37 Thankful Father of the Groom Gifts to Make Him Proud

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A wedding day tends to be all about the women. Don’t let the guys feel forgotten. If it’s your dad or your future father-in-law, make sure the father of the groom feels special. His son’s about to embark on the next big stage of his life – where would he be without his father? One of these gifts is sure to make him proud.

Father of the Groom Picture Frame
This one's just for the boys. This father and son frame is a perfect wedding gift for the father of the groom. First, wrap it up with a childhood photo of the two of them. Then after the wedding, he can swap it out for a day-of snap. Choose between 4x6' or 5x7' for the perfect fit.
Father of the Groom Handkerchief
A thoughtful gift for your future father-in-law. This cotton handkerchief is silk printed with a no-fade, sweet message to 'My New Dad.' It comes wrapped in a gift package. All you have to do is personalize the gift tag and give it to him on your wedding day.
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Wedding days can be long. It always seems like the men are just waiting around. Give the groomsmen a boost. Let your dad or future father-in-law control the caffeine and stay energized throughout the day. This coffee maker dispenses 64 oz. of cold brew coffee. Its portability lets him take it from the gents getting ready to group photos to the reception.
Father of the Groom Tie Clip
He deserves a badge of honor. We think this tie clip will look a bit more classy. Let the whole guest list know who the father of the groom is. If you want to make it doubly special, order the set of two: father of the bride and father of the groom. Pick between white or rose gold.
Personalized Beer Glass
Weddings are notorious for setting down a half-finished glass and forgetting which is yours. We want to make sure the father of the groom never loses his. Personalize the glass with the date so he'll always remember the proudest day... and when to send an anniversary card. The glass is laser-engraved so the message never fades.
Father of the Groom Cufflinks
Many men don't wear French cuff shirts and their cufflink collection may be lacking. Even if he's got a few pairs, make the day special. These cufflinks will always make him think of your wedding. They're sleek and classy. The warm wood will tie in with modern or rustic themes.
Father of the Groom Pocket Watch
Commemorate the day with an age-old tradition. The father of the groom needs to be on time. He should also be honored with a beautiful keepsake. This pocket watch comes engraved with a thank you specifically for the father of the groom. Get a matching set for all the groomsmen or keep it special just for dad.
Father of the Groom Socks
The best way to make sure he doesn't accidentally wear navy blue socks with a black tux. These soft cotton socks are the classy alternative to 'Hi my name is' stickers. They label father of the groom so that he knows they're his pair of socks. No last-minute scramble over who put on the wrong pair.
Personalized Folding Knife
This present is as handy as it is handsome. This elegant pocket knife folds for safe storage. Its handle is made of polished rosewood and laser engraved with 'dad.' It comes in a wooden gift box. A gift that'll be appreciated beyond the big day.
Men's Leather Belt
Cole Haan is a wonderful maker of leather goods. Pick out a bespoke belt for the father of the groom. It can coordinate with his suit or tux. After the wedding, he'll enjoy it for years to come. There are also vegan leather options for variety.
Groom Wine Tumbler Set
Hydration is key for a long wedding day. This tumbler set will keep the groom's family saturated. Mom, Dad, and son will never lose track of their drink. This set is great for pre-wedding planning sessions and informal rehearsal dinners. The tumblers keep drinks hot or cold.
Natural Wood Engraved Plaque
Say it loud say it proud with this distinct plaque. Your father has done so much for you. What a better occasion to tell all than on your wedding? Give the gift of this grateful plaque. The engraved hardwood will never fade. It comes in a gift box ready to be presented.
Whiskey Decanter Globe Set
For the father of the groom who likes to drink in style. This elegant decanter was made to hold high-class liquors. Two matching tumblers bring the globe theme together. This unique decanter set will spruce up his space at home or work. Let him sail the world of whiskey or taste his way through tequilas.
Men's Personalized Plush Robe
Why do only the ladies have getting ready robes? This super-soft plush robe is perfect for the morning of the wedding. Let the father of the groom wrap up comfortably before he spends all day on his feet. It's sure to put a smile on his face that'll last through all the pictures. Embroider his name on it for a personal touch.
Printed Sunglasses
Outside ceremony? Beat the squint with these party sunglasses. The father of the groom may forget his own or worry about losing a pricey pair.
Father of the Groom Tumbler
A great gift for wedding planning meetings up through the day-of. This tumbler is a useful gift to keep the father of the groom going. He'll never be late if he's buzzing with caffeine. Printed with 'Father of the Groom,' it holds 20 oz. of hot or cold beverage. Okay, coffee or beer... it'll get him through it.
Whisky Glass & Coaster
This glass and coaster combo is made for the father of the groom. Its meaningful messages will tug on his heartstrings. He may just need to fill his glass to overcome the emotion. The set comes in a classy matching gift box, saving you time as the big day approaches.
Heated Razor Kit
The only close shave there should be on your wedding day is the father of the groom. No cold feet, just heated razors. This kit from Gillette gives more than a trim appearance. It heats up to provide a pampering barber-like experience within his own bathroom.
