79 Lounge-Worthy Gifts For Cigar Lovers To Light Up The Day

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If puffing a stogie is your friend’s bag, this list has gift items that are going to end up in your shopping bag. From cigar cutters and decorative ashtrays to different exotic cigar flavors, these gifts will light up their day. Get your friend a cigar gift basket and they’ll be lounging in no time.

Heavy Glass Cigar Ashtray
As a cigar lover, you need somewhere reliable to dump all the ash that forms at the end of your cigar. The heavy glass cigar ashtray is designed to collect all the ash for you in one place. This premium quality item is made from high-grade crystalline glass. It's also designed to be windproof for use outdoors.

Bronze Carved Cigar Scissors
Cut your large gauge cigar perfectly before you begin to smoke. With the bronze carved cigar scissors, you'll get to cut through cleanly and enjoy your smoke. These cigar scissors were crafted from high-grade stainless steel. It cuts cleanly through cigars without any sticky points.

Rugged Electronic Lock Humidor
You must learn to keep your cigarettes fresh and clean to preserve their taste. As a cigar lover, humidity is your worst enemy. With the rugged electric lock humidor, you can protect your favorite cigar brands. The lock humidor is a secure and smart way to keep your cigar away from contact with open air.

Torch Lighter with Built-In Cigar Punch
This torch lighter is designed with an adjustable triple jet flame that burns hot and evenly. The lighter is powered by the use of hot-burning butane. The lighter is made from high-grade stainless steel for durability. What's even better? This unique lighter also comes with a cigar punch to improve your smoking experience.

All-In-One Butane Torch Lighter
Just like its name suggests, the all-in-one butane torch lighter has everything that you need to enjoy your cigar. The lighter features a cigar puncher, cigar stand, and cigar draw enhancer. This special light can be broken into different parts. It also has a tough long-lasting body that can be used for other purposes too.

Globe Whiskey Decanter
This uniquely shaped decanter is the perfect way to enjoy a cup of whiskey with your friends and family. The whiskey decanter is designed to look like the globe. Each glassware in the set comes from quality craftsmanship. Add this decanter set to your bar to make a bold impression on your friends at family at your next event.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Bartender Kit
Enjoy the thrill of mixing your drinks like a professional mixologist. Even if you don't know what to do, the Oil Fashioned Cocktail Bartender Kit has got you covered. It comes with everything you need to old fashioned glasses of the cocktail. This kit would make a great addition to a cigar gift basket.

Snap-On Cigar Holder
Enjoy the pleasures of drinking and smoking at the same time? With the Snap-On cigar holder, it becomes easy to smoke and drink in one sitting. The holder will firmly attach your cigar to a beer bottle. It also doubles as an ashtray to collect all the ash residue.

Men's Luxury Smoking Jacket
Smoke like a prince when you put on the Men's Luxury Smoking Jacket. The jacket is one-of-a-kind and has an attractive appearance. The Burgundy and black color scheme is widely accepted by men in different parts of the world. The jacket is made from a cotton blend that is soft to touch and doesn't cause any discomfort. It'll redefine your smoking experience.

Cigar Shop Neon Sign
Are you looking to breathe some new life into your home or business? With the cigar shop neon sign, you'll get the whole world to notice who you are. These decorations stand out and will attract people to patronize you. It will also light up the wall of your house and transform your home's interior. It's a great addition to a cigar gift basket.

Novelty Cigar Mug
Proud cigar lover? Then, you would be thrilled to have the novelty cigar mug. This attractive piece has a text on its front that tells the whole world how passionate you are about cigars. The mug is made from high-grade materials. It can be used with tea, coffee, or water. This cigar mug can last for many years.

Poker Chip Set
Fan of poker who is looking to compete against your friends at your next small backyard party? The poker chip set has got you covered. All of the items in the set have been designed to offer a lifelike casino experience. You'll find professional poker chips that are stored in a tough, shock-resistant case.

