world' and features a 3D woven stethoscope and heart. It's a sweet gift any doctor can display at home or at work, on their desk or on the wall.
Funny Bone Socks
Flesh out their wardrobe with these anatomical socks. A funny x-ray pattern keeps their toes warm while showing every bone in the foot! Doctors scrubs don't always allow for their personality to come through. Let them show it in little doses with this novelty present.
Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope
Whether they're a new doctor or have years of experience, they always need a good stethoscope. Gift them their first or replace their tired-out old one. 3M's Littmann stethoscope is a quality classic great for doctors of any speciality. An array of color choices help you personalize their gift.
Stethoscope Pendant Necklace
If they already have a good stethoscope, commemorate it in silver. This sterling silver pendant features a cross embraced by a stethoscope. 7 different gemstone options help you pick their favorite color for a personal touch. It's a beautiful gift they'll be happy to wear.
Medical Supplies Bag for Professional
The modern version of the classic doctor's case. There are 5 separate pockets on front, back, and sides. Each one contains handy storage compartments within. This bag is great for storing all of a doctor's tools and supplies. It is made of sturdy, water-resistant nylon and has an internal hard wire rim to keep it standing upright.
Personalized Card Holders for Doctors
This personalized desk accessory is an ideal way to show your doctor how much you appreciate them. 2 different shades of wood can be personalized with their full M.D. title. This 3-in-1 accessory comes with a matching pen, a handy little clock, and a top nook to hold their business cards.
Comfortable Women's Crocs
They're an iconic modern classic. Crocs' popularity among workers in certain industries came from proven usefulness. Doctors do a lot of running around and fancy leather brogues are no longer in. Give them the gift of comfort without dragging down their feet.
Trust Me I'm a Doctor Shirt
For the doctor who loves a sugar rush, this vintage-style tee is a good fit. The punny Dr. Pepper remark speaks to their profession and their obsession - a nice cool can of soda. It comes in a good range of sizes and is tagless - great for doctors working long hours!
Medical Apparatus Wall Art
Think your doctor has a rather drab office? Dress it up with this medically-themed canvas print. Iconic tools of the trade, a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer appear to hang on a wood plank background. It compliments the classic eye chart while also adding some style to their office.
Doctor Thank You Plaque
We're still trying to figure out why they don't have Grammys or Oscars for doctors. Maybe it's because everyone would win an award. Let them know they've been nominated for being truly amazing. Then present your doctor with this commemorative plaque! It comes in a nice gift box but looks best displayed on their desk.
Doctor Wars Hospital Card Game
In the rare event that they have some down time, Doctor Wars is a fun game to get them. Full of jokes and industry insiders, this card game is a great way to pass the time. It can be played in the break room or at home with their doctor friends.
Medical Humor Notepads
We think some of the best gifts are useful ones. These notepads are needed by doctors everywhere. They're good for both writing things down and making you laugh. Inject a little humor into your doctor's every day with this set of cartoon note pads.
Engraved Pen with Light and Stylus
After they've taken the Hippocratic Oath, get them the Hippocratic quote. This modern-designed pen features an inspirational quote from Hippocrates himself. Every doctor needs a trusty pen. This one also features a handy LED flashlight and doubles as a stylus for use on smart devices.
Essential AF Wine Glass
Now's the time to say thank you for all the hard work your doctor's done. After pulling long hours they deserve lots of praise. Let them unwind on their day off, knowing that they're Essential AF with this novelty stemless wine glass. The words are printed with top-quality ink to ensure the message never scratches away.
Sterling Silver Stethoscope Earrings
It's hard to dress up one's scrubs, but these studs are great for the active doctor. They can spend hours working and won't have to worry about these sterling silver earrings getting in the way or irritating their ears. The adorable stethoscope design is perfect for the doctor you love.