93 High-Flying Gifts For Bird Lovers To Chirp About

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Bird lovers just can’t get enough of our beautiful avian friends. From the colorful feathers to the mesmerizing beaks and graceful soaring and gliding, there’s just something unique and enchanting about birds. Perch-ase your bird-loving friends and family a gift they will be raven about, before they all fly off the shelf.

High Tech Spotting Scope
Take bird watching to an all new level. With the High Tech Spotting Scope they'll feel like they could watch the birds from Mount Everest. It is sold with a carrying case, eyepiece lens cap and port cover. The High Tech Spotting Scope comes with a great warranty and customer support.

Outdoor Garden Bird Bath
Bring a smile to Mom's or your wife's face with the antique design of the Outdoor Garden Bird Bath. It is 28 inches high and it's lightweight. This bird bath will stay where you put it with its 3 garden stakes. The Outdoor Garden Bird Bath will add beauty to the yard or garden, and she can watch the birds bathe. They will appreciate it!

Portable Bird Cage
The person on your list who is a bird lover will appreciate the Portable Bird Cage made of wrought iron. It is a perfect size for two parrots, and it has a wooden perch outside the cage. The cage can easily travel because it weights only 13 pounds. The Portable Bird Cage is a great gift!

Nutritious Bird Food
Nutritious Bird Food makes a great gift for those who want to help the birds stay well-fed during the cold months. This bird food can also be used in bird feeders so the bird lover can attract more birds. This 25# bag of Nutritious Bird Food attracts the most varieties of birds. The bird fan will thank you for this gift!

Christmas Bird Puzzle
Any bird lover on your list will love the Christmas Bird Puzzle. It is very colorful and features various birds perched by a bird house among the flowers. The puzzle is 1000 pieces, and when they're finished, it will measure 30 x 24 inches in size. You can be sure that they will appreciate this lovely Christmas Bird Puzzle.

Bird Guide Of North America
A great gift for children on your gift list is the Bird Guide of North America. It is designed to teach kids various types of birds while having fun with activities and articles. This Bird Guide of North America is appropriate for kids in Grade 3 to Grade 7. This colorful bird guide will provide hours of fun for kids.

KODAK 16 Friendly Zoom
The KODAK 16 Friendly Zoom camera is the perfect gift to give the bird lover for any occasion. With this camera, they will be able to capture rare photos easily, no matter where they are. It has a 15X optical zoom so they can see enlarged photos on the KODAK 16 Friendly Zoom camera. They'll love the many features on this camera.

Oil Bird Print
Looking for a special gift for someone? The Oil Bird Print will add happiness to their home and will be appreciated. This 24 x 48 inch print has 5 colorful birds sitting on a wire. Bring a touch of nature to your friend or family member with this Oil Bird Print. It's ready to hang somewhere where they will see it often.

Blue Bird Earrings
Do you need a gift for Mom, another family member or friend? If she is a bird lover, Blue Bird Earrings will fill her with delight. The handcrafted sterling silver inlay earrings feature darling blue birds perched on each earring. These Blue Bird Earrings are nickel-free so even those with sensitive skin can wear them. She will thank you for this lovely gift!

Rose Gold Bird Bracelet
The Rose Gold Bird Bracelet is a great choice for the woman who is a bird fan. The bracelet is delicate in design and features a darling bird perched on a tree branch. It is adjustable, so anyone with a 6 to 8 inch wrists could wear this beautiful Rose Gold Bird Bracelet. It's delivered in a small velvet pouch.

Rowley Bird Curtains
The Rowley Bird Curtains are darling with rows of multi-colored birds perched in rows on a white background. They will delight the bird lover who receives them for a gift. At 84 inches in length, they will fit most windows. They are made of polyester and can be machine washed in cold water. The Rowley Bird Curtains also have a room darkening feature for better sleep.

Window Bird Feeder
A welcome gift for the bird lover is the Window Bird Feeder. When you attach it to any window with the extra-strong suction cups and fill it with birdseed, you will attract many varieties of birds. Kids and adults will enjoy The Window Bird Feeder. See birds up close as you sit at your dining table or standing at the kitchen sink!

