69 Best Gadgets for Men in 2022 | Must-Have Tech Electronics

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For men who have everything, only the best and cool gadgets will do. From next-generation gear to tactical gadgets that will keep him in the game, today’s discerning gent expects only the best. When it comes to tech gadgets, 2022 delivers. Enjoy these must-have gadgets that make life better in so many cool ways.

VR Gaming Headset
Escape reality, with a VR gaming headset perfect for men who have everything. With the features today's gent is looking for from cool gadgets, this is a gift that will provide hours of entertainment. The headsets arrives ready to plug and play, so he can embark on great virtual adventures straight away.
Smartphone Handheld Stabilizer
Is he starting his own YouTube channel? Or perhaps has an interest in recording special moments with his smartphone? One of the best tech gadgets 2022 offers is a handheld stabilizer perfect for men who have everything. He'll capture the best memories shooting content all day, with features that include slow motion, panoramas, time lapse, sport mode and more. Perfect for the adventure seeking guy.
Self-Balancing Hoverboard
What do men who have everything need? Cool gadgets that let them unwind and have fun. He can pursue work-life balance, on a self-balancing hoverboard that is a top gadget for this year. Zip around home or the office with ease. Or walk the dog with style. When gadgets & gear blend with fun, endless fun is sure to be found.
Burst Electric Toothbrush
Ready to make beaus pearly whites really white? Try one of the most powerful electric toothbrushes on the market. Charcoal coated bristles for that true clean. Great for the shower or the man who travels. This is the gadget for him that says be healthy and stay sexy.
Roku Streaming TV
Give the gift of entertainment, with Roku TV. For men who have everything, being able to watch his favorites and discover new favorites, along with the ability to explore games, is priceless. Roku TV is one of the must have gadgets he will appreciate, particularly with the combination of 4K HDR and Dolby Vision.
Samsung Galaxy Watch
The coolest of cool gadgets offer versatility for men who have everything. This well-designed smart watch offers the fitness and health tracking he is looking for, with some extra features that he will appreciate. He can call, text and even stream his favorite tunes, all through his smart watch. The titanium design offers that high-end appeal the discerning gentleman deserves.
Retro Tamagotchi
Indulge his retro nostalgia with cool gadgets that include a fun Tamagotchi game. Easily slipped onto his keychain, or into his desk, this is one of the must have gadgets for men who have everything. He can feed his digital pet, play with it, and remember the 90s fondly. For some of us, the 90s feels like it was just yesterday.
Electric Skateboard
For the guy on the go, there’s nothing quite like gadgets & gear that remind him of his youth. Controlled with a wireless remote, this electric skateboard is just what today’s gent needs. The deck boasts 7 layers of sturdy maple for stability and durability needed when zipping around. Whether ripping the neighborhood or cruising the office, this is a must for the cool dude.
Ultralight Drone Quadcopter
Must have gadgets for today’s tech savvy gent include a remote control drone that allows him to capture video. He can survey his property with ease, capture video at the lake, and generally have a blast. This ultralight and easily folded drone quadcopter is sure to send him soaring with glee.
AirPods Pro
Gift him one of the must have gadgets for the tech savvy guy. Apple AirPods deliver immersive crisp sound, and the noise cancellation he needs when on the go. Whether he’s out for a jog or taking a call while in the car, these AirPods will move with him and ensure clear calls and perfect pitch.
Accell Travel Surge Protector
The perfect gift for a traveling man. If he hops from airplane to hotel to office frequently, he's going to appreciate such a practical gadget. It comes with a built in surge protector to protect his equipment. Enough ports that his co-workers can plug in before the big meeting!
Dash Cam Built-in WiFi
With built in Wifi and the ability to record action on the road, this is one of the must have gadgets for men who have everything. The device is easy to install, user-friendly and will give him the ability to record at night. Add this to a list of tactical gadgets the outdoorsman needs for camping, hunting and more.
Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
With a cool design, these wireless headphones are must have gadgets for today’s tech savvy guy on the go. Fitting comfortably over his ears, he’s assured of the perfect fit. The built-in mic allows him to take calls between listening to his favorite podcasts and tunes with best best in superior sound clarity.
