63 Best Gifts for Couples | Cute Couples Gifts to Adore in 2022

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It’s hard enough to pick a gift for one person, but for two!? No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered. If you need to pick a present for a couple, we’ve found luxury gifts, housewarming, engagement, holiday, practical – you name it, it’s here. Even ones for the couple who has everything. Your friends won’t know what hit ’em!

Cocktail and Margarita Machine
Toast to couples night being more than just a six-pack. Here's a way to bring the bartender home. This machine is the perfect gift for your friends who love a cocktail but hate the hassle. Make cosmopolitans and margaritas at the touch of a button. It even has the option to choose your preferred strength.
Wireless HD Security Kit
They may need time settling in to their new home. Before they feel completely comfortable, help them feel safe. This Blink outdoor camera is a great security camera that helps protect their home. It captures images in HD, is wireless, and waterproof! Easy to setup and control from their smartphone, it's a practical gift for a couple.
Deep Tissue Massage Gun
This massage gun makes for a great couples gift. They can help each other relieve those hard-to-reach spots. This massager has a battery life of two hours and works at five different speeds. It also has five interchangeable heads to target specific areas. It's great for relief after a workout or a long workday.
Robot Vacuum Set
Give them the gift of peace. No more arguing over who's doing the vacuuming. Let the robot take care of things! The Roomba iRobot works on carpets and hard floors. It sweeps up debris under furniture and in corners. There's no fighting over who forgot to turn the robot on, either - they can control it from an app on their smartphone!
Romantic Game for Couples
Looking for a naughty present to celebrate their engagement? This card game is a romantic alternative for date night. The two of them can Talk, Flirt, and Dare each other. It's a great bonding experience. The Talk cards focus on conversation, Flirt on intimacy, and Dare inspires some fun action.
Hardside Expandable Luggage Set
Why is it engaged couples always get kitchen gear as presents? Get them a practical gift. Wedding means honeymoon and honeymoon means lots of packing. What are the odds they have good suitcases to hand? This three-piece set from Samsonite has them covered. Take the worry out of traveling and let them focus on a wonderful vacation away just them two.
Mr and Mrs Robes
Give them the best accessory for a day of pampering. These luxury 100% terry cotton robes are in classic spa white. Embroidered with Mr and Mrs, they're a great present for a married couple. These matching robes pair well with a new house, renovated bathroom, or no good reason, really. Just treat them to a luxury gift and inspire an at-home spa day!
Retro Bluetooth Turntable
Are they a couple of music junkies? Let them have their fix with this turntable. It's not strictly vinyl, either. This turntable and stereo set play records and also connect to their smartphone or computer via Bluetooth. They can effortlessly switch from vinyl to digital. There shouldn't be any restrictions on music. Just easy listening.
Gravity Lounge Chairs
Housewarming gifts should graduate beyond ugly serving bowls. Get them something practical that they'll want to use every day. Like a pair of lounge chairs. These aren't your average lounge chairs. Gravity loungers allow for 160º relaxation. They come with a padded headrest and cup holders. Their light frames make them easily portable, easy to take from the back yard to the beach.
Personalized Wood Cutting Board
A new home means a new place to make memories. Feed their love with the memory of all the great meals they will prepare. This bamboo cutting board can be engraved with their family name. Bamboo is durable and eco-friendly. If they don't want to scratch it up by chopping, it doubles as a great serving platter.
Home Office Desk
If the two of the work from home or are students, they should have their own study space. It'll help avoid fights and keep the love between couples. This gift is practical and had great design. Its sleek, modern lines will look good with any décor. It comes with handy storage that hangs off the side to keep their desk clear and organized.
Cordless Water Flosser
This is truly a gift for couples who have everything. Nothing shows your love for them more than supporting their health. The Waterpik is an oral irrigator, a replacement for flossing. It's 50% more effective and cordless. The two of them can choose their favorite from four different heads and fight gingivitis together.
11-in-1 Toaster Oven
This is a great gift for a couple whose kitchen set-up is sub-par. Even if they have a decent oven, does it do 11 different things? The Instant Omni Plus bakes, boils, slow cooks, broils, roasts, proves, dehydrates, toasts, air fries, convection bakes, and can cook rotisserie-style. They'll forget they have a stove.
YETI Roadie Cooler
For the couple that's always on the go. Yeti makes superior coolers. Their Roadie 24 can hold 18 cans. They can even pack bottles of wine stood upright. It's a great, practical gift for couples keen on camping and hiking or who enjoy hanging out at the beach or park.
