59 Hot Firefighter Gifts for the Coolest Firefighter in Your Life

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Here’s something we can all agree on: no one deserves pampering like the brave men and women in our fire department. From personalized and useful gear, to one-of-a-kind collectibles, discover how you can treat them, too. Whether it’s a retirement, graduation or birthday gift for your parent, family member, or neighbor, show your appreciation for their sacrifices.

Customizable Saint Florian Pendant
The Saint Florian Pendant is a tough, durable pendant made from the best materials and craftsmanship. Gift the sacred Saint Florian necklace to your loved ones to inspire your favorite firefighter. This item is a perfect gift idea for family, friends, and loved ones to make them feel special for all their hard work.
Firefighter Board Game
There’s no better way to put yourself into the shoes of a firefighter than with an exciting board game. This game is designed by firefighters for firefighters. It’s a great gift idea for other members of your crew or favorite firefighter. This product also makes an interesting game choice for kids older than 8 years.
Massage Gun
Ever imagined what it would be like if you had a hand-held massager? With Hypervolt technology, it’s a dream come true. The massage gun is designed with Bluetooth connectivity for extra accessibility, Quiet Glide Technology that gives a silent massage, different speed modes, and durable battery life. It’s a perfect idea for a Christmas gift.
Firefighter Card Game
Feel the rush of being a firefighter with this immersive card game. Everyone gets to play on the same team as they commit their best efforts towards fighting back a massive fire. Each round of play is different, and players have to compete at 3 difficulty levels. It’s a huge challenge for anyone who decides to get involved in it.
Decanter Set
Enjoy your liquor like never before with this Decanter Set. This set is large enough to contain a whole bottle of liquor and also has 2 old-fashioned glasses. It makes for an enjoyable drinking experience and can be used for a variety of purposes. The Decanter is a great idea for a personalized fun gift idea for a birthday or anniversary.
Firefighter Playing Cards
Show off how much you love being a fireman with this thrilling game. It’s a great idea for any fireman and comes in a beautifully stained wooden box. The box also features a 3D Metal firefighter emblem as a form of authenticity. Enjoy the time of your life with this awesome set and show how much of a fireman that you are.
Personalized Firefighter Uniform Apron
This product item is made from 100% cotton, and it allows you to customize your name on the apron up to 20 characters. Designed to look like a firefighter blanket, the apron is made to last with high-quality, lightweight fabric. You don't have to worry about size because one size fits most people. It’s a perfect gift idea for those who value personalized items.
Firefighter Tan Reflective Dog Collar
Let your dog take on the colors of a firefighter with this firefighter collar. The dog collar is made from recycling turnout material and is designed for extra durability. What’s even better? You get to print the dog’s name on the collar for a personalized touch. Make sure to pick the perfect size for your dog and you are good to go.
Electric Leather Recliner
This electric recliner is easy to use and its reclining motion features extremely smooth gentle motion. This chair also features overstuffed pillows on the head and at the back for optimal comfort. It’s designed to be easy to clean, durable and comes with a USB charging port. What more could you want?
Personalized Firefighter Cross Pillow
How often do you get a personalized firefighter pillow with your name printed on it? Well, you're in luck. Display the firefighter in you when you decorate your living room, family room, or bedroom with this pillow. Featuring the firefighter emblem, it’s a fun gift to inspire the firefighters you know and appreciate their selfless service.
Firefighter Bangle Bracelet
Show how much you appreciate the hard working men of the fire service by adding this classic jewelry to your wardrobe. It’s a perfect accessory to express your respect and admiration for these neighborhood heroes. Made from a brass/copper mix, the bracelet is durable and can easily be maintained. Get this thoughtful gift today and show how much you care.
Personalized Canvas Wall Art
There’s no better way to display the fireman in you than with a fireman wall art that has your name printed on it. The simple, bold design is printed on Artist Matte Canvas and wooden frame for durability and longevity. This personalized wall art would make an amazing gift that would be hung and valued forever.
Thin Red Line Baseball Cap
This is an adjustable unisex cap with a Thin Red Line embroidered patch to display your pride. The hat is multi-purpose and designed with high-quality materials for maximum durability. Available as a one-size-fits-all product for adults that can be worn by men and women. Make your spouse’s next birthday special by gifting them a priceless hat.
Thin Red Line Drinking Glasses
These are premium drinking glasses that are suitable for several cocktail events. They have an attractive and classy look and give a great taste whether you prefer to drink scotch or bourbon. These glasses are perfect to share a drink of wine, beer, or water with your favorite fireman. They are also suitable gifts to show firefighters your respect.