Glass Top Cedar Humidor
The best way to enjoy your cigars is to keep them fresh. Exposing your cigar to open hair will spoil its taste and affect your smoking experience. You can keep your favorite cigars fresh with the Glass Top Cigar Humidor. This beautifully designed humidor is designed to tackle the problems of other similar cases before it. It also has a digital hygrometer.

Cigars and Bourbon T-Shirt
The cigar and bourbon t-shirt is designed for those who recognize what it means to enjoy a glass of whiskey with a stick of a cigar. The t-shirt has beautiful digitally printed art on a solid black background. The shirt is made from high-quality materials that are soft to touch and convenient to wear.

Cigar Draw Enhancer Tool
Maximize your cigar draw with the cigar draw enhancer tool. This practical instrument was designed to correct the draw of cigars and give you the best possible experience. It works just as it's been described to loosen up tight cigars.

Cast Iron Monkey Ashtray
The cast iron monkey ashtray is the perfect medium to hold all the ash residues from your cigar in one place. It's made from durable cast iron; the ashtray will not get burnt or damaged from extended use. The monkey ashtray also has a unique appearance that appeals to male and female smokers.

Men's Combat Boots
Step out in style as a classy man with this pair of men's combat boots. The body of the boots is made from a high-grade leather. The heel is designed to be 1 inch for increased comfort and protection. Due to the lace-up closer and size zipper, these combat boots are easy to wear and take off.

Boveda Humidity Control
Are you looking for an item to help you control the humidity of a small space? Look no further than the Boveda Humidity Control. This unique item is designed to help you control humidity. It will automatically add and remove moisture from the atmosphere by using all-natural salts. This is the perfect choice to create a good humidity balance.

Silicone Cigar Ashtray
Cigar lovers need an ashtray to keep their immediate environment clean. The silicone cigar ashtray is made from a high-grade silicone that will not burn or get damaged. The ashtray also doubles as a cigar holder whenever you wish to leave your hands idle.

Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter
Every cigar lover understands the importance of properly cutting your most cherished cigars. They help to unleash the taste and feel of the cigar. This stainless-steel cigar cutter is designed with a sharp blade that cuts cleanly. It also has an ergonomic design that makes it easier to hold and use. It's a perfect addition to a cigar gift basket.

Odor Resistant Ashtray
Regular ashtrays are designed to hold ash residue from your cigar in one position. But the odor-resistant ashtray takes things a step further. It helps you eliminate the odor of ash and smoke. The ashtray is windproof and designed for outdoor use. It's made from high-grade melamine that is easy to clean.

Tobacco Handbook
How much of a cigar lover are you? Perhaps you could learn more ways to enjoy yourself with the tobacco handbook. To put it simply, this book is an essential guide to cigars and pipes. It teaches you the long history of cigars, tells you the best type of cigars for yourself, and even shows you how to set up a humidor.

Men's Leather Jacket
Turn up your style and maintain an attractive appearance with the Men's Leather Jacket. It is made from premium quality leather that does not fade, peel, or get destroyed easily. There is a polyester lining in the jacket for optimal comfort. The jacket has 2 hand pockets to keep your hand warm during the cold and 3 chest pockets for storage.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee
The bourbon barrel-aged coffee is a special type of beverage with lingering flavors of bourbon and oak. The additional flavor is gotten from storing these coffee beans in barrels that were used to store bourbon whiskey. The coffee has a dark roast taste that appeals to different types of coffee drinkers.

Novelty Cigar Socks
Announce yourself as a lover of cigars with this unique pair of novelty cigar socks. The socks are made from a blend of materials that are soft and breathable. The socks also feature sewn lettering that will motivate cigar lovers. There's a great feeling every time you put on these beautiful socks.

Cigar Glass with Top Loading Rest
This classic piece of glassware is designed for those who enjoy the pleasure of drinking alcohol while smoking too. This cigar glass with top loading rest comes with a classic tumbler but with a cigar holder design at the top. It makes a great addition to a cigar gift basket.

