43 Best First Mother’s Day Gifts to Fill Her Heart in 2022

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It’s rare you get to add a holiday to your yearly celebrations. For first time moms, Mother’s Day may be overwhelming. It’s a time full of emotion. She’s already grateful for her baby, what other gift does she need? Presents, of course! Fill her heart with these gifts made to celebrate mom’s first Mother’s Day.

My First Year Keepsake
She's been taking photos since day one. Commemorate mom's first Mother's Day with this sweet photo frame. It has 12 slots for 'My First Year' to show off baby's monthly birthdays. Even if she's only been a mom for a month or two, she'll look forward to filling in the rest of the frame.
First Mother's Day Rompers
Surprise mom by dressing baby up in this holiday onesie. There are two color choices, but we think you should buy both. Perfect for a midday outfit change (just because it's Mother's Day doesn't mean baby won't spit up). It's the perfect romper for mom's special day.
14K Gold Pearl Necklace
There will be cards and flowers and themed baby onesies. Give a first-time mom a really special gift to commemorate her first Mother's Day. This pearl pendant necklace is a luxurious present. She'll admire the 14k gold chain and real, freshwater pearl. Choose from white, yellow, or rose gold.
Our First Mother's Day Shirt
Mother's Day is synonymous with breakfast in bed and pajamas all day long. Let a first-time mom lounge comfortably with this soft tee. The cute image of a kissing mama and baby bear celebrate her first Mother's Day. Choose between a men's or women's cut for her preferred comfort.
Women's Plush Fleece Robe
Her comfort should be top priority on Mother's Day. For her first one, make sure mom's relaxing in style. This long robe is made of warm, plush fleece. It comes with a belt, two deep pockets, and even a hood. Coziness to the extreme. Just pick her favorite color and then do all the chores while she relaxes.
Personalized Throw Blanket
Her first Mother's Day should be remembered forever. Photo albums are old school. This throw can be personalized with a couple of photos of mom and her firstborn. She can cuddle up with the memory of the amazing first year she's spent as a mother.
AirPods Pro
Surprise her with a luxurious pair of new headphones. Give her the aid to relaxation when it's her turn for a break. Mom will love these new AirPods while she's jamming to her hits. A truly memorable gift for such a memorable year.
Baby Feet Pendant
A first-time mom will always carry the love of her newborn in her heart. She can now carry it around her neck. This pendant necklace mimics the classic footprints taken when a baby is born. Engrave it with baby's name and date of birth, plus its birthstone!
Kona Blend Coffee
Take her back to that honeymoon trip to Hawaii with this Kona Blend of coffee. 100% Arabica coffee for when she needs it. And she will need it! Everything a new mom needs on mother's day: the perfect gift and coffee. A lot of coffee.
Heated Massager
If dad's making breakfast and cleaning up and taking care of baby, how will mom get her massage? First-time moms are arguably the most sleep-deprived. Take the stress off her shoulders with this electric back massager. It gives 15 minutes of neck and upper back relief with heated massage therapy.
Godiva Mother's Day Chocolates
Let mom indulge on her first Mother's Day. She spent months being careful about what she ate for the baby. Now that she's given birth and hardly slept, she deserves something just for her. Godiva offers a decadent box of 19 gourmet chocolates. The Belgian chocolatier has had almost 100 years of experience, so they're sure to hit the mark.
Fluff Yeah Slide Slippers
Uggs are known for the high-quality materials and ultimate comfort. These sheepskin slides make for a superior slipper. Pillow-soft, these slippers have an elastic heel strap to stay in place. A rubber sole keeps mom from slipping on baby's messes. She'll want to wear them all day every day.
New Mom Tumbler
This tumbler is perfect for a new mom in 2022. If she gave birth this year, she's forgotten what sleep is. Good thing she has coffee to keep her going. This tumbler will keep it warm for hours. If she's avoiding caffeine, she'll enjoy cool smoothies and teas for just as long. It comes with two metal straws and a handy cleaning brush.
Best Mom Ever Shirt
Get mom this funny t-shirt to lounge in on Mother's Day. It may be her first time, but we know she's already the best. Soft 100% cotton and a variety of sizes make it great to wear proudly out and about or cuddle up in bed with.