Firefighter Logo Embossed Leather Wallet
A wallet is a vital part of every gentleman’s outfit. It’s a store of value for him and could help to store anything from money to personal effects and debit/credit cards. What’s even better than a regular wallet? A leather wallet with the firefighter logo embossed on it. There are as many as 6 credit card slots to store all of your stuff.
Thin Red Line Silicone Wedding Ring
Express your style and sophistication with this unique, unisex red line ring. The ring is made from state-of-the-art technology to make sure that it is split-proof. The ring is also made from hypoallergenic food-grade silicone rubber that ensures you can keep it on 24/7. The shape and design of the item have been streamlined for optimal comfort.
LED Pen Light with Pupil Gauge
This LED penlight features a cute clip and lightweight design for portability. The device is as simple to use with just the touch of a button. The penlight set also comes with 4 batteries and is the perfect size to fit into your hand. This product is an essential item to have at home to check your child’s eyes, nose, or ears.
Reflective American Flag Helmet Sticker
Do you wish to look like a traditional firefighter? You have at least one thing covered when you choose to get this reflective helmet. Designed from the best materials, it looks just like the real deal. All of the color options are reflective with a cool, photoluminescent glow. It’s also made for safety use with fire and heat retardant decals.
Customizable Respirator Face Mask Bag
Customizable Respirator Face Mask Bag is a unique face mask bag that has a regulator attached including a voice amp or comms devices. The bag is designed to preserve the strength and integrity of the mask. It also has an L-shaped opening that allows for quick and easy deployment. It’s perfect to help every fireman keep their respirator in top condition.
Customizable Firefighter Turnout Bag
Here, you get a bag to keep all of your turnout gear. The bag has about 2 clean lines of embroidery for you to input details like name, department, rank, etc. Its shoulder straps are adjustable with snap hook hardware. The custom firefighter turnout bag has dual zippers that can easily be pulled on with a gloved hand to access your gear.
Firefighter Personalized Tan Dog Leash
Nothing beats a dog leash made from turnout material. This would be a great way to show your firefighter pride as you walk your dog around the neighborhood. This leash is made from new turnout material that is also 3M reflective. The leash can be personalized for a more satisfactory feel.
Engraved Firefighter Tumbler
Enjoy your favorite beverages from a personalized firefighter tumbler. The tumbler is designed to maintain its temperature due to its double-wall insulation. The designs on the walls of this cup are also long-lasting due to their laser engraving. The cup is ideal to take your favorite drink on the go without the risk of slipping or spills.
Firefighter Emblem Coaster
Reveal the fireman within you with these unique coasters. Also, use these items to keep your furniture from any damage by hot or cold drinks. They have a durable, non-scratch, and non-slip design to keep your glasses in one position. These firefighter coasters would make a great addition to any home and would be an ideal gift for your loved ones.
Porcelain Firefighter Coffee Mug
Take your early morning coffee in the shoes of a fireman captain. This firefighter coffee mug would have you feeling like the leader of the crew getting ready for a busy day. The mug is made from durable porcelain material making it perfect for hot and cold drinks. Get this fun gift to boost the ego of your spouse and give them quality coffee time.
Firefighter Stepping Stone
Feel inspired when you walk into and out of your home with this firefighter stepping stone. It’s a perfect item to announce your identity to those who walk down to your doorstep. The stepping stone is also made from resin and calcium carbonate making it suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Perfect gift for dad on his birthday, retirement, and so on.
Vintage Firefighter's Helmet Birdhouse
Beautify your home with this unique birdhouse. The vintage-style firefighter helmet house comes with an authentic Maltese cross design. The birdhouse comes from high-quality materials and construction processes with an easy-to-clean design. It’s a unique item that is perfect for gift giving and would make an exceptional piece of décor.
Fire Engine Wind Chimes
Decorate your garden with these beautiful wind chimes. Feel the calm and relaxation in the atmosphere as the gentle breeze blows against the wind chimes. This decorative item is designed to be about 20” tall, with aluminum rods and an attractive color scheme. Furthermore, it's durable enough to withstand rain and sunshine, these chimes would still be standing for many years.
Firefighter Garden Gnome
Greet your guests with a smiling statue and beautify your garden. The fireman garden gnome shows a fireman holding his tools; an ax and hose. Made from resin material and painted with vibrant colors, the statue is water-resistant and equally attractive. It’s a friendly addition to your landscape that could add some charm to your property.
Whiskey Stones Gift Set
Enjoy taking your favorite whiskey with this stones gift set. What more could a whiskey lover ask for? This set is made up of everything you need to have a wonderful experience. You have everything that you need to make your drink more enjoyable. Perfect gift idea for your dad or spouse on their birthday, anniversary, Thanksgiving, and Father’s Day.