Distressed Leather Smoking Chair
The distressed leather smoking chair provides you with the perfect medium to relax and enjoy your well-flavored cigars. This is a quality piece of upholstery that is finished with distressed brown bonded leather. The chair features solid hardwood legs that keep it steady. It's a great gift to cigar lovers around you.

Cigar Ashtray Holder with Whiskey Coaster
If you are a classic gentleman, then you would enjoy the pleasure of taking a chilled bottle of whiskey while smoking your favorite cigar. The rustic-style cigar ashtray holder is made from tough wood and durable metal. It's also easy to maintain and clean up after use.

Portable Cigar Stand
The portable cigar stand gives you a sturdy and reliable place to keep your cigar whenever you wish to let your hands stay idle. The stand features a unique design that can fit into almost any space. It's also made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability. It's the perfect item to add to any cigar gift basket.

Cigar Case Set
The cigar case set serves as a one-stop location for the different items you need to make your smoking more enjoyable. In a leather case, you'll find a lighter, cutter, and elegant cigar case. The case is designed to be able to hold 3 cigars. So, you can have your favorite brand with you on the go.

Digital Hygrometer
The digital hygrometer lets you keep an eye on the humidity of your cigars. Find out if the humidity has become too high or too low to safely store your cigars. The hygrometer is reliable and designed to measure even the smallest differences. It’s designed to offer accurate readings every 10 seconds. It can also be attached to a firm magnetic mount.

Cigar Face Mask
Are you a proud cigar lover who isn’t shy to reveal his identity to the whole world? The cigar face mask is ideal for you. It’s a unique face mask design that has a digital print of a man holding a cigar in his mouth. People will instantly understand your identity with this type of mask. It can also be cleaned easily.

American Flag Humidor
The American flag humidor would make a great addition to the rooms in your home. It’s designed with a proper lid seal closure. This humidor features a scratch-resistant bottom and gold-plated interior hinges. The humidor has enough space to hold 100 cigars. There is also a glass hygrometer to keep track of the conditions in the box.

Cigar Whiskey Glass Set
Often, drinking with friends and family is a memorable moment. The cigar whiskey glass set is designed to make things even more memorable. The whiskey glass set includes a solid wood stand and 2 whiskey glasses. There are also granite whiskey stones to keep your drinks chilled. This set is designed to offer you optimal satisfaction.

Luxury Mini Fridge
Keep all your drinks and beer chilled with the Luxury Mini Fridge. This unique fridge is designed with enough space to store can drinks and wine. You will get to store as many as 120 can drink and 16 wine bottles in this practical fridge. The wooden and wire racks of the fridge are also removable to ensure ease of access.

Cigar Punch Multi Tool
Are you looking for the perfect tool to create punches in different types of cigars? Look no further than the Cigar Punch Multi-Tool. This set is designed to punch small, medium, and large ring gauge cigars. The cigar punch multi-tool will cleanly cut through your cigar for the best effect. It’s a great addition to a cigar gift basket.

Cigar Box Guitar Kit
Have you heard about the cigar box guitar? This kit has got you covered. It contains all of the parts you need to create a good cigar box guitar. Each of the parts in the kit is made from high-grade materials for longevity and durability. This cigar box guitar kit also includes detailed instructions about the construction process.

Cigar Box DIY Book
The cigar box DIY book takes you into the immersive world of cigar box guitars. In this book, you get to do more than just review music. You will find out the faces, important locations, and legendary workshops that were responsible for the cigar box revolution. The book also teaches you how to make your cigar guitar box.

Display Humidor
Every cigar lover must look for an effective way to store their cigars and protect them from weather conditions. The display humidor is a great choice for all cigar lovers. This humidor is designed to be able to hold 100 cigars. It also includes a humidifier, hygrometer, and lock & key set.