Comforter Set Bird Print
The Comforter Set Bird Print is the perfect choice for a gift for anyone who wants to add some charm and cheer to another's bedroom. Your friend or family member will enjoy seeing the multi-colored birds perched in rows across the comforter set. This 7-piece Comforter Set Bird Print gives the bedroom a brand new look.

The Bedside Book Of Birds
The Bedside Book of Birds will be a perfect gift for the bird lover. It features 392 pages and is a hardcover book written by a birdwatcher who understands the connection between humans and birds. The Bedside Book of Birds would be a great addition to the coffee table or nightstand in your friend's or loved one's home.

Bird Cribbage Board Set
If you're hunting for the right gift for the person who enjoys cribbage and darling birds, the Bird Cribbage Board Set will thrill them. Two decks of cards are included with paintings of birds on the front of the decks. The Bird Cribbage Board Set includes a sturdy box for storage, along with 9 metal pegs. This set will be used often.

Backyard Birding Flashcards
The bird fan on your list who is a birdwatcher will treasure the Backyard Birding Flashcards. The set includes 100 cards. Fifty of them feature Eastern and Western North American birds and 50 flashcards focus on common birds found across the USA. The Backyard Birding Flashcards are an easy and convenient way to learn more about birds.

Bird Bedding
Bird Bedding will add luxury to someone you gift with this lovely bedding set. It features gray and white birds on the golden green background. The duvet set will stay in place with the ties provided with this Bird Bedding. It is available in both Queen and King sizes. Your loved one will enjoy this duvet bedding with its unique and beautiful design.

Wooden Bird House
A wonderful Wooden Bird House will add charm to the friend's or loved one's yard. It is designed to be a church with wooden and metal construction. This Wooden Bird House is hand-painted and is very sturdy due to the metal roof. This bird house will be welcomed by the bird lover who can place it in their garden.

Sterling Silver Bird Earrings
The Sterling Silver Bird Earrings are a lovely gift for a teen or adult. The bird lover will surely treasure them. Made of sterling silver, they also include nikel so they won't cause problems even for sensitive skin. The Sterling Silver Bird Earrings feature silver birds with carvings in the wings for extra charm. She will love them!

Bird Sheer Curtains
A lovely touch for a dining room, living room, or bedroom is a set of Bird Sheer Curtains. They will be a much loved gift for Mom, your wife, or other family member. The Bird Sheer Curtains feature birds embroidered across the curtains in white. Give the gift that will add light to their room while bringing a smile to their face!

Blank Bird Note Cards
Anyone who loves the beauty of birds will like the Blank Bird Note Cards for a gift from you. They are made of 100% recycled material. Each of the Blank Bird Note Cards has a painting of one of the birds of North America. The bird lover will enjoy looking at and using such beautiful note cards. Practical gift for the one who loves birds!

Bird Ceramic Spoon Rest
Add some beauty to the kitchen of a bird lover on your list. The Bird Ceramic Spoon Rest is an appropriate gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other occasion. The multi-colored Bird Ceramic Spoon Rest features a red and blue bird and is sprinkled with colorful flowers all around them. A spoon rest means less cleaning after cooking!

Plate Bird Set
The charming Plate Bird Set will add charm and cheer to any bird lover's table. The set includes 4 dinner plates that each have a large redbird and a large bluebird in the middle. The Plate Bird Set also has bright red rims around each plate, scattered with multi-colored flowers. Mom or another loved-one will treasure them!

Metal Bird Wall Decor
The Metal Bird Wall Decor would add a charming touch to the bird lovers home. If you're looking for the perfect gift, these silver flying birds may be it. This wall hanging would look great above a bed or couch, in the dining room, or in another room. The Metal Bird Wall Decor is handcrafted and very special.

Birds On A Wire Mug
A great gift for a co-worker or another who enjoys collecting mugs and also loves birds is the Birds on a Wire Mug. When it's empty, it has outlines of birds. Pour some hot tea or coffee and colorful birds appear as the outlines are filled in. The Birds on a Wire Mug is a great conversation starter!

