95 Meaningful Gifts For 18 Year Old Boys He Will Want To Use

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He might be a bitcoin miner or a Minecraft lover, but he’s no longer a minor. Whether he’s taking on an apprenticeship, going off to college, or going straight to the league, these gifts are perfect for the new adult citizen in your life. These gifts are practical, unique, and fun, ranging from DIY books to drones for amazing photography.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket
This thick brown leather motorcycle jacket is a great gift for a birthday or another big event. The hood also comes off so they can wear it during the winter or the fall. The leather is on the outside with some great polyester to keep warm and with two hand pockets, they will be comfortable all winter long.

Adulting T-Shirt
They are 18 now and ready to join the adult world! And this t-shirt is a great option to help them celebrate becoming an adult and the changes that show up in their daily world. This shirt is easy to clean and comfortable, providing them with a great gift they are sure to love.

Macbook Laptop
Send them off to college with the one accessory that they need, an Apple MacBook Pro. This computer has all of the great features that they need with plenty of speed and storage so they can keep up with their work for all their time in school.

Longboard Cruiser
Give them what they really want this birthday; one of the coolest skateboards around. This is a Magneto Kicktail Cruiser made out of a hard maple and bamboo deck that is sure to last a long time. Whether they cruise around, want to do tricks, or are looking for a way to get around town, this is the skateboard they need.

Night Light Bluetooth Speaker
Keep them on schedule and out the door on time with this neat night light and Bluetooth speaker. This will provide them with all of the features they need for music, telling the time, and even cool colors to make it more fun to use.

Leather Trifold Wallet
It’s time for them to enter the adult world and enjoy a genuine and beautiful wallet this birthday. This Tommy Hilfiger wallet is made out of genuine leather and is able to hold onto their ID, credit cards, and everything else they need. It is compact enough to fit in a pocket and is ready to go with them everywhere.

Camera Drone
Your young adult still wants to have fun like a kid and this mini drone with a camera will help them to do just that. They will have fun soaring around, taking videos and pictures, and seeing the world from a new angle all the time. Simple to use and a lot of fun, they will love this gift for their birthday.

Tortilla Blanket
It’s a burrito, it’s a blanket, it’s both in one! This fun and unique blanket can be a funny gift for the new adult in your life. The soft flannel will keep them warm and comfortable all day long as they study or go to sleep. And at 60 inches long, it is ideal for anyone.

Guide to Manhood
Your son is a man, so give him the manual to manhood. He is certain to have a lot of questions as he gets older and will need help deciphering the big world around him. This manual will help them learn 100 skills that every man needs to know to impress the girls, change a tire, and so much more.

Nintendo Switch
Update their gaming system before they run off to college with the Nintendo Switch. This is the basic set that will help them have the controllers, the system and everything else they need to get started. Add in a few games and they are ready to go.

3D Realistic Hoodies
This is a hoodie unlike any other and will quickly become one of his favorites. This is a realistic hoodie that can bend the mind and confuse those who first see it. There are several options to choose from to change expectations and give him a sweater he will actually want to wear.

Mountain Bike
It is time for them to get on the road and see the world. This bike has a great braking system with a front and rear disc so that they can go as fast as they want and still stop safely. The suspension fork will smooth out the bumps and the easy assembly will be your favorite too.

Beard Grooming Kit
They look like a man, now it is time for them to shave and groom like a man. This beard grooming kit has all of the items they will need to get some of the grooming done. From shampoo to oil to a comb and scissors, they will look sharp when they leave the house.

Apple AirPods
Upgrade their musical system and get them the earphones that they have been looking for. These Apple AirPods are some of the best on the market. They provide some active noise cancellation and transparency mode so the user can still hear and connect with the world around them while jamming out.

Nightstand Organizer
Help them learn how to stay organized and how to find everything they need with this organizer and phone docking station. This is a quality wooden product that is designed to last. The bottom is made out of a thick material that will make this feel elegant while keeping everything organized along the way.

Massage Pillow
The days can be long and tough and this neck massager will be the perfect gift to help them feel relaxed when they are done. There are two flexible straps that will keep this in place while providing the deep tissue massage that they need to get rid of all the pain.

Adidas Shoes
They have grown so much over the past few years, and now it is time for them to need a new pair of shoes as well. Adidas is a brand that you can trust a long time and upgrading their shoes before they leave the house can be a smart decision.

