45 Flashy Gifts For Dancers That Will Keep Them On Beat

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Get in line and do the Conga, because these gifts for dancers will have them doing their happy dance. With gifts for both male and female dancers, as well as hip hop dancers and ballet dancers, this list has a full variety of items. Get them a new dance outfit or a new baton or shoes, and give them something more to boogie about!

3D Illusion Lamp
The 3D Illusion Lamp will amaze the person who loves dancing. It features a ballerina dancing on top of the light. Another feature is that it is a touch lamp that has 16 colors. Also included is a remote control that allows you to access it from afar.

Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle
A great gift for the dancer is the Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle. It will help her stay hydrated during an intense practice. The Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle will keep her water cold for hours. It is available in pink and other colors and designs. It has a leak proof lid with a straw.

Deep Tissue Muscle Gun
A special gift for the person who loves dancing is the Deep Tissue Muscle Gun. It includes 2 rechargeable batteries for continual use. The Deep Tissue Muscle Gun has an app that connects to Bluetooth to run personalized wellness routines. The dancer will be thankful for this gift!

Leg Recovery Compression Massager
Dance is a challenging sport that can result in injuries, even if the person loves it. The Leg Recovery Compression Massager can help the dancer recover and get back to practice after a leg injury. The Leg Recovery Compression Massager provides deep muscle massage for less pain and will help the dancer feel better.

Trigger Point Foam Roller
The Trigger Point Foam Roller will relieve deep muscle pain after a difficult practice. The person who loves dance will find that they have less muscle and joint pain after using the Trigger Point Foam Roller. It also provides more flexibility and less joint pain after using it.

Waterproof Fitness Watch
The dancer will appreciate the Waterproof Fitness Watch. It keeps track of heart rate during exercise. The built-in GPS helps the person see their progress on a screen. The Waterproof Fitness Watch can also help you track your resting heartbeat and other functions such as sleep tracking.

Bermuda Casual Hat
The Bermuda Casual Hat is a classic that has long been used by people who love to dance. It is a casual hat with a unique shape. The Bermuda Casual Hat makes a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or any occasion when the dance fan needs a great gift!

Microfiber Yoga Towels
The person who loves dance may also participate in yoga. They will love the Microfiber Yoga Towels that can be used for many purposes other than yoga. You can take them to the beach or use them for a towel in the gym. The Microfiber Yoga Towels are a great gift for the dancer to use after a sweaty workout!

Lightweight Down Vest
The :Lightweight Down Vest is the perfect gift for the person who loves dance. It is made of polyester and can be machine washed. The Lightweight Down Vest is available in many colors, including light pink. The vest is water resistant and closes with a zipper down the front. It's sure to make her happy!

Cinch Bottom Sweatpants
Swaggy and baggy cotton drawstring sweatpants for that cool dancer in your life. Give them comfort and movability for all their best dance moves in this pants. Perfect to wear in a dance studio and cool enough to wear around the city.

Cotton Drawstring Sweatpants
Dancers will love wearing the Cotton Drawstring Sweatpants for practices or for relaxing or running errands afterwards. These sweatpants are comfortable and stretchy -- just what the dancer needs. They are made in pull-up style and have a drawstring closure. Many colors are available in the Cotton Drawstring Sweatpants.

Unisex Thermal Leg Warmers
Unisex Thermal Leg Warmers are a great gift for the dancer. Made in acrylic and cotton, they will keep the legs warm up to the thigh. They are sold in packs of 2 and are available in many colors. The Unisex Thermal Leg Warmers make a perfect birthday gift, or for any holiday!

Faux Leather Tote
The Faux Leather Tote is designed with zip inner pockets to be convenient for the dancer, or for any other person. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and is available in more than 20 colors. The Faux Leather Tote has a top zipper, so she will never have to be concerned about anything falling out of the bag. She'll love it!

Exercise Resistance Bands
The dancer on your gift list will appreciate the Exercise Resistance Bands that you give them. They will be used for leg and butt exercises. These Exercise Resistance Bands will help them to sculpt the legs and butt and will strengthen muscles. They are made of latex and can be used for many different exercises.

Magnesium Epsom Bath Salts
Magnesium Epsom Bath Salts from the Dead Sea are a gift that she will really appreciate. They mix with bathwater to make a relaxing soak that eases muscle soreness. She can recover quickly from tired muscles and also absorb helpful minerals. Magnesium Epsom Bath Salts are a must for the dancer!

