67 Awesome Gifts for Boaters Shore to Cause a Splash

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Whether Summer is approaching quickly, or if the boat-lover in your life needs a special gift of appreciation, there is something here for everyone. There are few things more exciting than getting a new boat! From dads and grandpas, to neighbors and friends, a boat-warming gift will not be forgotten once it’s time to take it out on the water.

Mariner Cheese Board Set
This unique Mariner nautical cheese board and tool set would make the perfect gift for all nautical lovers! This board and tool set has four assorted pullout cheese tools and has a revolving board that makes it easier the tools and the cheese. The board and handles are made of a durable rubberwood and the tools are made of stainless steel.

Waterproof Dry Bag
A Waterproof Dry Bag is just what they need to keep all of their valuables dry while they enjoy the outdoors! This dry bag is easy to maneuver and made from top-quality, durable materials. You can easily wear your bag cross body style for comfortable hiking, or you can use the large handle that is attached.

Smart Fish Finder
Fits right in the palm of your hands and suitable for use in saltwater and freshwater. This mobile fish finder comes with an easy to download and use mobile app. He'll be able to mark fishes, save location and weather details, and enjoy all sorts of other cool features with this smart gadget.

Anchors Away Dishtowels
Most boaters will have enough dish towels to last for days, but yours probably doesn't have one with anchors yet. Bring in some nautical-themed ambience into his boat with these this set of 3 dishtowels. It's perfect as it doesn't leave fibers on glass like terry cloth or most other dish towel materials do.

Boat Scuff Erasers
It wouldn't top your list of similarities between hobbies, but boaters, like artists need just as much erasing done sometimes. These erasers aren't for cleaning pencil marks though, they're meant for tougher streaks and scuffs boaters always need to get off. Dirt, grime, mud, grease, and scum will come on boats and boaters alike. Help yours out with a boat scuff eraser.

Mariner's Tool Kit
This kit has got just about everything you'll need to make repairs on boats. The case comes with rubber seals that makes sure that while the case might get wet when the boat is out on the waters, the tools do not, which is a big plus for when you eventually need to use one.

Captain's Decorative Wall Clock
Other than being a really nice looking clock, the nautical-themed design on this decorative wall clock is of handmade wood with a slick and shiny look to it. It's perfect as a wall decoration and precisely the kind of gift you'll want to get a boater with love for nautical decor.

Boat Anchor Kit
If your favorite boater ever complained about what it takes to get his boat anchor set up more than once, get him this plug and play kit with no hassle. This ready to launch kit is a perfect gift for boaters who just want to drop the anchor and go, or have a replacement handy instead

Boat Top Cover
Extreme weather can quickly turn a picturesque day on the water into a really frustrating one, especially on boats without a boat cover. That special boater in your life will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the gift when you get one of these for her and probably even wonder why there's not one in use already.

Life is Better on a Boat T-Shirt
You'll never go wrong with a T-shirt that says something really cool about life on a boat for your favorite adventurer. Boaters like all hobbyists, like to physically express their passion for sailing, and a T-shirt as a gift is a great way to help him showcase that.

The Captain is Always Right Wine Mug
A tumbler that fits his style could do just the trick as well for those times when he's actually on the boat and not up and about somewhere else. These mugs come in different colors and designs so you'll always find one that fits just right.

Beer Can Coolies
Other than being cool looking cookies, they come in a nice brownish sand color and a design quote that's both funny and true. They do quite a good job of keeping drinks and beverages cool, especially over long periods. You might want to add this to your list of gifts for your favorite sailor this Christmas if you haven't yet.

Hull Cleaner
There's really no need using traditional cleaners for cleaning stains and scum off boats when it can be done in a tenth of the time with a specially formulated cleaner for the job. This works perfectly for even the toughest of stains on the toughest of boat hulls to clean. Perfect addition to your boater's gift basket.

Waterproof Speaker
Boat cruises are much more enjoyable when there's music to go along with the complete experience. The Wonderboom speaker delivers surprisingly serious sound, is waterproof and comes with bluetooth technology that'll work with the boater's phone. It even has a grasp that can be hanged over the boat deck.