Care Package Box
Make sure that your loved one feels loved thanks to this caring and warm blanket that they can wrap in all day long. The blanket is so soft that you are going to want one of your own. And with some encouraging words and a pampering environment, this is the gift that will warm the heart.

Men's Two-Tone Slipper
Keep their feet warm and comfy when they head off to college or their own apartment. These slippers work great inside and outside, with a hard sole on the bottom and plush cushion on the inside. The memory foam is going to quickly become the favorite part around the foot so they can walk around all day long.

Hot Sauce Making Kit
Spice things up and make their food even better, even if you are not a fan of spice. This hot sauce making kit provides all the ingredients they need to create some fun spice blends of their own. They can follow a recipe or do some up on their own for the best results.

Personal Neck Fan
Does the 18 year old in your life always run hot and struggle with keeping cool, no matter what the temperature is outside. This is a personal fan that has two side vents that can provide a lot of cool to them when they are outside, going to bed, or anywhere else.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit
Herbs can be a great way to spice up the meals you make and can be fun to make. And when your son is limited on the new space they will call home, they will not be able to have a full garden like they can at home. This indoor herb garden set will help them get started, without taking up space.

Ring Toss Game
This game is fun for all ages and is easy to set up and start to place. You can put it up just on the wall or on the ground and start playing for the most parts. This will keep them busy while they are supposed to be studying or is a great way to break the ice with new friends.

Snack Box Variety Pack
Spread the joy this birthday with this variety care pack that they are sure to love. This one has all of the treats that they need to really have a good snack and to share with others when they are at the college dorm. They are sure to find some of their favorites in no time.

Leather Backpack
Now that they are grown up, it is time for them to get a grownup backpack. This is a large capacity backpack that is able to hold onto a 15.6 inch laptop and all of the extras that they need to carry around to class or work.

The Easy College Cookbook
Make sure that they always have something delicious to eat when they are away with this easy college cookbook. Even those with the most basic of cooking skills will enjoy the tasty meals that are inside, with many options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

Bedside Caddy Organizer
Help them keep their dorm or room organized with this bedside caddy organizer. It includes 12 pockets to store everything they need in one place, including a new pocket to hold onto their laptop. When they are limited on space, this caddy will help get it all off the floor and organized.

Shocking Potato Game
This is a shockingly fun party game! This is a great way to take the simple game of Hot Potato to the next level. There are three game modes to enjoy and it always ends with a shocking finish that will keep them entertained with their friends for hours.

Vintage Nintendo Poster Prints
Let them have a fun way to decorate their room with these high-quality printed posters. These include some of the vintage images of Nintendo, giving them something fun to work with in their room. They are easy to frame and will make their room look amazing.

Cushion Covers with Pocket
These cushion covers are not only functional and soft, they include pillows to store those books or anything else that they need. There are several colors to choose from based on what they like and they are easy to add to any room in the home.

Star Wars T-Shirt
Star Wars has always been in style, and this Yoda shirt will provide them with the wisdom that they need. Help them to transport themselves into a galaxy that is far away and show off their love of all things Star Wars to everyone they meet.

Men's Astro Ridge Full Zip
Keep them warm and stylish all winter long. Whether they want to keep warm while running between classes or need something that is a little nicer, this The North Face Men’s Astro Ridge is the perfect option. With several colors and styles to choose from, this is a sweater that looks amazing.

Motivational Wall Art
As they head off to their new life, they need all of the motivation that they can get. This motivational wall art poster is all about your mindset, with an inspirational quote of “Mindset is Everything”, with a goldfish wearing a shark fin on the top. This is sure to get some smiles and provide the motivation you need.

Foldable Laptop Tray
They are getting ready to enter the world of academia, and they need lots of room to spread out and do their studying from anywhere. This portable and foldable laptop tray will help them to hold all the things they need when they are ready to study, no matter where they need to go.

Microplush Fleece Blanket
Help them to make their bed comfy, wherever they may go. This is a huge comforter made out of fleece that will provide the ultimate in comfort and warmth. It is plush and cozy and easy to clean up, so they do not need to be experts at laundry by the time they use it.

Beef Jerky Box
Beef Jerky is a tasty snack that will make sure they are full and happy each day of the week. And with this jerky box, they will be able to get a taste of all the different flavors all in one place. Choose one that is for the health nut, one of everything, or a simple and savory option to please the taste buds.

Master Mentors Book
Everyone needs a mentor and you want to make sure they have the very best. This Master Mentors book will provide all the insights that any 18 year old needs as they get ready to enter the world and try something new. These insights can help them get ahead in life and prepares them for all the big challenges coming.