Bird Placemats
Make any meal special with the beautiful flying Bird Placemats. With a white background and 2 lovely birds flying towards each other, the placemats are very special. They are sold in a set of 4 placemats that are 13 x 19 inches. Any bird lover will love the flying Bird Placemats. They are great for gift-giving and will be appreciated.

Cardinal Birds Oven Mitt
The Cardinal Birds Oven Mitt makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list, especially for the bird lover. The mitt features a brown and a red cardinal perched on branches with snow in the background. The mitt will not slip because it has a textured grip to keep your friend's or loved one's hands safe while cooking. Great for grilling too!

Canvas Bird Print
Surprise Mom or your wife with the Canvas Bird Print. It would add an elegant look to the bedroom, dining room, or to another room. The print is 36 x 36 inches in size. It features 2 bluebirds perched on a tree with white flowers. The Canvas Bird Print has a blue background. This lovely handpainted print is framed and ready for hanging. She'll be thrilled!

The Beautiful Coffee Mug
The Beautiful Coffee Mug is a great gift for a special person on your gift list. It features a large red cardinal on the front. The bird really stands out against the mug's black background. There are also berries, leaves, and flowers that add to the beauty. The Beautiful Coffee Mug has a lid for sipping, and it will be appreciated.

Cardinal Bird Wind Chime
Light up your outdoor space with the Cardinal Bird Wind Chime. It is solar powered to add lighting to your patio or lawn. Six red cardinals hang down for a beautiful display. They will dance in the wind while powering up with the sun. The Cardinal Wind Chime is waterproof and has a special design. It will make someone very happy!

Ceramic Oval Bird Platter
The Ceramic Oval Bird Platter will add charm and beauty to the dinner table. It is a great gift for a family member or friend. The platter features 2 birds facing each other in the middle. There is a white border around the Ceramic Oval Bird Platter that has additional small birds and flowers Great for family gatherings!

Pop Up Bird Cards
A Pop Up Bird card is perfect for Dad or another family member if you can't give them a real bird,. There is plenty of room inside to write your personal message. The Pop Up Bird Card is laser cut and hand-assembled to look very genuine. The stand-up bird will surprise them and bring joy to their heart!

Birds On A Wire Canvas
The Birds on a Wire Canvas would be a special gift for a loved one or good friend. It features 10 colorful birds sitting in a row on a wire. The background is white, so they really stand out. The Birds on a Wire Canvas will add charm and cheer to any room in the house. It will bring a smile to someone's face!

Green Bird Bedding
If Mom, your sister, or a dear friend with a king size bed is redecorating their bedroom, why not give them the Green Bird Bedding? It is charming with birds sitting on branches looking so cute. The birds are red, blue, and yellow, and this Green Bird Bedding is sure to bring cheer to their home. Great for any occasion!!

1000 Piece Bird Puzzle
Surprise Grandma, Mom, or a friend with the 1000 Piece Bird Puzzle. It is a bright and colorful puzzle. This bright, cheerful 1000 Piece Bird Puzzle will be enjoyed with all of its birds and flowers. A great gift for the bird lover on your list!

Backpack Bird Carrier
If you know a bird lover who travels with their bird, they would appreciate the Backpack Bird Carrier. The Backpack Bird Carrier is complete with an interior perch and feeding bowl. Help keep their cherished pet safe with this special bird carrier.

Crow Coffee Mug
A cute gift for your co-worker or someone in your family who loves birds is the Crow Coffee Mug. It is made of ceramic and has a large crow on the front. Below this, it saws 'Cawfee' in large letters. The receiver will get a laugh out of the Crow Coffee Mug. It's microwave and dishwasher safe too!

Blue Herons Garden Statues
If someone on your gift list complains about how empty their yard and garden are, give them the gift of Blue Herons Garden Statues. They are 40 inches tall and made of metal. The Blue Herons Garden Statues are hand-painted and will add charm to the garden. 3D feathers are attached one at a time for a realistic look.

Bird Blown Glass Figurine
A bird lover would enjoy receiving a Bird Blown Glass Figurine as your gift. The Birds are all made by hand, so it will be a one-of-a-kind gift. The Bird Blown Glass Figurine makes a nice present for a birthday, holiday, or any other occasion. It will add color and charm to their home or office.