Heal Your Mind Health and Wellness Book
A helpful book for the dancer is Heal Your Mind Health and Wellness Book. It will explain how she can meet her goals by using her mind to heal her body, This gift is sure to be appreciated for a birthday, holiday, or any other occasion. The Heal Your Mind Health and Wellness Book could inspire her to reach success.

Belice Ballet Flats
Belice Ballet Flats are essential shoes for the dancer. They are available in faux leather or faux suede in many different colors. These shoes have the classic round toe of ballet flats. The Belice Ballet Flats can be worn on a daily basis.

Pointe Shoe Sewing Kit
A great gift for the dancer is the Pointe Shoe Sewing Kit. The needles are made with large eyes and are easy to thread. Dancers can repair their toe shoes or flats with the Pointe Shoe Sewing Kit. Needles are sold in a small storage tube that she can take with her in her tote bag. Give a practical gift that will be used!

Pointe Ribbon Kit
Dancers will enjoy receiving the Pointe Ribbon Kit. It has everything that they need to attach the ribbons to their shoes, including heel elastic and ribbon. The Pointe Ribbon Kit also includes 2 needles and a spool of extra durable thread. There is a stitch ripper for quickly removing stitches when in a hurry.

Unisex Pointe Shoe Glue
Unisex Pointe Shoe Glue will be appreciated as a gift from you. It will prolong the life of their pointe shoes. This glue sets fast in around 10 to 20 seconds. Every dancer has experienced a need for reliable shoe glue, and they will carry it in their gear bag when going to practices or performances.

Laptop Storage Bag
The Laptop Storage Bag is a perfect gift for the dancer. They can take it with them wherever they go. This bag has a USB port for phone charging that can be done without unzipping the bag. The Laptop Storage Bag also features an anti-theft pocket in the back for storing keys, a wallet and other necessities.

Sterling Silver Dancer Earrings
The Sterling Silver Dancer Earrings feature beautiful birthstones plus simulated diamonds on the ballet dancer. They are lovely enough for a special gift for someone like a graduation or at the end of a recital. The Sterling Silver Dancer Earrings arrive in a box ready for gift giving.

Silver Heart Ballet Necklace
Looking for a great gift for the dancer or dance fan? The Silver Heart Ballet Necklace is the answer! It is made of sterling silver and has a 22mm chain. It features a dancer performing that she will love. The Silver Heart Ballet Necklace is an appropriate gift to give for recitals, birthdays, or any holiday.

Ballet Turning Board
Help them find their center with this top rated training board for ballet dancers. It's time for them to take it to the next level and improve their spotting. They'll think of you every time they're out there putting in the work it takes to be great.

Athletic Yoga Tights
The Athletic Yoga Tights for girls are made from nylon and spandex. They are moisture wicking and stretchy so that the young dancer can move freely. These compression yoga pants have a crotch made for easy movement. The Athletic Yoga Tights are perfect for ballet as well as yoga. She will love their fit.

Exercise Hand Towels
The Exercise Hand Towels are a great gift for the dancer. They will remove makeup with water alone, and they work with cold or warm water. Simply wash them in the washing machine and they can be used again. These Exercise Hand Towels are good for the dancer's face and also for the environment.

Noise Cancelling Headphone Set
The Noise Canceling Headphone Set is an ideal gift for the dancer who needs to focus on specific moves to music. These earbuds feature a noise cancelling feature to block out loud background noise. The Noise Cancelling Headphone Set can easily be turned on to hear someone talking to them. This is a much appreciated gift!

Ballet Classic Leotard Tank
The Ballet Classic Leotard Tank is a piece of clothing that all people who dance must have. It is comfortable and stretchy and available in many colors. The Ballet Classic Leotard Tank is lined on the front in light colors, such as white, pink, light blue, and suntan. The dancer would love to receive several colors!

Chiffon Skirt Wrap
The Chiffon Skirt Wrap is basic apparel for the ballet dancer. These skirts are sold in colors that coordinate with the color of the leotard she is wearing, and are available in many colors. The Chiffon Skirt Wrap can also be worn for gymnastics and ice skating. These skirts are available in sizes for kids and adults.

Sheer Dance Scarf
The Sheer Dance Scarf is used by some dancers, such as belly dancers, as part of their dance routine. These scarves are lightweight and sheer. They're available in many solid colors with sequins around the border. The Sheer Dance Scarf makes a great gift for the belly dancer who will appreciate it!