Cigar Flask Set
Are you on the market for a unique cigar case to carry your favorite brand of cigars? The cigar flask set is a unique cigar case that is capable of holding two large ring gauges. Other accessories in the set also include a tough cigar cutter and funnel. All the materials are made from tough stainless steel. Perfect addition to a cigar gift basket.

Perfect Bartender Set
If you have always dreamed of being a bartender, this is the perfect kit to get you started. The set includes all the items used by professional bartenders. The items in the set are designed with premium quality materials that are also attractive. The set would breathe some new life into your kitchen or home bar.

Bubblegum Cigars
If you wish to do something other than just smoke cigars, you can choose these bubblegum cigars. They are designed to look just like real cigars. Each case is made up of 36 bubble gums shaped like cigars. All the products are packaged in an airtight container to maintain their freshness. Perfect addition for a cigar gift basket.

Golf Bag Humidor Set
Are you looking for a unique casing to store your favorite cigars? The Gold Bag Humidor set is a great option. The bag looks like a real golf bag. It features a clip that allows it to be easily attached to different surfaces. This golf bag humidor set can hold up to 9 cigars. It also includes a lighter or cigar cutter.

Cigar Store Indian Statue
Are you looking for a special art piece to breathe some new life into your living space? The cigar store Indian statue is a perfect choice for this. The statue is handcrafted by skilled artisans from pecan shell resin. This accessory is a great piece of interior décor for your home. It’s a great addition to a cigar gift basket.

Men's Luxury Candle Set
Everyone enjoys some form of aromatherapy to relax the mood in their home. With the men’s luxury candle set, you get different scented candles that will illuminate his living space and set the mood in the room. These candles are perfect for every mood. They would make great additions to a man cave, bachelor pad, or office.

Red Guillotine Cutter
The red guillotine cutter is made for those who need a straight, strong cutter for their cigars. The cutter is designed with an attractive, ergonomic design that is easy to hold. The blades are made from stainless steel and are razor-sharp for a smooth cut. The red guillotine cutter has an aluminum body for durability.

Cigar Punch Keychains
A perfect cigar punch is a part of creating an enjoyable smoke experience. The cigar punch keychains consist of a set of 3 punches designed for cigars of different shapes and sizes. It’s compact, portable, and can easily be carried.

Personalized Stainless Steel Cigar Kit
Are you just starting your cigar journey and looking for a kit to ease you through? Why don’t you opt for the personalized stainless steel cigar kit? This kit contains everything you may need to have a great smoke experience. It includes a cigar, tube, cutter, and lighter made from high-grade stainless steel.

Beard Grooming Kit
Maintain a neat and fresh appearance as a gentleman with the beard grooming kit. It contains everything you need to keep your beards oiled and well maintained. The items in the kit will also hydrate and nourish your skin while stimulating hair growth. This kit will also eliminate rashes and irritation from your jawline.

Cigar Lighter Sticks
Smoking cigars is somewhat of a tradition for many people. There are times where you may be interested in an innovative way to enjoy your cigar. These cigar lighter sticks will do the job for you. They will light different types of cigars easily. It’s a perfect addition to any cigar gift basket.

Smoke Infuser for Drinks & Food
Add some much-needed smoke into your food and drinks with the Smoke Infuser. This device is designed with 2 smoke settings: high and moderate intensity. This multi-purpose smoke machine can be used to smoke your meat, fish, whiskey, cocktail, pasta, and so on. The parts of the infuser are made from high-grade materials.

Camo Recliner with Massage
The camo recliner with massage is a comfortable way to sit, relax and enjoy a well-flavored stick of cigar. The recliner can provide optimal comfort and a soothing massage in one place. There are massage sensors on this fantastic chair that target different parts of your body. The recliner can easily be controlled with a small remote.

Scented Candle Set
A set of scented candles is the best gift you can give to any man. While the candle is lit, the difference in the atmosphere of the room is quite noticeable. The set comes with different types of candles to create different types of effects in your living space. Illuminate the room and let the gentle aroma circulate to soothe your mind.