High Capacity Portable Charger
Whether looking for must have gadgets for the guy on the go, or solutions for the outdoorsman, this portable power bank is ideal for men who have everything. Twin ports allow him to charge up to two devices at a time, which is perfect for every gadget guy you know.
Marvel Infinity Gauntlet
For men who have everything, give him the gift of allowing him to feel like the mighty Thanos. This Infinity Gauntlet, just like the one in the Marvel movies, will offer him hours of entertainment if he’s into cosplay. The gauntlet includes glow and sound effects, along with articulated fingers for an added level of fun.
Bluetooth Tracker for Wallets
Gift your guy with cool gadgets that can help him to keep track of his favorite gadgets & gear. This sleek and chic Bluetooth tracker syncs with an app that allows him to locate his wallet, his passport, backpack, tablet and more. It’s waterproof and durable, with a long-lasting battery. He’ll never have to worry about misplacing his must have gadgets again.
Electronic Bidet
Wondering what gifts to get for men who have everything? Encourage a personal refreshing clean that everyone can appreciate. This electronic bidet is an easy install, for a squeaky clean that he will love. The water spray will get down to business, while the warm air dryer gets him the toasty dry buns he deserves.
Soundbar with Dolby Audio
Deliver the gift of sound, with a sound bar featuring Dolby stereo. Connecting using Bluetooth, he can enjoy his favorite sounds without cables or cares. The deep bass will ensure the music thumps just right, while the remote control makes it easy for him to adjust the sound. Easily paired with his must have gadgets, this sound bar will bring music and movies to life.
Cordless Leaf Blower
No matter where you live, leaves fall during the year. Someone (aka: him) has to rake those leaves. Why not give him some relief from his manly chores with this premium cordless leaf blower. It's battery charged with an ultra lightweight compact design. All the dads will be jealous!
Percussive Massage Gun
He works hard, and feels the tension in his shoulders and back. Must have tech gadgets should include self-care gadgets that can massage his muscles the way that he deserves after a long day in the office or after a brutal workout. This massage gun offers two hours of battery life, so he can get every muscle worked on.
Electric Smart Mug
Make unpleasant cups of cold coffee a thing of the past, with a temperature control smart mug. Made from stainless steel, he will appreciate being able to use an app to control the temperature of his coffee or hot chocolate. Ideal for home or office use, cool gadgets like this will keep things hot.
4K Smart TV
Surprise him with a 65” Samsung TV that will deliver the crisp picture he deserves. With Alexa built in, this smart TV will make it easy to search for movies, play movies and control other smart devices within the home. Must have gadgets like this are perfect for men who have everything.
HD Webcam
Keep him connected, with a webcam that elevates the video call experience. Must have gadgets like this Logitech webcam will work with his Windows or Apple devices, and will make those Zoom, Skype or FaceTime calls just that much better. Whether keeping up with work or chatting with family, this is a versatile webcam offering the crisp quality he deserves.
Professional USB Microphone
Whether he’s recording a podcast or embarking on a new career as a YouTube influencer, he will love the features offered by this professional grade USB microphone. Compatible with both Macs and PCs, cool gadgets like these allow him to express his creative side. A mute and volume button, along with a sturdy desktop stand makes this a must have gadget for today’s savvy gent.
Apple iPad
Must have gadgets for tech savvy gents should include the latest Apple iPad. The display has to be seen to be believed, while the stereo speakers deliver the best in quality sound. The iPad offers support for a smart keyboard and Apple pencil both, which makes it a great choice for entertainment and work use both.
Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe
Give him the world, with a floating globe that is one of the must have gadgets for today’s discerning gentleman. The globe displays a map of the world, which is ideal for the businessman who needs to keep his finger on the pulse of the world.
Smart Touch Door Lock
Keys are obsolete thanks to must have gadgets. For men who have everything, there’s nothing quite like the gift of home upgrades. This keyless entry door lock works as a fingerprint scanner and touch keypad to provide entry to the home. What a great way to impress a date, with a door that opens with the touch of a single finger.
Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder
Gift the gourmand in your life, with an electric salt and pepper grinder set that should be on every list of cool gadgets for men who have everything. Adjustable, to get just the right results, he will flavor his meals to perfection. There’s no wrong reason to reach for the right seasoning.
High Accuracy Metal Detector
For men who have everything, there’s nothing quite like giving him a gift that will let him embrace his inner treasure hunter. A professional metal detector that offers high accuracy will keep him hunting for those bottle caps and rare coins. Waterproof, and offering him the ability to find six types of metal, this is a must have gadget.
Starfield Carbon Earphones
Crisp sound is assured with cool gadgets like these earphones. Lightweight, the stellar design of the earphones is out of this world. He will be assured of the perfect fit, and high sound performance. For men who have everything, these earphones will deliver the sound he deserves.
Galaxy S7 Tablet
Performance, portability and versatility, this Samsung Galaxy tablet is ideal for men who have everything. One-part entertainment center, one-part work machine, and a dozen parts simply cool. This tablet boasts the power of a PC, with the convenience of a tablet that is simply cool. Must have gadgets like this tablet will meet his every need, at home and on the go.
Bluetooth Turntable with Speakers
For men who have everything, a retro inspired Bluetooth turntable offers the rich sound that he is looking for when he plays his favorite vinyl. With stereo speakers that delivers powerful sound, this turntable can also play music from your smartphone or your table. The perfect sound delivery system should be on every list of must have gadgets.
Magnetic Pickup Tool
For men who have everything, tactical gadgets that offer him versatility are always appreciated. This magnetic pickup tool will make it easy for him to grab those dropped screws, nails, nuts and bolts. It also features a brilliant LED light that will be perfect for using in the garage, under the car or even while camping.
Electronic Dartboard
Add a dartboard to his man cave, with one of the must have gadgets for today’s gent. The dartboard offers the ability to track scores, which makes it ideal for games with the lads. It features up to 39 game options. Whether he’s playing solo for practice or keeping things interesting with a wager or two, this is ideal for men who have everything.
Wireless Security Camera Set
You can’t put a price on home security, but for men who have everything you can certainly help them to keep their homes and families secure. This wireless camera set allows him to remotely monitor his outdoor entries, while giving him that sense of security he needs.
Home Bar Machine
Cocktails at the push of a button? What more could today’s busy gent want. Whether he’s entertaining a lovely lady, or looking to unwind in front of the game, this home bar solution takes away the need to measure or pour. Add the right cocktail capsule and enjoy craft cocktails any day of the week.
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Cutting edge performance and practical functionality all in one. Cool gadgets like this gamer approved keyboard are a must-have for today’s tech savvy gamer in your life. The keyboard does more than just offer a fun light up look, it offers the lightning fast performance that makes it much speedier than other mechanical gaming keyboards.
Advanced Wireless Mouse
With the silence and speed he needs, this mouse is a must have choice for men who have everything. The intuitive design will fit comfortably into his hand while he navigates the web or works on his website. Skip the ancient mousepad, this mouse works on any surface. Glass or wood, this mouse is a speedy and efficient essential for home or office.
Electronic Candle Lighter
It’s time for a romantic evening, and he goes to light the candles. Only to find that his lighters don’t work and the matches are missing. Cool gadgets like this electric candle lighter are must-haves for any household. Whether lighting candles or perhaps the Chiminea, this should be a part of every collection of gadgets & gear.
Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Delivering big sound, this Bluetooth speaker is waterproof and ultra-portable. Must have gadgets like this are a great option for men who have everything. The speaker can play his favorite tunes, a bit of jazz or rock, and also enhance the sound of his TV when the big game is on.
Electric Drum Kit
Whether he’s a misunderstood musical genius or likes to live out his musical dreams, cool gadgets like this electronic drum set are a must-have. The all mesh drum heads will effortlessly deliver the incredible immersive experience he is looking for when he grabs his drum sticks. This set includes everything that he needs to let his inner rock star out.