Rose Mother's Day Bear
Let the flowers celebrating her special first Mother's Day never fade. These roses are made of foam to forever commemorate a first-time mom. They're arranged in an adorable teddy bear shape. It comes wrapped in a stylish gift box so it's ready to go. Plus, a special necklace engraved with a touching message.
Ceramic Cookware Set
First-time moms have given so much to their new baby. Now give her something special this first Mother's Day. For amateur or professional chefs, anyone who loves to cook will admire this set. Ten pieces of ceramic pots and pans are non-stick. They work on gas, electric, or induction stoves.
Mother's Day Gift Box
Don't panic over pampering a first-time mom. This gift box has it all for her first Mother's Day. She can relax with a silky sleep mask, novelty socks, bath salts, a bath bomb, and lip balm. Store it all in the cute makeup bag. A pack of three notebooks lets her journal out her memories of her first year as a mom.
Customizable Cutting Board
Now that she made a human being, inspire her to make a great meal. Add to your culinary connoisseur's kitchen collection. Any foodie will be itching to break in this new cutting board. It can be customized with a laser-engraved message that won't wear off over time. She can prepare hundreds of meals for her loved ones - except on Mother's Day, of course!
Smart Coffee Mug
How many cups of coffee, tea, or cocoa have been interrupted by baby? A first-time mom rarely gets to finish a drink while it's still hot. This is no longer a problem with Ember. This smart mug is temperature controlled. Just set it down on its base and the drink will stay warm for hours.
100% Pure Cashmere Cardigan
Her first Mother's Day is a big moment. We think your gift to her should be just as momentous. This long sleeve, knee-length cardigan is made from 100% cashmere. Such a high-quality sweater will last her for years to come. Every time she wears it she'll remember that sweet first year of motherhood.
My Tiny Prints Necklace
This sweet necklace will keep her baby close to her heart. The minimalist pendant is engraved with little baby footprints - you just have to customize the name! Next to it hangs baby's birthstone. A choice of chain lengths and styles help you pick the perfect combination for mom.
1st Mother's Day Skirt
Mom may want to spend her first Mother's Day in pajamas. You can dress her daughter up to celebrate, though! This Happy Mother's Day onesie comes with a sparkly tutu and matching headband, plus legwarmers. Her celebration clothes will warm mom's heart and be perfect for a photo op.
Slip On Comfort Shoes
It's an old myth that moms have to sacrifice their style to keep up with their kids. For her first Mother's Day, these Crocs give her chic comfort. From bouncing baby to sleep at 3am to running one-handed errands. These slip-on Crocs make life easy.
Funny Mothers Day Card
Never forget the card. This one will make her cry - with laughter, we hope. Her first Mother's Day will be a good kind of sad, full of sweet memories. She'll reflect on all the ways her life has changed over the past year. Give her a good laugh, too, with this card.
Hangable Mother's Day Canvas
Monochrome simplicity underlines the sweetness of the message printed on this canvas. Show mom how special she is. The sentiment will make her feel appreciated. Hang it as a reminder of her first Mother's Day. It won't be long before baby will be able to say it to her!
Keep Calm Baby Outfit
Start mother's day with a hearty chuckle. This Keep Calm It's Mommy's First Mother's Day onesie is sure to spark emotion. It hits close to home, but we hope she laughs. Happy, amused, reminiscent, or sleep deprived - it's her day. She shouldn't worry about keeping calm. Let first-time mom look back on baby's first year while you do... everything else.
Silicone Baking Molds
Wake her up on Mother's Day with fresh muffins. We think the best way of presenting this gift is by baking something in them for her first. (And wash them too, of course!) These silicone molds are great for all sorts of sweet and savory snacks. Bake her all the treats and maybe you'll get some in return one day.
Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle
Hydro Flask is a master of hydration. For Mother's Day, give her the gift of a healthy body. It's perfect for hot or cold drinks, even plain 'ole water - its stainless steel lining prevents lingering flavors between beverages. Let mom sip in style. This insulated water bottle is a must.
Ice Roller for Face
On especially hard days, this face roller can help with minor injuries or migraines. On self-care days, like Mother's Day, it can pamper. The ice pack freezes in under 15 minutes. Let mom indulge in a spa-like treatment at home. A cold therapy massage is only minutes away.