Fire & Rescue Logo Spatula
Take your stand with the firemen when you get this specially customized spatula. This grilling spatula is unique because the team logo is cut into stainless steel for a unique experience. The spatula is designed to be dual purpose – for grilling and opening bottle corks. All of its parts are also made from high-quality materials that are built to last.
Thin Red Line Wool Beanie
Turn up your style with this wool beanie. Look like one of the professionals with the one-of-a-kind redline embroidery. The skull cap is comfortable to touch and flexible. It’s made into a one-size-fits-all design that stretches. What’s even more? The beanie is suitable for outdoor activities and matches with most casual outfits.
Fire Alarm Flask
There is a 100% leaf-proof cap that would help to keep your liquor fresh. The flask is designed to be pocket size and easily fits into bags, purses, and even your back pocket. Designed with attractive decals and with a construction that’s easy to clean, this flask can be used to take your favorite beverage anywhere.
American Flag and Axe Golf Towel
Show your pride and wipe your body with a highly absorbent towel as you prepare for a new day. You'll find the American Flag and Axe printed on the towel as a show of support for firemen. Made from waffle-style microfiber golf, the towel is also designed to effectively wipe off dirt, mud, and sand and keep you at your best.
Thin Red Line Baseball Gloves
Turn up the style and get a firm grip as you look to beat your opponents on the course. These comfortable and expert-design gloves are ideal for any baseball player whether beginner or veteran. They are designed to offer a tight grip and improve the game of whoever is wearing them. These gloves allow you to enjoy a good game while maintaining your swagger.
Thin Red Line Pocket Lighter
This genuine Zippo lighter features its popular windproof technology and can be used anywhere – windy or not. It’s designed for optimum performance and made by trusted manufacturers. Designed with all metal parts, the lighter is durable and can be refilled for a lifetime of use.
Firefighter Emblem Plastic Watch
There’s no better gift choice for men and boys than a watch that lets them tell the time like their favorite neighborhood heroes. Featuring stainless steel bottom cover, photo watch buckle, MIYOTA stainless quartz cassette mechanism, and battery, the watch is as reliable as they come. The stand-out feature of the item is its printed fireman logo.
Thin Red Line Hoodie
Transform your appearance with this one-of-a-kind hoodie. The outfit is made from high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear and sweat absorbent. The hoodie is also designed to provide some warmth on a cold day. What’s even more? The hoodie is suitable for outdoor activities and can be gifted to any of your loved ones.
Firefighter Formulated Moustache Wax
Maintain your moustache like a real fireman and protect it from extreme weather. The dark moustache wax is capable of withstanding extreme, heat, wind, and humidity conditions. All it needs is a simple application and you are good to go. The product is also available in other variants for increased convenience – light moustache wax.
3-in-1 Fire & Rescue Tactical Knife
Looking for a knife to get you out of tight spots? You finally got one. Made from high-performance steel, this tactical knife is designed to be capable of cutting through a variety of materials. There’s a lightweight aluminum handle to prevent slipping and give a firm grip. This tactical knife is ideal for emergencies and easily fits into the pocket.
Personalized Firefighter Helmet
These helmets are designed to fit children and adults and are made with a durable and quality construction that can stand the rigor of hours of play. The design of the helmet is also detailed with bright markings and an attractive fire emblem at its front. Depending on who is wearing the helmet, it can also be easily adjusted with a headband.
Thin Red Line Door Mat
Nothing says “welcome home” more than a doormat that tells the whole world what you are passionate about. This indoor low traffic doormat is suitable for bathrooms, front entrances, kitchen sinks, dorms, and so on. Its attractive appearance is due to the vinyl background and plush nylon surface.
Firehouse Building Block Set
Teach your kids the intricacies of building blocks with these spectacular firehouse building sets. Enjoy flexibility like never before with a set that contains everything your kids need including building blocks for 3 vehicles, 2 garage doors, and 5 mini-figurines. It’s a perfect idea to engage your kids and build their mental capacity at the same time.
Firehouse Cookbook
A fireman’s diet is one of the most important parts of their daily work. Learn about the daily dietary and nutritional demands of being a fireman. You'll be getting first-hand information from Chef Keith Young, the top chef at New York’s Midwood Brooklyn Fire Department. In this cookbook, Keith also shares his favorite recipes and how to make them.
First Responder Right Angle Flashlight
Keep your workplace lit fireman-style. This lamp is perfect for clustered work environments, outdoor activities, and first responders. Made by a renowned manufacturer, this right-angle flashlight benefits from hundreds of years of production experience. This device is designed to offer optimal brightness, weight, and safety. It’s the perfect tool to cut through the darkness and illuminate your way out of tough spots.