Picnic Backpack Bag
Nothing's more romantic than a picnic. Prevent planning from being such a hassle. This backpack was designed for picnics in mind. It carries four glasses, plates, and sets of cutlery along with a picnic blanket. It has a side pocket to hold up to a full bottle of wine. They'll love that it's insulated, so it carried their favorite foods, too!
Good Grips Food Containers
Start their new home off strong. This OXO set has a whopping 20 pieces to organize their pantry. Small or tall, this tupperware collection gives an airtight seal to prolong freshness. See-through canisters make finding what you need a breeze. The lids come apart for deep cleans between products. The couple's cupboard can be completely cataloged.
Nest Learning Thermostat
Get them a unique present great for housewarming or just because. This is a practical couple gift. Nest's smart thermostat is programmable from phones or through Alexa. Control the temperature easily - no need to learn how many times you hit Set or Mode just to change the time. Warm things up for a couple.
Moroccan Blythe Area Rug
Carpets are a commitment - they tend to be the centerpiece of a room. Give the gift of a conversation piece with this nuLOOM Moroccan area rug. It's got a mod-meets-old-world pattern in a few colors to match any décor. It's pet-friendly and made in Turkey. They'll love the global feel it brings to their home.
Adjustable Dumbbells
Is the couple keen on the gym, but don't want to miss quality time together? Let them bond over pumping iron with this home exercise set. These adjustable dumbbells can fit up to 200 pounds worth of weight. They can spot each other or each take one to do reps together. There's also a handy connection to transform the two into a barbell!
Mr & Mrs Hoodies
These sweatshirts are great for couples still getting used to 'Mr and Mrs.' They also work for ones that have been married for years. Each is made of cozy fleece and is machine washable. The two of them will love bundling up in their matching sweats.
Smart Sensor Microwave
This is not hand-me-down. Pimp their kitchen with a brand new microwave. This stainless steel Toshiba is a must-have tool. It comes with all your favorite microwave presets. Plus you can turn the sound off for secret late-night snacking. It's got an eco-mode that saves power for those wanting to cut down on their electric usage.
Simple Wine Opener Gift Set
Sometimes simple is best. Let them finally dump that rusted old corkscrew they got back in college. This wine opener set is a must-have for real adults. Air pressure opens the bottle flawlessly. It also comes with a foil cutter. We think it's best gifted with a bottle of wine.
Wine Country Gift Basket
Treat them to a luxury gift. This gift basket is especially great to give during the holidays. If they're a couple you don't know too well, the variety is sure to win them over. It comes with a large assortment of sweet and savory snacks. It all comes packed in a reusable basket and rustic bow.
Couples Pillowcases
Being married to the love of their life is their sweetest dream. These matching pillowcases have a cute design. It's a romantic way to rest their head and dream together. His pillowcase is a stick figure whispering love into a tin can telephone. Hers receives the message of love!
Engagement Couple Rings
Engagements are changing. Now it's normal for both parties to get a little bling. These rings are a sweet way to commemorate their forthcoming nuptials. The two fit together like a puzzle piece. Apart, their uneven edge looks like a mountain range silhouette. One has the sun, the other the moon. These rings complete each other just like the couple does.
Couples Aprons
Fans of Cupcake Wars or Great British Bake Off get ready. These matching couples aprons will keep them (relatively) clean. A great gift for housewarming. They can dress to match and then compete to see who makes the best dessert. Each punny apron has a deep pocket to keep tools to hand.
SodaStream Sparkling Water Bundle
Soda Stream hits all the trends. It produces less waste. It's a healthy alternative to high-sugar soft drinks. It comes in rose gold. All these are very 'in' and they're all part of the Soda Stream. This bundle comes with spare bottles are zero calorie soda flavor drops. It's a great couples gift for any occasion.
Video Baby Monitor
Every couple needs a good night's sleep. This Infant Optics baby monitor camera lets them rest easy. New parents will love being able to keep an eye on the baby while taking care of themselves. No more sneaking open creaky doors. It shows video and audio - even in night mode!
Baby Rest Sound Machine
Plain plug-in nightlights were a thing of our childhood. Today, they've gotten smarter. This night light by Hatch is also a sound machine. Set a timer on the light and adjust its brightness - even change its color! It can all be controlled by a smartphone app. New parents will love the white noise function for newborns.
