31 Best Fortnite Gifts for Boys Who Love Playing Games

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Fortnite is a battle royale. That doesn’t mean shopping for your son, nephew, or kids needs to be. We compiled the best 31 Fortnite gifts out there. Whatever the occasion, put a smile on that little boy’s face and keep him occupied for hours. From Fortnite toys to Fortnite clothes, there is a gift for everyone. Hit the target with one of these curated gifts.

NERF Mega Fortnite Dart Blaster
Nerf guns are a gift that will be enjoyed for many years. The Mega Fortnite gun has pump-action and will shoot up to four darts in a row. Set up targets and let him practice for hours. He will feel like a real Fortnite player with the same look and feel as in the game.
7pcs Fortnite Boogie Bomb Bed Set
Every kid has a themed bedroom at one point or another. Some kids have a new theme every year. Let your kid embrace his love of Fortnite with a 7pc bed set. This full-size set comes with sheets, pillowcases, and a comforter. He will love this gift and will sleep peacefully in the comfort of this new set.
Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition Bundle
The Nintendo Switch just became even cooler than ever before. Your son will be begging for the Fornite bundle with yellow and blue controllers in no time. Surprise him before he asks and give him the gift he will always appreciate. Hook it to the TV or take it on the go, now you won't have to choose anymore with its versatility.
Fortnite Battle Royale Battle Bus
Fortnite has become a favorite for boys of all ages. You can never go wrong by surprising them with a Battle Royale Collection Battle Bus. This amazing gift will be the ultimate pick this year because it comes with two exclusive figurines. All kids love merch, and this is the perfect choice to add to their collection.
Fortnite Cloudstrike Glider Drone
Now boys can feel like they are in the Fortnite game with this amazing gift. This Cloud Strike Glider Drone will allow for hours of uninterrupted play. Place any 4 inch Fortnite figure inside the drone and activate with the remote. Become your nephew's favorite with this exciting new toy.
PlayStation Wireless Headset Fortnite
A headset just for gamers. This beautiful wireless headset from Playstation is made for big booms and quiet whispers. Your son will be able to hear the enemy coming around the corner. Make them the star of the game (and a quiet mouse in your home!) with these wireless headphones.
10pcs Fortnite 4-inch Action Figures
Fortnite now has exclusive figurines. Give your son a gift he will play with for hours with the Chapter one collection, and he will take pride in his toys. This collection comes with ten different action figures and a detailed poster of Chapter one's map.
One Handed Backlit Mechanical Keyboard
One-handed gaming keyboards are a thing of the future. Get your children one, so they have the best experience when playing Fortnite and many other games. With rainbow lighting and a mouse, you can set this up to play in the dark for hours. This keyboard is compatible with many different consoles.
Fortnite Darkfire Xbox One Bundle (Also on PS4, Switch)
No Xbox One is complete without the Fortnite Darkfire bundle. This game is the perfect gift for any boy, and it comes with exclusive content. Now your son will enjoy thirteen exclusives as they play the hottest game around. This will be the best year ever with this awesome surprise.
Official Fortnite Backpacks (Many Styles)
Backpacks have become a huge form of expression for children. They have so many different types to choose from, and they all look cool. Give your son a gift he will love with a Fortnite backpack. With more space, this is a perfect choice. He will have room to securely store his laptop along with everything he needs for school.
Boys 2-Fer Drift Fortnite Costume
While Halloween is the time kids wear costumes, sometimes having them for play is just as fun. Now your son can use his imagination for hours to come with a Fortnite 2-Fer Drift Costume. So whether it is for trick or treating or cosplay in the backyard, this will be the right choice.
NERF Fortnite Bolt Action Blaster
Nerf has made it easy to immerse yourself in the world of Fortnite with a custom BASR-R Bolt Action Blaster. Equipped with darts and targets, they will feel like they are really in the game. Bring the coolest Nerf gun to the battle with this gift.
Jenga: Fortnite Edition
Jenga is the perfect sleepover or party game. Give your son the perfect gift with a customized Fortnite Jenga set. Carefully remove pieces without collapsing the tower. The longer you play, the taller the block tower becomes, but be careful, don't let it tip over.
Black Knight Blue Camo Throw Blanket
Turn your son's room into a world of imagination with a soft and fuzzy Fortnite theme. You can't go wrong when you snag a throw blanket that matches the room perfectly. It is a blue camo throw with a Dark Night on the front. This blanket will be the item that ties everything together.
Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game
Monopoly has come out with many customized game boards over the years. They have done it again with a Fortnite themed game board. There are several differences in the game, from health chips to loot chests to make playing even more interesting. Your boys will be playing for hours with this gift choice.