Fire Tuck Illustrated Encyclopedia
Care to learn something new? This book would tell the story of the creation of the American fire engine. The book gives detailed insight into the key companies that led the proliferation of fighting trucks around the country. You will also learn about apparatus builders and other important people involved in the fire apparatus industry.
Remote Control Fire Truck Model
Enjoy the thrill of driving a fire truck with this remote-control model. This product is a realistic-looking 14-inch fire truck with lights and sirens and a 30-feet radio range. This model truck is made from durable crash-resistant plastic and features impressive details including opening doors and numerous equipment lockers. It’s a realistic-looking truck that’s a fun gift for male children and adults.
Report from Engine Co.82
Do you know what it means to be a firefighter? Walk in the shoes of brave firefighters as you follow the story of Dennis Smith. Learn about his escapades alongside his brave fellow firefighter in their poor city district. Dennis Smith’s book tells the story of this gruesome, dangerous yet rewarding profession from the perspective of a real-life fireman.
Last Man Down: A Firefighter's Story
Read and immerse yourself in the intense, nail-biting story of Battalion Chief Richard Picciotto as he battled to rescue the burning wreck of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. Learn the individual stories, challenges, and victories of Picciotto and his crew as they did their best to evacuate as many people as possible. It’s a fireman’s story that’s told like never before.
Fire Truck 3D Wooden Puzzle Model
This fire truck is a self-propelled dynamic model that works similarly to a fire truck. The model acts as a fully functional fire truck with a turning foot, moving apart, and ascending ladder. The ladder can be transformed into a crane with a hook. The truck moves and runs like a realistic-looking truck. It’s a perfect gift for your boy, spouse, or dad.
Thin Red Line Heart Car Emblem
Show your proud American colors and prove your status as a fireman. This Heart Car Emblem would make a great gift for First responders, law enforcement, and members of the military. The product is designed to be car wash safe and does not rust because of the absence of metals in its construction. It can also be used in different weather conditions; hot or cold.
Thin Red Line American Flag
Show your loyalty to America with this flag. The flag is made from high-quality material and durable nylon that is suitable for outdoor and indoors. The kit contains two strong brass grommets that can be hung on a pole or displayed indoors. Featuring double stitching, clear colors, and heavy-duty materials, the flag is an ideal addition to your home or office.
Vintage Fire Truck Decoration
Decorate your homes and offices with this vintage fire truck. This is a vintage fire truck that features fine details and wheels that roll. Its 12” frame does not take up much space and you can place it on tables, shelves, and other flat surfaces. The car is also made into a realistic design with a bright red color.
Thin Red Line License Plate
Let the whole know about your passion for firemen. This standard-size license plate can be easily attached to the front of a vehicle, truck, or trailer. The license plate is made from aluminum making it anti-rust, waterproof, weather resistant, and durable. Due to the UV-resistant ink used on the plate, it does not fade or clean off easily.
Saint Florian Challenge Coin
These specially designed coins are valuable to the men and women who protect life and property from fire. They have a unique design on them that includes a Maltese cross with an American flag and inspirational texts. There are other design elements of the coin that reveal a lot when carefully examined. Each piece is hand-colored and polished for high-level craftsmanship.
Novelty Fireman Socks
Time to make a statement with your feet. The fireman socks are designed to feature important tools and equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire axes, fire hydrants, and fire trucks. Stand out when you put on these unique socks. They are made from high-quality material that is comfortable, breathable, stretchy and absorbs moisture.
Cooling Towels
These towels are ideal for hot flashes, prevention of heatstroke, and for those who want to relax after a stressful day outdoors. The towel is made from microfiber breathable material with a soft reel that makes it super absorbable and breathable. It’s a perfect fun gift for your loved ones to use when they go outdoors for a workout.
Pack Emergency Portable Charger
This emergency charger is based on revolutionary technology. The Pack Emergency Portable Charger is a mobile charger that is suitable to keep your device charged when you are on the go. It’s a charging solution that is good for the environment – a clean energy solution. This device is compatible with a variety of smartphones and devices.
Men's Comfort Slippers
Let the men in your life enjoy luxury and optimal comfort with these suede leather moccasin slippers. They are durable and beautiful enough to boost your style. It’s a lightweight casual shoe that could be worn indoors and outdoors. The pair of shoes are also designed with anti-skid technology to make them slip-resistance and secured to the ground.
Dart Board for Men
Enjoy a professional game of darts with this state-of-the-art board. This board is made to tournament specifications at 18”. It’s relatively easy to mount and start playing. The board also features a staple-free bullseye and heavy-duty surface. The product boasts self-healing properties that fill in the holes made by the darts on the board surface.