19 Funny 30th Birthday Gift Ideas to Prank Them in 2022

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30th birthdays are frightening. You feel like everyone is judging your progress in life. Be good to your loved one. Give them the perfect funny gift for their 30th birthday. No one said you couldn’t prank them with a gag gift! This all encompassing gift guide has LOL-worthy ideas that you never knew existed. Go forth and put a smile on their face.

So Happy I'm Thirty Mug
So happy they might hate you afterwards! Give a gift you can get away with (once in your life) to your BFF, co-worker, sibling, or spouse. The quality and subtle beauty of the 'So Happy I'm Thirty' mug is sure to leave a smile on their faces.
Happy Prank Toilet Paper
Another funny gag gift you can get for him or her is a prank toilet paper. The prank towel has a conspicuous ‘Happy 30th birthday’ design on it, which is intended to help you create the funny prank effect on them. You can also use the toilet paper as part of their 30th birthday decorations.
F#ck It! Button
Think of those awful moments when all you want to do is just throw your hands in the air and genuinely blurt out your frustration. Well, we all go through that. This button is a perfect way to introduce some humorous relief into such moments. The button says everything that needs to be in about 10 different ways. Amazing! Right?
Old Age Birthday Party Balloons
Oh yes, the big 30 is the much-awaited confirmation that she is indeed getting old. Guess what? There's a fun way to tell her exactly how it is. That's where the ‘Old Age Birthday Party Balloons’ come in quite handy. And who says balloons are only meant for children and teenagers? Wait until you see the humorous look on the celebrant`s face.
Level 30 Unlocked Shirt
Imagine wearing a game console on your t-shirt. That's an ideal gag 30th birthday for your husband, uncle, boyfriend, brother or colleague in the office. This gift is especially perfect if he is a gamer. You can get the shirt in a lightweight, classic design, or according to the exact preference of the celebrant.
Funny Gift for Friend
Scented candles are always the perfect gift item for your wife or lover. The better part about this one is that you can use the body of the candle in a variety of ways. An inscription saying how much you value your relationship or friendship is a perfect way to make this a funny gift.
29 Plus One Travel Mug
Getting a travel mug as a gift for your friend's 30th birthday? Why not add a bit of spice to it? The ‘29 Plus One Travel Mug’ is a unique 30th birthday gift. It is cute, eco-friendly, and comes in a stainless steel material. It can hold cold drinks for up to 9 hours or hot for 3 hours plus.
Emergency Underpants in a Can
If he laughs a little too hard, then here's a funny gift idea for him. The good thing about the underpants is that it is stretchable, and is a one-size-fits-most kind of gift item. The product comes with 3 pairs of individually-packaged underpants. A funny, weird gift idea is here. So, hello 30! Prepare to be pranked.
Screaming Goat Noise Figurine
If you`re thinking of a cool toy to prank him or her with, you might as well consider getting this screaming goat statuette. It's a perfect funny way to get them to remember you always. Let your loved one know exactly how you feel about them with this perfect 30th birthday gag gift idea.
Toilet Timer Gag Gift
The Toilet Timer Gag Gift is a hilarious gift that is sure to have your boyfriend, husband, or dad spinning hard with laughter. As seen on ABC's 'Shark Tank', the sand timer sends a clear message to the recipient. No more 40-minute bathroom breaks, because the timer runs for just 5 minutes.
So Happy I'm Thirty Shirt
This is another funny 30th birthday gift for men and ladies alike. If you`re not sure of a gift idea that`ll bring that laugh to her face, one great gag gift idea would be a branded t-shirt screaming the words 'So Happy I'm Thirty!'. You can make it custom-fit for her by picking a suitable size.
Dirty Thirty Tank Top
This is a perfect gag birthday gift for your wife`s or girlfriend's 30th birthday. It's the 'Dirty Thirty' here, so why not make it a fun-filled experience. We know how our women adore tank tops, which is why you should consider getting one for her 30th birthday. And hey, don't forget to get her preferred color.
Is You 30 Wine Glass
You don't have to struggle to find a funny gift idea for your wife. Have you thought about a wine glass with the most hilarious inscription? Yes, you`re right about that, especially if she has a deep sense of humor. The glass also comes in a nice ergonomic design.
Pooping Pooches Gag Gift Calendar
Synonymous with a birthday celebration is a calendar gift. But then, it's not just another birthday, it's his 30th birthday! One of the most memorable gifts you can ever get him is a funny one like the Pooping Pooches Calendar. Flipping through the calendar each month reveals yet another beautiful oblivious pooch answering nature's all-time important call.
Look Who's All Grown Up Shirt
Do you know someone special, whose 30th birthday is around the corner? Do you think they'd love a funny 30th birthday shirt? If yes, then you should get one or more of these lovely novelty 'Look Who's All Grown Up Shirt' for them. They'll wear it with pride (or sadness).
30 and Fabulous Coffee Mug
This is a beautifully-designed and packaged mug with the ‘30 & Fabulous’ inscription printed in gold on it. This means the words won't fade off any time soon. It has a sturdy ergonomic design, and is made from high-quality ceramic materials. Additionally, the mug comes in a capacity that`s fit for daily use.
Dirty Thirty Shot Glass
The ‘Dirty Thirty Shot Glass’ allows you to amp up the celebration of her 30th birthday in a stylish but funny way. Each time she takes a sip from that glass, she`ll either remember you with a mild laugh or recall how memorable you had made her day.
29 Plus One Wine Tumbler
You`ll easily notice that the ‘29 plus one wine tumbler’ is designed with a spice of humor, which is a great way to add some more positive vibes to his or her day. Besides the 'I am 29 + 1' that`s boldly visible on it, this unique mug is made from stainless steel material.
Straight Outta My Twenties T-Shirt
Without a doubt, he`ll love this! If you haven`t found any befitting gag gift idea yet, you can't go wrong with this awesome choice. The 'Straight Outta My Twenties T-Shirt' shirt is made with a lovely design, and is available in about 5 different colors. This is also fantastic for your wife or girlfriend.