X-4 Stormwing Plane & Ice King Figure
Add to your boy's collection of Fortnite figurines with the X-4 Stormwing Plane. You can hold up to 7 action figures on this plane, and it comes with one Ice King figure. He will display this collector proudly with the ten-inch wingspan and intricate detail.
Solo Mode Figure and Glider
The Fortnite Solo Mode Figure and Action Glider is the perfect gift for game lovers everywhere. Along with intricate detail, you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the tools and weapons the toy comes with. Now your son will feel like he is in the actual game instead of just playing.
Kids' Multicolor Luggage
Now your kids can travel in style with the perfect gift this year. Give your son Fortnite Multicolor luggage. Equipped with wheels, your child will feel big, pulling their luggage all by themselves. They will never want to unpack with this fun and spacious luggage.
Fortnite Brite Unicorn Slumber Sack
Now your son will feel like he is home even when he is away at Grandmas or a sleepover with friends. He will always sleep away in style with his Fortnite Brite Unicorn Sleeping Bag. It comes with a travel holder for easy transportation to and from each place.
Fortnite Vending Machine w/ Weapons
Immerse yourself in the Fortnite world with a Vending Machine that stands at eleven inches tall. Accompanied by the X-Lord action figure, your son will be in the Fortnite world for days. Become the best gift-giver in the family when you choose heartfelt ones like this toy.
Fortnite 6 inch Legendary Rust Lord
Feel like you are really in the game every day with the Rust Lord Action Figure from Fortnite. Standing at six inches tall, he comes with all of the tools and weapons you see in the game. This action figure is a great addition to your collection or the perfect gift for any child that loves Fortnite.
Battle Bus Landscape Framed Wall Poster
This birthday, make it the time to change up the theme in your son's bedroom. It is the perfect time to surprise him and give him a Fortnite Battle Bus Poster. Match his bedding to the poster, and he will display it proudly in his bedroom for years to come.
Fortnite Kids' Tri-fold Wallet
As your children grow older, they will start earning allowance or money from jobs. Help them take care of their money with the perfect gift. Give them a Fortnite themed Tri-Fold Wallet. With multiple pockets, your son will be able to keep everything stored securely and learn how to handle money.
Fortnite Llama Kids Super Soft Towel
Going to the beach just became a must with this birthday gift. Give your son a Fortnite Llama Warhol, beach, and bath towel. He will want to use it every day and be begging to go swimming with this super long 28x58 100% cotton towel.
NERF Fortnite Motorized Blaster
The Burger Motorized Blaster Nerf Gun is the best thing Fortnite came out with since they started. With a ten dart clip, you will be able to play for hours. Your son will flip when he turns on the motorized blaster for an even more exciting shooting experience.
Rainbow Smash Premium Pickaxe
Go full-on role-play mode with this live-action Rainbow Smash Fortnite Pickaxe. Measuring in at 39 inches tall, this toy will take them from sitting on the couch on a gaming console to outside playing with their imaginations. Now they will get exercise while enjoying the perfect gift.
Fortnite 1x1 Builder Set
The Fortnite builder set is a gift that any boy would love. With 31 building material options, he will create multiple structures for hours and hours of play. Once he has built the perfect set up, he will be able to interact with the included 4 inch Black Knight figure. All of his weapons and tools come included in the box set.
Fortnite Squad Mode 4 Figure Pack
Make your child's birthday memorable this year. Fortnite has come out with a squad mode 4, action pack and you will not go wrong getting this gift. These figures have 25 points of detail from the game. Let his imagination run wild when he finds the additional weapons and tools they use inside the game.
Fortnite Battle Bus Deluxe Toy
Your boys will go crazy when they open their gifts this year. You can not go wrong by gifting them Fortnite toys. Give them the best of them all with the Fortnite Battle Bus Deluxe. This unique toy comes equipped with an action figurine and an inflatable balloon. They will play for hours and hours with this amazing gift.
15pcs Fortnite Action Figures
Fortnite action figures are something of epic proportions. With fifteen different figurines, each one is detailed and comes with its specific weapon. Now your boys will feel like they are a part of the Fortnite world as they transcend into their imaginations. This collector's set is the perfect boy's gift.
RC Fortnite Baller Vehicle with Figure
RC cars just became the go-to toy for boys this year. You will not go wrong with this Fortnite gift and will definitely bring joy. This Fortnite Baller Vehicle will be the talk of the neighborhood and everyone will enjoy the intricate detail on the hybrid action figure inside. Go mom or dad!