Microfiber Towels
Towels for sure come in handy on boats as there's always lot's of water splashing around and over. This towel is extremely absorbent and lasts over long use cycles. That sounds like something a boater would love, and probably something you should get yours too,

Sailor's Tool
This beautifully sleek design delivers just as much use as it looks. Boaters will find this useful as a knife, bottle opener, marlinspike, shackle key and honed blade. It folds up well that he can keep it in his pockets or tool box going on that next boat ride or sailing adventure.

Floating Keyrings
You can make sure your gift this season is always there to save the day at those odd times the keys drop off the boat and into the water. It floats up to two keys and comes in a bright yellow color that makes it easy to spot right off the water. Perfect for those keys you know he really can't afford to lose.

Towable Tube for Boating
Whatever size you decide to get this in, it's definitely a lot of fun to enjoy some family time on the waters with. This one has enough room for up to two people for boating and watersports. And it's got towing options from the front or rear so you can decide which riding experience is better for the next ride out.

Boating Rope
Towable tubes go only as far as the strength of the rope holding it. Whether you already have towable tubes for your family or getting a new one, you'll want to get tow ropes as strong as this 60 feet long Airhead. You can choose from different options up to a 6 rider design to fit your need.

Boat Cover
Good protection for boats while not in use is just as important as when they are. Boat covers can be just the thing to get your boater this season to keep his ride in top shape and out of the elements when it's taking a breather. The boat cover comes in a heavy duty waterproof design and different color options for your adventurer's pleasure.

Boat Mooring System
This device completely eliminates the need for rope tying or knotting when a boat needs mooring, freeing up more time for much more delightful tasks. It's got a self-locking mechanism which means all a boater needs to do is just throw it's ring over a pier post and the job's all done.

Cooler for Boaters
Boats oftentimes come without premium chilled storage spaces, but cold drinks are just the sort of thing that sailors need to have on a boat trip that'll take more than just a little bit of time. This cooler comes in grey and blue colors so you can get one that best fit their style.

Boat Seat Cushion
Keep your favorite explorer safe and on the right side of the law with this throwable flotation device always on board when you get him one. It comes in different color choices and also doubles as a seat cushion for when there's not much throwing over to be done.

Boat Fender Bumpers Kit
These fenders are designed to protect boats at all times. It works well as protection from obstacles and other vessels during time out on the waters and from heavy waves and the docks when boats are not in use. The complete set includes 4 boat fenders which is great for making sure all sides are protected.

Captain's Hat
Make sure everyone knows who the captain on the boat is when your favorite sailor is out with friends or family with this captain's hat in the gift basket this Christmas. It's also the perfect costume for the next nautical themed party on the beach.

Captain's Log Book
There's always something that needs recording on a boat. This log book is perfect for recording information worth remembering. So whether he's the boater who loves journaling boating experiences or logging critical information on the boat itself, we think it's a great gift idea for all the recording needs a boater could have.

Captain Gift Mug
You can tell him how you feel about him and his boat, or you can pass the message on a two tone mug. Apart from being perfect for boating use, this mugs are good for keeping warm beverages or chilled drinks a little longer than a typical cup would.

Inflatable Boat
If your special one doesn't have an inflatable boat yet, this is a great one to gift. It's design with heavy duty PVC that comfortably seats up to three persons which is great for times when there'll be company. The boat is divided into three air chamber which is great to ensure it always stays afloat no matter what.

Remote Control Boat
What we love most about this mini boat is the fact that it is truly amphibious in design and works really well both on land and water. It works great for the whole family as a fun product to play with indoors or out in the pool or bathtub.

Boat Grill with Mount
You probably didn't think it's possible to have a grill up on even small boats, but it sure is. This boat grill comes with a mount and adjustable legs. It's electric and has a built in thermometer which makes using it a breeze. We think it'd be a nice surprise gift this season.

Captain's Bucket Seat
Add more comfort to your special one's boating experience with this flip up boat seat. On first look and feel, you can tell it's of premium design and very usable over long periods. It comes with steel fasteners and seat frames right out of the box that is mountable on most boats.

Smart Audio Sunglasses
These really are the ultimate hybrid of glasses and headphones for outdoor use. Traditional headphones have the disadvantage of limiting the user's awareness. These glasses come with touch control and run long enough to make it perfect for sunny days on the water with music in the background. Boaters will for sure love this one.

Navy Seals Mens Watch
The aesthetics of this watch is the first noticeable thing about this watch design, but it doesn't come at the expense of anything else. It's water resistant, comes with a compass, and luminous watch hands that glow in the dark which is always a cool little feature for watches.

