33 Exotic Flamingo Gifts To Ignite Their Spirit Animal

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Do you know why flamingos stand on one leg? Because they can! Get some exotic flamingo gifts from this list and bring some animal spirit into your friends’ home. From lovely, colorful flamingo paintings and art sculptures to flamingo-themed chairs and furniture, these gifts are a one-of-a-kind!

Metal Flamingo Garden Statues
The set of Metal Flamingo Garden Statues is a great gift for the flamingo fan. Two of the 36 inch tall statues will look beautiful in their garden, or on their patio or porch. They are realistic with feathers that are attached to the body one by one. Your friend or loved one will love these bright, cheerful birds!

Flamingo Pendant Necklace
The woman on your gift list who loves flamingos will love the Flamingo Pendant Necklace that you give her. It is made of metal with a coating of 18K gold. Its feathers are tiny gems that are shiny and bright. The Flamingo Pendant Necklace is delicate and feminine. It would be perfect for the teen or adult to wear.

Wood Carving Eyeglasses Holder
A darling gift for the flamingo fan is the Wood Carving Eyeglasses Holder. It is handmade and has details that make it realistic. The Flamingo safely stores her glasses or sunglasses, and it looks like the flamingo is wearing them! The Wood Carving Eyeglasses Holder is approximately 5 inches tall. It makes a great gift!

Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket
Brighten up any room with the Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket. A lover of flamingos will appreciate it! The throw is 50 inches by 60 inches, and it features many small pink flamingos scattered on a white background. This microfiber Flamingo Fuzzy Blanket is soft and made from microfiber. It's a great gift for a child or adult.

Flamingo Planters
The flamingo fan on your gift list will love the Flamingo Planters that you give them. They are sold in a set of 2, ready to brighten up their garden. They will look beautiful with plants or flowers planted in them. They are made from alloy steel and painted in pink. All pieces for assembly are included with these Flamingo Planters.

Flamingo Socks
Give the teen or woman on your list who loves flamingos these Flamingo Socks. They are sold in a pack of 6, and they are colorful and fun to wear. Flamingo Socks are 80% cotton with acrylic and spandex. They stay up on the leg to show everyone that they love these beautiful pink birds!

Flamingo Crossbody Bag
The Flamingo Crossbody Bag makes a great gift for women who love these pink birds. It is white with a pink flamingo design and pink straps. The bag is made of cotton canvas. It is perfect for packing clothes and a drink to take to the gym. She will love the beauty and convenience of the Flamingo Crossbody Bag!

Flamingo Fairy Lights
These darling Flamingo Fairy Lights are just right to give your friend or family member who likes to entertain outdoors. They would look lovely hanging from the patio for their next party. The Flamingo Fairy Lights are sold in a set of 20 string lights. Each string is 10 feet long and features pretty little flamingos on it. Also great decoration for girl's room.

Flamingo Hooded Blanket
The Flamingo Hooded Blanket is a gift that the girl or adult who likes flamingos will love. It is 60 inches by 52 inches and is made of sherpa and flannel fleece. This blanket can be used as a covering on chilly days or in your bed. The Flamingo Hooded Blanket is pink, and the hood is the flamingo's head. Very cute!

Flamingo Stainless Steel Tumbler
The Flamingo Stainless Steel Tumbler will be a gift that makes any flamingo fan happy! It features flamingos in pink and green scattered on the tumbler. Green pineapples complete the tropical look. The Flamingo Stainless Steel Tumbler keeps drinks hot or cold for hours. It also has a lid to prevent spills.

Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float
The Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float is a terrific gift for the person who loves flamingos. It is big enough for 2 people, and it looks just like a giant flamingo. The Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float can be inflated with a hair dryer or toy air pump. This pool toy will make memories for your day at the pool with your flamingo float!

Flamingo Mug
The 16 ounce Flamingo Mug would be a great gift for Mom, Grandma, or another family member who likes flamingos. This mug is pink ceramic with a handle like a flamingo's neck and head. The body has soft detailed feathers. The Flamingo Mug is a special mug for a very special person!

Flamingo Birdhouse
The wooden Flamingo Birdhouse is a beautiful gift to give the person who is crazy over flamingos. It uses recycled wood to craft this Flamingo Birdhouse. It has the appearance of a regular birdhouse, but this one has a lovely flamingo neck and head. It will provide extra fun when a bird builds her nest in this birdhouse! Surprise someone special with this birdhouse!

Flamingo Hoop Earrings
These Flamingo Hoop Earrings are very special for someone on your gift list. If the person is a flamingo fan, they will love these earrings. Each one features 2 flamingos with bright pink gems set inside sterling silver earrings. The Flamingo Hoop Earrings are perfect for sensitive ears because they are white gold plated. They are a unique gift for a daughter or friend.

Yoga Flamingo Figurines
This set of 3 Yoga Flamingo Figurines is a fun gift for someone on your list. These flamingos will brighten up their garden or landscaping, and they look cute enough to be displayed inside or outside. The Yoga Flamingo Figurines are made of resin. All 3 flamingos are just over 2 inches each. They are so cute!

Flamingo Duffel Bag
The Flamingo Duffel Bag is a useful gift. It is just the right size to use for a carry-on bag if traveling by air, or use it to take to the pool, to the gym, or anywhere else. The Flamingo Duffel Bag is durable and will hold up to 45 pounds. It has a white background with a darling flamingo print scattered all over it.