Bird Cocktail Glasses
The lovely Bird Cocktail Glasses would be a perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding, or another special occasion. The clear glasses are sold in a set of 2, and each one holds 5 oz of wine or other liquid. The Bird Cocktail Glasses are shaped like birds and would be fun to enjoy a drink from. Bring some cheer to your friend's life!

Stained Glass Hummingbird
The Stained Glass Hummingbird would be a gift that the bird lover would cherish. It can be hung indoors, and would look especially charming in front of a kitchen window. Your friend or loved one could also hang the Stained Glass Hummingbird outside on the deck or patio. Add color to their home with this unique gift.

Cardinal Bird Ornaments
Anyone who loves nature and cardinals will like the Cardinal Bird Ornaments. They can be used on the Christmas tree, or you could place them on a curtain because each one has a clip for easy use. There are 12 Cardinal Bird Ornaments in a set, so put them anywhere that could use a bird!

Bar Bird Martini Picks
Someone on your gift list will love the cute Bar Bird Martini Picks. They are made of stainless steel and are sold in sets of 6. These picks have stainless steel bottoms and metalheads with realistic-looking bird heads on each one. The Bar Bird Martini Picks will add some extra fun at your friend's or loved one's next party.

Mini Western Tanager Bird Ornament
A beautiful gift for the bird lover you know is the Mini Western Tanager Bird Ornament. It is made of plastic in colors of black, gold, and orange. The Mini Western Tanager Bird Ornament is a keepsake ornament, so start a new tradition in your gift giving and present the bird fan with an ornament each year. A small pine cone hangs from his neck.

Oval Bird Frame
Give someone the antique designed Oval Bird Frame. It features a light green oval with carved silver birds and flowers. This frame has a black velvet finish on the back, and it's ready to be hung in any room. The Oval Bird Frame can also sit on a table or a desk for an added dose of cheer. Lots of vintage charm!

Desk Bird Clock
Any bird fan will love the Desk Bird Clock. It is very unique because birds replace the numerals for the hours. When a new hour begins, the particular bird for that hour sings his song. The Desk Bird Clock can be used on a desk or hung on the wall. It's sure to teach the receiver the specific songs each bird sings.

Black Crow Enamel Pins
Kids and women sometimes enjoy wearing Black Crow Enamel Pins on Halloween. Crows are just like other birds, so these Black Crow Enamel Pins can be worn any day of the year. Place them on your bookbag, hat, or purse for an attractive style that is also fun. They can also be worn on shirts, jackets, and coats. A fun gift for the bird lover!

Cast Iron Bird Soap Dish
The Cast Iron Bird Soap Dish can be used to hold soap or as a bath decoration with guest soaps. The lovely soap dish features 3 birds that perch on the back. Some people use the Cast Iron Bird Soap Dish as a coin holder when emptying pockets. Others use it to hold their jewelry. There are many uses for it!

Bird Soap Mold
A fun gift to give is the Bird Soap Mold. The person who loves crafts and birds will truly enjoy making their own bird soap. Once you make the soap, pour it in the Bird Soap Mold. When it dries, it will look like a realistic bird with many details. It's lots of fun to make and will look stylish in the bath.

Bird Drawing Coloring Book
The Bird Drawing Coloring Book will be a lot of fun for the person who appreciates birds. It is designed for older kids and adults who would enjoy learning to draw them step-by-step. Colored pencils will help you draw the birds with this Bird Drawing Coloring Book with 112 pages.

Patterned Bird Socks
Patterned Bird Socks are the ideal socks for the man who enjoys learning about and watching birds. These socks are sold in a pack of 5, and 4 pairs have toucans, parrots, and other bright birds printed on them. Patterned Bird Socks will make him happy as he pursues his bird watching hobby. A great gift for any occasion.

I Like Birds Shirt
A simple t-shirt for almost anyone on your list is the I Like Birds Shirt. The shirts are available in styles and sizes for men, women, and youth. Shirts are made of 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blends. An I Like Birds Shirt has the phrase, 'I Like Birds' printed on it in lowercase letters in a modern, minimalist style.