Boat Shade Kit
If you've gone sailing on a boat often, you'll know that the weather sometimes throws you the random surprise once in awhile. You can make sure your special person is well prepared when those days come with the boat shade kit. It's elastic enough to fit different boat sizes and handles the harsh marine environment easily.

Boat Mirror
Boats don't get into traffic, but they're better with rearview mirrors too. A boat rear view mirror is really useful when you've got a skier or wakeboarder behind your boat, or when you need to dock in tight spaces. Fix up your boaters boat with one of these and thank me later.

Onboard Battery Charger
A spare battery is always a good idea on boats, but a better idea is a battery bank, battery charger and maintainer all in one. With this beauty on board, the batteries in use are kept in top shape during usage. There'll be no more need worrying about unscheduled battery breaks with this one.

Extendable Ladder
This extendable ladder is study enough and works for all people sizes and height. The tread design on the handles and angled ladder steps are plenty enough to make climbing easy on the arms and legs. And because it's foldable and extendable, mounting and fitting is a much better experience.

Life Ring Buoy
This one's designed to take on even the most extreme use case scenarios so you can be sure it'll work in whatever conditions you throw at it. Other being safety approved for use, it's resistant to fire, gas, and oil. It's shell is tough to protect against ripping or tearing.

Universal Life Jacket Set
These life vests actually fit pretty well on different body sizes, easily adjustable, and comes in sets of four to accommodate multiple users if necessary. It's designed to ensure the wearer doesn't have to deal with the occasional ride up or back interference of traditional ones.

Emergency Telescoping Paddle
Designed for times when you really really need a paddle and nothing else in the world, it does a pretty good job of keeping you afloat and on course. It's floatable and corrosion resistant which means you get enough repeat use out of it. It's handle is collapsible and goes all the way from 20 inches to 42 inches in length.

Telescopic Boat Hook
Coming as a two part pole hook and extension pole that floats if dropped in water, and sporting an extendable design that lengthens the pole up to 25 feet in length, it's a really handy tool that's really useful to have for boaters. Hook it on to any boat of up to 100 lbs in weight and it grabs and pulls alright.

Marine Smartwatch
This marine smartwatch is a no brainer for boaters who already own Garmin chartplotters, however even marine lovers who are first time users will find it perfectly pairs with smartphones just as well. It comes loaded with maps for ease of navigation, which is a nifty feature that comes in handy.

Boat Trash Bag
Keep the empty cans off his boat and away from the water with this trash bag that easily attaches to the side of the boat. It's funnel-like opening and mesh design makes holding and emptying trash just as easy as throwing the trash overboard.

Boat Bar Cup and Bottle Holder
Keep the drinks and cocktail itinerary upright on trips off to the waters and back with this Docktail cup and bottle holder. It's design allows the holder to stay perfectly flat irrespective of the boats movements or inclination. If he loves his drinks close by and safely protected, he'll love this one.

Water Shoes
Water shoes are perfect wherever there's more than a puddle of water around, which is why they're so nice to have as a boat owner. Spending so much time on and around water means you'll need shoes that stay dry and aren't slippery on wet surfaces.

American Flag Kit
Keep his patriotism alive with this American flag riding the air atop the waves as he sails. Boat flags speak a lot about a boat owners personality and we think this one would do a good job too. The flag kit is designed to fit any flag pole so you never have to worrying about the sizing.

Clubmaster Square Sunglasses
Sporting one of these delivers more than just the trendiness and great looks. It also comes in handy for sunny days and late nights sailing as the glass lens' polarized design and UV coating does a great job of protecting the eyes and improving visibility.

Safety Air Horn
Safety is of real importance on the waters, especially for smaller crafts and boats. Having one around does more than meet regulations, but also keeps boaters safe and out of harm's way. So even if a boat come equipped with a horn, this air-powered horn is always a nice backup to have onboard.

Electronic Distress E-Flare and Flag
You'll rest better knowing anyone within six miles of your special one's craft can be reached for help with this powerful distress alert tool on hand. The device is designed with complete 360 degree visibility and easy floatation to ensure nothing impedes his distress calls should he ever have to make one.

Floating Water Mat
This water mat is really bigger than it looks and great for fun times with family and friends on the lake or pool. It comfortably holds up to five adults and allows just enough water onto the mat keeping everyone wet and cool even in hot weather.