Star Wars Burned Wooden Spoons
These funny and unique cartoon pattern wooden spoons are sure to be a hit for that boy who needs to get out there and start cooking his own meals. They are easy to clean and store and the Star Wars characters on them can make cooking a lot more fun.

Cotton Bathrobe
Whether they are moving into a dorm or getting ready to share an apartment, a bathrobe is going to be a stable they need. But why provide them with a bathrobe that is uncomfortable or small when they can go with one that is comfortable and soft! Add in the two pockets and you will see why this is a great choice.

Electric Scooter
They will never look cooler than when they cruise around town on their very own electric scooter for adults. This one is able to go up to 16 miles per hour and has a 19 mile range before you need to recharge, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

Electronic Memory & Brain Game
This flashing cube electronic memory game can be a great way to keep them sharp and have some fun. This includes some speed games that will really challenge the player and it is easy to learn, though it takes some time to master. Enjoy this light show and have a lot of fun along the way.

Novelty Crew Socks Pack
Everyone needs new socks, but why get some of the boring white ones when you can get these fun dress socks in colorful and full designs. From pizza to aliens and everything in between, these socks are fun and will make work and daily life so much better.

Beanie Hat Wireless Headphone
Keep them styling and ready to play outside all the time with this Bluetooth Beanie Hat wireless headphones that will look really cool in the process. This hat is designed to work well for everyone who needs to keep warm in the winter while listening to their favorite songs along the way.

Millenium Falcon Light
Help them light up the night and have something cool to look at with this cool Star Wars Lamp. The 3D image is of the millennium falcon, which can be really cool to look at through the night from all angles. This is the best high-quality gift for all Star Wars fans.

Emergency Survival Kit
When they are out in the wild of being an adult, they need the best survival kit to help them. This kit has everything they will need in a simple package that is easy to carry around. With a survival bracelet to a fire starter and everything in between, this kit will help them all the time.

Wooden Puzzle
For the kid who has always loved puzzles, but is now too old to do some of the options out there, this 3D wooden puzzle is a great option. They will get to work from all different angles and create something that is completely unique, and fun to play with, when they are done.

Korean Skin Care Set
Skincare can usually be a drag and hard to work with, but with this simple skin solution, every man can feel amazing all the time. Help them to combat some of the tired and dull skin that they get from being up all night studying and have that fresh face they need to handle any event in their life.

King George Poster
This handmake artwork is going to be a hit in no time. This is a great addition for anyone who has become a fan of the Hamilton musical. It is designed to be a unique gift that includes some of the lyrics from the musical that has now become famous over the whole country, making a great addition to any room.

Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa
Created with convenience in mind, this inflatable outdoor lounge chair is a lot of fun to help you relax and be comfortable no matter where you go. While it does need an air pump, you will be surprised that it only weighs two pounds to carry around, with the capacity of holding up to 300 pounds so everyone can share.

Graphic Jogger Pants
No 18 year old needs a regular pair of pants to wear around. They need something that is fun and imaginative. And that is just what they will get when they choose these unisex adults jogger pants. They are baggy and comfortable, making them great for a long night of studying and looking for inspiration.

Men's Sunglasses
Keep their eyes protected and them looking cool all year long with these great Italy Made sunglasses. There are different colors to choose from, including the classic black all the way to the cool red, helping their style to shine through as they head to work or walk campus this year.

Cards Against Humanity
It is time for a grown-up game night with the Cards Against Humanity card set that everyone is sure to enjoy. This set comes with 500 white cards and 100 black cards to make it easy to replay this game as many times as you want!

Meditation Inkless Drawing Board
It is time to uncover your truth and learn some of the inspiration that you need to change your life. This board is inspired by the idea of zen and living in the moment and you can use this to provide some of the mindfulness and meditation that your whole body needs.

Magic Trick Kit
Magic does not have to be difficult and with this magic makers kit, they will be able to learn 350 of the best magic tricks around. If they have ever dreamed of becoming a magician or want to learn a new trick, this kit has all of the items they will need just to get started.

Drawing Pencils and Sketch Set
Do not let them lose out on their passion of drawing and designing because they do not have the write art supplies to help them get it done. This 40-piece kit has all of the sketch set, pencils, and everything else they need to get the world of creativity up and running.

LED Game Neon Sign
Brighten up their room with something they will actually like! This LED Game Neon Sign will look really cool, and will make a great gift idea for that big gamer in your life. It is energy efficient and easy to install so they can take it on the go with them.