Bird Tissue Paper
Why not get some Bird Tissue Paper to wrap gifts for Mom, your wife, sister, or other loved one? They will enjoy the colorful paper with a variety of birds, flowers, and leaves printed on it. Bird Tissue Paper adds an extra surprise for them, especially if you are planning to buy them a bird gift. They will be so surprised and happy!

Bird Decal
Bring some happiness to someone on your gift list by giving them a Bird Decal. They might want to put several of these colorful birds on their wall. The Bird Decal is perfect for a child's room or nursery. They are simple to use by peeling them and pressing them onto the wall. They are perfect for a baby shower or any other occasion.

Bird Dress
The devoted bird fan will love the Bird Dress that you give her for a gift. The dress can be worn to work or for dining out, or it can be made into a casual outfit when worn as a tunic over pants. The Bird Dress has birds perched on branches on a black background.

Bird Lotion Pump
A Bird Lotion Pump is a special gift for the bird lover. It is made of ivory ceramic and features a bluebird standing amid the branches of a tree. This Bird Lotion Pump isn't only for lotion. It can also be used for soap. With its gold accents and cap, it will add class and style to her bath or kitchen. She will treasure it!

White Distressed Bird Soap Dish
The perfect gift for the person on your gift list who loves birds and a bird decor is the White Distressed Bird Soap Dish. It is made of ceramic and has three birds perched on the back of the soap dish. She will love the details on this White Distressed Bird Soap Dish!

Bird Throw Blanket
The bird fan on your list, whether it's Mom, a sister, or a good friend, will love the Bird Throw Blanket. It is comfortable and beautiful with its white background and lovely bluebirds perched on wire. The throw is quilted, so it's warm and cozy. The Bird Throw Blanket is made of polyester and is 60 x 50 inches in size. It's so darling!

Small Cuckoo Clock
If you want a very special gift for the bird lover, the Small Cuckoo Clock is just right. It is carved from cherry wood and has a bird that comes out of his home every hour. There is a night mode that keeps the bird inside between 10pm and 6am The Small Cuckoo Clock has lots of charm and class.

4K Digital Camera
The 4K Digital Camera makes a fantastic gift for the bird lover on your list. This camera can take close ups of their little friends due to the Zoom feature. There is also a Low Light performance capability so they will be able to capture birds in their nests at night. A wonderful gift for the special person in your life.

Compact Binoculars
Your loved one will enjoy your gift of Compact Binoculars. These binoculars can be folded to be a small palm-size for convenience. They have low light performance for seeing birds when it is almost dark. Help your Dad or brother see more of the birds that they love with this pair of binoculars. They will help them expand their bird watching!

Bird Scarf
If you need a lovely gift for a woman who enjoys birds, surprise her with a Bird Scarf. It is designed with a light blue background with darling birds perched on branches. The scarf is lightweight, so she can wear it in warm weather. She will appreciate the fact that you remembered her love for birds and gave her the Bird Scarf.

Bird Building Model Kit
The Bird Building Modeling is a Lego kit with a Blue Jay, Robin, and Hummingbird to build. The teen or adult who loves birds and likes to build will love this gift from you. Each bird has its own stand with its Latin name written on it. The kit comes with a booklet that tells more about the bird you are building.

Bird On Wire Table Runner
Your Mom or the special lady in your life will enjoy the Bird on Wire Table Runner. It will add color and happiness to the dinner table with its cheerful birds sitting on a wire. The table runner is available in 3 sizes to fit any table. The Bird on Wire makes a wonderful gift for the person who loves nature and birds.

Bird Metal Art
Do you need a meaningful gift for Dad for a special occasion? The Bird Metal Art consists of 5 black birds sitting on a wire. It would look great in his office or den, or any other room. This Bird Metal Art will be meaningful to any person who is a bird watcher or who appreciates birds.

Bird Umbrella
The Bird Umbrella has a row of birds on a wire all around the umbrella. The umbrella is clear, so the birds really stand out. Each bird has his own design of gingham or other patterns. Any bird lover on your list will enjoy the rain! The Bird Umbrella is sturdy and lightweight.