Modern Snow Globe
The Modern Snow Globe is the perfect gift for the ballet fan. It is a music box with a switch to turn on lights that change from red to blue to purple and finally to white. The ballet dancer dances to Swan Lake while snow falls automatically. The Modern Snow Globe will light up her eyes and make her very happy!

Dance Duffle Bag
The Dance Duffle Bag is a good gift for the dancer. She will be able to take all of her necessary gear with her to the gym or to the studio. The Dance Duffle Bag is small in size, but it is just right for ballet flats, pointe shoes, and her ballet skirt. Dimensions are 18 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches. Available in many pretty colors.

Ballerina Jewelry Stand
Give her a gift that she'll love! The Ballerina Jewelry Stand is made in stainless steel and has a copper color. It features a ballerina standing in the middle of a tray. She can place her rings, earrings, and other jewelry in it to keep it safe. The Ballerina Jewelry Stand is a beautiful addition to bedroom or bath!

Motivational Throw Pillow
Being a ballerina involves motivation and commitment. The ballerina in your life will appreciate the Motivational Throw Pillow. It has 7 Rules of Life printed on it, so it's a good reminder to give it time or to let go. The Motivational Throw Pillow will be that special gift from you that she will appreciate.

Inspirational Wall Art
Give the dancer some Inspirational Wall Art for your gift to them. It will be a reminder to follow important rules that lead to success in life. It's great for a teen or adult who needs encouragement because they are trying to succeed at something difficult to do. Inspirational Wall Art will motivate and encourage them.

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers
Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers are just what the ballerina longs for after a rigorous practice. The Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers can be microwaved to provide comfort to her feet after her bath. If the ballerina prefers coldness on her achy feet, just place the slippers in a bag and put them in the freezer.

Professional Dancing Disc
The Professional Dancing Disc is perfect for her to use to practice her turns. The ballet fan can take it with her to competitions and use it to practice with in between them. The Professional Dancing Disk can also be used by gymnasts and ice skaters who want to practice their moves. It is a great gift for the athlete who will thank you for it!

Customizable Wish Bracelet
Every dancer or dance fan needs a reminder that they can meet their goals with commitment and practice. The Customizable Wish Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that they will see often as they wear it on their wrist. It will encourage the dancer and remind them to keep up the hard work. The Customizable Wish Bracelet will be loved!

Ballerina Wall Art
The Ballerina Wall Art is a perfect gift for the aspiring ballerina's room. It features a dancer on her toes in a white tutu. The wall art is 24 inches by 16 inches. Complete with stretcher bars, it is gallery quality. Help the ballerina meet her goals by seeing this Ballerina Wall Art every time she walks into her bedroom.

Just Dance Ring
The teen or woman who loves dance will like a gift of the Just Dance Ring. It is designed for the thumb, so she will see the message, Just Dance, often. The Just Dance Ring is very shiny and is made from stainless steel. The ring is adjustable and is sold in a lovely gift bag, ready for giving.

Flexibility and Stretch Band
The Flexibility and Stretch Band is made for the dance lover who wants to stretch their muscles. This enables them to do the splits and promotes flexibility for the dancer. The Flexibility and Stretch Band is for kids and adults who want to improve the skills needed for dance. It is made for all skill levels.

Antique Dance Statue
An amazing gift to give the dance and ballet fan is the Antique Dance Statue. It is the Little Dancer statue with realistic details from the top of her head down to her dance shoes. This bronze Antique Dance Statue will be the perfect gift to give the girl or adult who loves dance. Perfect for desk or dresser!

Live Love Dance Hoodie
Anyone who loves dance will enjoy the Live Love Dance Hoodie. It features a ballerina dancing in a heart on the front of the hoodie, which is half cotton and half polyester. The Live Love Dance Hoodie is sold in size S-3XL, so anyone can wear it. It is unisex in size, and is available in many colors.

Compression Sleeve Ankle Socks
The Compression Sleeve Ankle Socks are just right for the dancer who has foot pain. These socks relieve problems with the Achilles tendon or heel spur pain and more. The Compression Sleeve Ankle Socks reduce swelling and support arches. The Compression Sleeve Ankle Socks are a great gift for the dancer.

Portable Pirouette Disc
The Portable Pirouette Disc will help the ballet fan become a better dancer. She can practice her pirouettes and take the disk with her to competitions. Dancers can improve their balance with this device. The Portable Pirouette Disc also helps gymnasts and ice skaters develop their skills for their sport.