Slim Wallet with Money Clip
Many times, men complain about losing their cash after keeping it in their pockets. With the slim wallet with money clip, you now have a more secure place to store your money, ATM cards, and ID card. What’s even better? This high-grade leather wallet also features a money clip to hold your physical cash and prevent theft.

Hepa Air Purifier
The quality of the air in your home is essential to the well-being of the humans and animals that live there. By using the HEPA air purifier, you can be certain of eliminating 99% of the pollutants in your hair. This small practical device uses a 4-stage filtration system to suck out all the dirt, dust, debris, pollen, and odor in your home.

Men's Smoking Slippers
A man’s comfort is his ultimate priority. This unique pair of slippers are designed to offer any man optimal comfort indoors and outdoors. The men’s smoking slippers are made from a water-resistant suede with a pure wool lining.

3-Bottle Revolving Liquor Dispenser
The 3-bottle revolving liquor dispenser is a must-have addition for any man cave or home bar. It offers a chance to enjoy 3 of your best liquor at the same time. The body of the dispenser is made from durable stainless-steel. It also rotates quickly to give you access to the next bottle of alcohol. This dispenser is designed to pour small shots of alcohol.

Patio Outdoor Ashtray
Are you looking for a useful and convenient ashtray to take care of all your smoke residue? The patio outdoor ashtray is a great item to help you achieve that. This ashtray is made from high-grade metals and wood. It also features a polished chrome finish for extra durability, and has 4 grooves to hold your favorite cigar. What's even better? It's easy to clean.

Whiskey Stones Gift Set
If you are the type of person that enjoys taking a chilled glass of whiskey, you would be happy to have the whiskey stones gift set. The whiskey set has everything you need including whiskey stones, a velvet pouch, tongs, wooden coasters, and cocktail cars. The glassware is designed to be lead-free for optimal drinking pleasure.

Custom Man Cave Neon Sign
Light up the wall of your man cave with this attractive sign. The custom man cave neon sign glows bright neon light across the walls of your room. It will set the tone of the mood in the room and let you relax. The custom sign takes care of all your decor needs. The sign may also be customized to suit you.

Personalized Decanter with Scotch Glasses
A glass of whiskey with your close friends and family is a great way to have fun and socialize. The professional decanter with scotch glasses is a great way to share your whiskey moments memorably. The decanter is designed to a quality that will transform your home bar. It’s a great addition to a cigar gift basket.

3 Finger Leather Cigar Case
Store your cigars in a luxury leather pouch with the 3 Finger Leather Cigar Case. The case is designed with classic brown leather. The main compartment is large enough to hold 3 cigars. There’s also a part where you get to keep your cutter. This cigar case allows you easily carry your favorite brand of cigars along when traveling.

Cigar Novelty Sign
Are you on the market for a cigar-inspired design to add some spice to your living space? You may choose to opt for the cigar novelty sign. This attractive sign has a humorous and sarcastic text on it for cigar lovers. This sign would make a great addition to your garage shop, man cave bar, or other suitable parts of your home.

Man Cave Sign
Design the entrance of your man cave with this unique man cave sign. The sign clearly states the unspoken rules of your man cave. The sign also makes a perfect addition for an outdoor bar, den, or grill party. The sign will suit a rustic men’s décor and breathe some new life into your space. It’s a great gift idea for men.

Tobacco and Vanilla Candle
Scented candles can change the atmosphere. They can also make you feel relaxed after a busy day. These candles are made from natural soy that will burn softly without causing any damage to the air. The Tobacco and Vanilla candle come with a unique scent. Close your eyes take a deep breath and let the scent flow through you.

Smoking Pipe Set
Are you searching for a case to store all your pipe accessories as you head out on a trip or any outdoor activity? This smoking pipe set is a great choice because it contains everything you need to have a great smoke experience. This pipe is made from high-grade wood that is durable. It also features a unique design.

