25 Gifts for Cardiologists That Fix Broken Hearts

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You don’t have to be sad to have a broken heart. Good thing we’ve got cardiologists. They know what your heart’s made up of and how to fix it! Show them you’ve got heart with one of these 25 gifts for heart surgeons. Don’t worry… we picked a large variety so you can choose the perfect one.

Funny Gift for Cardiologist
A small gift that'll bring a lot of laughs. Whether they get their heart racing with coffee or slow it down with a soothing chamomile, mugs are always useful. This one says 'Keep calm and - wait ... not that calm!' Any heart surgeon will appreciate this funny gift.
Silk Heartbeat Pattern EKG Tie
We have rarely seen a more appropriate gift. This tie is perfect for a cardiologist. The background is a rich, royal blue silk. The design is a pattern of EKG heart rates in alternating white, blue, and red. The rich materials and subtle design keep the tie classy while still being humorous.
Anatomic Heart Coaster Set
Interested in making an anatomical gift? This set is sure to melt some hearts. Good thing it keeps condensation off the table! These 6 coasters depict different layers of the heart, stacking up to one complete and anatomically correct ticker. Toast to a great present - just don't forget to use a coaster!
Bandaged Heart Balloon Art
The heart is arguably the most important and most fragile organ we have. Heart surgeons know better than anyone else. This sweet canvas print is a reminder of that. It features a balloon patched up many times over. It's inspirational and speak to how cardiologists never give up.
Heart Anatomical Model
Warning: looks 100% real. But it's not! This anatomical model of the heart is twice the size of a real one. It's a great anatomical gift for a cardiologist. Made from eco-friendly PVC, parts of it detach to reveal all the chambers, valves, and major arteries. An indispensable tool to have on hand for consultations.
Gold Plated Black Fountain Pen
This pen is a beautiful gift to celebrate a retirement or to show your cardiologist some appreciation. Cross is a classic name with flawless design. This fountain pen lets their writing look like a work of art. It's not like we could read their scrawl anyway.
Desktop Clock and Pen Holder
Functionality meets sleek curves. This analog clock does double duty for their desk. It also holds their pens, keeping their workspace clutter-free. Its elegant design makes it worthy of holding, say, that Cross pen we mentioned. It makes a great gift for a cardiologist with refined taste.
I Got The Beat Heart Plush
This plush is especially good for a pediatric cardiologist. Get them a gift that they and their patients will enjoy. It's anatomically correct, of course. This cute present will spruce up their consultation room. Plus, it can act as a friend for young patients to hug.
Red Heart Blanket
They don't have to wear their heart on their sleeve. Just curl up under a few! This blanket is a very appropriate gift for a heart surgeon. The soft throw is patterned with hearts in shades of red. Let them wrap themselves in this cozy blanket. The underside is made of soft sherpa fleece.
Decanter Globe Set
Let them taste the world without the jetlag. This decanter is as unusual as it is classy. It's the best gift for a cardiologist who works too hard and needs to unwind. Just pour a glass of their favorite spirit into one of the matching globe-etched tumblers and relax to their heart's content.
Classic Monitoring Stethoscope
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. A stethoscope is a basic but extremely useful tool. Every doctor needs one, especially a cardiologist. Give them the gift of the classic Littmann stethoscope by 3M. A variety of color choices can make it personal. The Classic III measures a slim 20mm tall.
Cardiologist Thank You Travel Mug
Can't find the right words to say thank you? We found a great way to remind them every day. This travel mug reads 'a truly great doctor is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget.' They'll feel appreciated with every single sip.
Stethoscope Necklace for Cardiologist
How do you commemorate a successful career? This necklace is a great retirement gift. After they spent their life saving lives, they deserve something special. This necklace is ideal for a retiring heart surgeon. A sterling silver stethoscope wraps around a cross. Pick 1 of 7 colors to match their birth stone or their eyes!
Handcrafted Heart Shaped Bowl
They'll keep you in their thoughts with this keepsake. This heart-shaped bowl is a cute gift for a cardiologist. It's not anatomical, but it is handy. They can display it on their desk and store all sorts of trinkets in it. Any color you pick is made from real wood. The patterns are all natural.
Leather Stethoscope Carry Case
Keep their stethoscope safe with this faux leather carrying case. It helps them avoid getting their expensive equipment all dinged up. The case has a magnetic closure to keep it secure. The faux suede interior keeps it protected. Perfect for safeguarding a heart surgeon's most important tool.
Custom Desk Name Plate
Gold plaques are so old school. Brighten up her desk with this modern name plate. Her name, in beautiful script, is flanked by pretty roses. Pick from 15 different fonts. The insert can be easily switched out if she changes her name or wants to add M.D.
Grateful Heart Plaque
Positive vibes don't save lives, but they can put a smile on your face. This inspirational heart-shaped plaque is great for a heart surgeon's office. Patient care is their #1 priority. This sweet décor will remind them. They can hang it on the wall or decorate their bookcase with it.
Laser Cut Wooden Heart Keepsake Box
Show 'em you've got a heart of gold with a heart of wood. This keepsake box features the center of their life's work. The heart design on the front is laser engraved. You have the option to personalize the front. The box is made of pure walnut and stained by hand.
Solid Sterling Silver Heart Pendant
For the perfectionist. This heart pendant is anatomically correct. Featuring aortas, valves, and veins, it looks like a teeny tiny version of the real thing. It's also a locket. It has a hinge that opens to reveal a secret storage space. Slip in a note to tell them what a wonderful job they're doing.
Keep Calm Not That Calm Tumbler
For the funny cardiologist on the go. If they won't get much use out of the classic mug, get them this travel tumbler. It has the same funny slogan to keep calm, but it can go more places! Plus, it's great for both hot and cold drinks.
Italian Crafted Decanter
They deserve a gift that reflects the amount of work they put into their prestigious career. This drink set is about as classy as you can go. The decanter features a traditional diamond cut and holds over 33 fluid ounces of alcohol or soft drink. 6 matching tumbler glasses all have the same matching bevel.
Floating Metal Wall Heart
They'll know your heart is in the right place. It'll be fixed on their wall! This heart-shaped wall shelf makes a sweet gift for decorating a heart surgeon's home or office. A single shelf across the metal cage can hold their medical credentials, an office plant, or another gift you picked out from our list!
Vintage Heart Artwork
Unless they're a pediatric cardiologist, diagrams don't always have to be in primary colors. This trio of prints feature anatomically correct hearts. Each one - interior, exterior, and posterior - shows labelled parts. They're educational and beautiful. Perfect to hang in a heart surgeon's office!
3D Human Heart Anatomical Paperweight
It looks like an award but acts like a paperweight. This glass cube is a beautiful gift to adorn a cardiologist's desk. The anatomically correct heart is laser etched into the glass. It may not be an Oscar, but we think it's the best trophy they can display: the organ that runs their life's work (and their life, too).
Heart Cufflinks and Tie Bar Set
Skip the tacky Valentines tie and get them a really elegant gift. This set is perfect for a stylish cardiologist. The anatomical gold heart stands out against a sleek black background. The image is protected in a resin bubble and encased in silver. Dress up your doctor.