29 Comfortable Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers & Road Warriors

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Truck driving can be an uncomfortable and unsafe job. Most truckers don’t think twice about it! Big rig truckers, delivery drivers and lorry drivers could all use a gift that says we care about you. We’ve curated 29 comfortable gift ideas for any trucker. From heated seat covers to navigation systems, we’ve thought of it all so you don’t have to.

Truck & RV GPS Navigation
This device is a must-have to ensure your loved one gets to and from their destination on time, every time. The maps are detailed and intuitive enough to re-route within seconds of a missed exit or turn. It comes with updated maps for 2020, and includes free map updates for a lifetime of use!
Braun Series 7 Electric Razor
Any man on the road needs a razor with adaptability, battery life, and a sleek look to boot! The flexibility of this razor guarantees a smooth shave, 360 degrees, for all beard types. There is no rust risk on this waterproof design, and it has a battery that can last up to 3 weeks on one charge! Travel case and attachments included.
Fancy Mobility Car Sun Visor Organizer
Put everything within arm's length for your trucker. Give the gift of organization with this travel visor. There's a pocket for pens, maps, documents, sunglasses and more! Maximize the ease of any long trip with this easy to install and waterproof storage system. Tidy any truck in as little as 30 seconds!
Seat Cushion for Lower Back, Coccyx & Sciatica Pain
Does a driver you know complain about discomfort or pain after sitting in their truck for a few hours? It's more common than you'd think, and many long distance drivers never look for a solution! Going the distance is hard enough without back pain. Give the gift of comfort with this seat cushion that helps to relieve discomfort and adds extra padding for the spine.
Stylish Gold Bluetooth Earpiece
This hands-free earpiece is not only designed with comfort in mind, it sure does look snazzy with that gold finish. It is able to connect to a wide range of devices for communication or music. The long lasting battery ensures that any truck driver gets up to 24 hours of use per charge. Provide hours of convenient entertainment in one small package.
Kershaw 3.25in Pocket Knife w/ SpeedSafe Opening
Not only is this knife versatile, sturdy, and grips like a dream- it just looks cool. Made with a steel blade and aluminum handle, this knife was built to last. It opens quick and easy, and stays securely in place with a locking mechanism to prevent unexpected closures. The reversible pocket clip is designed for righties or lefties, and perfect for any roadside use.
Drive Safe Dad We Love You Keychain
Time away from home can be hard not only for the family, but also for the trucker out on the road. This keychain is a thoughtful memento so your family can feel closer- no matter the distance. It's made of stainless steel that will last the test of weather, wear, and time. Say 'I love you' even with miles of road in between.
GPS Tracker w/ No Fee
There's nothing better than peace of mind for a long distance CDL driver. This GPS tracker allows them to monitor the health of their truck, their distance driven, GPS location, and driving patterns. It connects wirelessly with any mobile device, so it can also be a fun way to be a part of their trip from home!
Best Truckin' Dad Ever Hoodie
For a dad that is just the truckin' best and needs everyone else to know it. A funny (and punny!) way to show a dad love and appreciation. Guaranteed to make him think of home anytime he puts it on. Available in a variety of colors for the discerning truck driver ready to look their best out on the road!
Silicone Steering Wheel Cover (Multiple Sizes)
Gripping the wheel for hours at a time can get hard on the hands. Time to soften things up! This steering wheel cover is adjustable, made of silicone, and guaranteed to last. Improve circulation, joint health, and comfort by adding this to the cab of a driver you care about.
Alpicool C15 Portable Refrigerator for Trucks
Access to a cold drink or refreshment on the road can give a much needed energy boost! This fridge is portable, lightweight, and the perfect travel companion for long trips. It is able to freeze without ice thanks to the adjustable temperature setting, and can hold up to 20 cans of their favorite soda!
Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
Dental care never takes a day off, and this toothbrush gets the job done right 365 days a year! The battery is long lasting, the carry case is compact, and the difference in oral health compared to a normal toothbrush is superb. Not only will your driver appreciate this gift, it keeps on giving when they come home and flash you those pearly whites.
Trucker Food Nuts Gift Basket
Sometimes there just isn't a decent place to stop for a bite on those long stretches of road. This gift is not only delicious, it's a great snack that's easy to eat while driving, and gives an extra surge of energy and protein in a pinch. Your loved one can chow down while they think how nuts they are about you!