Deluxe Frozen Dessert Maker
Luxury is making your own ice cream. This Yonanas deluxe frozen dessert maker is the key to happiness. They can make their own homemade sorbet in minutes. The machine comes with a booklet that contains 75 recipes. The possibilities are only as limited as their imagination.
Dual Push Premium Trash Can
A great housewarming gift is a neutral one. This garbage can helps neutralize odors so that there are no stinky Jenga competitions going on. It has push doors on two sides so it works in almost any kitchen. Plus, it sits on caster wheels for easy movement around their space.
Ergonomic Kitchen Knife Set
Nice knives are the key to success. Amateur or professional, every chef needs a sharp, high-quality knife. Chopping is a breeze with six different blades. Each one has its own specialization. From bread to meat to vegetables, these slice through them all effortlessly. They come with their own natural rubber wood block stand.
California Delicious Gourmet Gift Basket
Are the couple from the Golden State? If they're feeling homesick, this gift basket is the perfect present. Ship them a selection of California treats. Classics like Martinelli's, Ghirardelli, and Sonoma Jacks are included. This basket will bring them happiness, but we can't guarantee sunshine.
Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine
Are they a couple of caffeine addicts? For the couple who loves their cup o'joe, this machine is a luxury gift. Espresso is just a button away thanks to Nespresso. They can choose from five different sizes for just the right amount. They'll be buzzing over their new machine! But maybe that's just the coffee...
Ultra Soft Silk Sheet Set
These sheets are a romantic gift to let them slip into luxurious dreams. They're made of 100% real mulberry silk meaning no synthetic fibers. For the softest sensation, this material wicks away sweat in summer and keeps you warm in winter. They're especially good for light sleepers or people with sensitive skin as they'll soothe them to sleep.
Wine Tote Bag Set
Are they socially active? This tote brings bottles of wine to any occasion! A friend's house or the park, they can bring a bottle of red. The thermal lining lets them keep white or rosé cool while traveling. This ideal couples gift comes with two tumblers. The polyester exterior holds up to the elements - take it to the beach or on a hike!
Couples Funny Coffee Mug Set
For the unorthodox couple who don't know how to express themselves well (or maybe this is the best way)! This pair of mugs is as funny as it is true. That is, if he has a beard. Being a couple isn't all about 'I love you' and PDA. Let them be quirky and have a laugh with their morning coffee.
Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier
This humidifier is a practical couple gift. If you know they suffer from dryness, give them a cool mist. It's cheaper than tickets to Hawaii. This ultrasonic humidifier is ultra-quiet. They can also add essential oils for an aromatherapy experience. Refills are needed only once a week.
Abundance Fruit Basket Gift
You can love them and want to keep them healthy. This gourmet selection is a wonderful present and a great alternative to super-sweet gift baskets. It comes with fresh apples and pears, plus cheese and crackers. Okay, and there is some chocolate, too. But at least you can help them get one of their 5-a-day!
Moscow Mule Copper Mugs
Let them toast to their engagement, anniversary, house warming, whatever! Is it Christmas? Moscow Mule. Tuesday? Moscow Mule. These classic copper mugs come with matching reusable straws and jigger. A cocktail recipe book is included for them to branch out. They'll also get a cleaning cloth to keep that copper shiny.
Hand Casting Kit for Couples
How often do you get to make your own art? This is a fun gift for couples. It's also romantic. Commemorate their engagement or anniversary with this casting kit. They just hold hands and dunk! Maybe that part isn't so romantic. But they'll have this beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and meaningful sculpture forever. The best part is doing it together.
Ultimate Dog Bed
Perfect for pup parents. Are they a couple of dog lovers? This bed will have their pooch lounging in the lap of luxury. They'll love that they get to pamper it with orthopedic memory foam. The cover is waterproof and machine washable for hassle-free care.
Magnetic Couples Bracelets
These bracelets are a lovely set for the couple that are minimalist. The magnetic charm will always remind them they're one half of a whole lot of love. When they hold hands, their bracelets will link up. It's natural attraction. They'll love the subtle way this expresses their connection.
Matching Couples Shirts
There's no better way to say it. Reign over gift-giving with this matching set. Who's the king and who's the queen? Mr and Mrs, that's who! These tee-shirts are a great present for an engaged couple. Soon as they've tied the knot they can rock these tees on their honeymoon.