Wireless On-Ear Headphones
When the 18 year old in your life needs some new headphones, then look no further than these Beats Solo3 wireless options. They fit comfortably around the ear without any string and do not need any chords to make life more difficult. With 40 hours of listening time ready to go, they can hit the road with their favorite tunes.

Building Block Tie
As they prepare for college interviews, jobs, and dates, they need to have the outfit to match it all. This gift is sure to make them smile and can provide some of the best options for looking snazzy during any occasion where they need to dress up for.

Ramen Bowl Set
Since they are going off to college, they need to get used to the haute cuisine that many college students enjoy. While Ramen will become more of their daily fair, they might as well do it all in style. These cute Japanese ceramic Ramen bowls can be a great addition to bring to college or to their new apartment.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Take the music with you, no matter where you go. This speaker has all of the great sound that you want, along with a waterproof coating so it will work great in the shower, out in the rain, and anywhere else that you would like to listen to music.

Punching Bag with Stand
Getting up a good sweat is one of the keys to staying young, and this punching bag can be a great way to workout, get some training, and feel better after a long day. It is designed to spring back into place so the fun does not have to stop.

Apple Tablet
They need some of the latest technology when it comes to going to school. And this 2021 Apple iPad is a great way to get them started. They will be able to connect at school, get the work done, and still have time to call back home to you!

Dinosaur Costume
Let them connect with their inner child and have fun with this inflatable dinosaur costume? This costume can be a lot of fun to run around in and is sure to put a smile on their face. Make sure to check the sizing to get it to fit perfectly.

Fitness Tracker
Give them the gift of health and lots of energy thanks to the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness tracker. Fitbit is a name that you can trust when it comes to health monitors, and this watch is one of the best ones on their list. It has all of the tracking that you need and an easy to read interface that you will love.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife
A Swiss Army pocket knife will be a great way to help them have all of the tools they need as they head out to be an adult. This compact knife is one of the best on the market, giving many high-quality tools that you will like. This is a gift that will be useful and last a long time.

Men's Journeyman Jacket
It is time to upgrade their coat and help them enter the world with something stylish and comfortable. This coat is going to provide some of the best material with a flannel lined coat that looks amazing. The double needle stitching will help this to last a long time.

Tigger Onesie
Keep them warm and comfy while enjoying a bit of nostalgia with this Tigger onesie for adults. This is a great group costume or something fun to wear around the dorm room. It is designed to be loose-fitting to have plenty of room for comfort.

Leather Jacket
This faux leather jacket is going to provide your loved one with a comfortable way to look amazing no matter where they are. This motorcycle coat is going to look nice and has all the durability that you need to enjoy it a long time.

Magnet Fidget Toy
Give them a unique challenge that is unlike the other puzzle box toys that you are able to use. This is a fun option that you can change into 70 shapes or more as they move things around. It is like a new fidget spinner that is fun for everyone to keep their mind active.

Robot Vacuum
This robotic vacuum will help them to keep their room clean, even when you are not around to help them out. It has a self-charging station and is smart enough to make it around the room, without needing any help. Keep their home clean with some easy setting you are sure to love.

Timberland Boots
When they are ready to go to work or clomp through the snow all winter long, then they need a comfortable boot that will last a long time. These boots are made out of imported leather and they look nice to wear all year long.

Electric Hot Pot
Cooking on the stove can take a lot of time and making a delicious meal can be slowed down when a lot of people want to cook at once. If they live in a dorm room, making a good meal is even harder. This electric hot pot is going to provide a simple way to help cook up a great meal in no time.

Men's Slim Watch
Now that they are in adult, they need an adult watch to help them keep the time. Don’t just give them one that is going to fall apart in no time and not work the way that they want. Give them a watch that they really want and need with this Michael Kors watch.

Coffee Mug Set
When they head off to college, they are going to need plenty of coffee to help them stay awake and handle everything that goes on. These cups have a 15 oz. capacity to make sure they can enjoy any beverage that they want as they head out the door.

Adjustable Weight Set
Help them stay in the best shape ever and get out some of that energy out in no time. These adjustable weights can easily fit in a small apartment or the dorm room, providing them with the ease they need to meet all of their fitness goals.

Reading Pillow
Nothing is better than a big pillow when it comes to being comfortable and getting all that work done. And this large reading pillow will provide the support and comfort that you need, including arms and pockets, whether you sit on your bed, on the floor, or anywhere else!