Olive Branch Coaster Set
The coming together of two families is a peaceful ceremony. Accentuate a personal toast with the groom's parents with this coaster set. Six silver-toned coasters come in a beautiful, matching holder featuring an olive branch. The father of the groom will love this classy set.
Yeti Cooler
We're not asking what he puts in there, as long as he shows up on time. Let the father of the groom bring his own party - or ice coffee, who knows. Especially if the wedding's in summer, he'll need to beat the heat. Suits can be stifling. He needs a cool drink to stay refreshed. Yeti coolers are super insulating and easy to carry.
Slim Leather Wallet
No man wants a bulky wallet weighing his tux down. The father of the groom will have many responsibilities on the day. Make sure he's prepared. This Tommy Hilfiger slim wallet will fit in any of his suit pockets. It's less than an inch thick and made of genuine leather.
Men's Soap Gift Set
Men deserve their own spa day. The father of the groom should indulge in fresh scents. This gift pack gives him the option. Every bar is made from all-natural ingredients in the U.S.A. Unique scents like Deep Sea Goat's Milk and Alpine Sage break the mold. 'Sudisfaction guaranteed.' What dad doesn't love a pun?
Hotter Sauce Bundle
Spice up the father of the groom's wedding day. We're sure the food you picked is top-notch. But maybe he's a bit of a daredevil. If he's got a penchant for piquant, this is a great gift set. He can slip a bottle - or both! - into his suit pocket and top up his dinner.
Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill
Want to give a gift that goes beyond the wedding day? Show the father of the groom how much you appreciate him with this handy travel grill. This Weber grill burns charcoal and can go anywhere. It can fit six burger patties. Keep the appreciation alive with every picnic.
Putting Green Game
For the putting padre. Just hope he doesn't break it out at the wedding. This putting green game is perfect for a golf-loving father of the groom. Hobbyist or semi-pro who wants to practice his swing - he'll have fun with it. Not included: clubs, balls, or an apology to the mother of the groom when this gets rolled out in the living room.
Italian Crafted Whisky Set
Any proud dad will want to toast to his son's future. This decanter set is an elegant gift to help him do so. The decanter holds a liter of liquid. It comes with six matching glasses. All feature a beautiful bevel. The perfect set to toast to a happy marriage with the bride's family and the groom's family together.
Deluxe BBQ Grill Set
Barbecue the ideal dad gift. Present the father of the groom this deluxe grill set so that he can master the charcoals. You'll be having family picnics every weekend, just so he can show off. A matching aprons deep pockets keep all his tools to hand.
Mini Keg with Jacket
Weddings tend to be all about wine. If the father of the groom is a hop head, this is a great gift. Make the day special for him with this pressurized stainless steel keg. It can hold a massive 128 oz. worth of beer. It keeps the brew cool and carbonated.
Spanish Wood Cigar Humidor
Cigars are a tradition at weddings. Let the father of the groom be the keeper of the Cubanos with this humidor. This beautiful storage case holds between 25 and 50 cigars. It has a built-in hygrometer to monitor the conditions of the box. It's handmade of Spanish cedar.
Cigar Cutter
Maybe you ordered the humidor but want to make things extra special for the father of the groom? This state-of-the-art cigar cutter will be super useful. Its ergonomic design makes cutting a breeze. Stainless steel and a 2-year warranty guarantee it'll get the job done.
Father Prayer Wood Plaque
If you don't have a way with words, let this plaque say it for you. This keepsake has a rustic wood style. It says all the ways you're grateful for your dad. He'll cherish the sentiment forever and be proud to have you as a son.
Father of the Groom Thank You Gift
Say thank you on a smaller scale. He'll carry the memory of your wedding forever. Now that's literally a possibility. This engraved wallet card will go everywhere with him. Make him proud to know how grateful his son is. Made of metal, the message will never bend or fade over time.
Handmade Crystal Glass Decanter
Make the father of the groom proud with this remarkable decanter set. Its unique design makes it extra special. It stores a full bottle of liquor like any other decanter. The set includes two tumblers which fit easily under the spout. He'll be proud to show it off to anyone.
Funny Father in Law Mug
For the future father-in-law who likes to laugh. It's no dad joke, but it'll have to do. Give him a little something that'll start his day with a coffee and a chuckle. This novelty mug is a testament to your fun-loving relationship. Save the emotional gifts for your future mother-in-law.
Personalized Flask
The father of the groom deserves a sneaky stash. Personalize a flask to make his wedding experience extra special. Six color options could coordinate the flask to blend in with the wedding's theme! Say thank you in your own words. We think it's best if you fill it up for him, too.
Engraved Wooden Watch
It's time for a moment of pride. Watch his eyes shine with emotion when you present him with this gift. (Now there's a couple of dad jokes that he'll enjoy.) This handmade wooden watch is a unique gift for the father of the groom. Engrave the back with a personal message.