Apple Watch Series 6
Must have tech gadgets 2022 offers includes the latest Apple Watch. Allowing your guy on the go to monitor his steps, his health and keep in touch, these cool gadgets are an essential for men who have everything. He can sync with his health goals, take calls and respond to messages, all from his wrist. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.
Flex 2-in-1 Laptop
Give him the power he needs, and the cool gadget design he wants, with a Lenovo 2-in-1 laptop. A full touchscreen display offers the crisp view he wants, whether he’s watching a movie or designing a website. This laptop can be used in three different ways, to provide him with the on the go versatility today’s tech aware gent demands.
DSLR Camera Kit Bundle
For men who have everything, the ability to capture moments and memories is simply priceless. This DSLR bundle includes the powerful and popular Canon EOS, and many accessories to ensure that he can capture professional quality memories. Whether he’s hiking to catch the sunrise or playing with his kids, this camera should be on every list of must have gadgets.
Electric Herb Grinder
Give the discerning gent the perfect grinder for his favorite herbs. Whether it’s black pepper, home grown goodies, or a leafy basil, this heavy duty grinder will allow him to get just the right results. A bonus for today’s grinding guru is that this cool gadget doubles as a USB charger for his devices.
Robot Vacuum
For men who have everything, skip the bottle of booze and make his life infinitely easier with an iRobot Roomba. Perfect for tackling the labrador’s fur or the dust dragged in on his boots, this robotic vacuum cleaner will keep his floors spotless and his time freed up for much more exciting broom free adventures.
Solar Powered Battery
Tech gadgets 2022 lists should all feature include a solar charged power bank. Ideal for men who have everything, including the latest in gadgets & gear, this power bank allows for dual device charging. Whether he’s charging his tactical gadgets while hunting or during a major storm, or keep his cool gadgets charged on the go, he won’t need to worry about losing communication.
Smart Body Weight Scale
Fitness buffs and those just paying attention to their physical health can all appreciate a smart scale. Must have gadgets for men who are minding their midriff will be able to display BMI and body fat readouts, in a flash. The scale works with several popular apps and devices, for the integrated healthy lifestyle he needs.
Beginner Drone with UHD Camera
Guys love gadgets, that can’t be disputed. Keep him soaring with a drone perfect for the beginner just getting his bearings. This drone includes an anti-shake camera that will capture quality video each and every time. Whether he’s sending it soaring at the lake or just around the yard, this is one of the must have gadgets for men who have everything.
Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush
You can’t put a price on dental wellness, but you can gift a powerful electric toothbrush that will keep his pearly whites smile-ready. This Oral-B toothbrush boasts several brush heads, to reach deep, and six brushing modes to get those teeth sparkling clean. These good gadgets don’t just encourage healthy dental habits, but connect to your smartphone for the best in brushing tips.
WiFi Smart Lock
For men who have everything, cool gadgets to upgrade his home are always appreciated. This smart lock turns any door into secure keyless entry solution he will dig. The touch screen makes it a snap to enter without those irksome keys, while these must have gadgets allow you to create up to 250 unique user codes for family, friends, and housekeepers.
TiVo Stream 4K
When it comes to tech gadgets 2022 is all about the streaming entertainment. Give the guy with everything a TiVO streaming device that also allows him to watch live TV with the crisp clarity he deserves. Powered by Android, this cool gadget is a snap to install and use.
Wood Phone Docking Station
Men with cool gadgets need to keep organized, but with style. This wooden docking station is just what he needs for home and office both. It offers a spot for all of his essentials, and perhaps some things that aren’t as essential. Keys, candy, coins and more. This is a well-built essential for men who have everything, but a place to keep it all tidy.
Electric Jar Opener
Even his hands get tired. Plus, he's not always around. The perfect gift for those who want comfort and those who may need an extra (and more powerful) pair of hands! Who wants to bang their jars on the counter tops when you can use this electric jar opener.
