23 Hard Hitting Football Gift Ideas for Players

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Find the perfect gift for the football players in your life. Is he a fan of gadgets or gear? Maybe both! Choose from training equipment to cool gadgets. Get gifts to get ready for the football season or enjoy watching some games at home. Whether you are looking for kids, teens, or adults or for players, coaches, or fans you can find a perfect gift.

Speed Agility Training Set
Get ready for football season in no time! Football players of all ages can train at home with a variety of agility-boosting gear including the agility ladder and resistance parachute. Designed to improve footwork, balance, and speed, this gift is great for any player. Training with this gear will definitely impress football coaches.
Football Holographic Lamp
Fans and players alike will appreciate this gift. This 3D holographic lamp can light up any space and will fit perfectly in a bedroom, living room, bar, or man cave. The lights display in seven colors and runs on batteries or USB power. His eyes will light up when get opens this gift.
Under Armour Heat Compression Arm Sleeve
If you want your player to increase his performance consider getting him a compression arm sleeve. Designed to improve performance by increasing circulation, football players will feel a difference when they are on the field. This is a great gift to give if you are the coach or parent of a player.
Football Trainer Throwing Net
Help your football player improve his throwing accuracy with a trainer net. Great for kids and for teens, the net comes with three target pockets to practice accuracy. The easy set-up and tear down is a benefit for parents and coaches too. When he's on the field throwing a pass he'll appreciate the training he's had with this gift.
Inflatable Football Toss Target for Kids
If you have a little football player or fan in your life he'll love his very own inflatable football target. Kids of all ages will enjoy trying to hit the spot on this target. It is also great for a birthday party or backyard BBQ. This gift would also be perfect for a football coach to help his players hit the mark.
History of American Football Framed Poster
For the football fan who has everything, get him some classy football art. This memorable gift comes with a beveled black wooden frame and will fit wonderfully in his bedroom, office, dorm, or anywhere else. Add a touch of style to any room with this gift.
NFL Flag Football Sets (All Teams)
Show your team pride while playing flag football too! These flag football sets come in a design for each NFL team. The adjustable size makes these work for kids, for teens, and for adults. Whether your football player is playing a pick-up game at the park or in a league, he'll love to have his team represented.
Football Girdle Compression Gear (All Sizes)
Safety is the priority for every football player. Keep him safe with a football girdle that comes integrated with hip, tailbone, and thigh pads. It's important to balance safety and comfort and this gift will do the trick especially with the moisture-wicking material. He'll be glad for these when he's on the field.
Under Armour Kids' Cleats
If your son wants to play football, make sure he's got the best gear, starting with his shoes. These cleats balance comfort and durability. They provide structure for support while still being lightweight for increased speed. An added benefit for parents is that while you watch him run up and down the muddy field, the shoes are also water- and dirt-resistant.
Youth NFL Football Gloves (Any Team)
Get your kids geared up to play football with official NFL gloves. The gloves have a silicone palm so they are extra sticky to make it easier to catch and hold onto the ball. These gloves are lightweight and breathable too. Your athlete can represent their favorite NFL team logos and colors while they play.
Great Catch Football Receiving Training Aid
Your athlete can take their game to the next level with a football receiving training aid. Too many football players try to catch with their palms. This gift forces them to catch with their fingertips and will help them increase their reliability at catching. A great gift for teens, adults, and coaches.
Football Dad Son Blocking Pad
Practicing with your kids at home is one of the best ways to bond while also helping them get better at the game. Blocking pads mean dad can help get your athlete extra practice in on blocking. These are perfect for backyard practice or on the field practice for coaches and players and are heavy duty to last through all of the impact.
Vertical Bounce Trainer for Teens & Adults
A good athlete is always looking for ways to improve his game. Get him a vertical bounce trainer. Being able to have an explosive start on each play is integral to a successful team. Increasing leg strength and vertical bounce will help him hone his energy for a more powerful burst.
Men's F7 Football Gloves (Assorted Colors)
A good pair of gloves can be a make-or-break difference on the field. Your athlete needs the durability and support to be his best. These gloves several features to increase durability, breathability, and support and have an adjustable wrist for a secure fit. When he's out on the field make sure he has everything he needs to win.
Nike Men's Vapor Edge Pro 360 Cleats
Your athlete needs strong cleats to stay in the game. The Vapor Edge Pro 360 cleats will keep him from slipping or tripping so he can stand his ground. They include a ghost lacing system so your football player won't waste any time on having to stop to tie his shoes. He will love the extra comfort and traction he has when he's playing.
Funny Football Socks for Men
If you know a football fan who loves to put his feet up and relax for the game, get him some socks that will make him smile. When he's wearing these, everyone will know not to bother him - 'I'm watching the game. Please do not disturb.' He can sit back, have a beer, and watch his game in peace.
Wilson Pro Style Kicking Holder
If you know a coach or a kicker, then he definitely has to have a kicking holder. So many games come down to good kicks, that getting that practice in is essential. It is adjustable so you can kick at any angle and it is heavy duty to last kick after kick. Don't leave kicks to chance.
Wilson Tackle Football Player Equipment Bag
Every football player has to carry a ton of equipment on him during and after the game. Make his life easier after the game with a solid equipment back. It will fit his helmet, pads, shoes, and more. This gift also has a customizable panel so your athlete can represent his favorite team. His back will thank you for this bag.
Gatorade Classic Squeeze Bottle
Whether you are looking for a gift for a football player, coach, or fan, look no further. Gatorade squeeze bottles always come in handy whether on the sidelines, at a tailgate, or a backyard BBQ. Staying hydrated is essential for every athlete, so make sure yours has what he needs wherever he is playing or watching.
Max Airflow Mouth & Lip Guard (All Sizes)
Every good football coach and player knows that safety comes first. For football especially that includes a good mouthguard. This gift comes in over twenty styles, so even his mouthguard can be cool. Protection, comfort, and style all in one place. Shock Doctor is so confident in this mouthguard it even comes with a dental warranty.
Pro Down Step-Over Dummies 8in
Any good football coach has plenty of methods of training his team. One tried-and-true method is the step-over dummies. Enhancing your team's footwork can make the difference between an average team and a winning team. The dummies are durable and sturdy so they can withstand constant team training. Take your team up a notch.
Holographic Football Helmet Light
If you are looking for a cool gift for a football player or fan, get him a 3D lamp. It can be used in multiple modes with sixteen colors and four flicker modes. Perfect for a nightlight or a man cave lamp. This makes a great gift for kids or for teens and even comes with a remote control.