Faux Fur Washable Rug
Give them a way to keep their feet warm at night in the dorms by providing them with this fluffy and fun rug. This rug has all of the comfort that they are going to need, with different sizes and colors to make life easier. It is also washable, so when it gets dirty, you will be able to clean it easily.

Undated Planner
Everyone needs to keep organized to make sure they do not miss out on important events, schedules, and appointments that are coming up. This simple organizer will help to track the good habits, set good goals, and keep time management going all the time. With stickers, calendar pages, and more, you will be able to set your goals in no time.

Scratch Off World Map Poster
They are ready to take on the world and have many adventures ready ahead of them. They need to keep track of all of that and this scratch off world map poster is going to include all of the accessories and other items they need to show off how far they have traveled!

Gaming Chair
Give the gamer in your life the seat that they have always wanted. This ergonomic office chair and PC gaming chair is made out of leather and includes a removable head pillow, lumbar pad, and even a footrest to help add to the amount of comfort that the person will have using it.

Punderdome Game
Puns are a way of life for a teenager, and now there is a game that they can use to really get into the spirit. This is a fun game that has 200 double-sided cards, 2 mystery envelope, and all of the other accessories that you will need to draft the puns and have fun while you put this all together.

Retro Marvel Belt
Give them a belt that they will actually like. There are so many situations where a belt is going to be nice, and this buckle down seatbelt belt is one of the best ways to keep them safe in the car. Get rid of the normal seatbelt and go with one that has some of their favorite characters on it.

Tapestry Wall Hanging
Let them decorate a room without any lasting damage that will get them in trouble. This is a fun tapestry wall hanging that includes a skater boy having some fun. The tapestry is high-quality and can give a fun feel to any room it is used in.

Cozy Chunky Beanie
They are going to spend a lot of time running around in the cold this winter to make it to class. Make sure that they can stay comfortable and look nice. This is made out of a soft fabric that provides the classic beanie they want, while keeping their head and ears warm.

Slingball Classic Game
Keep them active and give them a lot of fun along the way. This includes the launching hook and everything else that you need in order to take control and have a lot of fun. Just aim the shot by pointing the racquet well and have some fun.

The North Face Backpack
As an adult, you need to have a backpack that is going to last and can look great. This North Face Vault backpack not only looks cool, but it is built to last. It has strong technology that makes it flexible as well, and many great colors to enjoy to match their style.

Laundry Bag Backpack
At some point, they are going to come back home and want to share their laundry. With puppy dog eyes and this big laundry bag backpack on their back, they will beg you to help take care of it for them as they relax and catch up with you after being gone all month.

Secret Puzzle Box
This is the best way to store their money and give them a fun puzzle to work with. They will be able to slide the bills and coins through the slots on the side, but to open it, they will need to be able to solve the puzzle. Durable and fun to work with, this is a great gift to consider.

LED Desk Lamp
Help them be ready for school with all the organization that they need. This LED desk lamp includes place to store things, a clock, and all the information that they need in one place. It is easy to set up, but make sure they have some batteries to help turn them on.

Catan Board Game
Board games are a lot of fun to work through during the winter and other parts of the year. It is also a great way to make some friends when they go away to college. This Catan board game is one of the best options to bring to game night this week!

Men's Soap Bars
Make sure they leave the smelliness at home with this soap bar option for men. This gift pack provides four great scents that are all-natural and fun to use. This will provide them with a masculine scent to impress everyone, without the harmful chemicals found in other soaps.

Flashing Glow Mittens
Gloves can be great on those cold winter nights, and these RexRod gloves provide all of the light that you will need to have some fun. These light finger gloves are going to glow in the dark, with 24 hours possible battery life and lots of warmth for the fingers.

3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer
When they want to take the new selfie or a great video, they need some help keeping the phone stable. Rather than letting it shake and move around to make you almost sick watching it, give them this Gimbal Stabilizer to get things done and make the perfect selfie with friends.

Men's Quartz Watch
This black stainless steel watch is a classic and looks amazing for any occasion. This is a bold and oversized look that they will love, and it works well for classes, for an interview, or out on a date. They can even customize the engraving to make this a fun gift to give.

Thermos with Tea Infuser
Give them a great way to stay hydrated in class or work while being good on the environment. This bamboo thermos is really unique and comes with a tea infuser and strainer that can make it the perfect cup all the time. The insulation is strong, providing 12 hours of hot and cold each time you use it.