I Love You Mom Blanket
If it's her first Mother's Day, we don't think baby is speaking much. That doesn't mean he or she can't express their love. This blanket says everything that baby can't. Mom will love wrapping up in the memory of her first Mother's Day. It won't be long before the little one's talking for real.
Customizable Engraved Frame
Capture the moment and show it off. This wooden photo frame is made for mom's first Mother's Day. Customize a special message on the bottom - the baby's name, birthday, or your well wishes for the future. It's engraved, not printed, so the words will never fade. Snap a photo of mom and baby on the day and remember it forever.
Silk Print Pajamas
It's great to spend Mother's Day in your pajamas. We think she deserves a new pair for the occasion. This sleek set is made of 100% mulberry silk - the highest quality silk there is. On a day when dad's in charge of the cooking, cleaning, and baby, let mom relax in style.
Smart Neck Massager
This minimalist neck massager doesn't compromise on function. Its sleek design is less bulky than most home massage tools. Mom can wear it anywhere. Unwinding in bed, watching TV on the couch, or walking around. It uses heat therapy to soothe aching muscles. She'll be speechless as she's massaged into pure relaxation.
Insulated Wine Bag Set
Toast to a great mom wherever you are. If you're spending her first Mother's Day out and about, this wine tote is the perfect present. It carries a full bottle of wine and two insulated tumblers or two full bottles of wine! Perfect for bringing some wine to the park or a friend's house. An insulated interior keeps cool bottles fresh.
14K Gold Cross Pendant Necklace
This year, mom was blessed with her first child. This Mother's Day, give her another special gift. It's not nearly as priceless as a baby, but it'll have to do. The floral-shaped cross pendant is 14 karat gold and has a cubic zirconia gemstone. The chain is also 14 karat gold.
Mama Bear Necklace
Give her a subtle reminder of her very special role. Celebrate her being a mama bear! This necklace is perfect for her first Mother's Day. The small pendant is made of filled 14 karat gold. Its minimalist style is great for everyday wear and layering. It comes in a gift box so you don't have to worry about wrapping.
24K Purple Rose
A mother's love for her child is eternal. Let her remember her first Mother's Day with a special token. This rose is made from a real bloom, preserved in resin. Its edges are then tipped in 24k gold. A rose that will last a lifetime.
Elegant Chocolate Cookie Gift Box
Her first Mother's Day will be unlike any other. Give her a box of chocolates unlike any other. This gift box has 20 different chocolate-covered cookies. Barnett's Fine Biscotti coat their cookies in dark and white chocolate, then top them with different garnishes. Gourmet, bite-sized snacking.
Mother's Day Rock
This is just a little something for her first Mother's Day. It may be small, but it's powerfully sweet. A polished stone is engraved with a Mother's Day poem. She can display it on the mantelpiece or a bookshelf and always remember her first Mother's Day when she looks at it.
A Prayer for My Mom
If you can't find the right words this Mother's Day, say it with a prayer. This plaque is a sweet homage to motherhood. It has an inspirational poem by Ron Tranmer. It's a great message to give for her to look on every future Mother's Day.
Cotton Jersey Pajamas
Anyone who knows cotton jersey knows it's just about the softest material on the planet. She will love wearing this pair of pajamas. The loose-fit top and drawstring pants won't restrict her. A great mix of classic menswear cut and feminine style. A variety of color choices make these pjs perfect for Mother's Day.
Best Relaxing Spa Box
Let her pamper herself at home with this gift box. She can have a spa day at home. Body butter, bath salts, hand-poured soap, lip balm, a bath bomb, and a soy candle are all included. All products are made in the U.S.A. by a women-owned company. Who better to know what mom needs to indulge?
Mama Bear T-Shirt
She'll want to wear her mama bear status like a badge of honor. We think this t-shirt is a bit more fashionable than a Girl Scout-style patch. Ringspun cotton gives it a soft, vintage feel. This tagless tee will be comfy to wear all day long. It pairs well with jeans or sweatpants.
First Mothers Day Bodysuit
This bodysuit is the perfect onesie for her first Mother's Day. It says it right on the front! Dress up baby before waking up mom (with breakfast in bed, of course)! She'll love the personal touch and want to save it for the memories. 100% cotton makes sure baby enjoys wearing it.