250pcs Survival First Aid Kit
It can be worrisome to think of a truck driver out on the road alone. This survival kit is guaranteed to give you both some peace of mind. Designed to come in handy for any emergency situation, your driver will be ready to tackle whatever surprises that may come their way.
Bluetooth Headset 5.0 Noise Cancelling
It just isn't safe, or efficient, for a driver to handle a cell phone on the road. This bluetooth headset offers an alternative that is hands-free, easy, and perfect for communication on long trips. It's equipped with noise cancellation technology to facilitate clear conversation and fits comfortably in either ear. Get 16 hours of use in just one charge!
Trucker Driver Seat Cushion
Oh, memory foam! The wonders of this product never cease to amaze, and now it's been modeled into this ergonomic seat cushion to add extra comfort and padding for any car seat! Stay on the road longer, enhance comfortability, and improve posture all in one. The no-slip bottom keeps it firmly in place, and your driver's bottom will thank you.
Big Rig Semi Truck Driver Mens Sweatshirt
Who said comfort has to come at the expense of style? This hoodie does both- with a soft fleece lining and a fierce attitude. Fight off the cold weather without the commitment of a long sleeve shirt. Any driver will feel snug and secure wearing this Kenworth sweatshirt.
Polarized Sunglasses for Driving
Let's be honest: the sun visor can only do so much. Every professional truck driver needs a pair of polarized sunglasses to block out the harmful UV rays and maintain maximum visibility in the face of unyielding brightness. These bad boys even minimize glare from the road, snow, and more- all while looking pretty cool.
Personalized Tumblers, Stainless Steel 30 oz
Say whatever you want, customize the color, and do it on a refillable tumbler your truck driver can take anywhere! They come in various sizes and are great for both hot and cold drinks. The vacuum seal keeps liquids at the desired temperature, while keeping the outside of the tumbler safe to touch and free of condensation. 'Just Keep Truckin' Along'
MOBILE INNERSPACE Relax Truck Mattress
If it's a sleep in the cab kind of night, make sure the driver you love still gets a good night's rest. This mattress was specifically designed for professional drivers to not only be comfortable, but easy to move as well. A variety of size options are available so you can find the best fit for the truck and for the sleeper.
Dry Wet Waterproof Facial Shaver
If a road beard is not the best look for the truck driver you know, it might be worth investing in a razor that has a versatile design made for travel. This electric razor is ideal for shaving wet or dry, and gives an uncompromising close shave every time. The carry case is included and the digital charge display is a great bonus feature.
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife
Every kid fantasized about their first Swiss Army knife, and it's time to make that dream a reality! This multi-tool has unparalleled craftsmanship and a lifetime warranty. Your driver will be prepared for sticky situations like never before with a wide range of tools all in one convenient package. Attachments include knife, nail file, scissors, 2.5 mm screwdriver, toothpick and tweezers.
Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Thermos
Convenience with a purposeful design would be the big selling point of this travel ready thermos. It's leak resistant, provides 24 hour temperature control, has a collapsible handle, and a lid that doubles as an 8 oz cup! It can hang tough on the road and travel anywhere, just like the driver you buy it for.
Alerter Basic Flare Gun
This is a must for the glove box of any long distance truck driver. Emergency or disaster could strike anywhere on the road, and preparation is key to handle any situation safely. This flare gun is compact and comes with 4 flares ready to be used for versatile signaling, day or night.
Aluminum Clipboard with Storage
Help your driver keep documents and papers secure in one place, and wrinkle free. This clipboard doubles as a hard writing surface and storage container for paperwork, receipts, writing utensils and more. Prevent the loss of important papers during the hustle and bustle of road travel. The aluminum metal casing can stand up tough to the abuse of rough rides and rougher drivers.
Wooden Tractor Trailer Ornament
Instead of an air freshener that loses smell after a few days, consider buying this decorative truck mirror ornament for a sense of thoughtfulness that lasts. 'Lord Keep Me Safe' and 'Get Me Home' are emblazoned across the top and bottom of the wooden badge, a perfect message of love and consideration to be cherished on the road.
Polarized Sunglasses w/ Bluetooth Connectivity
This stylish 2-in-1 device doubles as both a bluetooth communicator and pair of sunglasses that stay on the nose, but feel light on the face. Experience Bose sound quality, without compromise, from a device that fits over the ear. No more uncomfortable plastics being shoved in the ear or plastic clipping on top. Get 8 hours of talk with just one hour of charge.