All-in-One Wireless Printer
It sounds sad, but we think nothing's more exciting than a new printer. They won't miss uneven printing or paper jams. Throw the old one away and buy the couple a reliable, wireless HP printer. It's got two paper trays and smartphone connectivity. They can even control it through Alexa. Practical printing.
Smart Pro Toaster Oven
It's true. Technology is taking over the kitchen. No longer do you have to give your beautiful spouse a dumb appliance. No, no, no. Only the best for beau. Give them a smart pro toaster oven to spice up your kitchen game. Enjoy 10 cooking functions and 30% faster speed!
I Love You Throw Blanket
Nothing's more soothing than each other's arms. But a couple can't be together all the time. This blanket is covered with messages of love. They can wrap up in its cozy embrace when the other isn't there to keep them warm. Or they can cuddle up for date night.
Mega Kitchen System
This Ninja blows all other blenders out of the water. Equip their kitchen with this ultimate blender set. It comes with the usual pitcher that fits 9 cups or 72oz. Plus four smaller, smoothie-sized ones and a food processor attachment. They can even use it to prepare dough!
LED Flameless Candles
Set the mood with the right lighting. These LED flameless candles are a romantic gift for a couple to celebrate their anniversary. They can control the brightness or flickering of the 'flame.' Battery-powered, they can be displayed anywhere. Take the fear of fire out of date night and keep the focus on the heat between them.
Egyptian Pure Cotton Sheets
We think every married couple needs a good pair of sheets. These 100% Egyptian cotton ones have a 1,000 thread count. They're breathable and deep to fit the chunkiest memory foam mattresses. Matching pillowcases are soft on sensitive skin. Treat them to a luxurious night's sleep.
Tier Wall Mount Shelves
Have they recently moved to a new home? Still got a few awkward corners they don't know how to fill? For a couple's housewarming, give them the gift of stylish organization. This four-pack has five-tiered shelves that are great to mount in any blank corner. Choose from four finishes to match their space.
Quality Weighted Blanket for Adults
Weighted blankets are very popular now. This one makes sure a couple doesn't fight over one. It's king sized. The pair of them can curl up and feel at ease. Weighted blankets are meant to relieve stress and encourage a good night's sleep. Plus, the mink-like duvet cover is super soft to the touch.
Card Game for Couples
Every day is a learning experience. Spark some conversation with this couple's card game. Our Moments for couples is a conversation-starter activity to mix things up. No more work talk or discussing the news. The two of them can dive into deep heart-to-hearts and learn new things about each other - at any age!
Double Sunbrella Hammock
Stuck between wanting to cuddle in bed and wanting to enjoy the nice weather? A hammock takes the indecision away. This is a great housewarming present for a couple who wants to enjoy their yard. They can lounge in the shade to beat the heat in summer or curl up at night to watch the stars.
Chocolate Gift Basket
Couple of sweet teeth? If both of them are crazy about chocolate, this basket is great for any holiday. Treat them to an array of Switzerland's most popular chocolates. Lindt makes chocolate bears and indulgent truffles. These snacks come in a pretty, wicker, heart-shaped gift box.
White HEPA Air Purifier
Breathe easy knowing that they are. This air purifier by Coway reduces allergens. It works in large rooms. The four-stage filtration will keep a couple feeling refreshed. The machine has three speeds and a timer function so it doesn't run when nobody's home. It also deodorizes unwanted smells.
Sheepskin Fur Area Rug
This luxury gift for a couple has high-class style without harming our furry friends. This area rug is made of super soft faux fur. Its synthetic fibers make it possible for the rug to come in a variety of colors. New parent will also enjoy putting baby on it for some tummy time.
Bagless Hand Vac Bundle
Now that they're married it's time to realize they're the parents who end up doing all the chores. There's no one else to vacuum but they two. Make it easy on them with this twin set of Bissell bagless vacuum cleaners. The upright has a large capacity for full house cleans. The handheld is great for little messes. You've got 'em covered.
Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser
Avoid couples therapy with the soothing gift of aroma therapy. This essential oil diffuser is an essential present for couples who have everything. They can choose from 20 different scents. Let them relax with their personal favorite or find one they enjoy as a couple.
Cocktail Bitters Collection Set
Mix it up this year and gift them these specialty cocktail bitters. Bitters are a great addition to really amp up a cocktail. This gift set comes with one classic orange and one cherry. It also includes Old Fashioned-style bitters and 'Virtue' and 'Floral' for some really creative mixes.