Starscope Monocular Telescope
Tactical gadgets are on every guy’s list, no matter the season. Whether for hunting, hiking, camping or just sightseeing, this monocular telescope is ideal for men who have everything. Tough and durable, this water resistant must have gadget will let him capture wildlife and special events with ease.
Digital Mapping Wheel
Cool gadgets are a great way to show him you care. For men who have everything, a digital mapping wheel offers a number of perks. From home improvement projects made easier, to costing out jobs for work projects. This mapping wheel also offers a range of measuring units, which is simply cool.
Health Monitoring Smart Watch
Count steps, check the weather, monitor fitness levels. This Smartwatch one of the must have gadgets gents need. The watch offers important health readouts to keep on pushing to boost his health and be the best version of himself. A comfortable lightweight fit will encourage day and night wear. From staying in shape to staying in touch, this versatile watch does it all.
MacBook Pro
For men who have everything, a fresh Apple MacBook Pro is always one of the best ideas. Forever the best in must have gadgets, this MacBook Pro offers the new Apple M1 chip, and a lightweight form that’ll make it easy to travel. Cool gadgets like a MacBook will always be in season.
Wooden Digital Alarm Clock
Forget ugly old school alarm clocks. For men who have everything, only the finest in cool gadgets will suffice. This digital alarm clock boasts a wooden look that is all at once chic and trendy. The clock boasts three alarm settings to ensure he gets up, while the temperature and humidity readings let him know what kind of day he’s facing.
Tactical Pen for Men
Tactical gadgets offer the versatility essential for men who have everything. This pen writes smoothly, as the ballpoint pen every guy needs. It also offers functionality as a screwdriver, glass breaker, and a four-in-one multi-purpose tool. Tuck into a pocket, or keep it in a desk, for those unexpected situations that need a tool not everyone is going to have on hand.
LED Flashlight Gloves
Tactical gadgets are a great choice for men who have everything. LED flashlight gloves offer a one-size fit that will keep him comfortable, no matter where his adventures may take him. Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing or perhaps working in the basement or on his car just got easier. Cool gadgets like this are sure to be appreciated by every guy.
Adhesive Bluetooth Tracker
Help him find his tactical gadgets or keys! For men who have everything, they can keep track of each of those things with adhesive Bluetooth tracker tiles. Stick a tile on tablets, remotes, phones and more. It’s a snap to track them down with the help of an app. This is an essential for keeping cool gadgets from growing legs and wandering.
Wireless Earbuds
Rock on, with cool gadgets like these wireless earbuds designed with excellence in mind. When it comes to gadgets & gear, functionality that offers versatility is a must. He will appreciate the crisp sounds of his favorite tunes or podcasts, and enjoy clarity on calls. Noise cancellation and a long-lasting battery make these must have gadgets for men who have everything.
Nintendo Switch
Wondering what must have gadgets are ideal for the gamer guy? Portability, incredible gaming content and a hint of a retro playing vibe make the Nintendo Switch one of the cool gadgets every dude desires. Play on the go or connect to the TV, this console provides the versatility gamers want. Whether saving Princess Peach or racing with Mario, he’ll love every second of it.
LED Light & Outdoor Speaker
Create the perfect outdoor ambience for any mood or occasion, with one of the cool tech gadgets 2022 dudes desire. This combination LED light flickers mimicking flames while the Bluetooth speaker that boasts crisp sound. Lightweight portability makes it perfect for picnics under the stars or for BBQs on the balcony. Up to 8 hours of playtime will keep the celebrations going.
Bluetooth Sleep Mask
Cool gadgets that make sleeping easy are a must-have for today’s gent. This sleep mask blocks the light, and does so much more. Ensuring a soothing experience while he slumbers. Featuring Bluetooth capability, it can be synced to a range of devices for music or podcast enjoyment. Ideal for travel or using at home, this should be on every guy’s list of must have gadgets.
GoPro HERO7 Black
Must have gadgets for men who have everything include the GoPro HERO7. He can record epic adventures, whether diving in the ocean or diving out of a plane. This is a waterproof camera that can stand up to rugged experiences. It has features every guy on the go will dig, including voice control, an intuitive touch screen and a timer.