Bird Bookmarks
Gift the bird lover with Bird Bookmarks to remind them of their favorite animal. The bookmarks are sold in a set of 30, so Dad may share them if he is the receiver of your gift. Each bookmark features one species, so he will probably learn about some birds that are new to him. Bird Bookmarks are perfect when a small gift is needed.

Bird Cookie Cutter
Surprise the baker who loves birds and likes to bake cookies with shapes. Dad or Grandpa can gather up the kids and try them out. Each cookie cutter has a unique design. There are 6 cookie cutters in this set, including a dove, hummingbird, and seagull. The Bird Cookie Cutter set makes a fun gift for the whole family.

Bird Candle Holder
A delightful gift for the bird lover is the Bird Candle Holder. It features a small bird looking at the candle, which sits in the bird's nest. It's made of grayish black metal and will add a touch of charm to the gift receiver's desk or table. The Bird Candle Holder is appropriate for any gift-giving occasion. It will provide a touch of charm!

Bird Wallpaper
Bird Wallpaper will add the fresh look of nature to a bath, kitchen, or laundry room. It is a gorgeous floral pattern scattered with colorful birds and butterflies. The wallpaper is sold in rolls of 11 yards, and it is not prepasted. Customize a room in your home with Bird Wallpaper. It makes a great gift for any bird lover!

Microfiber Bird Beach Towel
This Microfiber Bird Beach Towel is a great gift for Dad. It features a bright blue background with black billed birds scattered on it. Dad would love it for the gym, for camping, or for the beach or pool. The Microfiber Bird Beach Towel dries quickly because it is made from microfiber. Surprise him with a gift he'll appreciate.

Large Copper Colored Multi-Birdhouse
Delight Mom and Dad or your wife with the Large Copper Colored Birdhouse that houses 4 different bird families. The bird lover who wants to see more bird action will really go wild when they see this large multi-family birdhouse. The Large Copper Colored Birdhouse will make someone very happy!

Garden Welcome Bird Sign
If your Dad is a bird watcher who loves birds, the Garden Welcome Bird Sign would be a great gift for him. This welcome sign has 'Welcome' above the beautiful bluebirds sitting on a branch. Below the birds is a bell. The Garden Welcome Bird Sign lets visitors know that your Dad really likes birds.

Flamingo Garden Statues
The beautiful pink Flamingo Garden Statues will make a great gift for Dad. He will enjoy seeing the large 16 inch birds as he works outside. They can stand in the garden, on the patio, or on the front porch. Flamingo Garden Statues are very realistic. Their body and tail feathers are attached one at a time. They are sure to please!

His Eye Is On The Sparrow Wall Art
The His Eye Is On The Sparrow Wall Art is a beautifully designed plaque that is ready to hang. It makes a great gift for Mom or Dad or someone at church. The His Eye Is On The Sparrow Wall Art also says And I Know He Watches Me on a white background that looks like a picket fence. Charming!

Brown Flying Birds Modern Metal Wall Art
The one on your gift list who loves birds will really like the Brown Flying Birds Modern Metal Wall Art that you give them. This wall art features a flock of birds made of lightweight metal. It would look great in any modern or contemporary decor. The Brown Flying Birds Modern Metal Wall Art is very attractive and will be appreciated!

Metal Round Wall Decor With Birds
Are you unsure of what to give the bird lover for a gift? The Metal Round Wall Decor With Birds will thrill them. Two black birds are perched and are looking at each other. The bird fan will find the perfect place in their home for this Metal Round Wall Decor With Birds. Bring a smile to their face!

Hummingbird Coasters
Are you looking for a small gift for a bird lover? Everyone can use new coasters, so how about a beautiful set of 6 coasters? The Hummingbird Coasters have different birds featured on each coaster. They are made of ceramic stone and have cork backs. Hummingbird Coasters will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys birds.

Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds
A unique gift for the bird lover is the book of Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds. Each page features a photo of a bird and an audio of the unique song that this bird sings. The book has 368 pages filled with birds. Gift the bird fan with Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds book. They will thank you!

Solar Bird-Feeder For Outside
You can be sure to please Dad with a Solar Bird-Feeder For Outside. He will really appreciate the extra large solar panel that will light his garden for 8-12 hours. Gorgeous multiple colors appear when the Solar Bird-Feeder For Outside lights up. Never replace batteries because it is solar powered. This cheerful bird-feeder can be used on the patio or in the garden.