Marine Emergency Kit
Any mariner worth his salt can tell you that one thing you definitely do not want while out on open water is to need an emergency kit and not have one available. Equipped with a flare gun and extra lighter, you'll fare much better if something ever decides to happen at sea.

Waterproof & Fogproof Binoculars
You could've landed at that last oasis and took a breather, but instead, your dirty old binoculars made you think it was just another piece of driftwood. Don't miss the precious few oasis in your life because of foggy glasses. Try these and see the world through a much clearer and a more focused sight.

LED Navigation Bow Light
Not only are these bright LED's something to beautiful to look at, they also meet today's USCG requirements for 2 nautical mile visibility. Built out of a high quality Chrome Plated Zinc Alloy Housing, keeping you shining brilliantly for a very long time.

Boat Cleaner Wipes
These premium boats wipes are made to be versatile and usable on just about any service you can think of. Not only can they get that boat you love so much a lot cleaner, but they'll also give it some UV protection in the process.

Portable Cooler
Nothing's worse than being out on the open water with a bucket full of fish, but nothing to eat and nothing to cook with. Not only will this cooler keep your food as cold as possible, it'll keep that growling belly from scaring away all the fish.

Picture Frame
Gift him a fitting frame to hold the best memories of you two in pictures with this 'Together on the boat' picture frame. The combination of metal, wood and fiberboard gives a unique look that is well befitting of holding a trip down down the memory lane in print.

Nautical Fleece Throw Blanket
There's not much that reminds a boater the things he loves about boats and the water than a cozy ocean-themed throw blanket over his bed or sofa. Make sure he's never too far away from his passion even while he sleeps with this Feel You blanket that's got everything from boats and ships to shells and starfishes.

Whiskey Decanter Ship Statue
The craftsmanship and design of this version of an impossible bottle makes it perfect for a gift idea for boaters who love having a drink or two the old fashioned way. Big enough to hold a bottle of alcohol or two, it's not a piece anyone would miss on a boat.

On Lake Time Wine Glass Set
The color options on these pair of wine sets are great for boaters. It's a cute gift idea for new boat owners and seasoned ones alike. The quotes on the outside are fun little additions as well that looks just as nice on the real thing as they do in the photos.

Fishing Rod
Coming in as the first and only fishing rod that made our list, this beauty is also a beast of a fishing rod. Sporting a stylish gold and black themed design that extends all the way out to over 5 feet at full stretch, it's got everything you'd want on a fishing rod with a fish on the tip end.

Nautical Home Decor Sign
If his heart is where the boat is, then this 'Home is where the boat is Anchored' quote rings just as true. This wall decor sign art says a lot about boating enthusiasts and will also say a lot about you when you get this for your special adventurer this season.

Pirate Bottle Opener
This cute little pirate fits right at home on any boat that's got enough bottle corks and caps that need raiding. It opens up bottles with ease and handles pretty well during normal use. It's a cool gift that's sure to delight any boating enthusiast.

Lake Themed Decorative Pillows
It's all about lakes with these set of four pillow cases that also doubles as cushion covers. The decoratively designed quotes on the cases are just beautiful, and a great way to light up any space. Boaters will definitely love the humor these ones bring along with them in a gift box.

Storage Bin
Large and weatherproof, this storage bins plastic design comes with a 48 gallon storage capacity which is more than enough space for storing most things anyone would need to keep around on a boat. And depending on your boat size, there are much smaller options for you to choose from.

Anchor Design Necktie
Look your best and sharper than the rest with this necktie and its boat motif design. Made of durable, yet soft fabric, meaning you'll look that good for a long time to come. The perfect gift for that white collar Dad with a sense of humor.

Personalized Anchor Cutting Board
This cutting board would make the perfect gift for any nautical or boat lover! The board is made of 100% natural bamboo so it is stronger, lighter, and more sustainable than other hardwoods. Not only is this cutting board a useable cooking tool, you can also use it as a beautiful piece of decor for your living room or dining room.

LED Lightstrip for Boat Deck
This LED lightstrip is waterproof and is completely environmentally friendly. This lightstrip can be cut every 3 LEDs into smaller pieces, without damaging the rest of the strip. They are also easy to install and it comes with a self-adhesive sticky back. It also includes 10pcs of LED strip clips and screws.