Flamingo Flatware Set
A darling set of flatware, especially on the patio or in the yard, is the Flamingo Flatware Set. It makes a great gift for the flamingo fan and gives the feeling of tropical, warm areas. The Flamingo Flatware Set has 20 pieces and is made from premium stainless steel. It includes 4 each of salad forks, forks, knives, tablespoons, and teaspoons.

Beware of Flamingos Sign
A fun sign for the pool area, a child's room, kitchen, bath, or anywhere is the Beware of Flamingos Sign. Its humor will delight the person who loves flamingos when you give it as a gift. The Beware of Flamingos Sign is 8 inches by 12 inches and will entertain all guests who enter your house!

Flamingo Liter Tracking Water Bottle
The Flamingo Liter Tracking Water Bottle is a cute gift for the girl, teen, or adult on your gift list. It is white with pink details and says, Drink Your Water on it. The Flamingo Liter Tracking Water Bottle holds 32 ounces, and it reminds you to drink your water. It also tracks how much you have had so far that day.

Flamingo Shaped Table Top Lamp
The perfect gift for someone crazy for flamingos is the Flamingo Shaped Table Top Lamp. This unique lamp has a large golden flamingo peeking over the top of the lampshade. It also appears below the shade, shining brightly as the light reflects from the lamp. The Flamingo Shaped Table Top Lamp is truly unique!

Flamingo 1950s Dress
The Flamingo 1950s Dress is just right for an outdoor or summer party. It has a fitted bodice with back zipper and a gathered skirt in a darling flamingo print. The background fabric is aqua blue. The Flamingo 1950s Dress looks like it's made for dancing, so crank up the music!

Flamingo Stemless Wine Glasses
The perfect wine glasses to give the flamingo lover are the Flamingo Stemless Wine Glasses. These glasses are sold in a set of 4, and they each have flamingos and cute saying on them. Some of these messages are It's Cocktail Time or Talk to the Palm. Flamingo Stemless Wine Glasses were made for fun!

Flamingo Baseball Hat
A cool hat for Mom, Dad, or someone on your gift list is the Flamingo Baseball Hat. It is 100% cotton in white with a pink embroidered flamingo on it. The Flamingo Baseball hat is machine washable, and one size fits most people. It is a great hat to add to your hat collection!

Flamingo Puzzle
The person who loves flamingos will enjoy receiving the 1000 piece Flamingo Puzzle. The puzzle features a flock of flamingos standing with a beautiful sunset in the sky. The Flamingo Puzzle makes a great gift for the person on your list who loves flamingos. When they receive the Flamingo Puzzle from you, they will surely have a smile on their face.

Flamingo Jewelry Holder
A darling gift for the teen or woman who enjoys flamingos is the Flamingo Jewelry Holder. It is about 9 inches high and features a flamingo finished in pink and silver. This jewelry tree can hold earrings, necklaces, and all type of jewelry. The Flamingo Jewelry Holder is a helpful way to keep jewelry organized.

Flamingo Suitcase
Give someone special the gift of the Flamingo Suitcase. It is 30 inches and expandable. The suitcase is easy to pull with its 8 rolling spinner wheels. The Flamingo Suitcase is scratch resistant so it keeps its design fresh. It is made with extra-thick PC+ABS materials. It is a very unique and special way to travel!

Flamingo Rocker
A darling gift for young children is the Flamingo Rocker. It is made from soft materials, including realistic-looking feathers, for hours of play. The Flamingo Rocker is recommended for kids 18 months plus, up to 75 pounds. Toddlers and kids can sit in it, rock, and enjoy themselves!

LED Flamingo Light
The LED Flamingo Light is a beautiful addition to anyone's home, especially for the person who loves flamingos. The light is pink and soft, so some girls and teens like to use them as a nightlight. The LED Flamingo Light would be a beautiful addition to any room, and it makes a great gift. They will love ya for it!

Floating Pool Lights
Floating Pool Lights add charm to your pool area. Each set contains 2 darling pink flamingos. They can float in your pool and also be used on a pond or hot tub. These Floating Pool Lights are solar powered, and they come on automatically when it is dark. The entire family will love watching them float!

Flamingo Keychain
The Flamingo Keychain is sure to make the flamingo fan happy. It makes a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or any occasion. The keychain is silver and features a 3D flamingo with pink crystals This lovely Flamingo Keychain is shiny and makes an ideal gift for the person who treasures flamingos.

Flamingo Slippers
The Flamingo Slippers with fuzzy pink lining would be an ideal gift for the girl, teen, or woman on you gift list who like flamingos. Each slipper has a large flamingo made of felt sewn onto the slippers. They are colorful and will brighten up anyone's morning when they get out of bed and slip on these Flamingo Slippers.

Mini Flamingo Lawn Ornaments
Someone on your gift list will appreciate the Mini Flamingo Lawn Ornaments. They add cheerfulness and color with their bright pink color. The set includes 4 flamingos that are 8 to 11 inches tall each. They are in different positions, such as standing and bending to drink some water. The Mini Flamingo Lawn Ornaments They would also look adorable in the garden

Unisex Flamingo Shoes
Unisex Flamingo Shoes are aqua with a pattern of small pink flamingos scattered on them. These crocs are comfortable and lightweight.