Bird Parrot Swing Toys
If you are looking for a gift for a friend who has a parrot or another small to medium-sized bird, the Bird Parrot Swing Toys make a great gift. Made of wood and natural rope, they will give their parrot hours of fun and exercise. The Bird Parrot Swing Toys will provide fun for your friend as well as for the bird!

Birds Of The Photo Ark
A beautiful book to give a friend who loves birds is Birds Of The Photo Ark. It contains photos of over 300 bird species. Some of these are rare birds that may not be seen except in the book, Birds Of The Photo Ark. This book will delight your friend with its 240 pages of birds from around the world.

Garden Crane Statues
If you are confused about the perfect gift for the bird lover, the Garden Crane Statues are a great option. These large birds are over 17 inches wide and are over 45 inches tall. The Garden Crane Statues are very realistic. This is because each body and tail feather is attached one by one. They would look stylish in their garden.

Pink Flamingo Neon Sign
A fun gift for the person who loves birds is the Pink Flamingo Neon Sign. It would look good in a family room, finished basement, or anywhere in their home. Kids love these Pink Flamingo Neon Sign lights for their bedrooms to use as nightlights. It is made of aluminum and can easily be attached to the wall.

Welcome Bird Doormat
Add some charm and cheerfulness to your environment with the Welcome Bird Doormat. It also makes a great gift for the bird fan. This doormat features one red, blue, and yellow bird, each standing in the bright green grass. The word Welcome is written above them. The Welcome Bird Doormat will bring happiness to your doorstep.

DIY Birdhouse Kit
The DIY Birdhouse Kit is a fun activity for the bird lover. Gather the kids and make a home for the birds. It is easy with the DIY Birdhouse Kit that has everything you need to complete your project. The Kit also contains a chain to hang your completed project and a Bird Discovery Guide to learn more about our feathered friends.

Solar Powered Led Lighted Birdbath
If you are looking for a gift for a special friend or loved one, the Solar Powered Led Lighted Birdbath is it! This birdbath has an antique design and cutouts around the border where birds can perch. The Solar Powered Led Lighted Birdbath never needs batteries since it gets its power from the sun.. The birds will thank you for it!

Bird Coloring Book
Give Grandma, Mom, or Aunt Shirley the Bird Coloring Book. They will find it very relaxing as they carefully color in the details of famous birds. The Bird Coloring Book has 96 pages full of lovely birds. This is not a coloring book for little kids! The bird lover will appreciate the Bird Coloring Book, and they will learn more about birds!

Bird Phone Case
The woman or girl who loves birds will enjoy this Bird Phone Case for the iPhone. It is clear and features hummingbirds and other birds on the back. Protect your phone from drops or damage with the Bird Phone Case. It's a well-loved gift for teens and women who can take the birds with them with them with this Phone Case.

Ceramic Bird Figurine Home Decor
Stumped about what to give the bird lover at the next holiday? How about the Ceramic Bird Figurine Home Decor that features 3 darling birds? All 3 of them are in different positions. The Ceramic Bird Figurine Home Decor birds will add charm to the table or anywhere in their home. The birds are glazed ceramic with great details.

White Bird Candle Pillar
A darling gift for the holidays, a birthday, or any special occasion are the White Bird Candle Pillar candle holders. They are vintage style candle holders that are sold in a set. The person who receives your gift will appreciate the White Bird Candle Pillar candle holders shaped like bird cages. They will add charm to their home.

Relaxing Fountain
A tabletop fountain will bring rest and peace to your friend or family member when you give them this Relaxing Fountain. Water flows down on this water fountain from 4 tiers.. You can place rocks in each tier to bring another element of nature into your home. This Relaxing Fountain will reduce stress and to help them to relax.

Bird Sound Machine
The bird lover on your list would love the Bird Sound Machine. It replicates the sounds of birds chirping each time you walk by the machine. The Bird Sound Machine birds tweet for 2 minutes after you pass by. It's a unique gift that is sure to please the person who loves nature and birds.