Luxury Toiletry Set
Are you a real man who is looking to make a statement with his appearance? The luxury toilet set gives you everything you need to properly groom yourself. Pay attention to different parts of your body when you get this kit. The items in the toilet set are designed to condition your body from head to toe.

Rustic Leather Tobacco Pouch
The rustic leather tobacco pouch can be used to pack all your tobacco accessories as you head outdoors. This is also a stylish home to store field notes on a day trip. The pouch is made from full-grain leather that is incredibly durable and tough. The different parts of the pouch are also finely stitched for a clean finish.

Cuban Cigar Handbook
Learn the history of Cuban cigars in this Cuban Cigar Handbook. The handbook contains all the information on how Cuban cigars have been the best brand in the world. Discover the different varieties that are available to you. As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to speak fake Cuban cigars on the market.

Whiskey Stones and Glasses in Crate
Are you looking for the perfect kit to enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey? The whiskey stones and glasses in a crate would make a great choice. This is the dream set of every whiskey lover. All the parts of the set are designed with premium quality materials. The box comes in a vintage army style. The whiskey stones are also shaped like bullets.

Waterproof Travel Humidor
If you’ll be going on a long trip, you must protect your cigars to maintain their quality. The waterproof travel humidor lets you head out and take your cigar sticks along with you. There is also a humidity control in the box that keeps your cigars fresh and clean. This waterproof travel humidor can hold 15 cigars.

The Art of Mixology
Learn the art of mixology and how to mix professional cocktails with this special handbook. The box contains a collection of classic and contemporary cocktail recipes. It will teach you how to enjoy all the cocktails you want including how to mix them in your kitchen. By the time you are done, you’ll be feeling like a professional mixologist.

Folding Knife for Men
The folding knife for men is a portable knife that can easily be slipped into your pocket. It’s designed to have a sharp razor that folds out of the handle. This pocketknife is designed to be lightweight and will open up effortlessly. The knife is built to last and will cut through most objects. A great addition to a cigar gift basket.

Golf Cart Cigar Holder
Avoid getting ash all over your golf cart when you use the golf cart cigar holder. It’s more than just a simple holder as it can also serve as an ashtray. This is a Snap-On ashtray that can be attached to golf carts, decks, boats, workshops, and so on. The holder is made from a durable material that will not melt or burn.

Bourbon Novelty Socks
Are you a fan of bourbon and would like to announce it subtly? The Bourbon Novelty Socks are a great way to do that. The socks are made from a mixture of polyester and cotton that is soft to touch and breathable. This pair of socks is designed to sit most male sizes. These socks can be worn every day without losing shape.

Velour Smoking Jacket
The velour smoking jacket is a trendy fashion accessory for men of all ages. This item would make a meaningful addition to a cigar gift basket. The jacket is made from super soft velour that will not react with your skin. There is also a satin lining for optimal comfort of the wearer. You’ll also find 2 pockets to stash small items.

Mens Soap Gift Set
Real men attract the opposite gender by staying fresh and clean. With the men’s soap gift set, you get to clean up and feel like a man. The entire set is free from harsh chemicals that may damage your skin. The soaps in this set produce a thick, rich lather. They also produce rich and seducing scents.

Nordic Viking Mug
The Nordic tradition is thrilling, and many men gladly identify with its way of life. With the Nordic Viking mug, you get to drink like a real Viking. The mug is made from polyresin and stainless steel that is durable and non-toxic. It has an attractive design with Nordic-inspired art. The mug is also easy to clean.

Smoked Cocktail Kit
Do you enjoy smoke-flavored cocktails and would like to recreate them at home? The smoked cocktail kit infuses your drinks with pure smoke. The kit has a variety of wood chip flavors to infuse your cocktail. The device is simple to use and can be controlled with one button. The kit is large enough to produce enough cocktails for a small party.